Try Not To Cry While Listening To ‘The Break Up’ Music

Man, today was painful. I knew that the Glee songs were released and I was in stupid school! But now I am home and listening away! I should be super happy but the songs are all so sad! IT HURTS. So here they all are from episode 4×04 ‘The Break Up’:

Don’t Speak (by No Doubt) sung by Blaine, Kurt, Rachel and Finn

The Scientist (by Coldplay) sung by Finn, Blaine, Will, Santana, Brittany, Kurt, Rachel and Emma

Mine (by Taylor Swift) sung by Santana

Barely Breathing (by Duncan Shiek) sung by Blaine and Finn

Teenage Dream [acoustic version] (by Katy Perry) sung by Blaine

Give Your Heart A Break (by Demi Lovato) sung by Rachel and Brody

Wow. Just wow. I must start by saying that these are all good songs and Glee does a good job with them all. You want to know what else they are? HEARTBREAKING. Like no joke. I’ll bet that people are just crying as they listen to the songs. Imagine what we’ll do when we see it all play out in the episode!

‘Don’t Speak’ is the song the song involving the two main couples of the show and I love them both dearly so this is hard because of the obvious reasons. By only critisim, and I know it’s not Glee’s fault, is that the chorus is kinda fast for a break-up song. Glee prolly should have slowed that down. But it’s good and works great with the plot because it’s said that both Klaine and Finchel go to sleep that night (after the fights) without speaking.

The next song involves all the couples that are in jeopardy this week: Klaine, Finchel, Wemma and Brittana. It’s good but sad. So, so sad. Like Finn’s voice is so sad and Blaine’s and OMG guys! The pain! But they do a good job with this cover too.

Just judging by Santana’s song, I’m gonna guess that Brittana is not breaking up. But I may be wrong. Maybe. It’s a good song and Santana’s voice is amazing and I’m glad she’s back (not over a computer screen).

The sung by Blaine and Finn is the only one I hadn’t heard of before. But they do a good job with it. I think it’s my least fave song of the episode, though. I wonder why Blaine and Finn sing it? Do they sing it to their respected partners? :S

As if ‘Teenage Dream’ wasn’t good enough, now Blaine goes and does an acoustic version. Filled with pain and emotion. Wonderful. But on the plus side, he does a great job with it. Darren Criss sang that song a lot on talk shows and stuff because that was the Glee song he was known for and this is like how he sings it. No complaints, though!

I hate the last song. But at the same time, I love it. They do a good job with it. Darn Brody. I do still thinks he sounds like Finn a lot. I also think that Brody should have sung the first line instead of Rachel. It makes more sence that way. Do they sing this before Finn and Rachel break up or after? Hmmmm.

So what say you? What’s your fave and least fave song(s) of the episode? What song do you like/hate because of your ships? :S

Stay strong, me amigos. I know it hurts now, but we can make it through this pain. Have faith and…. COURAGE. ❤



8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 17:03:06

    Where’s Marley in this episode? 😦 Seriously, she was so interesting in 4.01, and they haven’t done anything with her since, except for Jarley, which didn’t work out anyway. I’d better see more of her story soon, or RIB (is/are?) gonna have one very annoyed Gleek here…

    Anyway, from the songs I’ve listened to so far, I like Don’t Speak best, because I have the original from the 90’s, and I really like what Glee did with it. I love that song, both versions. But I’ll have to wait till Thursday night to decide which I love more. 🙂

    Oh my gosh… The suspense is really getting to me! I MUST know what happens to my beloved Klaine! ;O 😥 Poor Blaine… Teenage Dream was so sad, sadder than the others IMO, because I saw the previews, and he cries singing that, the thought of which makes me want to start crying myself…


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 01, 2012 @ 17:30:56

      Yeah I dunno where Marley had been. But she’ll be in the episode because in the promo she says, “I don’t like that Kitty girl. I can’t believe you do” to Jake. But I think Glee was right to give her a break. She had a solo in 4×01 and 4×02 and a duet also in 4×02. So she needs a break otherwise fans will think it’s ‘The Marley Show’….
      Ikr! I need to know what Klaine’s fate is. I still think they’ll be okay though. Thursday has never been so far away.


  2. Kay
    Oct 01, 2012 @ 20:07:20

    Hard to pick a favorite – they are all good. I guess Teenage Dream would be #1 because it is sung by Darren Criss as Blaine (he’s my teenage dream lol). Then Don’t Speak and The Scientist are a close second. I liked Barely Breathing too. Hard to choose. Least favorite would be Give Your Heart a Break – but only because I like Demi Lovato’s version better. I know I am not going to get through Thursday’s episode without bawling my eyes out. I get teary just watching the clips of the promo’s so I can just imagine what it’s going to be like watching the show. I am going to have to DVR it so that I can re-watch it because I’m sure I will miss stuff while I am blubbering like a baby. I just hope that these couples (especially Kurt and Blaine) get back together before the season ends because if not I am going to be devastated. Ryan Murphy better be right when he said they (Kurt and Blaine) are for eternity. I’m not ready for this heartbreak. Yes, I have a feeling Wemma and Brittana will survive this break-up. Rachel and Finn break up for sure, and I have a feeling things won’t go so well for Kurt and Blaine either. I hope I’m wrong, but I have an uneasy feeling about it. Thanks for putting these songs on here. I’m sure I will be listening to them alot in the next few days.


  3. hiaudrey
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 17:08:16

    Ok lets see here… What do I have to say? Well first off I agree for don’t Speak it could slow down the chorus. And Well my favorite was Well… I dont know. I didn’t get to here Give your heart a break because my computer went weird~Stupid computer! I need my glee! And Well maybe The scientist? So uh yeah…


  4. hiaudrey
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 17:54:59

    totally 🙂 but why cant we just get our glee episode done with so the sadness can be past us. But dont let it be over cuz then i need to wait 4ever to c the episode again 😦


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