Songs You’ll Be Hearing

Yes, yes, I am indeed alive….still. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but I have 3 legit reasons. 1:There has been LITERALLY nothing noteworthy. No super spoilers or anything. It’s like a calm before a storm….. 2:I had a bunch of homework this weekend. 3:My iPod was getting repaired and I do a lot of Glee spoiler searching on that. So that’s why I’ve been MIA. But now I’m back! Yaaaay.

So we still have two weeks until Glee returns. Two long, long weeks. But on the plus side, we do get a song list. Here are the songs from episode 4×05 ‘The Role You Were Born To Play’.

  • Juke Box Hero (by Foreigner) sung by Finn and Ryder
  • Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (by P!nk) sung by Unique and Marley
  • Everybody Talks (by Neon Trees) sung by Kitty and Jake
  • Hopelessly Devoted To You (from Grease) sung by Blaine
  • Born To Hand Jive (from Grease) sung by Mercedes, Marley, Jake and Ryder

I’m excited for the song between Finn and Ryder. I think they’ll do great with it because Finn always nails those old rock songs.

I guess I’m sorta excited for the P!nk song. I mean, I wonder how they’ll handle the swear words. It’s always awkward when they do songs with swears. But I think Unique and Marley will do a good job with it.

I LOOOOOVE the Neon Trees song. But then I found out Kitty and Jake would be singing it…. -__- All I’m saying is that they better do a great job or I will be mad. Because that’s a good song and I kinda dislike both of those people.

Blaine also sings a solo. I like that song (it’s from Grease) and so I’m excited. 😀 On a different note, Klainers be warned. I’ve heard that the next few episodes aren’t fun. There’s been some talk about Klaine just being ‘friends’. I can’t handle that. Season 2 was bad enough and now we may have to do it again except like 3000 times more awkward? Yeah, no. I also heard that Kurt and Blaine talk on the phone in episode 4×08 or something…and it’s not a happy call. So long story short is that if you thought you were done with tears, FALSE. But here’s what I hope will happen. I know it’s wishful thinking. I hope Kurt and Blaine stay broken up or awkward friendship for the next few episodes (so it’ll be a realistic relationship). Then I hope that at Christmas, Blaine goes to NYC and sings ‘I Wanna Be Your Christmas’ by Andrew Allen and they kiss in the snow. That would be my ideal Klaine make-up story. But alas, that’s just my fantasy so it’ll probs not happen.

Then is another Grease song sung by Mercedes (yay she’s back), Jake, Ryder and Marley.

In other song news, there will be more Grease songs in episode 4×06. Click here to read which ones. Other songs are:

  • Some Nights (by fun.) sung by TBA in episode 4×07 ‘Dynamic Duets’.
  • TBA (by the Supremes) sung by Quinn, Brittany and Santana in episode TBA
  • Let’s Have a Kiki (by the Scissor Sisters) sung by Kurt, Isabelle and Rachel in episode TBA

So that’s all for now. What do you think of the songs?

P.S. This is totally off topic and random but are any of you dressing up for Halloween? If yes, what are you dressing up as? I’m going to my friend’s house and she’s making us dress up so I’m going as Taz from Starship! 😀 Like a boss!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hiaudrey
    Oct 30, 2012 @ 07:53:53

    Here is a funny thing that happened to me. So i was driving home from seeing my dad and When i was drving i saw this city called Blain. I flipped and was like “Dad Dad its Blain from glee he has a cty named after him!!” Well then duh my dad dosnt care. People…


    • pottergleefan4
      Oct 31, 2012 @ 16:25:12

      A city named Blaine???? I’M SO MOVING THERE. Lol my Dad wouldn’t care either. He’d be like “Oh….kay….turn down that music!….” No worries, I understand your excitment! 😀


  2. DarrenCriss
    Nov 02, 2012 @ 14:54:51

    Heres what i’ve found recently:
    Episode 6 “Glease”: Kurt and Blaine talk and it’s not a good talk. (Here some people also says Kurt is drunk, but i’m not sure thats true)
    Episode 7: Blaine takes down the photos of Kurt in his locker and a flashback to Eli C.
    Episode 8: Kurt calls blaine (not drunk) and there is hope for them getting together again. It’s also the sectionals episode.
    Episode 9: Blaine is for some reason a Cheerio (?! Looking forward to that)
    Episode 10: Christmas episode!


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 02, 2012 @ 15:47:14

      Here’s what I’ve to say or heard too:
      Episode 6: I’ve also heard they talk but I don’t know if Kurt’ll be drunk. I kinda don’t believe that because Kurt didn’t drink in BIOTA and in TRNT he threw up when he was drunk.
      Episode 7: I’vr also heard the picture thing and RM said we will meet Eli.
      Episode 8: I didn’t hear that Kurt calls Blaine. I’ve heard that Blaine had been texting Kurt (throughout many episodes) and Kurt keeps ignoring it. Sectionals and Thanksgiving are around the same time so I think there will be a ND reunion. :S
      Episode 9: I heard the Cheerio thing too but I don’t think that’s real. It’s kinda pathetic, if you ask me.
      Episode 10: Is it Christmas? I’m not 100% sure if it’s that episode or not.
      I guess we’ll get more info as the episodes come. 😀


      • DarrenCriss
        Nov 03, 2012 @ 12:55:54

        I agree with you on the Cherrio thing, it’s not like something he would do!

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