3×21 Nationals

Hello Gleeks! You may have read my post on the episode that came before this one did, as last night was Glee’s amazing 2 episode double-feature! If not, I strongly encourage you to read that first, because the episodes come in an order for a reason. https://gleerificnewsstop.wordpress.com/2012/05/16/3×20-props/

Providing you did read the post (or see that episode), here’s the post on the Nationals episode, entitled ‘Nationals’, which was episode 3×21. The episode was great. The music was fabulous and the drama was great too. I give ‘Nationals’ an 8 out of 1o. Here’s what happened:

It starts off with some drama because Mercedes gets sick in Chicago. We see her in a hotel bed with Sue and a few ND girls around her. Will comes and Sue tells him about Mercedes and her plan to help Mercedes get better. Let’s just say Sue doesn’t use sleep and rest to get better over time. Mercedes wants to perform but is too sick so Will appoints Tina and Quinn to join TroubleTones for the number, both of whom, are not excited.

Later, Will talks to Emma. He says he’s real worried because he knows that the kids really want to win and deserve it too, as they have been losers and outcasts all their lives mostly. But Emma says that they’ll do fine no matter what. No more can be said on the topic because Bieste come in quickly, claiming that there’s a problem. The problem is that the members of ND are fighting with each other and yelling and throwing things. It’s a real brawl! Will breaks up the fight and finds out that the reason for the fight is just because they have been practising for a while and it’s getting tough and also Puck’s been taking breaks to study for his exam (good for him for taking it so seriously this time around). Will sees this as a good thing and says they want to win so badly, that this is happening. So they silently make up and refuse to take a break from rehearsal and they continue to practice and help each other.

Outside, Rachel is anxiously on the lookout for Carmen, when Jesse come up. They banter a bit about who’s going to win. Rachel is sure it’ll be ND and that she is not nervous at all, even if Carmen may be there. It’s obvious that Jesse is just trying to antagonize her because he knows about her big choke and NYADA attempt. Before their banter can get too intense, Finn comes over. Rachel leaves, leaving Finn and Jesse alone (and we all know how much they love each other…) but this time, they are civil and they shake hands and wish each other luck.

As ND are getting ready to go on, Finn brings Rachel a gift: a Chicago beer mug. He bought it so a little bit of Chicago can be with them at their wedding. They plan on smashing it (a Jewish tradition). Then Finn says that when they were still in Lima, he bet Rick $500 (all their honeymoon savings) that ND will win. At first Rachel is a bit upset that he did that, but they are both so sure that they’ll win that she forgives him.

Finally, it’s time to perform. But before that, there is a brief ‘unholy trinity’ moment. I just learned this, but the ‘unholy trinity’ is Santana, Quinn and Brittany. It’s kinda sad because they joined ND in Season 1 together and now they’re on the Nationals stage together! I’m glad that through their drama, they’re still there and still friends.  Then they all do a group cheer. The cheer is led by Finn and it’s a sad one for Mr Schue because he tells him that they all want to win Nationals for him because he’s a great teacher and leader and friend. And also, Mercedes comes back, just fine ready to perform. Sue’s healing tricks worked! But Tina and Quinn are still going to do the TT song. They do the group cheer and finally, it’s show time!

The three judges are announced: Lindsay Lohan (as herself), Perez Hilton (as himself) and Rex Lee (as himself). ND is up first. The first song they do is ‘Edge Of Glory’ by Lady Gaga sung by the TroubleTones. It’s good but it isn’t anything special. No amazing vocal runs, no sick dance moves or anything. It’s a good song and they sing it fine, but for Nationals, I don’t think it was the best pick. Then Rachel sings her solo, which is ‘It’s All Coming Back To Me Now’. As she’s singing, Carmen does indeed come and sit down. That encourages Rachel because as soon as she sees her, she put even more emotion and power into the song, which was great to begin with. After that great song, comes my favourite song of the episode, sung by all of ND with Rachel and Finn on lead vocals. They sing ‘Paradise By The Dashboard Light’. The original version is 8 minutes long, but they cut it down to 3. New Directions did amazing and I am so proud of them. BRILLIANT! ❤

Before Vocal Adrenaline’s turn, Kurt and Mercedes go to wish Wade/Unique luck. But he is freaking out and a bit upset about all the publicity he has been getting. He even considers backing out in total, but Kurt and Mercedes encourage him to stay in it and try. He agrees to do it, but is really nervous. Then VA performs, with Unique as lead for both songs. The first one they do is a popular one: Nicki Manaj’s ‘Starships’. I’m not a huge fan of the song to begin with (but I feel like it’s my Starkid duty to do so), but Unique does a good job with it and the Glee people do a good job editing it to be prime time TV appropriate. 😉 The next song VA does is ‘Pinball Wizard’ by Elton John.

They do it well and they even dance on literal pinball machines, which is pretty cool. During the songs, we see ND looking scared, shocked and nervous but in the end, they cheer loudly.

It’s time for the judges to discuss the performances. But they mostly spend the time blogging (Perez) and making a comeback (Lindsay). Eventually, they do talk about winners and groups they liked.

As the judges do that, Jesse finds Carmen and talks to her. We also learn that he had also auditioned for NYADA two years ago, but didn’t get it. But Jesse isn’t there to talk about himself, he’s there to talk to her about one Rachel Berry. He says that she is a star and should deffo get into NYADA. My first thought was ‘wow, Jesse is doing something NICE for Rachel. Rachel, the girl he used, manipulated and threw eggs at!’ Proud moment! 🙂 Carmen is about to leave when she remembers his audition and gives him some late feedback. Kinda sweet how she remembers his out of the hundreds she’s seen.

Finally it’s announcement time. It’s between ND, VA and the Scale Blazers, some nobody group who performs on roller skates. But before the results are announced, they award Unique the MVP. Then they get to it. The Scale Blazers (obvs) wing 3rd. Then the 1st place winner is….. NEW DIRECTIONS!!!!! They all cheer wildly and confetti falls and it’s such a happy and proud moment! 😀 However, I have a few issues with this. One: remember last year when ND didn’t even make the first cut at Nationals? How come that didn’t happen again? If they made the cut, how come we didn’t see their second round songs? Hmmm…. Two: their win was obvious and inevitable. We all knew that they’d make it to Nationals because of the pattern (Season 1 Lost at Regionals, Season 2 Lost at Nationals, Season 3 Win at Nationals) and also because if they didn’t the whole season would be stupid and pointless. But also because it’s the Senior year for some of Glee’s most important characters so this win would mean a lot to them. If you remember, I predicted this win back in September and if you don’t belive me, here is my proof: https://gleerificnewsstop.wordpress.com/2011/09/07/new-promo/.

Back at McKinley, ND arrives at the school with their large trophy. They’re nervous to see how the other students will react to them. They are National winners but will that make them winners at the school or still Lima Losers? The answer is clear: Winners! All the students are waiting for them and cheer and clap and smiles as they come in. Even Rick and his jocks have slushie cups filled with shiny confetti that they throw at them (uh…what ever happened to Azimio?). In the background, Glee’s version of ‘Tongue Tied’ is playing, which is a happy, upbeat song. And during this song, we see ND enjoying their win and popularity. Rachel is asked to sign some girl’s yearbook, Finn collects $1000 from Rick, ND have a wild party where they kiss and hug and smile (and drink), Sue gets full ownership of the Cheerios, ND put their large trophy in the trophy case and Emma (finally) loses her V-card to Will. It was cute <3. I’m so glad ND are all happy! 😀

After the hubbub dies down, Figgins calls Finn and Rachel to the office. First, he gives them come cheesy gifts for winning Nationals. Then he gives them a personal gift that will go toward their wedding. It was money, but since I can’t recognize American money, I’m not sure how much it was….I think it was like $5 or something ridiculous like that, but I’m not sure… Then Figgins asks them to present an award at a ceremony. We find out what ceremony in the next scene when Sue (wearing a top hat) tells Will and Emma that it’s the Teacher Of The Year ceremony and Will thanks her for her help. Sue takes them to the auditorium where that old culinary and history teacher is giving her retirement speech. It’s quite funny because she says she’ll be on Intervention and Hoarders. My whole family ROTFL-ed. Then Finchel comes up on stage and announces that Mr. Schue is Teacher Of The Year (there’s a shock). Before he comes up, they give small,  sad speeches about how he inspired them to dream and helped themall. Then all of ND come out and they sing Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’, which they do a great job with. During the song, Will goes up to accept his award  and hugs them all as the packed crowd cheers. 😀

And that’s what happened. It was a great episode overall and I am so happy and proud. They worked so hard to get where they are now. 😀

Next week is the finale. Yes, episode 3×22 is called Goodbye and it’s about the Seniors graduating and what their plans are afterwards. Here is the (super sad) promo:

OH MY GAWSH. Sad, sad, sad, SAD! As you may or may not know, I don’t cry for movies or TV shows or anything but I am not ashamed to say I maybe teared up when I saw this promo. Just a bit…. 😦

I mean, Burt doing the ‘Single Ladies’ dance? Cue flashback to when Kurt did that in ‘Preggers’ and his dad saw him. Quinn kissing Puck? WHAT ABOUT JOE? WHY ARE THEY KISSING? I NEED ANSWERS! As for Klaine questioning their relationship condition, in this episode we find out if they break up. I’d like to say that they don’t, based on the promo, but sometimes they put things in the promo just to rip it away when the episode airs. And Finchel’s ADORABLE ‘I love you”s. The music this episode will be sad and I can’t promise my streak of not crying will stay in tact.

Well, that’s all for now. Sorry this is late, I had twice the amount of blogging to do tonight due to the double episode extravaganza! Bye!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey Lehmann
    May 17, 2012 @ 17:08:41

    Hey I’m from text plus I’m the one who said I love your screen saver and I just wanted to say this is amazing bye


  2. Johnquisha
    May 17, 2012 @ 20:06:32

    Starship was ……EPIC!!!!! UNIQUE all the way 🙂
    there will be another season, that will be interesting.


    • pottergleefan4
      May 17, 2012 @ 20:14:38

      Ahahaha yes, Unique and VA is amazing and most deffo ‘unique’.
      I can’t wait until the next season. It’s said to be “revalutionary”. Too bad we gotta wait aprox. 4 months until it comes on. Waiting will probably be the death of me! 😀


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