TGP 2×10 Actability

Hello! Sorry this is a bit late. I was at a trailer the past few days and that meant no wifi.

This week’s episode of TGP was an important one. Why? Because it tells us who made it to the finale. Yes, next week’s episode is the exciting finale 🙂 But THIS week was also exciting. The mentor for ‘Actability’ is Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn. She’s a good choice because she had to act pregnant, paralyzed, mean and more just on Glee! As for the contestants, all 5 of them, they sing ‘Addicted To Love’ by Robert Palmer for the homework assignment.

It looks like they show each contestant an emotion and they have to act it out…as they sing. Very interesting and smart. But it would suck if you got a lame emotion. The winner of that assignment is Michael.

For the music video, they sing P!nk’s ‘Perfect’. They did it as a movie trailer, which I think is very smart. I couldn’t find a way to embed the video, but here’s a link. That was INTENSE, right? The acting was amazing and the drama was CRAZY! Wow.

For the last chance performances, all 5 of them have to perform. Lily sings ‘Son Of A Preacher’ by Dusty Springfield. Aylin sang ‘Fighter by Christina Agulara. Blake sang ‘I’m Still Standing’ bu Elton John. Ali sang ‘Here’s To Us’ by Halestorm. And lastly, Michael sang ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ by Cyndi Lauper. In the end, for some reason, TWO contestants were sent home; Lily and Michael. Wow, right? I wonder if two people was the plan all along or was it Ryan’s last-minute choice. I’m kinda sad about Lily leaving. I could see her on Glee.

Now, in the finale are Ali, Blake and Aylin. Three people, as opposed to last year’s four. Last year, as you know, all four of them got some role on Glee. But this year, Ryan said in an early interview that it probably won’t end up like that this season. Of course, that was a while ago so we’ll see how it plays out. The finale episode is 2×11 and it’s called ‘Glee-ality’. The mentor is Chris Colfer (Kurt). ❤ Can’t wait! I’m rooting for Ali or Blake. I don’t really know why but I’m not an Aylin fan…..

That’s all for now! 😀


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