Two New Glee Guys

So I was in the hotel in Rome. We leave for the airport in fifteen minutes. And then my dad comes in the room. He was at the computers reading the paper and he informs me that Glee is adding two new males. So I fangirled and ran to the computer to read for myself. Only to be upset for the whole 10 hour flight. Wanna know why? Here’s why.

Newbie number 1 is played by Dean Geyer. He is mostly known for coming 3rd in the 2006 season of Australian Idol. At first, I thought “he’s totally good looking and hopefully he has an Australian accent!” But then, I read that Dean’s character, named Brody Weston, will be a NYADA student. AND HE MAY HE RACHEL’S NEW LOVER! And that’s why I was sad. I ship Finchel so hard and now it’s all falling apart. To make matters worse, my dad, just to make me even most sad, kept singing “Rachel and Brody sitting in a tree…..” You know the rest. I know that it’s not confirmed if he’ll be Rachel’s new love intrest but signs are pointing to yes with Finn heading to the army and all. On the plus side, in a recent interview, Glee producer Ian Brennan said that fans will like him at first. So he better be doing something heroic like saving Rachel from a burning building or feeding homeless kittens before I like him. To me, he’s just another Sebastian. But I must admit, the Sebastian drama was kinda hilarious and it was hard to hate someone so hot.


Newbie number 2 is not a ship-killer. The actor is Jacob Artist. He’s not very well known (he doesn’t even have his own wikipedia page). But he’ll be playing Jake Puckerman; Puck’s half-brother. Here’s my problem: to have the Puckerman last name, that means his father is Puck’s dad. But his dad is a deadbeat, remember? Why didn’t Papa Puckerman go visit Jake in ‘Choke’ when he needed money? And if Puck hasn’t seen his father in years (before ‘Choke’), how did he know about his Dad’s new hookup and son? It’s another example of Glee’s changing story lines. Anyhoo, Jake will be attending McKinley and it’s said that he’ll have a real attitute problem. :S Sounds entertaining!


So those are the two new cast members that will be gracing our TV’s come Season 4. Any comments or feelings on these two new guys? I’d like to hear them!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Aud
    Jul 28, 2012 @ 15:39:35

    well. im sure what to think about Jacob Artist.


  2. Aud
    Jul 29, 2012 @ 09:26:33

    me too!!! I have been watching all of season 1 and 2 and the glee concert. Also I have beeen playing glee kareoke.


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