TGP 2×01 Individuality

You know what I hate? CANADA! I hate it. I HATE YOU, CANADA! Wanna know why? Because it keeps me from watching what I want when I want. *frustrated sigh* Like last night, The Glee Project Season 2 aired it’s first episode, called ‘Individuality’ (just like Season 1). Anyways, because I live in stupid Canada, I missed it and I can’t find a good site to watch it online (if you know any, lemmie know PLEASE). But that doesn’t stop me! I read up on the episode and even watched the cast’s music video. 

So be warned, what I’m about to say isn’t first hand info. I didn’t see the episode. Darn. 

First off, Lea Michele (who plays Rachel) was the guest mentor. They cast sang ‘Born This Way’ for their assignment.

The winner of the assignment is Shanna, the really blonde girl. She got one-on-one time with Lea. Then they do their group music video, which is ‘Here I Go Again’.

After that, the danger 3 are announced: Aylin, Maxfield and Tyler. They sung solo songs for Ryan Murphy.

In the end, Maxfield got eliminated. I’m not upset. His name was weird and as you can see from the two videos above, he’s not that great of a singer.

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