TGP 2×07 Theatricality

Hello Gleeks! Again, I am very sorry that this is late. But I am still in Italy. However, next week when the next new episode of TGP comes around, I’ll be home. 🙂

This week’s episode of TGP was ‘Theatricality’. Cue oohs and ahhs.
So the homework assignment is ‘I Hope I Get It’ from A Chorus Line. I guess that’s theatrical, right? The mentor for this episode is Grant Gustin, who plays Sebastian. 🙂

The song is alright. I’m not always a fan of broadway songs so it wasn’t the best for me. The winner of the assignment was Ali. 🙂

For the music video, they did the Pussycat Dolls’ hit ‘When I Grow Up’. See here.

Each contestant was given a famous music person to act like. So Abraham is David Bowie, Nellie is Britney Spears, Shanna is Lady Gaga, Aylin is Madonna, Michael is Elvis, Ali is Katy Perry, Lily is Cyndi Lauper and Blake is Boy George. I don’t know who Boy George is but I think they all seem like okay matches except for Nellie. She struggled with the Sexuality week so to give her a person like Britney is kinda unfair.
It was okay and I liked the store worker concept. They did an okay job with vocals too. I’m certain that one episode, they’ll give us one magnificent song and video. XD

Then comes the hard part: bottom three. This week that consists of Nellie, Lily and Abraham. For their last chance performances, Lily sings Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’. I can imagine she’d do great with that because she’s good at vocals like that. Abraham sang ‘Stereo Heart’ by Gym Class Heros an Nellie sang ‘I’m The Only One’ by Melissa Ethridge.
In the end, it’s a shocker elimination (at least it was for me) because Nellie is the one who leaves. I liked her and I could totes see her on Glee so it’s sad to see her go. Anyone else agree?

Next week is episode 2×08 ‘Tenacity’. The mentor is Amber Riley (Mercedes). 🙂


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  1. Audrey
    Jul 19, 2012 @ 19:55:19

    yeah!! im shokced!!!


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