Teen Choice Awards

One more day. One more day until the Glee Season 3 finale. So close yet so far. Oh, and BTW, it airs at 9 instead of its normal 8 o’clock time slot because American Idol is on that night as well. Don’t be so shocked, the same thing happened the year before so I’m not surprised or upset. Idol is my number 2 fave show (next to Glee obvs!).

But enough of that. This post is all about one exciting event that, this year, will take place on JULY 22. This event is none other than the Teen Choice Awards. Glee and it’s actors are up for some awards this year. The show itself is nominated for TV Comedy. Lea Michele (Rachel) is nominated for TV Actress Comedy and Chris Colfer (Kurt) is nominated for TV Actor Comedy as well as Icon Male!

Those are the only nominations for Glee but there are many, many, many other votes you can cast. You’re allowed to vote everyday up until the event so we have 2 months to get Glee some wins.

You can vote here:  http://www.teenchoiceawards.com/index.aspx


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