Couples That Will NEVER Happen

Glee  is one of those shows where you can pair almost anyone up with anyone and it’ll work. And believe me, that is happening. Seriously. There are fandoms dedicated to Faberry (Quinn and Rachel), Kory (Kurt and Rory) and much more. I can’t even begin to fathom how such fandoms arise. I mean, who was the first person to look at Quinn and Rachel and say ”Yes, they would be perfect together!”. They are so different and yet, they have such a large fanbase; it’s crazy. So I decided to make I list of couples that will never ever EVAH happen but people like. And if they do, you better be sure that the Glee writers are either smoking something or got hit by a bus. Of course, that’s not to say that some of these pairs wouldn’t be cute and totes have chemistry.

First couple: Quory (Quinn and Rory).
I think they’d actually be cute. I know for a fact there are people who agree with this.


Second couple: Sebtana (Santana and Sebastian).
Again, I think they’s work too. We all saw some sparks between them during ‘Smooth Criminal’. But Sebastian’s gay and Santana is a lesbian so that will never happen.


Third couple: Flanberry (Rory and Rachel).
They’d be cute.


Fourth couple: Pezberry (Santana and Rachel).
No. Just no. They are like sun and moon. But, they do sing well together (eg. ‘So Emotional’).


Fifth couple: Finncedes (Finn and Mercedes).
I don’t think they’d be cute or anything, but I do think that if they did a duet, it’s be amazing!


Sixth couple: Bike Chanderson (Blaine and Mike).
Absolutely not. No. No. NO.


Seventh couple: Sory (Sam and Rory).
Nope. Just because Sam is friends with Rory, does NOT mean they’d be a good couple.


Eighth couple: Chandler and Sebastian (I don’t know their name).
It’s like the Klaine shippers said ”hey, let’s put these two together so they’d have love and leave Klaine alone”. Sorta cute….maybe…?


Ninth couple: Kartie (Kurt and Artie).
Really? People like this? No. Artie’s not even gay and I don’t even think they’ve even spoken to each other (that we’ve seen). Ew.


Tenth couple: St. Fabray (Jesse and Quinn).
Hmmm…they wouldn’t be half bad, I suppose. They’d be okay….in a weird way.


So there are 10 couples that people seem to like but won’t happen on Glee. I’d like to hear who you like so answer this poll and/or leave a comment! 🙂

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