Britney 2.0 Songs! 4×02

Hay there! It’s First Listen Monday! Yay. I actually love FLM instead of FLF because it’s so great to come home from a sucky Monday at school and be welcomed by new songs. 🙂

Speaking of new songs, take a listen to these! Our beloved characters channel their inner Britney Spears…again…

3 (by Britney Spears) sung by Tina, Sam and Joe

(You Drive Me) Crazy/Crazy (by Britney Spears/Aerosmith) sung by Marley and Jake

Everytime (by Britney Spears) sung by Marley

Womanizer (by Britney Spears) sung by Tina, Wade and Marley

Oops I Did It Again (by Britney Spears) sung by Rachel

Hold It Against Me (by Britney Spears) sung by Brittany and Kitty

Two other songs from this episode were released a few weeks ago, so If you missed them, here ya go!

So what do you think? I’m going to be honest. I never was a Britney Spears fan. I wasn’t into music at all in her early years so I missed that and when I was old enough to appreciate music, she had gone crazy and autotuned. So… I’m not a huge fan of this week’s music. That’s not to say that Glee didn’t do a good job with the songs. They did. But I wish they picked a better singer (or group) to dedicate a week of music to…like Abba. Yeah! Or Taylor Swift.  

So about the songs. Tina, Sam and Joe’s song is alright. It’s not a good song for any of them. But I’m glad Tina gets some spotlight and Joe’s voice is nice.

Next is the new unofficial couple Jarley, which is Jake and Marley. And as much as I don’t like them a whole lot just yet (becuase Jake’s attitude issue bugs me), the song is probably my favourite one of the episode. It’s cute. ❤

Marley also gets her own solo, ‘Everytime’. I love Marley and her voice, which is amazing, but I’m afraid that people will think it’ll turn into ‘the Marley show’ and people will hate her, kind of like how people dislike Rachel and Blaine for getting solos often. I’m not a fan of this song. It’s not super catchy and doesn’t stand out at all. Meh.

Womanizer. Wade and Tina and Marley. Why? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a fan of Wade. And he has lead on this song. Not my fave. But it’s alright.

Now for our newest Rachel solo. And like all the songs this episode, not the best. It’s not really her style but come on…it’s Rachel. It’ll be good no matter what the song is. She sings this song at dance class at NYADA and as we saw in the promo, Cassandra didn’t like it. I wanna see the outcome of that! 😛

And last is Brittany singing Britney. Oh, and Kitty is with her. They sing this with the Cheerios. Kitty’s voice doesn’t stand out much.

So that’s all for now. Any comments/questions? 🙂 Luv ya!


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