4×02 Britney 2.0

Hay there! How’s life going, Gleeks? I’m doing good. It’s Friday, I have Say Yes To The Dress on, ate a great dinner and Glee yesterday was pretty sick. Not amazing but not bad. It had some very surprising moments and shocking turns. The music wasn’t also my favourite but for you Britney Spears fans, I think you’ll love it. Overall, I give episode 4×02 ‘Britney 2.0’ a 6 out of 10. If you missed it, here’s what went down…

In the hall, we Brittany telling us how excited she is for the year. She’s in ND, head of Cheerios and hopes to be class president for the 2nd year in a row. But her train of thought is interrupted by Blaine, wondering who she’s talking to. Because she, in fact, isn’t doing a voice over, like she thinks, she’s just talking to herself. Blaine leaves in a confused state and Brittany continues her thoughts, which leads to her and Kitty and the Cheerios singing ‘Hold It Against Me’. They do a good job with that and Brittany singing Britney is always cool. I only have one question: when they are singing in the gym, what are those red things they’re holding? :S But after the song ends, Sue tells them that it was total garbage and that she wants to see Brittany in her office. In the office, she tells Brittany that her grades are awful and even Becky got a C-. Then Sue holds up Brittany’s last test, which was written in crayon and depicted silly pictures on the back. So Sue kicks Brittany off the Cheerios until her marks are up. She also bans a high pony. Ouch.
In Brittany’s room, via Skype, Santana (yay she’s back!) says that she’s sorry that Sue did that. But that’s pretty much all you see of Santana because she says she has cheer practice every day until late so she has to go. And with that, she’s gone. So Brittany closes her laptop and stares at our favourite cat, Lord Tubbington, who had joined a gang and therefore is getting the silent treatment from Brittany. 🙂

Over in NY, Rachel and her dance class is doing tangos. Well, the dance class is; Rachel isn’t. The class is short one boy so Rachel must dance alone. And everyone knows, it takes two to tango. Cassandra tells Rachel that she has to be the odd one out because she is too awkward and not sexy enough for a tango.

Apparently, when Sue kicked Brittany off Cheerios, she had a meltdown. Really. Brittany has her hair a mess and wears baggy Grandma T-shirts. So Will and Emma (yay she’s back too!) talk to her in Emma’s office and offer some guidance. Brittany declines and leaves the room, continuing her ‘voice over’.

So Will decides to try to bring Brittany back with Britney. Spears, that is. He announces this and they all seemed thrilled about it. Even Brittany’s face lights up a bit. And to get them all in the Britney Spears mode, Artie and Blaine sing a mashup of Britney’s ‘Boys’ and Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’. It’s good but not great. I’m not a fan of that JB song but come on, it’s Blaine and Artie. They make even JB sound amazing. 😛 And at the end, Brittany says that once again, Britney Spears has inspired her.

Back in NY, Kurt and Rachel find an apartment and test it out by riding bikes around the large open floor. Yup…sounds legit. So they agree to get it and their first night is spent sitting in the middle of it drinking wine. Kurt says that he’s almost glad he didn’t get into NYADA because he’s grown and learned a lot in the past months. Which is good. And I’m glad Kurt isn’t mad or jealous of Rachel because they’re friendship is amazing. Anyways, Rachel then vents to Kurt about how school isn’t all that amazing and Cassandra July is so mean to her. But Kurt knows who Cassandra is. She has a history. One day, many years ago, Cassandra had a lead in a small production and just as she was about to sing, some old man in the audience’s phone went off and Cassandra went crazy. She hopped off the stage and demanded that he turns off his phone and stops being rude. She then attacked him and never got another role. So Kurt says that Rachel should keep fighting her and stay strong. 🙂

In the hall, new ND girl Marley is approached by Unique. Unique starts talking to her about boys and Marley says that Jake is cute. But Unique says no way and to stay clear of him. Because he is a womanizer. And thus comes a song. Can you guess which one? It’s ‘Womanizer’. Unique, Tina and Marley sing it and during it, it shows Jake chasing a bunch of girls, Cheerios mostly. The song ends in the gym and Jake tells Marley that they should hang. A bit flustered, she says yes.

Brody, being all hot and muscular, is doing sit ups on a park bench when Rachel comes over and tells him about what Cassandra said (which he totally disagrees with) and asks him to help her with a little routine. He agrees, knowing that Cassandra will not like it.

Tina gets yet another song when she, Joe and Sam sing ‘3’. Sam plays his guitar, which gives it a country-type feel. It’s nice. Not amazing, but nice. At the end, Brittany stand up and walks across the room. In her hand is an electric razor. Brittany was going to shave her head, like Britney. But Will and ND stop that right away. I knew that she wouldn’t actually do that, but my mom legit shouted, “Oh my gosh! Is she going to shave her head? Oh-no!” Brittany isn’t thrilled with the fact that Will stopped it and when she leaves the choir room, Jacob Ben Israel comes up and tries to interview her. But Brittany was not in the mood for that and she beats him up with an umbrella. Blaine, Artie and Tina are watching and decide that to get their Brittany back, they’ll give her the spotlight. And also they decide that JBI totally deserves each hit he got. XD

Outside on the bleachers, Marley is sitting, waiting for Jake, who eventually comes, wearing a leather jacket and with his guitar. Marley says that she feels so comfortable at McKinley and she can be herself. They get on the topic of Glee club and even though its Britney Spears week, Jake says it’s lame. Marley says she’s gonna sing ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’ to which Jake replies, “I know I do” and then he plays the song on his guitar. He also mashes in ‘Crazy’ by Aerosmith. This is my favourite song of the episode. They are so cute and their voices go well together. After the song, Jake sits next to Marley and they look like they’re about to kiss, but Marley pulls back and makes some lame excuse like it just got cold. So Jake acts like a gentleman and gives her his leather jacket. And then something awful happened….MY TV FROZE. Like no joke, it just froze. So I grabbed the remote and went to the other channel that was playing Glee. Thank goodness that was working. But I was mad. You can’t just do that to me, TV. No.

In the choir room, Brittany, looking as ravishing as ever (sarcasm) is drinking a HUGE cup of coffee and ND is across the room, watching her. Brittany is talking to Kiki, which is basically Siri, the iPhone app-thingy, on a cheap phone she found at the laundromat. BTW, Kiki does not exist. ND asks Brittany to sing a song at the pep rally. Brittany agrees if she can lip-sync. ND doesn’t want to, but they agree. Brittany says she’ll pre-record the song and make a dance routine. Plus, Kiki agrees.

In Rachel’s next dance class, she arrives in a super short dress with Brody and they all dance. Cassandra isn’t pleased, but takes a seat and watches as Rachel sings ‘Oops I Did It Again’. Rachel does well with it and the choreography was cool with the tables. So we’re all loving it. Who isn’t? Cassandra. After the song, she goes up to Rachel and says she dislikes it. So Rachel tells her that the only reason she didn’t like it was because she actually has potential to be a star while Cassandra lost that years ago because she’s crazy. Brody tries to stop her from saying that. But the damage is done. And Cassandra kicks her out of the class. Yikes. As much as we all agree with Rachel, you have to admit that she overstepped some boundaries there.

At lunch in Ohio, the jocks are making fun of Marley’s mom again. To her face nonetheless. RUDE. Marley is right there and tells them to stop but one cute girl against two large and rude jocks won’t do much. So Jake gets involved. He tells the jocks to apologize and when they refuse, he fights them. Will comes running and whisks Jake away. But not to the office, like Jake thinks. Instead, Will takes him to the choir room where someone is waiting. Puck. Yay. Puck didn’t know about Jake so we assume Will filled him in. I would have liked to see his reaction to the news. But what we see is also good. Puck says that even though Jake thinks he’s all tough and stuff, Puck was the original bad boy. And he had lived life being mean and only when he got to ND and met all those people and sung songs, did he realize how wrong that was. That’s what made him a man. So he recommends that Jake should do it too. Puck says that no matter what, they’re brothers. Then he leaves again for LA. He came all the way to Ohio for a sixty-second conversation with his half-brother? Okay….I guess his pool cleaning business has skyrocketed if he can afford those plane tickets for such a short trip. :S

ND is ready to sing at the pep rally. Only Brittany isn’t. She’s busy eating. But the show starts and ND dances while Brittany lip-syncs to ‘Gimme More’. She does an awful job at it and eats through the whole thing too. Seriously, she sang better in ‘Blame It On The Alcohol’ when she was drunk. Kitty is the first to point out the lip-syncing and soon all of the audience is booing. So ND shuts down the show. In the choir room, Will blows up. Well, not literally, but if he was a volcano, he would have exploded. He was mad. Really mad. He says that their reputation is over. Both at the school and in the world of show choir because if the head of the competition ever found out, they could be banned for good. Wow, that’s serious. Blaine and ND say they’re sorry but did it to help Brittany. Brittany quits. Yup, she quits ND and just gets up and leaves. What’s wrong with her? I mean, sure, Sue kicked her off Cheerios but is that any reason to act the way she is? No. As she leaves, we see Sam’s face. His thinking face. The same face he had last season before he posted Mercedes’ ‘Disco Inferno’ video which got popular. Does Sam have an idea???

I guess Rachel has seen the error of her ways because she goes to see Cassandra to apologize. Cassandra, while doing stretches, says that Rachel should not get another try. But the school policy says she gets a warning so Rachel is back in the class. But she has laundry duty for a while. I really hope Cassandra gets nicer because I honestly thought that last episode she’d get nicer. Guess not. But I guess since Sue couldn’t be at NYADA too, they have Cassandra July.

We find out what Sam’s thinking face meant. He did have an idea. He calls Brittany to the auditorium where they sit. Sam says that he understands what she’s been doing: she’s been doing what Britney Spears has done. Brittany says that Britney has always come out stronger no matter what she’s been though. And you know what? She’s right. Brittany also says she misses Santana, who is not only her girlfriend, but her best friend. Awww… But Sam says she has a new friend. And he’s blond too. You know, if Brittany wasn’t a lesbian and I didn’t ship Sam with Mercedes, Brittany and Sam would make a cute couple. So Sam says he’ll help Brittany out. Brittany ends up going to Sue and saying she has a right to be back on Cheerios. And she even produces her most recent test where she got a C-. So Sue allows Brittany back on the squad. Yay. But….does that mean she’s back in ND? Because they really can’t afford to lose more members.

Kurt and Rachel are painting their new place, which is very barn-like. Even the door slides open like a barn. Anyhoo, Rachel paints Finn’s name in a heart. Finn hasn’t called Rachel at all. Kurt says it’s because he loves her. FINN, CALL HER! They decide to ditch the paint and go get cake. But as they’re about to leave, Brody arrives, with an orchid. So Kurt leaves and Brody talks with Rachel. And by ‘talk’ I mean ‘try to kiss’. But Rachel denies him and Brody says that he respects her and even though he can’t have her (yet), he still likes her. FINN, CALL HER BEFORE YOU LOSE HER! Brody leaves.

Back in Lima, Jake asks Marley if he can sit with her in Glee club. YAY he’s joining! Marley obviously says yes. Then she remembers that she’s still wearing his leather jacket. He says it looks good on her. Then Kitty comes. And says it looks better on her. You know why? Because she’s dating Jake. UM, WHAT? Jake didn’t tell Marley that. Bad move, Jake. But good move on Kitty’s part. I mean, you can’t hurt her via her mom so why not hurt her via her crush? I hate Kitty even more. How long will this last? IDK. My question is why Jake is in this? He likes Marley too…or so it seems. And dating Kitty can only hurt Marley. So why would he do that? So Marley leaves in tears. Jake comes to ND and Joe and Sam introduce themselves. Then we see how Jake sees ND. This is the funniest part of the episode because it’s so silly and Jake sees them all as weirdos. This is the good old Season 1 humor. 🙂  Then Marley gets up and sings ‘Everytime’ which is so obviously dedicated to Jake. Man, I just can’t get over this. Just when I was warming up to him, he goes and does something like that. WHY, JAKE, WHYYY? During Marley’s solo, we see her watching Jake and Kitty across the football field. And we also see Rachel painting over Finn’s name on her wall. NOOOO RACHEL! PLEASE NOOO!

The end. Yes, that’s it. Like I said, the episode wasn’t the best but it’s shocking twists like Jake’s move and Sue kicking Brittany off the squad made it okay. So now we’ve had 2 Britney Spears episodes. Both weren’t amazing. Please RIB, no more!

So next week’s episode is called ‘Makeover’. Here’s the promo:

Isn’t that interesting? First off, we see Brittany is back in ND (whew!). Then Brody and Rachel sing a song. I can’t tell which one, based on this promo, so if you know, tell me! And we see Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Isabelle, Kurt’s Vogue boss. She seems nice. 🙂 Then we see some school election news. Brittany and Blaine are running, that’s a fact. It seems as though Brittany and Artie have teamed up against Blaine and Sam. I hope Artie working with Brittany isn’t a pathetic attempt to get back together. And how come Brittany knows what a debate is but Sam doesn’t? But Sam abs are ALWAYS welcomed on my TV so I’m excited to see how this turns out. How will Blaine react to Sam’s…nakedness? :S

So that’s all. ❤ Byee!


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 00:21:53

    This is why your blog is the only Glee blog I read. IT’S AWESOME!!!

    “And how come Brittany knows what a debate is but Sam doesn’t? But Sam abs are ALWAYS welcomed on my TV so I’m excited to see how this turns out. How will Blaine react to Sam’s…nakedness? :S”

    I dunno about Blaine, but I’ll tell you how I’ll react: *faints*

    But I so agree about Sam’s vocabulary. He’s always been smarter than Brittany. That line disappointed me. A lot. But still, I love Sam, and it seems he’ll have a nice, big part in this coming episode, so I’ll just wait and see whether I’ll like the episode or not when it (finally!) airs.


    • pottergleefan4
      Sep 22, 2012 @ 08:34:03

      The only reason I'm not super upset about Sam's lack of knowledge is because he has dyslexia. He mentioned that in Season 2 when he came, and remember in 'The Substitute' when ND was telling Sue why they love Mr. Schue, Sam said Mr. Schue taught him to tie his shoes.
      And only like 6 more days until it airs. 😛


      • Rebecca Ripple
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 09:00:16

        My best friend has dyslexia, and he’s the most intelligent person I know. I have another friend who’s dyslexic, too, and she’s also pretty smart. I have ADD, a related “disability,” and I think I’m smart enough. My best friend says he can read just fine, and I know for a fact that he enjoys reading in his free time. He told me it just takes him a little bit longer to read a long written piece than it would take the average non-dyslexic person.

        From what I’ve seen from him, and read on Wikipedia, I know that most, if not all, dyslexic adults sometimes leave out words/letters when writing/typing (If I could redo that map Sam drew to make it more realistic, I’d have him caption it with “Meet me her” or “Met me here” rather than “Meet me hear,” which looks more like a dumb-blond joke than actual dyslexia). I see this as the same basic concept as a non-dyslexic person trying to write/type too fast (which I often do), or thinking the words faster than s/he can type/write them (I’ve done this many times, too).

        That’s why I’m kinda ticked off by the way they’re portraying Sam in 4.02 and the 4.03 preview. I’ve read dyslexic people might have trouble learning to tie their shoes, but I can see how that would happen, and it doesn’t mean dyslexic people are dummies. That’s what I don’t like, that stereotype that people with learning differences/disabilities are stupid. Maybe I’m taking this too personally, but it’s my opinion, and I have a right to it, and to voice it peacefully and respectfully.

        Sorry for the looooong reply… I didn’t mean to go on and on… I hope it’s not annoying of me… I’m just saying why I was unhappy with Sam not knowing what “debate” means.

      • pottergleefan4
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 09:55:51

        I have literally zero knowledge of dyslexia at all. I just know that sometimes the letters get mixed in their mind, I think…
        My guess is that’s why they make Sam a bit more dim-witted then the other guys… Either that or the ‘dumb blonde’ thing. 😛

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 09:05:40

        And ❤ back at ya!! 😀

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 14:01:31

        I liked it better when Sam was portrayed as “adorkable,” not as dumb. That was mostly way back in Season 2, of course, which is why it’s still my favorite season.

        I would love to introduce Ryan Murphy to the friends I mentioned and do a little educating. I don’t like the stereotypes RIB are feeding into. Those “dumb blond(e)” jokes, calling kids with learning disabilities stupid or otherwise inferior, featuring the stereotypical gay teenager and then making fun of him in (?almost?) every episode, all these things bring me down every time they happen. 😦

  2. Audrey
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 07:55:42

    this is just a random question, We saw Finn in the previews you posted be4, is he coming back this episode or is this completly unknown??


    • Rebecca Ripple
      Sep 22, 2012 @ 08:13:11

      I know I’m not the one you were asking, but I hope you won’t mind my answering. If you mean in Britney 2.0, I didn’t see Finn at all during the episode, but he was mentioned a few times. I’m guessing that’s not what you were asking for, though. I suppose we’ll have to wait another week or two to see Finn himself. 😦 I hope it’s just one. I heard he got a haircut, so I’m curious what he looks like now. Moreover, I’m curious how he’ll react to Brody. I’m sure the episode we see him next will be the episode he discovers the blossoming orchid sitting next to the blossoming Brochel. Lol…


      • pottergleefan4
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 08:52:20

        Yes, your answer was right. Finn will be back next episode, 4×03.
        The reason we see Finn in that video is because it was a promo video that had scenes from both 4×02 and 4×03. I think. TBH, I’ve watched so many Glee promo videos and they’re all basically the same that I can’t even remember, LOL. But I do remember seeing him. No worries, Finn fans, he’ll be back in less than a week.
        As as much as I don’t want to see it, I am interested to see how Finn and Brody act together. Poor Rachel, having to choose between two great guys. 😛

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Sep 22, 2012 @ 09:11:31

        Agreed; poor Rachel! I feel really bad for her right now, between “Cassie” and the Brochinn (just kinda made that up…Brody/Rachel/Finn) issue. I’ve had teachers who were a lot like Ms. July, cynical and critical without a single redeeming quality visible to me. I feel her pain about that. 😦

  3. Kay H
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 10:48:03

    I thought the episode was OK but not as good as the season premiere. I’m hoping the third episode will be better. It looks pretty good from the previews. I noticed that Kurt mentioned Blaine once during the episode (Brittany 2.0) but Blaine never mentioned Kurt at all. It doesn’t seem like he misses him too much, does it? Anyway, I really liked Blaine and Artie’s mashup of Boys/Boyfriend. I thought they did a really good job. I just kept remembering when Blaine was sitting in the chair next to Artie, that Darren Criss injured his toe during rehearsals because Kevin ran over his toe with the wheelchair during the part of the routine. (there were pictures on the internet with Darren’s big toe being wrapped up). Anyway, I thought the ladies did a good job on “Womanizer.” I really felt bad for Brittany, she seemed so lost. But I think she will be OK. I’m hoping that Santana will come to visit her soon.
    I think Finn is supposed to make an appearance in the third episode, isn’t he? Probably right at the end. I’m not looking forward to the fourth episode though. It is going to be an emotional one for me, no matter what happens. I’m hoping Kurt and Blaine will not break up, but it does look like they will have a major fight about something. If they do, I’m hoping they work things out eventually and we have a really romantic reunion. I love those two guys and want them to be together. I think they are meant to be, don’t you?


    • pottergleefan4
      Sep 22, 2012 @ 13:17:25

      Yeah I agree, ‘The New Rachel’ was much better than ‘Britney 2.0’. So far, I have to say the promo for ‘Makeover’ doesn’t make the episode look too amazing. Most promos are so good and I re-watch them like 10 times in a row. But with this one, I only his the replay button a few times. I hope Blaine misses Kurt. But in ‘Makeover’ we’ll see them Skype 🙂 Hahahah I remember that picture of Darren’s injury. All the headlines were like ‘Glee star injured on set’ and we all freaked out then we found out it was very minor.
      Yes Finn will be back this coming episode. I’m not sure in what way though. It may be via Skype or a flashback or maybe he’ll be in NYC.
      Klaine will be together. Forever. And ever. And ever. And if they aren’t, the world may drown in our tears. 😛


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