Sneak A Peek At Season 4!

Hey there, Gleeks! How’s life? Here’s a funny story, you’re gonna laugh. The other day, I was watching episode 3×21 ‘Nationals’ on TV and at the end, when Will is awarded Teacher Of The Year and ND gets ready to sing, my mom goes, “Is this where they sing ‘To Sir With Love?” and I’m like, “Mom. No. That was in Season 1….but nice try!” XD

So all I have to share with you today are a few videos. But don’t worry! They’re really cool!

This first video is our newest look at Cassandra July and her interaction with Rachel at NYADA. It’s pretty intense. Don’t mind the random dude at the beginning of the video. I have no idea who he is, but he’s amusing and Cory is so adorably awkward. One thing I love about the actual clip is the vocal music in the background. It’s those funny tunes that Glee does that reminds me of Season 1 when every episode had funky little tunes like that in the background and it made it so much more funny and cheerful.

The next video is a first look at behind the scenes. We get to meet the people who play Kitty, Marley, Jake and Brody. I think they’ll be interesting addictions to the cast.

Okay who else is totally feeling an awesome Blaine/Artie friendship? Because I so am! And darn Dean Geyer (Brody) and his accent. How the heck am I supposed to hate that? And woah, the first time Brody and Rachel meet, it’s in the showers? I can see why Glee moved to a later time slot… Kitty seems like a predictable character. I wonder if she’ll end up joining the Glee club though? And lastly, I think Kate Hudson needs to lay off the blue eye shadow a bit. Just a bit.

Those are all the videos for today. I think they were pretty neat, yes?

Oh, two more things! One: the reason why Quinn hasn’t been in any pics or videos is because Dianna is off filming something in another country. But she will be back and on Glee so don’t worry.  And Two: so far, Sebastian isn’t going to be back. That MAY change later on in the season (I hope so!) but for now, he’s gone. I’m pretty sure that the Warblers will be there, though. After all, who else will compete with ND?

That’s all for now!


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