4×04 The Break Up

You know, the number 4 used to be my lucky number. It was always on the back of jerseys or the number I picked in those ‘pick a number between 1 and 10’ games. But now I feel like that number has come back to hurt me. Last night, on October FOURth, episode FOUR of Season FOUR aired and FOUR of Glee’s biggest couples were in jeopardy. -__- Anyhoo, the episode was awful…..for my heart. Aside from the sadness, it wasn’t that bad of an episode. I give episode 4xo4 ‘The Break Up’ a 7.5 out of 10. The music was great and the acting was also great. But the plot made fangirls all over bawl their eyes out. So if you haven’t seen it, when you do, get some ‘Klainex’ ready….hahaha see what I did there? I took ‘Kleenex’ brand and turned it to ‘Klainex’ because Klaine…..okay I’ll stop. Here’s what happened….

It starts with Marley at lunch. She’s got food stamps for lunch and tries to hide them when Jake comes up. But he sees them and even admits to her that he uses them too. Turns out that his mom is working extra shifts to help pay for his dance lessons and he needs food stamps too. Hmmm I guess he’s not such a bad boy after all. Across the caf, Blaine and Brittany are watching and comment on how simple love used to be when their partners hadn’t gone off. Brittany says that sometimes she wished she could do something about it and Blaine gets his ‘idea face’.

Over in NYC, Rachel wakes up and talks to Kurt, who’s making lunch. Rachel said that her night with Finn was awkward. They didn’t even talk at all and just slept. But their convo is cut short by Finn walking in the room. Kurt decides to take his lunch to the park to watch some “drug deals go down”. Oh, Kurt. So he leaves and Finn and Rachel get to talking. I totally thought Finn would bring up Brody right away, to be honest. But he didn’t see the kiss so… Instead, Rachel asks him why he’s here and not in the army. Are you serious? They didn’t discuss that last night? Did he seriously come over and they just slept right away? Anyways, Finn tells his story. He was in the army for a bit and it was all going fine. But one day, when he was cleaning his gun named Rachel, he accidentally shot himself in the leg. He’s totally okay but they discharged him. And he had been backpacking around for FOUR months. Wow. I must say that I think the reason Glee gave for why Finn’s back is kinda lame. I think we all expected something more. But Rachel seems totally okay with him and decides to help him find his place in NYC. She even suggests NYADA. So she says he can come to her classes and see what he thinks. Then she says that she lost him once and she won’t do it again. Then they kiss. ❤ I ship them so hard so I was so happy. But who was I kidding? I knew it wouldn’t last.

Guess who’s back (and not over a screen)? SANTANA! Yes, Santana is back and is doing laundry with Brittany. Santana is ranting about how Kurt got a cool job so easily. I guess she’s not excited about his success. Typical. But when Brittany suggests she takes her mom’s gift and go to NY too, Santana straight up refuses. She says she likes being near Brittany. Then they kiss too. After the quick kiss, Brittany yawns. She tells Santana that she’s in a new club about the Apocalypse or Armageddon or something and she’s been up late reading large books about it. The club’s members are Kitty (uh-oh) and a few other people including Dottie, Tina’s assistant. Brittany suggests that Santana comes to the next meeting.

In the hall, Blaine tries to call Kurt at work. He gets a hold of him but Kurt is getting other calls too and can only talk for a minute. Blaine says he misses him and even though they’ll see each other in two weeks, it’s hard. Kurt agrees. But then he has to go and hangs up before Blaine can say “I love you”. It’s sad but at the same time, I’m wondering why Blaine is calling Kurt’s work to talk to him. Can’t he wait until after when he’s done work and Blaine’s not in school?

Finn’s watching Rachel’s classes. In his voice over, he says that Rachel looks so happy here and this is where she belongs. So then Blaine, who is sad that he doesn’t often talk to Kurt, and Finn, who is observing Rachel’s classes, sing the first song of the episode, ‘Barely Breathing’. I must say it’s catchy and I’ll never turn down and Blaine and Finn duet. During the song, we see Finn watching Rachel in classes. He doesn’t look to into it. We also see Blaine being alone and trolling Facebook, where he pokes a guy named Eli. Eli calls him sexy then asks him to come over. And suddenly, Blaine doesn’t look so upset anymore….

So Finn, Kurt and Rachel are discussing a new bar place called Callbacks, which is a karaoke bar that NYADA students hang at. They plan to there that night. Then they hear a knock on the door and Kurt opens it to find a large bouquet of flowers….being held by one Blaine Anderson. 😀 Kurt’s face lights up and they kiss. Yes, Klaine kiss number FOUR. Here’s some proof.

Then Rachel’s gotta come over and ruin it.

At Callbacks, Finn and Rachel are getting drinks when Brody comes up. He asks if Finn is gonna sing with Rachel. Rachel says she wants to sing ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ but Finn isn’t too into the idea. He says he hasn’t sung since June. But he says that Rachel should sing it with Brody, who eagerly agrees. To be honest, I have no idea why Finn suggested that. You’d think he’d be trying to keep Rachel AWAY from Brody. Before the song starts, Klaine quickly chats. Blaine looks upset but shrugs off Kurt’s concern. And before any more can happen, Rachel and Brody’s song starts. The song is okay. Not my fave, but not bad. But the whole time, Finn seems to be watching with a sour look on his face. Like he’s mad at the fact that they’re singing. But he can’t be because he suggested it. After the song, Blaine decides that he wants to sing too. So he goes up and sings a sad, heartbreaking acoustic version of ‘Teenage Dream’ to Kurt. Everyone knows it’s THEIR song. But Kurt’s love-struck smile disappears soon because it looks as though it’s actually hurting Blaine to sing this. He’s crying and his words are shaky and it’s a hot mess.

After Callbacks, the two couples go for a walk in Battery park. Finn and Rachel are a few meters ahead of Klaine. Their two conversations are split up so we get bits of both at the same time, so bear with me here. Kurt asks why Blaine looked upset when singing that song. Blaine says it’s because he missed Kurt. Finn asks Rachel if she ever did anything with Brody. Blaine, in tears says that he “was with someone”. Rachel, also in tears, says she kissed Brody but that was it. Blaine defends himself by saying that he was lonely and Kurt was gone. Rachel defends herself by saying Finn had set her free and it was just once and Finn hadn’t contacted her in months. In the end, Kurt runs off in tears, as does Finn. ‘Don’t Speak’ begins playing. My FOUR fave characters singing a song and it’s a break up song…I was so conflicted. We see them singing it in the park and then in their rooms. Blaine and Finn still sleep with Kurt and Rachel, but they don’t even talk at all. It’s so sad. I’m sure many people cried. And who else noticed that Rachel wore all her makeup to bed? And why noticed that Blaine wore the same pajamas from ‘Micheal’…at least I think they were. If they, were I’m sure that the Glee people are just trying to hurt us. Now I’d like to discuss Blaine’s actions. You know I love Blaine but I was really disappointed him with him. He cheated on Kurt. And you know what that makes Blaine? A big hypocrite. Remember in ‘Dance With Somebody’ when Kurt was texting Chandler and Blaine got mad at him for cheating? Kurt did it because Blaine was distant. And Blaine had gotten mad at him and they had almost broken up. But now, Blaine actually cheated (Kurt was just flirting, really) because Kurt was gone and he thinks it’s okay. Hypocrite. Who agrees? What are your thoughts on this? I guess Blaine’s only redeeming action was that he felt so bad that he went to NYC to see Kurt, while Kurt had tried to keep it a secret. The next morning, Finn gets up early and tried to sneak out. But Kurt was up too, hoping Blaine would wake up. The two bros talk about how their love lives shouldn’t be like this. Then Kurt hugs Finn and Finn leaves. Oh, BTW, if you’re in tears over Klaine right now, I suggest you scroll up and watch that kiss gif above for like ten minutes. It helps ease the pain. 😉

Back in Ohio, we see Kitty invite Marley to her Armageddon club. Marley goes, but mostly because Jake will be there. Then we see Kitty’s Armageddon club. It takes place at Breadsticks and there’s about twenty people there, including Brittana. Kitty gives a speech about how Christians will survive and rise to Heaven when Armageddon happens. Dottie, Tina’s assistant, says she’s unsure about the whole thing. Then Kitty tells Dottie that there’s an injured Japanese lady in the bathroom and Dottie rushes off to help. When she leaves, all the other members of the club set out their exact same clothes on their seats then leave so it looks like the Armageddon happened and they are all safe. Dottie comes back and totally falls for it. She starts crying and Kitty comes out, happy with her prank. But Marley isn’t. She decides to leave. Jake tries to stop her but Marley says she doesn’t like Kitty and she can’t believe Jake does either. Meanwhile, Dottie is on the floor in tears and Kitty orders everyone to leave. But Brittany refuses to leave. She explains to Santana that no one should be left behind. Then she says that when Santana left, she was left behind and it hurts. Woah.

In the school, Finn shows up in Will’s office. Will hugs him and starts asking him questions such as why he isn’t in the army and if he has talked to Rachel yet. Finn sighs and says it’s good to be back, avoiding all the questions.

In the choir room, Finn is sitting when Blaine comes in. They talk for a bit and Blaine mentions that things still aren’t okay with him and Kurt, but they aren’t officially broken up yet. Before they could speak more, Artie and Sam and all of ND comes in and enjoys Finn’s presence. It’s good to see Finn back in the one place he knew he belonged. Even Will agrees and says that anyone who’s gone can always come back. Then they get back to work withe the musical. Everyone has different ideas but then Finn says they should do Grease. He backs up this suggestion by saying it’s an all-around fave and it was the first song he sang in Glee. Everyone agrees. 🙂

So all the couples have seen some drama except one: Wemma. But it comes when Will shows Emma his acceptance letter. Yes, Will got the job on the Blue Ribbon Panel. Emma is at first super happy but then Will asks her to come with him to Washington for a few months. But Emma doesn’t want to. She likes her job and doesn’t want to leave, plus she won’t have anything to do in Washington. I totally understand where Emma’s coming from. But Will doesn’t. And Emma ends up getting really mad at the idea that he’d think she’d drop everything and follow him. She storms out of the room.

Blaine sends Kurt yet another bouquet of roses. This time as an apology. Kurt’s in his office at work staring at the short note. A worker comes to talk to Kurt (casually, no worries) but Kurt says he’ll be fine. Then he throws out the note. NOOOOO.

In the choir room, Brittany comes in and Santana’s already in there. She says that this is where they first fell in love. Then Santana sings Taylor Swift’s ‘Mine’. It’s good and Santana’s a good singer, but for me the song wasn’t anything special. It was just okay. At the end, they both cry and agree that they’d never cheat on each other. But Santana then admits that she smiled at a girl in school and had a bit of an attraction. She then breaks up with Brittany. Maybe I missed something, but why? So she smiled at some girl. Whoo-hoo. Is that a reason to break up? I don’t think so. But they both agree that it wasn’t working out and it’s only temporary. Then they hug and kiss as a final goodbye.

Jake and Marley are chatting in the hall. Marley says that Jake is only dating Kitty to be cool, which Jake says is needed because he’s an outsider. Then Kitty comes up and makes fun of Marley’s mom. Jake tells her to stop and if she doesn’t, he’d break up with her. So he does. Kitty gets mad and leaves. Marley seems happy that he did and starts up a convo about Grease, but Jake leaves before anything can happen.

In the auditorium, Finn is looking at music sheets when Rachel comes. She had been looking all over for him. Again, he hadn’t answered his phone or texts. But that stage is a lot to them and it makes sence that Finn in there. It’s where they first sang together, had their first date and where he proposed to her. I kinda hope they get married on that stage. That’d be cute. Anyhoo, Rachel gets mad at Finn for leaving again. She goes on a whole rant about how Finn was the first guy to make her feel special. She had hated him for sending her to NYC but then realized that he was being a man for that. But now he’s not being a man. She insists that she’s not with Brody and wants to be with Finn forever. But she can’t take it anymore. She says that he can’t run off all the time and so she breaks up with him. She kisses him and leaves. I was upset. I mean, I understand Rachel, but I can’t believe she broke up with him. So Finn alone starts to sing ‘The Scientist’ and slowly Rachel, Klaine, Wemma and Brittana join him in song. It’s such a sad song and they all look so sad. I mean, that may be the last song Finn and Rachel sing together for a while. One thing that hurt me was in Kurt’s solo lines, he sings “Pulling the puzzles apart” and I was like “NO, KURT, YOU JUST FOUND YOUR MISSING PUZZLE PIECE. YOU WERE COMPLETE.” During the song, they show flashbacks of each couple from Season 1. They show Klaine at Dalton when they first met, Finchel on their first date, Wemma’s first kiss and Brittana in the choir room. 😦 It was heartbreaking. And the episode ends with Finn alone on stage.

So overall it was quite a depressing episode. I didn’t cry, though. Does that make me a bad Gleek? Three couples broke up and two are on the edge, in case you lost count. I’m not upset at Jake/Kitty’s break up. Like seriously, who liked them? I also thought some parts were a bit odd. Like Finn’s army story and Kitty’s club thing. I really want Klaine to get back together and same with Finchel. Speaking of Finchel, answer this:

I’m interested to see what the split is. 🙂

So the next episode is on November 8th. So like six weeks. :S But here’s the promo….:)

The episode is called ‘The Role You Were Born To Play’ and it’s about the musical, as you can see. Also TGP’s Blake Jenner comes as Ryder Lynn! I’m excited and it looks like Marley and Ryder may be a thing. Any thoughts? Mercedes and Mike are back! Yaaaaay! I have some info on the musical, which I will be posting soon. I’m excited for Grease, though. 🙂

So that’s all for now.

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. DarrenCriss
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 09:42:05

    This was such an emotional episode! I really hope Klaine gets back together. I know that Cheating is very wrong and i of course get kurt, but they we’re my favorite couple! I loved them sooo much and in my heart they will end up together!


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 06, 2012 @ 09:47:59

      Yup! They’re my fave couple too. I still love them and I seriously hope they’ll get back together. ❤ Although, they're not broken up officially so I guess that helps. 🙂


  2. Kay
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 11:31:06

    For the record, Kurt called Blaine when Blaine was at school, and then Kurt was distracted because he was working the phones at the office and kept getting other calls, so he had to end the call quickly. But as they talked, you could tell Blaine was frustrated because he missed Kurt and was complaining about how he missed talking, hugging, and cuddling (I’m sure you know what I mean-don’t want to say the actual word). Kurt reminded him Blaine would be visiting in 2 weeks but Blaine thought that was too long. Well, I felt that instead of Blaine getting on facebook and poking this random guy he friended and arrange to go to his place to you know what, he should have booked a flight to NY and went to see Kurt early (he ended up doing that anyway so he could have saved himself all this trouble). But I do commend Blaine for at least being honest with Kurt and telling him that he had been with someone. I mean, he could have kept that a secret from him. But I know it was wrong for him to cheat, but I also feel that Kurt should forgive him and give him a second chance. But did you notice that Kurt automatically assumed it was Sebastian? I thought it was going to be him as well, but no it was some guy named Eli. I hope we never see this Eli person. I hope Blaine will not see him again. But by the end of the episode, Blaine isn’t really sure what the status of their relationship is – I don’t think they officially broke up but Kurt isn’t speaking to him either. I’m wondering if Blaine will visit him again in NY to try to talk to him again (I know they are filming in NY this weekend but not sure who they will be filming). I hope they can work this out because I really want them to be together again. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Rachel and Finn definitely broke up “at least for now.” So they will probably reunite before the end of the season. Brittany and Santana are “unofficially” broke up (whatever that means) but I think Brittany will move on to someone else. I don’t think she was as committed to Santana as she should be. But that’s just my opinion. Thanks for the recap. I really enjoyed seeing that kiss between Blaine and Kurt. Of course they only kissed once, and Rachel had to butt in so it wasn’t a long one.


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 06, 2012 @ 14:40:17

      Yeah I agree. Blaine misses Kurt and Kurt misses Blaine. And also, Blaine was the one who sent Kurt off to NYC in the first place. So now Kurt was busy in NYC and Blaine went and did something totally wrong.
      I think that Kurt should forgive him becuase at least he was honest and I would HATE to see them split.
      I hope we never see Eli for two reasons- 1. I hate him. 2. I’d feel bad for the actor who plays him as he would get so many death threats and hate.
      I’m going to guess Klaine’ll stick around though. As for Brittana, there’s some speculation that Brittany may date Sam.
      And you’re welcome. That kiss was maybe the best part of the episode. 🙂


  3. Johnquisha-Samcedes-Jarley/jakey
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 11:17:52

    i loved the episode. i find that their is amazing chemistry between jake and marley. they can balance each other out. he is the bad boy and she is the good girl. katie was in the way of that, but since they (jake and kitty) broke up, jake and marley can be together …. who says…JARLEY/ JAKEY:) great glee work 🙂 i like the play on words with “klainex”. i was sad with finnchel. they are so cute together. rachel rocked demi lavots song ” give my heart a break”. the funny thing was that it seemed that she was singing it to finn so it looked like she was trying to tell him something. plus she sang it with her “friend” brody, that could have ment something too. well thats all i have to say at the moment. LOVE YOUR BLOG. KEEP GLEEKING ON 😀 & let the glee force be with you 🙂


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 09, 2012 @ 20:00:37

      Yes, Jake and Marley do have great chemistry, which is why I’m sure that they’ll end up dating now that Jake is single.
      I’m still sad about Finchel. And Klaine (even though they’re not officially over). The song Rachel and Brody sang would have worked if Brody was singing it to Rachel. But I guess Rachel singing it to Finn (which may or may not have been what was happening) also works.
      Thank you so much ❤


  4. Aud
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 19:51:55

    ok this is just sad!!! I don’t get to watch the break up episode of glee and now I need to wait 6 weeks to watch the next episode?! Why Ryan Murphy??? WHY!!!!


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 09, 2012 @ 20:03:07

      Omg go watch the episode if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s sad and painful, but good.
      And six weeks seems like a long time, but it’ll go by fast and we’ll stay strong together. ❤
      Less than 1 month!


  5. Aud
    Oct 08, 2012 @ 08:15:40

    and also Britney and santana I feel so bad for brittney cuz I think she really liked Santana…. who knows cuz Santana WAS the one who came out


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 09, 2012 @ 20:05:21

      It’s been said a lot and I agree, but Brittany never seemed to put as much love and effort into her relationship with Santana. It seemed that Santana always put so much more in. I do feel bad for both, though.
      I hope they end up getting back together. :S


  6. Laylan (fom the UK)
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 06:34:27

    I told myself I wasn’t going to look at anything to do with season 4 as the UK sucks till January but the break up episode was really starting to bug me .I just had to know what happened. I haven’t seen any of the new episodes but after reading this I just can’t believe it I mean how could Blaine do that??? I am so upset that he did that to Kurt. I am glad that he was honest about it still there is no excuse for cheating. As for Rachel and Finn I had a feeling they would break up due to Brody being in Rachel’s life now! As for Brittany I felt like Santana always put so much effort into their relationship (like you said too). Having said all of this I am excited to see what happens after this though!!!


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 26, 2012 @ 07:00:57

      I know! I was so disappointed in Blaine. 😦 Everyone assumed he’d do a ‘sacrifice breakup’ and breakup with Kurt so he could be free in NYC without worrying about his Ohio boyfriend. No one really thought Blaine would cheat. It was so upsetting. And now we have to spend the next few episodes watching them interact and that’ll hurt them and us.
      I love Finchel so they’re breakup was sad for me too but I agree that it was coming. But Brody didn’t really have anything to do with it. I mean, yes, Rachel did kiss him and that led them to have a fight, but when Rachel ended it, it was because she didn’t like how Finn kept running away and not calling.
      Brittana: I like them but I don’t love them.


      • Laylan(from the uk!)
        Dec 08, 2012 @ 08:42:40

        I finally watched glee thanks to an amazing person on twitter 😛 and I cried as soon as Blaine told Kurt what he did i cried, i hated it so much. I have to admit that Santana did her break up with Brittany so well, she did the right thing i think. I am really proud of her. But Whyy Klaine so sad

      • pottergleefan4
        Dec 08, 2012 @ 19:27:29

        UGH I know seeing Blaine say that was painful. My heart hurts just to THINK about it!
        Santana was right to break it off if they she felt they weren’t working, but I didn’t see anything that proved they weren’t. It was kinda sudden and for a stupid reason, if you ask me. And singing a love song first wasn’t a good idea…:S
        But I’m glad you got to watch it, no matter how sad.

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