New ‘The New Rachel’ Promo!

Happy Friday! 🙂 I have survived the first week of school! Yaaay!

So with the premier of Season 4 being LESS THAN ONE WEEK AWAY, we’re getting down to the last-minute promos and spoilers!

Like this one!


Okay so we see some little scenes at first like Cassandra at NYADA and ND singing. Not really that exciting, but okay.

Then we see Rachel in a nice dress. Who/what is she dressing up for?

Then the Cheerios doing some routine. At least, I think they’re the Cheerios….they aren’t wearing the uniform; they’re in the black gym uniform, but they’re all girls. Speaking of all girls, I wonder what’s happening with the TroubleTones? I mean will they still get their songs at competitions even though Mercedes and Santana are gone? Hmmm…

Next is Jacob Ben Israel (yay he’s back! I know he’s stupid and annoying, but he is hilarious!) asking who the new Rachel is…to which Blaine, Tina, Artie and Brittany all answer that they are. Uh-oh! Maybe they’re all going to be fighting for solos now? I hope it doesn’t get ugly. I heard that Blaine gets a bit feisty this season and Tina gets sassy…. *insert dramatic music here*

OMG BRODY. Shirtless. And Rachel. He tells Rachel he’s straight (like we had a doubt!). I also noticed that he doesn’t really seem to have an accent there…. maybe in that sentence it isn’t obvious or maybe he’s one of those people who’s accent disappears when they sing…or act…. Also, when he turns to leave, HE WINKS AT HER. Um, excuse me Brody, but Rachel belongs to Finn so BACK OFF. Darn him and his Australian shirless-ness.

Then we get Cassandra dancing…and ripping off her shorts.

And last we see Sue calling in Kitty, who is a faithful little Cheerio and takes baby Robin out for a stroll. Kurt doesn’t look like he approves of her. One good thing is that it seems like Kitty is SUPPOSED to be a new version of Quinn, like Sue says and so it’ not a rude coincidence. Kitty is going to be the new mean queen. I already hate her. And Sue, why aren’t you taking your own child for a walk? In fact, why is your child even at school? Why aren’t you on maternity leave?

Full video of ‘Americano/Dance Again’

Okay that was cool dancing. And Rachel looks scared. I guess Cassandra is pretty intimidating.

And last is a video from the cast’s photo shoot. It looks fun and I just want to be BFFs with them all.

I don’t really have comments for that. I hope you liked it.

 So that’s all for now. Any thoughts or comments? WHO’S EXCITED?

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  1. hiaudrey
    Sep 08, 2012 @ 16:10:04

    Woah. OMG im sUper exited!!!!


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