TGP 2×11 Glee-ality

HAAAY! Last night was the finale of The Glee Project Season 2. I can’t wait to see it tonight at 9 on Global.

There were 3 contestants left: Blake, Ali and Aylin. You know, at the beginning of the season, I never pictures those 3 in the top. I mean, I was sure Aylin was gonna leave a while ago. :S

Anyways, for the homework assignment, they sing ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ from Hairspray. The mentor for this is Chris Colfer (who plays Kurt). I’m not sure why he’s the mentor for ‘Glee-ality’ but I’m not upset. Chris Colfer is so cool! So here’s the best video of the homework assignment that I could find!

Isn’t that adorable? The whole group is back together! 😀 They also did a great job with the song. They didn’t have just one winner of the assignment; they had three. Yes, all of the remaining contestants won. That’s good.

For the music video, they sing Hot Chelle Rae’s ‘Tonight Tonight’. Again, all the eliminated contestants were in it. Check it out!

They did a great job with that! I liked the swings and the party and having everyone back!

Because there’s only 3 people left, they all have to sing last chance performances. Aylin sings ‘Rolling In The Deep’ by Adele, Blake sings ‘I’ll Be’ by Edwin McCain and Ali sings ‘Popular’ from Wicked.

Finally, the winner is announced. And unlike last year, THERE IS ONLY 1 WINNER! Before I tell you who it is, I’m gonna tell you who I HOPE it is. I wanted Ali to win. I liked her from the start and people agree that she’d be cute with Artie, not to be stereotypical. If Ali didn’t win, I’d want Blake to. He’s good-looking and a good singer. But I couldn’t really see him as a certain role on Glee. He’s too sweet to be a jock and too young to be at NYADA. I wasn’t an Aylin fan. She kinda erked me. I mean, I don’t hate her and she has a great voice and I can so see her on Glee, but she’s not my fave contestant. :S

Blake won. Yup. Blake will be on Glee for 7 episodes. I’m not mad at all. Plus, RM said that he’ll be dating someone. People fear a love triangle with Klaine (come back here on Friday for some juicy Klaine spoilers) but I don’t think he’ll play a gay. I’m excited to see him. 🙂


So Gleeks, Season 2 of The Glee Project is over. What did you think? Are you happy with the winner? I am. I liked Blake. However, for some reason, I liked last season of TGP better…. 🙂

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