4×01 The New Rachel

So yesterday was a big day for us Gleeks. It was the premier of Season 4. Yaaay! Yesterday after school, I came home and put on my bright pink Glee T-shirt (which I wore outside…yes, in public) then I watched Ellen (like I do everyday) but Kate Hudson was on and they played a few Glee clips. Then after that, my mom made me change the channel to Global so she could watch ‘Young And The Restless’ and I saw three different Glee commercials. So all in all, it was a very exciting  and Gleerific night. 🙂

So about the episode. After 102 days (or something like that), I was super happy that Glee was back on so even if the episode was junk (which it wasn’t) I’d still probs love it. Over all, the music was good and the plot wasn’t awful. Out of 10, I give episode 4×01 ‘The New Rachel’ a 6.5 out of 10.

The episode begins with a NYADA dance class. We see Rachel and a bunch of students doing ballet in a large dance studio. We also meet Cassandra July (played by Kate Hudson), who is Rachel’s dance teacher. Cassandra is mean, sarcastic and snobby. And right away, Rachel is her target. Rachel is scared, worried and alone in New York. It’s like she’s a weak deer and Cassandra is a lion. In the end, Rachel is insulted and even more scared.

Back in Ohio, school is also in session. And like many of Glee’s season premieres, they start off with the local roving reporter, Jacob Ben Israel. I missed him and his creepy-ness. The only difference is that he cut off his fluffy hair. Yes, his jew-fro is gone 😦 That disappointed me more than it should. Anyways, he interviews some of the remaining ND members. And since their victory win, they’ve become popular. They sit with the Cheerios at lunch, Tina has a personal assistant and Sam signs autographs for girls (and does impressions). I’m glad to see them enjoy their popularity but at the same time, the fact that they were losers made them more loveable. Oh, and speaking of Tina, SHE BROKE UP WITH MIKE. No joke. First ten minutes of the episode and I was already sad. Plus, she said she got a tattoo that said ‘Mike Chang 4 ever’ which she changed to ‘Mike Change 4 ever’. Isn’t that sad? They were cute and we all thought they’d be together forever because they had no drama and seemed so in love and WHY? Anyhoo, the interview ends with the one question we all want to know, “Who will be the new Rachel?” And if you saw that clip, Blaine, Brittany, Tina and Artie all answer, “I am!”

Rachel, via voice over, says that she misses Finn (who she hasn’t talked to in a few months….uh-oh!) and her old friends. She hasn’t made any new pals yet. Not even her roommate because her roomie has a bunch of other ‘friends’…who she sleeps with. Rachel also got made fun of because of her crazy skin care routine, so to avoid that, she began taking showers at 3am. So one day, when she’s doing her skin routine, she hears singing in the showers. Male singing. Guess who? Brody. He comes out of the shower (naked but then gets a towel) and comes over to where she is. We learn that he’s a junior at NYADA, has a crazy skin routine too and was once on Broadway in a small role. Am I missing something? Oh yeah…he’s stright. You can practically see the sparks between him and Rachel. They’re so perfect for each other and OMG WHAT AM I SAYING? No. Finn. Finn is Rachel’s man. Rachel’s ONLY man. Why can’t Brody be gay because then it’d be totally awesome and I wouldn’t feel bad for liking his abs and accent.

Rachel calls Kurt (or maybe Kurt calls her…either way, she was on the phone with him) and she tells him about Brody and how amazing her life in NYC is. But she confirms her love for Finn (yay). Then she asks where Kurt is. He’s at McKinley. After he hangs up, he goes to Sue’s office where he meets Robin, her baby. We only see Robin for a few seconds before Sue calls in Kitty, the new (mean) cheerleader and Sue’s puppet. She takes Robin away for a walk. I hope we see more of Robin. Sue then talks to Kurt about his life. He’s still in Lima, going to community college. Fun. This is the part from the clip that maybe you saw a few days ago.

In the choir room (oh man, it’s sooooo different without all the graduates. So empty and sad. I keep expecting to see Rachel and Mercedes and them all every time there’s a shot of the chairs and they’re not there. Super depressing). Will comes in yelling “Glee!” to which the remaining members cheer. Those members are Joe, Artie, Blaine, Tina, Sugar, Sam and Brittany. So Will says he put up a sign up sheet like he does every year. Only this year, people were rushing to sign up. :S But you know who doesn’t need to sign up? ND’s newest member, Wade/Unique. He tells them that he wants to be a place where he’s free and welcomed. So he came to McKinley. But ND is not pleased. They’re already fighting for Rachel’s star spot and now he/she’ll be in the fight. Will is not very happy with this. But as Blaine tells them all, they need to figure out who it’ll be. So they’ll have a competition after school. And they do. Artie is the director/ judge (why isn’t he fighting for the spot too?) and Tina, Brittany, Blaine and Wade sing ‘Call Me Maybe’. They do a great job with it. You see the sassier side of them all, which is amusing. 🙂

So collage isn’t Kurt’s only past time. He’s also working. At the Lima Bean. Which I guess would make sence because I’m sure that he and Blaine are its best customers. And didn’t Sebastian say that Kurt will work there? Hmmm…. Anyway, work is busy and he barely gets a chance to speak to Blaine and Brittany, who are getting coffee, before he is called back to action by his boss and stupid complaining customers like Kitty. So he goes to work and Blaine sadly leaves. 😦

Back at NYADA, one of Cassandra’s dancers or instructors comes in and says he can’t make next class because he got a small role in a show. She hugs him, congratulates him and send him on his way. As she leaves, she adds some alcohol to her smoothie and has a sad look on her face….what could that mean? Is she disappointed?

At lunch, at McKinley, ND is eating (wow, surprising) and Marley comes up to the table and says that she will be auditioning. Tina gives a sarcastic remark. They’re still not thrilled that new people will be there. Marley walks away unfazed by Tina’s snobby-ness and Unique comes. I say Unique because ‘Wade’ is wearing makeup. But right away ND rejects that saying that if he wants to survive, he can’t do that unless he’s performing. So Unique gets up and leaves in a huff. And right as he leaves, the popular kids come, which is Kitty and her two jocks. They start making fun of the over weight lunch lady. ND looks uncomfortable but their need to be popular is strong and Artie joins in and the rest of them laughs along. But who overhears this? Marley.

And we find out that the lunch lady is Marley’s mom. Oooooh. Her mom is sewing a fake tag on a second-hand shirt for Marley to wear to the audition. Marley and her mother are very close, which is cool, even though they are poor.

At NYADA’s next dance class, Cassandra  get’s right back to her favourite target, Rachel. Rachel mentions that she smells alcohol on her breath and Cassandra gets defensive. So to cover up that fact, she stops the dancing so she can take the stage herself. She sings and dances to a mashup of ‘Americano/Dance Again’. It’s good and she’s a good singer. Rachel is blown away and even more scared when that ends.

It’s time for auditions. This time around, not everyone can make it. We see a bad rapper and a bad dancer try out. Then Jake comes. If you’ve kept up to date with spoilers, you’d know that Jake is Puck’s half-brother. But when Will asks his name, Jake says, “just Jake”. I guess he’s trying to hide who he is. Is he ashamed of Puck? He sings ‘Never Say Never’ by The Fray. He’s good and ND likes it. But Will cuts him off mid-song and Jake is not pleased. Will says that there a bunch of people who still need to tryout. Jake gets mad and tosses the music stand on the stage. And after Kurt and Will tell him that it’s not nice and asks him to pick it up, he just leaves.

In the ’round room’ at NYADA, it’s time to do some singing. Rachel and Brody are two seats apart. I feel bad for the middle dude XD. Carmen comes in and a random girl gets up to sing. But Carmen stops her and says she didn’t practise enough and should leave. The pressure’s on. And Rachel’s turn is next. But with a short confidence boost from Brody, she gets up and tells Carmen that she’ll be singing ‘New York State Of Mind’. And half those words are said by Marley in Lima, who sings that for her ND audition. So that’s how the song becomes a duet between two people who’ve never met. Nonetheless, they both do amazing. ND loves Marley so far. At the end of the song, Brody gives Rachel a standing ovation and Carmen says she did a good job. ND claps for Marley.

The list is posted. Marley goes to check it out and is overjoyed because she made it. As she happily walks away, she passes Jake. They make eye contact. Jake looks at the list and the only new person on the list is Marley and Unique. Jake didn’t make it. He rips off the list. So here’s my confusion. They need 12 members to compete. They had 7 from last year and with Marley and Unique, that makes 9. They had many auditions and you’re saying that out of all those kids, they all sucked? I mean Sugar sucks and she’s there. What are they going to do?

In the choir room, Artie announces who the new Rachel is. It’s Blaine. Yay. And he says that Brittany was a close second. Will comes in and brings ND’s newest member, Marley, who is all smiles. And Blaine takes his newly appointed leadership role quite seriously because he welcomes Marley and they all clap.

Afterwards, Marley talks with her mom in the school kitchen. Marley says that she’s glad she made it but doesn’t feel quite alright with the fact that they were making fun of her mother. But her mother is brave and says that this is Marley’s chance to make friends and not to blow it because of her. That’s sweet of her mom. 🙂

In the school yard, Kurt and Blaine are drinking coffee. Blaine says that Kurt shouldn’t be there and he should be in New York. But Kurt isn’t sure. But Blaine says that he doesn’t want to see him go (lol Starkid reference!) and in a year he’ll join him. And to prove his point, Blaine sings ‘It’s Time’ by Imagine Dragons on the stairs, complete with jump rope and that trippy cup game thing (but with one cup so not really). After the song (which was amazing and have I ever told you that I love Blaine?), Kurt hugs Blaine and says he’ll miss him. ❤ Man, I love them.

At lunch, Brittany says she’s protesting Artie’s decision by not singing. But she’s interrupted by the popular kids coming again and dissing the lunch lady again. ND tries to stop it awkwardly but fails. This time Marley’s at the table and stand up for her and also tells them all that she’s her mom. She leaves the table in tears. ND is feeling pretty guilty.

In New York, Rachel is looking at some pictures of Finn in some park. When (guess who!) Brody comes over. He said that he had a girlfriend too. Key word: had. Rachel says she misses Finn and won’t give up on him. But she admits to Brody how awful school is going and how she’s scared of NYC and NYADA. Brody says that with a new city comes a new Rachel. Then they take a picture together and he says that she’s already being stronger. -_-

And Brody’s advice is put to good use because at her next dance class, Cassandra says she’s getting better. Rachel replies by saying that she’ll be the best soon. Cassandra, actually being nice for once, says that that’s what she looks for in a student. Yay.

Burt’s back! He’s in a car taking Kurt to the airport. It’s a cute father-son moment, which they’re good at. Burt tells Kurt that he needs to have an adventure.  Then they exchange ‘I love you’s’ and Kurt gets out of the vehicle and goes into the airport. All good, right? WRONG. You know what was missing? Blaine. Where was he? Why wasn’t he saying goodbye to Kurt too? I mean, yes, the father-son moment was needed and nice, but why couldn’t Blaine just be awkwardly in the back seat? No. I need a Klaine kiss or something. And what do we get? Nothing.  No teary goodbye. No long hugs. Nothing. That was probably the biggest disappointment of the episode. That just wasn’t okay with me. Who agrees?

In the hallways, Sam apologizes to Marley and says that he gets what she’s going through (because he was poor..and still is?). In fact, all of ND comes to say sorry. And she accepts it. 🙂 Yay. I like Marley. But then Kitty and her crew say that if Marley is with them, then they can’t sit with the popular crew anymore. So ND shrug and say that they don’t care. Even Unique (and yes, I mean Unique this time, dress and all) says that she can be who she wants when she wants. Then Kitty’s jocks pulls out slushies and slushie Marley and Unique. Artie welcomes them to ND. 😉

Will’s in the office and gets a student’s file. Then he calls in Jake. Will tells Jake that he knew his brother and knows how much good ND did for him. Jake says that Puck doesn’t know he exists. Woah. Will says that he stopped Jake’s audition because after the first two lines, he knew that he wanted him. But in order to get in, he’ll have to be nicer and change. Jake refuses. For now….

Marley sings ‘Chasing Pavements’. I’ve had that song on repeat for days now. I love it and Marley’s voice. ❤ ND dance on the stage and sing background vocals. It’s cute and a good song. And like every song sung on the stage, someone has to be discreetly watching. This time, it’s Jake.

In NYC, Rachel talks to Kurt on the phone. She’s in tears. She says that she lied and New York isn’t as amazing as she had told him and her classes aren’t good at all and her roommate is annoying. So Kurt says she should move out and get a new roomie. She laughs. The he says, “turn around”. They see each other and run and hug. It was cute. Finally Kurt is in NYC and together they can take NYC by storm! Yaaaay. The end.

Really. That’s the end of the episode. So overall, pretty good. Very sad in parts (I didn’t cry) and happy in others. I think Season 4 is off to a good start. What do you think? I like Marley and the newbies aren’t as annoying as I would have thought. Marley is sweet and kind and you just can’t hate her. And I’m excited to see how Jake’s story plays out. He’ll meet up with Puck soon. I did miss all the old members though: Mike, Mercedes, Finn, Quinn, Puck and Santana. But they’ll be back soon. Don’t worry!

So next week is the second Britney Spears episode. It’s called ‘Britney 2.0’. Speaking of Britney Spears, anyone see her on X-Factor? I did. Anyhoo, here’s the promo for episode 4×02.

Oooooooh! Some Kurtchel moments. And Cassandra has an embarrassing history? Oooooh! Can’t wait for that! Maybe that’s why she looked sad when her dancer left in 4×01. Hmmm…. and some more Britney music starring Brittany? Yes please! And some Wemma and Jarley, is it? Hmmm do I ship that? No. Marley is too sweet and sensitive for Jake’s rude and angry style. But I am excited! 🙂

So that’s all for now. What did you think?


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. xsimix
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 20:40:49

    Like I said… Marley annoys me 😛 There is just something about her… dunno

    Thanks for liking my post! http://simisees.wordpress.com/category/glee-2/


  2. Kay H
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 23:21:10

    Yes, I was hoping we would see a private moment between Kurt and Blaine when they actually say goodbye to each other. But no, they had to make it public in the school courtyard so all we get is a hug. I wonder if they did film a private moment and decided to cut it (as they have been known to do). Guess we have to make do with that. I think they are suppose to skype in episode 3 – wonder how long that will take. I’m kind of looking forward to episode 4 just to see them on their double date, but dreading the scene where it looks like they are breaking up (I hope not for long if they do break up). I know they want drama, but this is breaking my heart to think they might not be together. Anyway, I really liked episode 1 (The New Rachel), especially “It’s Time” that Blaine sang to Kurt. I had never heard of the song before but I really liked this version.


    • pottergleefan4
      Sep 22, 2012 @ 23:35:07

      If they did film a Klaine goodbye scene, I wanna see it. However, the drawback to that is that Glee would have to admit that they cut an important Klaine moment, which is pretty much like dressing up like a deer during hunting season. 😛
      My guess is their Skype date thing will be predictable. “I miss you”…”Oh, I miss you too!”…”How’s NYC?”…”Great! How’s ND?”…”Quiet but fun.”
      LOL Why aren’t I a Glee writer?


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