3×22 Goodbye

Last night was the super sad and super shocking Season 3 finale. A lot happened and I was soooo excited for this episode. I must say however that it wasn’t as good as I expected. Season 2’s finale was MUCH better than this. So it was a bit of a let down for me. I give episode 3×22 called ‘Goodbye’ a 7 out of ten. Here’s what went on…

Will goes in the choir room and sees Kurt, Rachel, Artie, Mercedes and Tina singing ‘Sit Down You’re Rocking The Boat’ which is the very first song they had sung as ND in the very first episode of Glee, ‘Pilot’. It’s kinda sweet because they were the original 5 and now they’ve grown so much. Will sees a flashback of them singing.

After the song, Will tells ND to sing Goodbye songs. Seniors to Juniors and vice versa. Then he pulls up a stool and his guitar and sings ‘Forever Young’, which is a super sad song. He sings it well and I’m sure some of the more emotional viewers cried. Not me.

In the hall, Kurt says (in a voice over) how he’s like a gay legend for the school and now kids are not afraid to come out now. He also hopes that he can make it the next few days without crying. Then he goes into the auditorium and sees his dad waiting for him. Burt tells Kurt how he had lost connection with him when Kurt started acting differently and when his mom died but then they regained a connection and now they’re stronger than ever. So Burt gets on stage and tells Kurt that his graduation present is a performance. But it was THE performance that started their new strong bond. For those who watched episode 1×03 ‘Preggers’, you know what song this will be- ‘Single Ladies’! Tina and Brittany come out on stage wearing leotards like the ones they wore when they danced with Kurt. Ah, memories. Burt dances to the song but isn’t in sync with the girls, making it that much more hilarious and sweet.

Afterwards, Kurt is talking to Blaine about it before class. They sit down and talk. Blaine, as much as it’ll be hard, wants to have the ‘graduation’ talk with Kurt, who wants to put it off. But Kurt tells Blaine that even though long distance relationships are hard, they can make it and Kurt says he dreams that one day, he’ll be in a nursing home telling other old folks about the love of his life, Blaine. It’ll be just like The Notebook (I’ve never seen this so I have no idea what he means) but in Kurt’s dream, Blaine will be in that nursing home with him because they’ll still be together. How cute! Kurt takes Blaine’s hands and says he will never say goodbye to him! AWWWWWWWWW ❤ Then Blaine asks him how he’ll say goodbye to the others. So in the choir room, Kurt sings Madonna’s ‘I’ll Remember’. It’s super sad and everyone in the room is sad.

In the hall, Rachel finds Kurt and Finn and says that acceptance letters will be sent this week and they make a pact to open them together. It’s cute how they do that and how they’re so close.

In the hall, we also learn that thanks to Sam’s video of Mercedes on Youtube, she got a deal singing back up on a CD and will be doing school in Hollywood. Mike says he also got a scholarship in Chicago. Santana congratulates them but says in her own voice over that she’s upset that she isn’t thrilled with her post-grad plans. We then see Santana, Brittany and Santana’s mom (played by Gloria Estefan) at Breadstix. Santana’s mom is telling the girls about how she gave up her dreams to have a family and how she’s so thrilled that Santana’s going to college. Santana says that she’s glad her mom is so supportive of her and wishes her abuela would be too. I guess she hasn’t apologized to Santana yet :(.  Then Santana says she doesn’t want to go to Kentucky and instead wants to go to New York. Her mom isn’t to pleased. Then Brittany announces that she’ll be staying in Lima because due to her zero-point-zero GPA, she’s failing. But she’s not upset. She gets to stay in ND and be class president again and next time around, she’ll actually GO to classes. Honestly, I’m glad that they didn’t pass her just because. It’s quite obvious how dumb she can be so I think this is legit. Santana on the other hand, isn’t too happy with her gf’s plans.

In the choir room, the Seniors sing a their song to the Juniors. They sing ‘You Get What You Give’ which is an upbeat fun song and they do great with it. They dance around and my fave part is when Quinn hugged Joe. ❤ It’s a happy song that makes you want to cry at the same time. Why must emotions be so confusing????

Finn and Rachel are picking chairs for their wedding. Rachel wants comfy expensive ones while Finn wants cheap ones. They get into a slight disagreement (very minor) and then Rachel sits on his lap and says that them getting married is making her so happy and as long as she’ll be happy, it doesn’t matter what chairs she sits on. It’s a cute moment. ❤

Finn, in the hallway, through a voice over says how great his high school career, and Senior year especially, has been. And he’s so sure he’ll have a great future because he is sure he did great at his Inside The Actor’s Studio audition. We see a clip of James Lipton, the host of the show, saying that Finn’s application letter was good. Finn then goes into Mr. Schue’s office to collect his yearbook, which Will was signing. But what he wrote was meaningless and lame. Finn is at first a bit upset but Will tells him that every time  he tried to write something meaningful, he started to cry. So Finn forgives him. Then Will does what I have been waiting for. He makes Finn sit down then he tells him about how he put the drugs in Finn’s locker to blackmail him into joining ND. We see a clip of Finn singing in the shower from episode 1×01 ‘Pilot’. Finn at first stares it him as if he’s not sure what to say, then he says that Mr. Schue just got so much cooler. 🙂 I was sooooo glad Will told him. I had a whole rant planned about how he should have told him and Glee keeps forgetting storylines and Finn deserves to know the truth and blah blah blah but then it actually happened so I was sooo happy. After that, we see Finn in his house with his mom (yay Carole!) and he’s looking at the picture of his father while his mom looks at Finn’s graduation gown. Finn says that he still feels like he let his father down and didn’t do enough to prove he is a hero. As Finn leaves the room, he says that everything has fallen into place except his father. It’s sweet that Finn’s still hanging on to him but kinda upsetting that he hasn’t moved on yet.

Finally, we hear the song that is sung to the Seniors by the other ND members. They sing ‘In My Life’ by The Beatles. Now, you may be thinking, ‘How come I haven’t heard that song yet? All the others were released?’ Good question. You see, Glee likes to mess with us by not releasing the song on First Listen Friday and making Glee the first time you hear it (unless you’re like me and realized that it was on iTunes Tuesday morning and listened to it as you ate a breakfast of toaster waffles). So here is the song.

They do a good job with it and they even dedicate it to Finn mostly because even when he was a popular jock, he was still the nicest and still is nice.

This episode was obvs trying to get back to its Season 1 roots because it has yet another voice over. This one is from Quinn. She says that she isn’t sad about leaving and she’s made so many good friends. Then she passes a classroom and sees Beiste quizzing Puck on geography. Puck still isn’t getting it correct. Quinn says that Puck has given so much to everyone and her so she wants to help him in return. But before she can do that, she finds Rachel in the bathroom and gives her a train pass so she can visit Quinn from NYC. Quinn says that she’s glad they are now finally friends and doesn’t want to lose touch with Rachel. Then they hug and Quinn says she’s glad that Rachel and Finn are together still and are meant to be. Rachel replies by saying that she though Quinn and Puck were too. What a random thing to bring up, but it foreshadows what will happen next. We see Quinn helping Puck study in her room. Puck gets frustrated and wants to leave but Quinn stops him and says that she wants to help him because she loves him and doesn’t regret him at all. Puck says he felt bad for it all. Quinn then tells him that the Puck she knew had “swagger” and he needs that back to pass the exam. Then she tries to kiss him, but he stops her. Eventually, he does kiss her though, as we saw in the promo. Now, I’d be all for this little reunion if it wasn’t for one thing: JOE. Here I am, shipping Fabhart like my life depended on it, and she goes and kisses him and says she loves him and all that. WHY????? I was so upset because she didn’t even acknowledge Joe at all. And because Joe may not be back for Season 4 (as Samuel was only The Glee Project winner), I don’t even know if Fabhart has a chance now. *sigh*…. I was soooo upset. As for Puck, that kiss seemed to power him up because he gets his swagger back and goes to write that exam with confidence.

In Sue’s office, Roz says that she still dislikes Sue, but they do have something in common: an idiot for a principal. That’s true, Figgins is really dumb. So Roz proposes that they team up to take him down. Is that maybe what Sue will be up to if she’s back for Season 4? Does that mean Roz will be back too? I don’t really like Roz. She is mean and it’s like she’s only there because this show needs an enemy and now that Sue’s gotten a bit nicer, Roz is just the replacement villan. Anyhoo, Roz leaves the office, but not before she insults Sue and her unborn baby. As she leaves, Quinn comes in with a box containing her Cheerios uniform. Sue tells her to keep it and then says that she admires Quinn. It’s sweet because we are ALWAYS reminded that Sue sees her younger self in Quinn. Quinn hugs Sue and says she’ll miss her.

In the hall, the Seniors are nervously awaiting Puck’s exam mark. Ms. Doosenbury, his teacher, comes out with his marked exam. Puck grabs it and slowly, looks at the mark. He gets a C- which is “a Puckerman A+” and enough for him to pass and graduate! They all clap and then we see them come down the hall in their gowns. They go to the auditorium where the graduation ceremony is being held. Finn and Puck play ‘Glory Days’ on stage as Figgins calls out the graduates and Emma hands them their diploma. We only see the ND people get them. We also see their parents like Mike’s parents, Quinn’s mom, Kurt’s dad, Finn’s mom… When they all get their diplomas, we see Finchel kiss on stage and they all toss their red hats in the air. It was sad to see them graduate. I mean, we’ve seen them grow up and now they’re leaving and going to (maybe) live out their dreams! D:

Finally we see Kurt, Finn and Rachel with their letters. These letters will decide their future, hopes and dreams. Finn opens his first, only to find that he doesn’t get in! Then Kurt opens his and he doesn’t get in! So then, Rachel is super nervous and she opens hers and she does get in! I was sooo upset. I mean, they all deserve to get it but they looked so disappointed and sad when they read that they were rejected. Do I think that Rachel deserved to get in? Yes. She is talented and hardworking. Look how hard she tried and what she did to get her second chance. But with Kurt, his audition was perfect the first time around. Carmen had no negative things to say to him and yet he doesn’t make it! And even though we didn’t actually see Finn’s audition, he was so confident that he did great. I was so sad for Kurt and Finn. D:

In Rachel’s voice over (the last one of the episode) she says that she has decided to defer her acceptance to NYADA for a year so she can stay with Kurt and Finn. It’s sweet that she’s willing to put her dreams on hold like that.

We then see Santana cleaning out her locker in a huff. She’s still upset about not being able to go to NYC and also Brittany not graduating either. Then her mom comes up and gives her a graduation gift. It’s money that she’s been saving since Santana was born. Santana is shocked that her mom actually owns that much money at first then gives it back to her mother because she got a scholarship, so won’t need it. But Santana’s mom says that Santana should use it for her dream and go to New York to be a star. I’m glad that Santana gets that much support from her mom especially because her abuela didn’t give it to her and also Santana sometimes seems to doubt herself.

Rachel and Finn get in Finn’s car and are headed to their wedding, I guess. But instead, Finn drives her to the train station, which is a surprise to Rachel. When she sees their destination, Finn tells Rachel that he loves her and is sending her to New York, where she’ll go to NYADA because he is 100% sure that she’ll be star and so she needs to do that. Rachel starts to cry and says she’s not going to go and she’ll stay with him. But Finn says she can’t come where he’s going: Georgia. He has decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and join the army, making Rachel cry even more. Finn says he’s setting Rachel free so she can be a star and he can join the army and so she must get on that train and let go of him and if they are really meant to be together, one day they will end up together. Rachel, through her tears, says she loves him and they kiss. They get out of the car and Rachel sings ‘Roots Before Branches’ as they walk to the train, where all of ND is waiting for them. Rachel slowly gets on the train, having to let go of Finn’s hand. She gets a seat and as the train drives off, Finn runs along the window but eventually stops running. We see Rachel arrive in NYC and walk around the city, enjoying its glory but still crying and the song playing in the background. The end.

That’s the ending of Season 3. It was really sad, especially the Finchel scene at the end. I know that many, many people probably cried so hard. I didn’t. I dunno why. I am too heartless, I guess. Anyhoo, like I said before, I wasn’t thrilled with this finale. Maybe because it was sad or maybe because of the cliffhanger. I mean, is Finn REALLY going to be in the army for Season 4? And what about Kurt? What will he do? I have so many questions that won’t be answered for like 4 months. Also, you may have noticed that there were 3 songs from the Graduation Album that weren’t in this episode: ‘Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)’, ‘I Was Here’ and ‘Not The End’. I was really looking forward to seeing ‘Good Riddance’ because Finn and Blaine sing it and I thought it would be good to have a sad montage sort of thing going on. Also I wanted to see ‘Not The End’ but no such luck…. 😦

Well, that’s all I have to say now. It’ going to be really hard to wait until Season 4. So I made a list of  what will keep me from going into Glee withdrawal this summer.

  1. This blog. Just because Season 3 is over doesn’t mean I won’t be posting all summer. Keep checking in (or subscribe ;))
  2. My Glee Season 1 and 2 DVDs. They will be worn out by the time summer ends.
  3. The Glee Project Season 2. Yes, it’s happening so I will be posting about that all the time!
  4. The 156 Glee songs on my iPod. Thank goodness for a repeat button XD
  5. The fact that Season 4 is confirmed and will happen with a lot of the cast returning. I CAN’T WAIT!!!

So that’s all I have to say now. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on the episode or Glee in general or anything like that. 🙂

P.S.  I’m watching th American Idol finale right now and I’m like 99% sure I saw Jane Lynch (Sue) in the audience. 🙂


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