New Directions Over The Years

If you’re one of those people who cry at every little thing on Glee, I have a challenge for you. Try watching the first five episode of Glee ever and not cry. I watched them recently and it was so crazy to see them all so young-looking. It’s amazing how they have all changed throughout the years. And it’s also so hard to watch them and know what they’re future will be like. I mean, watching Kurt fawn over Finn or admit he’s gay and know that one day, he’ll find Blaine and be happy. Or watch Finn and Rachel bicker about little things like Rachel quitting Glee to join a musical or Finn wanting to quit and be a football star. I find myself almost yelling at the young characters. I see young Finn and Rachel and I want to yell “In your Senior year, you’ll be engaged and win Prom King and Queen and share a super romantic dance!” I want to cry and smile and laugh all at the same time. And that is Glee for you; an emotional rollercoaster.

So the fact that they are all so young-looking really intrigued me. How is it that in three years, they go from looking like dorky (yet adorable) high school kids to gorgeous and hot adults? I’ll show you!

       I never really liked Quinn until the end of Season 3 when she started liking Joe (cuz I’m a Fabhart shipper). I’m not honestly sure why either. I guess it was because she was always getting in the way of Finchel and cheating on guys. She was self-centered and mean and didn’t care who she hurt to get her way. On the plus side, she is a great singer and really pretty. 🙂

      Kurt kind of annoyed me in Season 1 but after that, I loved him. I love him and Blaine together so much. Kurt has matured so much in the years ❤ Plus he is an amazing singer.

       Rachel is my favourite female character. She is passionate, determined and a bit insane, which makes her funny. I know she gets a lot of hate because she gets a lot of solos, but she is such a good singer, I’m okay with that. Plus, her and Finn are so cute. ❤

      Finn is one of my favourite male characters. He is so awesome. I love how even when he was a mean jock, he was still the nicest of them all. He is adorable and he and Rachel together are super cute. Plus, Finn has a good voice. Lastly, Cory Monteith is Canadian (like me).

      Mercedes is so cool. Her voice is amazing and her style is unique. Seriously, she is awesome. Her drama moments are pretty annoying, I must say, though they are understandable. I think her and Sam are so cute and did I mention how much I love her voice? 😀

      Santana is hilarious. I know she’s like those new Chips Ahoy cookies with the fudge middles because she is mean on the outside but can be nice on the inside, but her hilarity is amazing. Glee is not the same without her amazing one-liners. Plus, she is a great singer. 🙂 In Season 1, I never really liked her, but then again, she didn’t have much of a role.

      Brittany is, without a doubt, the funniest girl on Glee. Her lines are so brilliantly stupid. I mean, going out for Halloween as a peanut allergy? Sometimes she seems a bit too dumb but for the most part, she is hilarious. 🙂

Puck: I didn’t really like him in the first season. In the second, when he was wooing Lauren, it was funny and I liked him the most in Season 3 when he took care of Beth. he didn’t do it to get chicks, he did it because he cared. Plus, as the seasons went on, he became much nicer. Remember when he was just obsessed about girls and that’s it?

Tina: She is cool. I didn’t really like how she faked her stutter in Season 1. But she’s so sweet despite the fact that she is always in the back. I guess that makes ‘Props’ better for her. I wasn’t a fan of her goth style, so I was happier when she slowly stopped in Season 3.

Mike: Best dancer. Best abs. And according to ‘Asian F’, a good singer too. I never really liked or Mike. He was just kinda there. But he’s super cute with Tina.

Artie: He is so sweet. It’s kinda sad because every girl he’s dated dumped him and he doesn’t even get than many solos. But he is funny and his white gangster style is hilarious.

Sam: I liked him when he came. He was cute. And he was cute with Quinn too. But I LOVE him with Mercedes. He’s also a good singer and a nice guy. I was sad that he left for a bit especially because he had just hooked up with Mercedes but it made his story better when he came back.

Blaine: I freakin’ love Blaine. He is adorable and so cute and such a good singer and is totally perfect with Kurt. Some people don’t like Blaine because he just came in and is stealing all the solos, but his voice is amazing so I don’t have any complaints. 😀 KLAINE FOR EVAH! ❤

Mr. Schue: He is so nice and I wish I had teachers as fun as him. I mean, he raps! 🙂 His dedication to ND is so amazing because no one else wanted to do it. It wouldn’t be ND without him (literally…he came up with the name).

Sue: She is mean. And heartless (to some extent) but she is so funny. Her lines never fail to crack me up. And she does care for a few things like her sister (RIP Jean) and her baby and sometimes ND. Sometimes.

Emma: It was funny when she not-so-discreetly was fawning over Mr. Schue and her germ habits, although OCD isn’t a laughing matter, it’s kinda amusing to see her clean like crazy. She is so cute with Mr. Schue.

Rory: He is adorable. I loved Damian on TGP. I’m a sucker for accents so Rory’s is amazing. Plus, he is an amazing singer. I’m not a Rory/Sugar shipper at all. I hope Rory stays in Season 4.

Joe: I was a Samuel fan for TGP. When Joe came, I was like ‘kay’ but then the thing with Quinn came up. I jumped on that ship. Fabhart is the best thing since Klaine and Samcedes. ❤ Joe’s also a good singer and I like how he cares for others. 🙂

So that’s all the characters. I only did pictures for the ones that had drastic changes over the years. Puck, I looked, barely changed at all except for shaving his head in Season 1 for the last half. But I still wanted to get my thought on each one in. So there we go. I think Quinn and Kurt changed the most since Season 1. Seeing them all so young in Season 1 is really quite emotional. But that won’t stop me from watching it. We just got a couch in the basement, so I’ll deffo be watching a lot more Glee now XD. What are your thoughts on the cast’s changing looks or why watching Season 1 of Glee makes me want to cry and laugh at the same time? Any comments? Leave them in the box below or at the top. 🙂



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