TGP 2X02 Dance-ability

Haaaaay Gleeks! How’s it going?

Well, let’s cut to the chase. Last night, episode 2 of Season 2 of The Glee Project aired. And again, I haven’t seen it but it airs Friday night at 8 on Global here, so I will watch it in due time. 🙂 But, for your benefit, I’ll tell you what happened.

The guest judge for this episode is reigning  co-winner Samuel Larson (who plays Joe Hart on Glee). I’m not sure why they got him for a dance episode, but whatever! The assignment song is ‘We Got The Beat’. Apparently there was some drama between Ali and Mario….  SNAP! But that’s not all the drama! For reasons not 100% confirmed, Taryn QUIT.

     I read that the pressure was too much for her so she called her mom in tears and then randomly left in the night. So Robert had to inform the others the next day. Awks… I wasn’t a huge fan of her so I’m not in tears, but I am a bit shocked that she quit. I know it’s not my place to judge because I don’t know what it’s like to be on TGP, but many people would love to be a contestant and be on Glee and she had a chance and walked away. I mean, it’s like Cameron last season. His reasons for leaving were better and he was around longer, but I don’t think they should just quit like that. I hope no one else does. Anyways, Taryn is gone, as you can see in the video below.

The winner of the assignment is Abraham. Yay, I like him and can easily see him on Glee.

The song the group does for the video is ‘Party Rock Anthem’. It’s pretty funny so see them go wild and kiss up on each other!

 It’s okay…not the best. I like the video itself.  Anyhoo, the bottom three was Lily, Tyler (again) and Dani. I can understand Dani because she didn’t do a good job in the video. Maybe that’s because it’s more of a techno-beat song and she is more guitar and softer music. So the three of them perform last-chance songs for Ryan. Lily sings Shania Twain’s ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’ (I love Shania and hope they do some of her songs on Glee next season), Tyler sang ‘Daniel’ and Dani sung ‘Landslide’. Ryan had comments for them all and in the end, DANI got eliminated. I was like ‘WOAH!’ when I read this. I didn’t think she’d win but I was sure she’d make it farther than episode 2!!!

So I’m kinda upset that she’s gone and I know that due to her America’s Got Talent experience, she’s got a lot of fans who I am sure aren’t pleased either. Next week’s episode is ‘Vulnerability’ and the mentor is Cory Monteith. ❤


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