The ‘Goodbye’ Songs

This is so depressing. I seriously want to cry. Not only is Glee Season 3 ending in four days, the songs for this episode were released a while ago so now, we don’t even get our last First Listen Friday. So, in case you haven’t yet heard the songs, here is the link to an older post where you can hear them all. There are songs from ‘Props’ and ‘Nationals’ there too, so just skip over those.  Anyhoo, the songs are really sad. All of them.

Anyways, in an attempt to lighten the mood, here are some entertaining Glee videos that relate to the finale episode ‘Goodbye’  and also some that don’t but are still cool!

Glee Best of Class part 1

Glee Best of Class part 2

Gloria Estefan on Glee

Glee ‘Goodbye’ Sneak Peek

Hahaha those are great videos, eh? I’m so excited for this episode but at the same time, I don’t want it to come and end.

Some other news I have is that in Season 4, these two ladies will be on the show for a bit.

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker attends the amfAR New York Gala To Kick Off Fall 2012 Fashion Week at Cipriani Wall Street on February 8, 2012 in New York City.                              

The one on the left in black is Sarah Jessica Parker and the one in red on the left is Kate Hudson. Both of them will come in Season 4 and I heard that Sarah Jessica Parker may be Kurt’s mentor. That’d be cool, right?

The last bit of news I have may just be a silly rumor. I hope and pray that it isn’t and that it’s true because it’s just too good to be a lie. I read that Ryan Murphy (the Glee head-honcho) said in an interview that he told the entire cast that if they want, they can come back for Season 4 or if they want, they can leave and do new things. It’s a possibility that some may come back but not for the full season. So if that’s true, I guess it’s up to the cast now. My guess is that most of them will maybe stay because a) in every interview or video, they all seem to love it there and love each other and b) some of them can do two things at once (Chris Colfer and Struck By Lightning, Lea Michele and New Year’s Eve/Dorothy of Oz, Darren Criss and Starkid/The Cleveland Show guest star, Cory Monteith and Monte Carlo, Diana Agron and I Am Number Four….). Also, I would probably die or cry for weeks if some of them don’t come back. It’s not Glee without them!

That’s all for now! 🙂 Comments?


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