Season 3 In Review

Well, as of last Tuesday at 10:00 PM, Season 3 of Glee was officially over. Overall, it was a pretty dramatic season and I have to say it had some pretty great episodes and some amazing music. However, I am sure that not many people agree. Many people believe that Season 1 was the best season and since then, it’s only gone downhill.

I can’t really say whether I agree or not. When Season 1 aired, I didn’t see it live. In fact, I didn’t watch until many months later when it was in a long hiatus. My brother and dad went to a hockey game so my mom and I rented a movie. At the movie store, my mom held up Glee Season 1 Volume 1. I had never heard of this at all. My mom had obviously heard a bit about it because she said “it’s like High School Musical”. Personally, HSM wasn’t THAT bad and it was a first of many musical movies so I said ‘what the heck’ and we rented it. Then we watched it. And boy, was she wrong. I mean sure, it took place in high school and there was music, but it was so much more everything. I mean, in the first four episodes we saw teen pregnancies, fake pregnancies, a gay kid coming out to his father and a violent Cheerleading coach. Innocence gone. It was nothing I had ever seen. And I must say, I wasn’t hooked. It was a bit too weird for me, I guess. Several months later, when the hiatus ended, my mom informed me that Glee would be back on TV and said I should watch it. And so I did. Coincidentally, my friends watched it too so we kinda bonded over that. So after watching ‘Hell-O’, I was hooked. I loved every episode and watched from then on faithfully. No regrets. But it was because I didn’t watch from the start and found it a bit crazy, I can’t say when I first started shipping Finchel or anything like that. For Season 1, it was just a good show to me. I never critically thought through episodes or rated them. It was just a show I watched every week. So really, I can’t compare Season 1 to Season 2 or 3. For me, it’s all still Glee and I don’t have a problem with that. Too bad many people did and, like all my friends but one, they ditched it. Ratings are still good but not as good as it was in Season 1.

Season 3, for me, was good. Not amazing. There was four pretty lame episodes: ‘I Am Unicorn’, ‘Goodbye’,  ‘The Spanish Teacher’ and ‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ and some great ones: ‘Heart’, ‘Michael’ and ‘Nationals’.  I liked how it focused on every couple, has cool storylines for almos every character and had some exciting jaw-dropping drama. It was always fun and had some cool storylines. Did it get a bit preachy and angst-y at parts? Yes. Did it have some crazy odd story lines? Yes. Does that make it a bad show? No way.

I love Glee and this Season was great. I looked forward to the new episodes every day. Glee may just be the best thing that’s happened to me. Season 3 was as good as the others overall. And I can’t wait until Season 4!

Thoughts? What did you think about Season 3? Like? Hate?

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