Land Of Stories

Who likes fairy-tales? Who likes books? Who is a die-hard Chris Colfer fan and will religiously follow anything he produces? Well, if you answered “I DO!” to all or any of these questions, than I have good news for you! That wonderful, amazing person who is named Chris Colfer has written a book. For those who aren’t aware, Chris Colfer plays Kurt on Glee. Not only has he starred in his own movie (Struck By Lightning) but now he is an author too? What CAN’T this kid do?

So his book, Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell, was released on July 17th, 2012. Chris did a book tour too (but, naturally, didn’t come to Canada). Now, if you’re asking “But what is this book about?” I can tell you. It’s about Alex and Conner (twins) who receive a fairy-tale from their grandma and go to a magical land called (surprise) Land of Stories where the fairy-tales are real and a bit…different than they know. They must find a way to get home safely and avoid the Evil Queen.

I haven’t read the book yet. I’d love to and I’m currently waiting for my local library to get it in. 🙂

So now let’s hear your voice: If you’ve read it, tell me on a scale of 1-10 how much you liked it (with 1 being that you hated it and 10 being that you loved it more than life itself). If you haven’t read it, tell me your thoughts and if you want to read it or not.

P.S. In case you’re a bit sceptical of the summary and maybe think it’s a bit….childish perhaps, don’t do that. Chris Colfer said that it’s a book for all ages. And even if you are STILL sceptical, I suggest you still give it a try because it’s CHRIS COLFER! Can’t hate.


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