TGP 2×08 Tenacity

Hiya! Did you see the last episode of TGP? I will….tonight. 🙂 Anyhoo, yesterday’s episode was called ‘Tenacity’. For those who don’t know (I am included), tenacity means being strong and firm. I honestly had to look it up. So for this theme, the contestants had to sing ‘Suvivor’ by Destiny’s Child. The mentor of this episode is Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes. That’s a good match because Mercedes is really tenacious. So the group sings, as you can watch below.

I think they do a good job! 🙂 What do you think? The winner of the assignment, for the second week in a row, is Ali. I like her so I’m glad.

For the music video, the song isn’t ‘Survivor’; the group is. They sing ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ by Survivor. I like that song. It’s my warm-up song on RockBand ;).

That was great too. I like the gym idea and when Ali dunks the ball and I especially love that it was all  taken in one shot. That took impeccable timing. 😀

The bottom three for this week are: Abraham, who sings Michael Jackson’s ‘Man In The Mirror’,  Lily who sings ‘I’m The Greatest Star’ from Funny Girl and Michael who sings ‘Brick’ by Ben Fold Five. I think Lily would have done well because she’s classically trained and likes big songs like that.

In the end, it’s Abraham who goes home. I’m sad because I liked him and think he could totes play someone cool on Glee, but at the same time, the past couple of weeks haven’t proved that. He hasn’t been as strong as he was before.

Next week is ‘Romanticality’. I’m super excited because I know there are already pairs and ships on this show. I don’t have a fave couple on TGP so…. yeah. Plus, the mentor is Darren Criss, so YAY because he is totally awesome and I think will be a great mentor for Romance (even if Blaine claims to be terrible at it) :).

That’s all for now! Be happy! That was random…..


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