Klaine Christmas Scene

Hello Gleeks! Remember a few months back (well six actually) when episode 3×09 ‘Extraordinary Merry Christmas’ aired? And how we had seen a pic of Blaine giving Kurt a gift and we later found out it was a promise ring made from gum wrappers? Then the scene was cut from the episode so all us Klaine-shippers were mad? Yeah, well good news! The script from that episode has been released and holy cow, it is the cutest thing I have ever read. And Blaine says he isn’t good at romance. Pshhhh….!

Anyways, the script was put up for auction online and all the money raised goes to a charity. A group of Klainers won the bid and got the script and raised a lot of money! I only just learned about this the other day so I’m not sure about the details. It is all explained in this video, made by the winners.

So now, without further ado, the Klaine Christmas Box Scene 😀

AHHHHHH!!!! Is that not the most adorable thing in the entire world? Blaine’s speech was SOOOOOO sweet. Rumor has it that the scene may be in the’ Extras’ portion of the Glee Season 3 DVDs. A must-buy!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Now I also have some sad and shocking news. It’s not regarding Klaine, so let out your gasp of air. It’s actually regarding Wemma and their wedding. Or shall I say: Wemma and their wedding THAT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN. No, that isn’t a typo. It’s true. In an interview, Ryan Murphy said that, and I quote, “He doesn’t get married”. WHYYY? I mean, I love Glee weddings. Burt and Carole’s wedding was the best and ‘Furt’ is one of my favourite episodes! And now Will and Emma aren’t gonna get hitched? D: And the worst part is, no one knows why (except for RM himself). We don’t know if they break up or maybe the wedding is just held off for a really long while? *Sigh*.

That’s all for now! 🙂 Let’s make ourselves feel better by reading that Klaine script again! BYEEE!!!


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