3×20 Props

Helloooooo! ūüôā Last night was Glee’s double episode event. I was so excited and I must say, it was pretty good. Because the episodes are 2 separate episodes, this post will be specifically about the first of the two, ‘Props’. It was a good episode and had some dramatic moments. The music was also pretty sweet. So episode 3×20 gets a 7 out of 10 on my scale. So here’s what went down…

In Sue’s office, she tells Kurt and Mercedes how Unique is now a star and a show choir icon. Even Jesse St James, who was against the idea, has taken credit for the sensation. So Sue’s new plan is for Kurt to do the exact same thing: perform in a dress. And right away Kurt refuses. Then Mercedes reminds him about Halloween where he wore a dress and went out as Snookie and Blaine went out as Mike (The Situation) from Jersey Shore. We see a clip.


I know it doesn’t look like it, but that is Kurt (left) and Blaine (right)…HILAR!

Despite this hilarious fact, Kurt still refuses.

On the stage, Rachel, by herself, sings Jason Mraz’s¬†‘I Won’t Give Up’. It is technically a relationship song, but Glee has a way with changing relationship songs to work for other situations so Rachel sings it to herself. Anyways, it’s a good song for Rachel because after her Prom Queen win, she is telling herself how she won’t give up on her NYADA¬†dream. Plus, the song is great and Rachel does fabulous with it! After the song, she pulls out her phone and calls¬†NYADA¬†judge Carmen (played by Whoopie Goldberg) and leaves the¬†14th message. She invites her to the Nationals in Chicago because she really, really wants this. Poor Rachel…

In the Choir room, Sue’s big idea for Nationals, aside from Kurt dressing in drag, is props. We all know from her Cheerio performances that Sue likes to go overboard (stilts, motorbikes, fire…) so her idea for ND now is welding. Like welding metal with sparks and masks and stuff…really ridiculous for a show choir. Will doesn’t like the idea but is willing to try and says that they all need to give their best effort. And that must snap something for Tina because she gets really mad and storms out, but not before saying how she wants to more than be costume designer and how she’s sick of Rachel getting ALL the spotlight. That’s true…and costume designer? Really? You’d think that be up Mercedes’ alley. Mike goes racing after her and says he’s disappointed in her because she knows that next year, she’ll be a star and they need Rachel to win for them¬†now. Even Rachel talks to her…and offers her $50 to stop complaining. Typical Rachel. Then she tells Tina how hard it is being her. But Tina is still mad and says that for once, she’d like to be Rachel.

At the mall, Kurt and Blaine are testing massage¬†chairs and eating food and discussing how it’s perfectly okay for Kurt to refuse Sue’s dress offer. And along strolls Tina, carrying lots of fabric for ND’s Nationals outfits. She tells them how busy she is and how Mike has been texting her and saying how important and one-of-a-kind Rachel is to ND. And as she walks away, Mike texts her again and as Tina furiously tries to reply, she trips over the edge of the mall fountain, falls in¬†and hits her head. Kurt and Blaine come running. When Tina stands up, she sees Puck and Finn DRESSED as Blaine and Kurt. They’re acting like Klaine but the real problem is that they keep calling her Rachel. Tina woke up as Rachel.¬†Back at school, Tina (as Rachel) sees everyone like everyone else. Artie and Santana switch, Brittany and Mercedes switch, Mike and Joe switch, Quinn and Sugar switch, Will and Sue switch, Sam and Rory switch…it was really quite funny.

So Sue (as Will) makes Tina (as Rachel) come up and show them a solo. At first, Tina is a bit reluctant, but Kurt (as Finn) talks to her and says he loves her and believes in her and wants to make out with her…. So Tina (as Rachel) goes up and sings ‘Because You Loved Me’ by Celine Dion. It’s great and Tina has an amazing voice. At the end, all of ND give her a standing ovation (her first one) and she was thrilled. I must say, that during this song I was laughing so hard because they showed all the ND people as each other and it was hilarious to see them act like each other. Finn played a great Kurt and Sam played a¬†great Rory and¬†Joe played a great Mike and Quinn played a great Sugar. It was so funny! ūüėÄ

In the hall, Tina (as Rachel) decides to do what the real Rachel would never do. She goes and finds Rachel (as Tina) and thanks her for all her great work and support in the background, even if it’s not preferable. Then Rachel (as Tina) tells Tina (as Rachel) that she must keep trying to get into NYADA and she should drive down to where Carmen is and talk to her again in person.¬†

Finally, Tina re-wakes up from her fountain fall and this time, everything and everyone is normal. Which is good, because as I re-read the above few paragraphs, it’s very confusing….LOL.

The ND tries to perform ‘Flashdance…What A Feeling’ with Sue’s props. As much as it’s crazy and different, it’s not good or safe. So Will stops it and trashes the idea. Even Sue agrees to that.

Santana, Brittany and Mercedes burst into the staff room to talk to Beiste. They saw her with Cooter and she still has on her ring. But Beiste says she can handle herself and she thanks them for their concern. They invite her to chaperone Nationals, but she isn’t too keen on the idea.

Kurt apparently went to a Vocal Adrenaline rehearsal and took some secret videos that he shows ND in the locker room. Sue points out how in sync VA is and Will tells them that the dance move they are doing is called The Human Centipede. Turns out, it’s a cool dance and a creepy horror movie.

On the stage, as Rachel practises some scales, Tina comes up and tells her about her crazy dream where everyone was switched. She also says that the advice dream-Tina gave dream-Rachel (Tina) about driving to Carmen. So Tina offers to go with Rachel to do that. Rachel hugs Tina and says she’s sorry for hogging the spotlight and they agree to go to find¬†Carmen.

For the next ND meeting, Sue tells the group that she ordered 13 little people for the show (she’s still all about the props)¬†but no one in ND likes the idea. But before they could get in a large argument, Puck walks into the room, in drag.

That’s Lola, Puck’s girly stage name.¬†You see, Puck is so determined to win that if Kurt won’t dress up to win, then he will. Admirable, but creepy. Will finally stands up and puts a stop to ‘Lola’ and Sue’s crazy ideas. He says that they will win the only way they know how: talent. ūüôā

In the hallways afterwards,¬†Rick and his mullet-wearing hockey guys find Puck and taunt/tease him for wearing a dress and failing school. Puck tries to stand up for himself and he and Rick agree to fight afterschool near Puck’s old dumpster.

Tina and Rachel are in Tina’s car, driving to find Carmen. Along the way, they talk about Rachel’s planned wedding (which, sadly, we won’t see this season). Tina also says Rachel has an amazing gift so she will do fine with Carmen. She also asks Rachel to sing a song with her before she graduates. Aww, they are cute friends.

Puck and Rick start fighting. It’s brutal and violent and bloody. In the end, Puck loses and Rick’s boys toss Puck in the dumpster. But as all the people witnessing this fight start cheering for Rick and calling Puck a loser, Puck hops out of the dumpster with a deranged look in his eyes and then pulls out a knife. I was shocked. I know Puck can be mean and all that, but a knife? Really? :O But luckily, before he can do anything, Beiste¬†comes in and takes Puck and his knife¬†away. She takes him to the locker room where he admits that the knife is a fake prop from West Side Story (did he really carry that around?). Beiste¬†tells him that he could be suspended or get in trouble with the police. But Puck doesn’t care. He gets really mad and upset and starts yelling about how he’s already failing school and everything else so he’s such a failure at everything , which is exactly what his fail of a father always said he was. It’s sad because it’s true. Then Bieste, who’s in tears too, pulls him into a large hug. As they are hugging, she tells him that they are the toughest people she knows and they gotta help each other out.

Tina and Rachel arrive at some place to see Carmen giving some singing tips to some random dude. As she gets up to leave, Rachel stops her. Carmen asks her what makes Rachel so special that she should get another chance and take time away from others as she leaves messages. Rachel says it because she wants it so much and is willing to do anything to get it. Even Tina steps up and says that Rachel is the best singer ever and the fact that she wants it more than anyone should be enough to get her in, despite her choke. Rachel says she won’t give up and invites Carmen to see their Nationals because she knows Carmen will be in town then. As they’re about to leave, she tells Carmen that she will audition again and again and again until she gets in because that’s how much she wants her dream. Then she says that she once read that Carmen had to audition 4 times to get into Julliard. Oooooh…. very clever how she’s using Carmen’s past against¬†her. That’ll probs make her come to watch!

Beiste¬†arrives at her house to see Cooter waiting with several pizzas. I guess things are still awkward between them because right away Beiste starts giving him a wordless¬†glare and he starts apologizing¬†for everything. He tries to awkwardly make conversation but she just keeps on giving him a¬†hard stare. Then¬†she pulls out Puck’s fake knife and¬†sets it on the table. He makes an awkward joke about her stabbing him but she says that knife is fake…unlike the real one she’s been sleeping with.¬†Cooter first gets¬†a bit scared¬†then tries to apologize to her but before he can, she says she’s leaving him for good. Good for her! But he then gets mad again and says that if she does, no on will ever love her again. That’s why she stayed in the first place so for him to bring that up, it was cruel. But she says that someone will love her: herself. Then she leaves and I wanted to cheer and throw a pillow at Cooter really hard. You who else will love her? All of New Directions!

On the stage, Puck is playing his guitar and he¬†starts singing Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’. As he sings, Beiste¬†comes and sings with him. They do a really¬†good job and I’m glad they finally do a T-Swizzle song (LOL). After the song ends, Beiste¬†says she convinced his geography teacher to let him retake the exam when she told her about his determination for ND by wearing¬†a dress.¬†Beiste also volunteers to help him study.¬† Then Puck ask her why she’s helping him and she says it’s because he already helped her so much. I guess Puck’s sob-story gave her the courage to break it off with Cooter and be strong.

In some classroom, Tina, Joe, Rory and Sugar are sewing costumes for Nationals. Sugar complains about it because apparently,¬†Joe,¬†Rory and her¬†aren’t there by choice. Apparently, because they are the newest members to ND, they have to do this to get status. Like an initiation. But Tina, in a surprisingly good mood, says that if they continue to work and do their best, they in time, will get their own solos. Tina even says that being Rachel is hard because she is always singing and practising and it gets tiresome. But she’s glad to do her part for the team. Tina sees Mike in the hall and I guess things are okay between them now too.

Beiste¬†goes to Will and Sue, who are going over ND’s set list for Nationals, and asks to come chaperone with them for Nationals. Will says she’s welcomed and can room with him and Emma (because Sue refuses to share). Then she tells them that she left Cooter and the first person to react¬†is Sue, who gets up and hugs her. How sweet. Sue has lately had a huge heart. Maybe being pregnant does that to people?

In the hall, Rachel talks to Finn and tells him about her adventure with Tina and Carmen. She also says that they absolutely MUST win Nationals. But as they see some ND members in the hall laughing and talking, she realizes that they don’t need drag outfits or crazy props to win. They’ll do fine just because they love each other and know each other so well.

Then, keeping her promise, Rachel and Tina sing ‘Flashdance…What A Feeling’ on stage and also in the bus. They do a good job with it and they are both great singers. This episode was really Tina’s chance to shine. The episode ends with all of ND on a bus, going to Nationals. ūüôā

Overall, the music was pretty good. I liked Rachel’s solo and Puck and Beiste’s song. The episode itself was funnier than most episodes have been lately. I was a bit upset because I thought this episode was going to be mostly about Tina but it was still about Rachel and Puck a lot too. Also, Tina’s dream sequence (which was the best and funniest part) was really short and I had assumed it would be the majority of the episode¬† but it was really only one bit between commercial breaks.

The next episode of the night, 3×21, was called ‘Nationals’. Read my other post to find out about that one. https://gleerificnewsstop.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/3×21-nationals/


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Randy Dandy
    May 17, 2012 @ 18:49:25

    I loved this episode! FINALLY! TINA BEING A STAR! She has always been my favorite character and I loved her transformation through the whole series!
    I was laughing my head of at Mike who was Joe xD.
    Puck looked pretty good in the dress xD.
    POOR COACH! I felt so awful for her! But I am quite glad that she left that dang Cooter!
    I liked the song Mean! Taylor Swift is an amazing singer!
    Thanks for the comment!


    • pottergleefan4
      May 17, 2012 @ 19:04:32

      Yes, I’m glad Tina got some spot light. She was right when she said that she has been there since the beginning. SHE WAS AN ORIGINAL!
      They did such a good job playing each other, it was hilarious! Especially Finn and Puck playing Kurt and Blaine!
      I used to like Cooter. I thought he was perfect for Bieste so I was sooooo disappointed when she told the truth about him!
      And you’re welcome! Thanks for yours! ūüôā


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