4×05 The Role You Were Born To Play

This was basically me all day yesterday as I waited for Glee

Woah. I haven’t done this in like 5 weeks. Anyhoo, yesterday was Glee’s return after episode 4×05 ‘The Role You Were Born To Play’. Overall, the episode was good. Not the best, but not awful. Think of it like this: a prologue of a book. ‘TRYWBTP’ was basically the prologue to next week’s episode ‘Glease’. And like a book’s prologue, they’re never amazing and what you’re waiting for is chapter 1 to start. I give ‘The Role You Were Born To Play’ a 7 out of 10.  One thing that I found kinda interesting was that there was no New York scenes. So Rachel and Kurt weren’t in this episode at all. But never fear, they’ll be back next week. So here’s what happened….

Now that Finn is back in Lima, he’s gotten his job at Burt’s tire shop. So we see him working when Artie rolls up. Artie asks Finn to be the co-director of the school’s musical. Finn doesn’t leap at the job so Artie says that if he won’t, there will be no musical. So Finn thinks about it, but it’ll obviously be a yes. I mean, why not? Does he have something better to do? No.

In the hall, Sam and Blaine talk about the musical. But Blaine, poor, sad heartbroken Blaine, says he’s not really feeling in the musical mood and probably won’t audition. Then he proceeds to tell Sam about how much he misses Kurt and how he’s lost interest in everything. He even says that he and Kurt had plans together. They were gonna move and live by a lighthouse or something. That hurt me. If you’re unaware, the Klaine fandom hates lighthouses because Eli’s Facebook pic was a lighthouse. So hearing Blaine talk about those evil things was heartbreaking. Blaine also tells Sam that Kurt may be gone….FOREVER. I can’t have that. So Blaine, with tears in his eyes, sings ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’ from Grease. It’s sad. He does such a good job with it but it’s sooooo sad. We see Blaine looking through a scrapbook filled with pictures of Kurt (super sad) and sitting on the bleachers watching the football players flirt with cheerleaders. The song was also his audition song so we see him sing it on stage. After the song, Artie says he’d be a perfect Danny (it’s true, he would) but Blaine literally bursts into tears and says his heart isn’t into it at all and rejects the role. So they ask what he’d like and he says Teen Angel because it’s only one scene and it’s not a romance one. This is kinda random, but during Blaine’s song, my mom said he has a “funny little chin” and I replied, “IT’S CUTE!”

I guess the directing thing wasn’t working well for Finn because he gets frustrated and leaves after Blaine’s song. Artie goes after him and says that he shouldn’t quit and he’s brought in the some help. In comes Mike and Mercedes, back for the first time since Season 3. The four of them have a happy hug-fest in the hall. Yay!

So Will and Emma get help with their disagreement. They decide to talk out their problems with someone. And that someone is Beiste. I’m not disappointed with that choice. She’s fair and friends with both so it’s great….plus she calls them “Punkins” and that’s adorable. So Will and Emma state their sides and Beiste says they need to compromise because they love each other. Will then literally gets down on his knees and asks Emma to come with him to Washington because he’d love her to be there everyday. So Emma says yes.

In the choir room, Finn, Mike, Mercedes and Artie discuss the roles of the musical. They say they have no Danny yet, but a lot of Sandy options. The males in ND just won’t do as Danny (Sam wants to be Kenickie, Joe won’t ditch the dreads, Blaine’s sad and Jake’s not interested) so they say they’ll have to find someone then have callbacks. So that’s what Finn does. He goes out to the football practice and seeks out a Danny. While chatting with Beiste, he sees a funny looking hooligan who goes by the name Ryder, who is played by Season 2’s winner of The Glee Project, Blake Jenner. Beiste says he flunked out of his last school. Then she says that Finn had the power to move people and gives some heartfelt speech. Yippee.

In the girls bathroom, Marley and Wade are chatting about the musical. Marley says she really wants to be Sandy and Wade says he wants to be Rizzo. But Rizzo’s character is so far from Wade in sooo many ways that he knows it’s unlikely. Then Sue comes in and says that he’s right and that he’d be ruining the musical by pretending to be Rizzo when it wouldn’t even be legit. Then she insults them both (well, tries to insult Marley). But Marley stands up for her new friend (what’re your thoughts on their friendship? I think it’s kinda weird but cute-ish) and the two of them sing P!nk’s new hit ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’. They sing it as their audition song. I think they did a good job and it’s a really rocking performance. After the song, Marley tells the directors/helpers that she’s going for Sandy and Unique (yes, it’s Unique now) says she wants Rizzo.

Finn hunts down Ryder and introduces himself. Ryder was studying because he seems to always fail. Finn pretty much MAKES Ryder audition so he can find out if he can sing. Then we see Ryder get another low mark, which he is crushed by. On the stage, Finn and Artie are picking juke boxes for the musical. They have three types. Artie even mentions Happy Days. I internally freaked out because that’s was an old TV show that was like Grease (set in the 50’s) and I totes used to watch its re-runs! Anyone else? 😀 Anyways, Finn picks one and just as Artie leaves, Ryder comes. He’s a little unsure of singing so Finn decides to go first. Finn starts off ‘Juke Box Hero’ and Ryder joins in for a wild, rock song. They did great with it. After, Finn is impressed and says he just auditioned. 😀 Looks like we have a Danny!

In the hall, Ryder introduces himself to Marley. They hit it off right away. WHO SHIPS THEM? Down the hall, Jake is watching and Jake is not pleased. I’m not sure if Marley and Jake are 100% dating, but either way…. Then Kitty comes up and decides to go talk to Jake. She’s not pleased either because Ryder is the “hottest guy in school” and he’s talking with the girl she dislikes. So Kitty must do what Kitty does best and she goes to talk with them. She insults Marley and Ryder says she’s mean. So Kitty and Jake decide to sign up for the musical too (so Jake could get Marley back and Kitty could get Ryder). They also do a duet audition. They sing ‘Everybody Talks’ by Neon Trees, which I love very much. And they do a good job with it. 😛 But Marley watches that too…. uh-oh?

So Mike, Mercedes, Finn and Artie cast the last of the roles. They decide to change-up the norm and cast Unique as Rizzo. But then Sue comes in and hauls Finn to the office. I bet Finn never thought he’d be back in the principal’s office after he graduated! Sue demands that they give Rizzo to someone else, but Will says that Finn’s in charge and what he says goes. Even Figgins says it’s okay. But Sue says that Wade will be bullied and stuff, which is wrong. I guess I understand what Sue means, though. But if Wade/Unique wants it, then let him/her have it. Finn gets mad at Sue and starts insulting her and even goes as far as to call her baby the R word, which was one step too far. He tries to apologize right away (at least he knows it was wrong) but Sue glares at him and storms out. This may sound dumb, but I’m glad Finn hasn’t changed. Remember when he used the F word on Kurt in ‘Theatricality’ back in Season 1? And so Finn is Sue’s new mortal enemy. BEWARE!

In her office, Emma is looking at hotels in Washington and is worried and disgusted by the germ in hotels. Beiste comes in and says she knows Emma didn’t want to go when she agreed. Emma says she doesn’t want to get in the way of his new job and stop him. But Beiste says that she needs to be honest because Will loves her for who she is and so she needs to be herself. Beiste has such good advice! Why is she just a coach?

Remember when Tina and Mike broke up and we were all shocked? Well, I’m sad to say we still don’t know why they split, but they do talk. Tina says it’s awks with Mike back and he tells her to audition for the musical as Jan. She refuses and walks away. ❤ Can one couple just NOT hurt me? Please?

At the callbacks, Ryder, Marley, Jake and Kitty dance 50’s style to Mercedes singing ‘Born To Hand Jive’ from Grease. Kitty tries to get in the way of Marley and get to Ryder and really they all end up ‘fighting’ as they dance to the song. It’s weird but the dancing is great. 😛

So Finn stands by his decision and offers the role of Rizzo to Wade. He also says not to worry about Sue. But he’ll have to be aware about bullies. Wade cries and says he’s glad he fits in somewhere. So Wade accepts the role. Yaaaay. I’m honestly interested to see this Rizzo. It should be very interesting.

The cast list is posted. And one by one, they all go to see who gets to play who. Observe:

All the roles are as expected, for me. Sam’s face is hilar and Blaine looks half amused and half upset. :S Also Tina got a role so she must have changed her mind. The only one who is not happy with the casting is Kitty. She has no idea who Patty Simcox is (if you do, you’ll know why that casting is hilarious!). Then Joe makes a comment to her and she calls him an Avatar. I flipped out because if you remember this old post, Look-a-likes, I compared Joe to an Avatar. YOU READ IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS. 😀 Anyhoo, then Sue sees the list and Wade’s role specifically and she glares at Finn. UH-OH.

So Emma is a stress cooker. We see her in their kitchen making 7 new recipesat once. Then Will comes home and knows something is wrong. So he stops her and they talk. She finally tells him that she doesn’t want to go. And oddly, Will understands and is glad she told him. Then they talk about what their relationship is based on and they agree that they work because they have different goals. So they plan to see each other every weekend and then, when Will comes back, eventually get married. I’m glad they’re still together at least. I can’t handle more hurt. About their marriage: I have no idea. I guess what RM had said about Wemma not getting married was changed (or false?) because now I’m hearing that they may get hitched on Valentines Day. That’ll be cute!

The last scene of the episode takes place in the choir room. Finn is doing some work on the musical when Will comes in and says that he’s leaving for Washington. Then he asks Finn to take over ND in his absence. Again, Finn doesn’t leap at the opportunity, but Will says he’s done great so far and has come a long way since he was a sophomore three years ago. So the episode ends with Finn thinking about it. I’m like 50000% sure he’s gonna say yes. Because again, does he have something more pressing to do? No.

So that’s it. I was a bit sad that there was no Rachel or Kurt in the episode but they’ll be back next week, and in Lima too! I was also hoping for a Sam/Mercedes scene because I wanna know where they stand. The music was pretty good and the plot was okay. And that’s what happened in ‘The Role You Were Born To Play’. What did you think? What do y’all think of Ryder? I think he’ll be a fun addition to the group. ❤ Plus, he’s cute.

So next week is episode 4×06 ‘Glease’. The promo is as follows:

CAN. NOT. WAIT. I need this. I mean, from the cool Grease scenes to Brody and Cassandra dancing together to Sue freaking out… I need this in my life like now. And Kurt and Rachel are back! I wonder if Kurt was talking to Brody or Cassandra about the abs. And Will is leaving! It’ll be sad! And the couples all see each other! GAH. Scroll back up to the Calvin And Hobbes (who’s a fan?!?!) comic because that’ll be me from now until next Thursday at 9. :S

That’s all for now!

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kay
    Nov 09, 2012 @ 23:11:18

    I thought this episode was OK. Not as good as episode 4 “the Break Up” (which was super sad but great) but it was good. I felt bad for Blaine when he was talking to Sam about how he has been feeling since he and Kurt broke up (at the end of episode 4 he was unsure of the status of their relationship so he must have finally decided they were broken up for good). He told Sam that he and Kurt talked about retiring and buying a lighthouse and starting an artist’s colony. I never even thought about the lighthouse (Eli C) until you mentioned it in your post. Anyway, I thought he did a great job with “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” I agree, though, Teen Angel is probably the best part he could play. He wasn’t in the episode very much though. As you can tell, he is my favorite character (and Darren Criss is fantastic too). The rest of the casting was pretty much the way I figured it would be. I am looking forward to next week’s episode, especially since Kurt and Rachel will be there. I am anxious to see if Kurt says anything to Blaine – how they will react to each other. Anyway, thanks for the great recap. I look forward to your posts each week.


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 10, 2012 @ 13:21:41

      I think a lot of people were a bit upset at Sam’s lack of sympathy for Blaine. Blaine doesn’t have a lot of friends and so he confides in Sam, who pretty much said that that’s life.
      On the plus side, as much as Blaine’s pain is hard to watch, it’s good to see that he feels bad. :S
      Next week should have some interesting scenes between couples, whether good or bad. And of course Grease should be amazing!
      And thank you very much ❤
      P.S. What exactly IS an artist's colony? XD


  2. littlemissobsessivesanatomy
    Nov 10, 2012 @ 14:31:54

    i think the episode was decent..though i wish there was something more about the break ups…when are they goin to fix things..i loved the audition songs with Marley and Unique and Kitty and Jake.. 🙂


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 11, 2012 @ 14:12:00

      Yeah, the episode wasn’t the best but I have high hopes for ‘Glease’. There will be lots of couple confrontations then. Whether they work out or not is still unknown.
      I agree; all the songs in ‘TRYWBTP’ were pretty good. 😀


  3. lprd
    Nov 11, 2012 @ 17:14:48

    Okay so an artists’ colony is a town or area where creative people all live together for a period of time to be free to create and pursue their artistic goals. It is a place away from the daily grind of work and traffic, etc… where a creative mind can be free and the creative soul is at peace, so that excellent art can happen.
    So now you know. 🙂


  4. hiaudrey
    Nov 12, 2012 @ 18:23:30

    Okay truly don’t judge me when I say this. So glee’s version of everybody talks made me want to plug my ears which has never happened. I love the neon trees so much and when i heard that i sounded nothing like to original which is the best. also when glee sings blow me one last kiss i loved wade’s voice but with marleys voice added into ther i thought i wasnt the best. now onto the trailer i thought it was good. I’m nervous bout Brody and Casandra dancing. I think i got over the face that finn and rachel arnt together and am now shipping Rachel and Brody. So the dancing is off… oh!!


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 12, 2012 @ 18:48:24

      I didn’t think that Glee’s version of ‘Everybody Talks’ was THAT bad. Sure, the original was better, but Glee’s version wasn’t awful. Same with Marley and Unique’s song. It was okay.
      I’m interested to find out what Brody and Cassandra do or why they dance together.
      No. I ship Finchel and I will always ship Finchel. You’re entitled to your opinion, but I will never ship Brochel. XD I hope Finn and Rachel get back together soon. I’m sorry, I just do….


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