4×06 Glease

Yes, I am posting early. Thanks for noticing. I took the day off to compose my emotions and feelings after Glee. Just kidding I don’t have school today and I’m an early riser. 😛 So last night was the much-anticipated Grease episode, episode 4×06 ‘Glease’. It was pretty good. The music was great and they did a good job with the musical. There was also some shocking parts and sad parts. But what’s Glee without those? So overall, I give ‘Glease’ a 7.5 out of 10. And here’s what went down.

It starts with Will talking to ND. He tells them that he’s leaving and will be back after Sectionals (um, how did 6 months turn into four weeks?) and ND starts freaking out. Even when Will says Finn will take over, they still are upset and are convinced they’ll die before they get to Sectionals. But before any more can be said, Sue comes in and hauls Will and Finn to see Figgins. She is super mad about it all and even though Figgins has agreed to it, she doesn’t. So she says that if Finn takes over, her alliance with ND will be OVER. I think it was only a matter of time. Sue shenanigans were funny in Season 1 and the alliance was taking all the fun out of Sue’s crazyness now. So she storms out and violently attacks random students in the hall. How is she not fired for that? Figgins was watching the whole time?

Over in NYC, Cassandra brings in some upperclassmen to help with the dance class. And guess who that includes? Brody. Brody and Rachel chat and Rachel says she’s doing okay since her breakup. In fact, she’s even going to audition for an off-Broadway show. She asks Brody to help her prepare, which he eagerly agrees to. Then Cassandra comes over. She overheard about Rachel’s audition and says she’ll fail.  But Rachel doesn’t let that discourage her and she even says that Cassandra should audition too so she can “get back in the game”. That does not thrill Cassandra and she basically ends the conversation there. Then she pulls Brody aside and says she needs a Teacher’s Assistant. He agrees to that right away, as long as they start the next week so he still can help Rachel prepare on the weekend. Cassandra agrees.

Back in Lima, the girls from Grease are putting their costumes on (for a dress-rehersal) and Marley just isn’t fitting. Tina is trying to zip it up, but it’s not working. Marley is freaking out and can’t understand how she doesn’t fit anymore. Then Kitty comes over and naturally makes the situation worse by calling Marley fat and saying it’s only a matter of time before she ends up like her mother. The worst part was that Kitty purposely tampered with her costume and made it smaller so Marley would think she’s getting fat. That’s harsh. On a happier note, Kitty says she joined the musical to make friends, as she actually has none (big shocker), and so she invites all the girls to a sleepover at her place. And by ‘all the girls’ I mean Unique too, who Marley refused to go without.

So Finn, in an honest attempt to get on Sue’s good side, goes into the staff room and apologizes for insulting her and her baby. But Sue doesn’t accept it. So Finn says he tried and it’s not his problem anymore. Then he turns to go to Grease rehearsals on the auditorium but Sue stop him because she says she booked the auditorium for the next few weeks and he can’t use it. At first I was like ‘how mean’ but then I remembered something. Didn’t April Rhodes buy the auditorium for ND way back in Season 1? Hmm? What ever happened to The April Rhodes Civic Pavillion? Is Glee just going to ignore the fact that ND basically owns the auditorium? Guess so.

In the school’s kitchen, Marley asks her mom when she started getting bigger. Her mother doesn’t take offence to this and says it was when Marley was born and there were problems with her father. Her mother then says that it’s always a fight to stay thin and Marley is beautiful and thin as it is. But they both agree to go on a diet together. 😛 That’s cute.

So now that they are auditorium-less, the guys in Grease go over to Burt’s tire show where Finn is working. Finn is fixing up a car and so the guys help as well as sing an awesome version of Grease’s most popular songs, ‘Greased Lightning’. Ryder has the lead on this, and naturally, it’s great. It’s deffo one of my fave ‘Glease songs’.

Tina has been texting Kurt musical updates and the most recent one comes when Kurt and Rachel are in the dance room at NYADA. Kurt wants to go and Rachel, however, doesn’t want to. Then Cassandra comes in and invites herself into their conversation. To everyone’s surprise, she encourages them to go. Kurt says he kinda wants to go see it. Apparently he needs closure too, as he, like Blaine, hasn’t been sleeping well or been in a great mood. When Cassandra offers to give Rachel her frequent flyer card, which she has been banned to use, Rachel finally agrees.

At Kitty’s sleepover, the girls (and Unique) and pigging out on junk food. Marley, already faithful to her diet, asks for healthy food, which, as everyone knowns, doesn’t exist at a sleepover. So Kitty takes Marley into the bathroom and tells her the sure-fire way to stay thin. And it only involves two fingers and throwing up. Marley is totally against the idea, but Kitty says she’ll have to do it if she wants to stay the size she is. To me, that’s just wrong. It’s awful of Kitty to even suggest that to someone as self-conscious as Marley. Kitty leaves Marley in the bathroom and shuts the door, only to put on a wig and mock Marley. If you’ve seen Grease, you’d know that the girls have a sleepover and Rizzo makes fun of Sandy after she refuses to drink and smoke. Kitty and the girls sing ‘Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee’. After the song, Marley comes out of the bathroom (whether she forced herself to throw up or not is unknown) and asks (very innocently, I might add) if Kitty is mocking her, which Kitty doesn’t deny. As much as I’m upset at Kitty, I’m kinda more upset at Tina and the other girls who didn’t stand up for Marley.

The next day, Finn is called to the office where Figgins, Wade and Wade’s parents are sitting. Figgins had called to congratulate Wade’s parents on Wade’s role as Rizzo, but they had no idea. So Wade’s parents decide to pull Wade from the musical because they’re concerned for his safety. It’s sad but makes sence. We can’t be mad at Wade’s parents because they’re just being good parents. You know who we can be mad at? Sue. She convinced Figgins to call his parents and knew what would happen. Sue’s knew they couldn’t do the musical without a Rizzo. But Finn has a plan. He has a new Rizzo. Any guesses as to who it’ll be? Anyone? It’s Santana. She happily comes down  and agrees to be Rizzo, to everyone’s delight. Wait, I’m sorry; not everyone’s delight. Everyone but Tina. Tina had thought she would play Rizzo in Wade’s place and was very upset to find that Santana would do it. I’m just wondering how Tina came to that conclusion because last episode, she hadn’t even wanted to audition at all. Now she expected one of the main roles? Okay….

So Kurt and Rachel arrive back at McKinley and are in the middle of staring at their old lockers when the third musketeer comes up: Mercedes. She hugs them, talks to them about life in LA briefly, and takes them backstage to see everyone.

Again, Kitty must have tampered with the costume because Marley still can’t fit. So Kitty holds up two fingers and says she’ll guarantee that she’ll fit. So Marley seriously considered it.

Kurt and Rachel go backstage, and naturally, the first person to see them is Blaine. And if that wasn’t awkward enough, Finn comes over too. So the four of them are awkwardly avoiding eye contact and muttering casual things. Then Blaine and Finn leave to get ready for the show and Kurt freaks out. He says they shouldn’t have come and he’s gonna cry. So Rachel comforts him and says he’ll be fine and they’ll just enjoy the show. But that plan is gone when Blaine comes out for his scene and sings ‘Beauty School Dropout’. He makes it thorough okay until he catches a glimpse of Kurt in the audience and loses his cool for a moment. But he regains composure and continues the song just fine. Can I just say that the song was great? It’s another fave of mine from the episode and Blaine look dashing in his white outfit. Also, Sugar played a great Frenchie. It was actually quite odd because she looks EXACTLY like the person who played Frenchie in the real Grease movie. Even my mom asked who it was because for a moment she thought it was the original person until she realized she’d be old by now.

Sugar playing Frenchie in ‘Glease’

The original Frenchie from Grease

Weird, huh?

So I guess Marley’s costume still wasn’t fitting right because Ryder goes looking for her and finds her throwing up in the bathroom. Marley starts crying and says that she doesn’t want to hear a lecture from Ryder. So instead, Ryder tells her a funny story to make her laugh. Then he says she’s beautiful the way she is and that no guy would wanna kiss a girl who has “puke breath” either during the musical or after. 😉 Is he hinting that he wants to date her? Awww ❀ Then Ryder leaves the bathroom and Marley sings the reprise of ‘Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee’.

Backstage, Brittany talks with Santana. Brittany says she misses her and Santana says she’s glad Brittany is still single. But other than that, they make no attempt to get back together. At least they’re talking. Then Brittany says that Santana will need to think of sad things for her song and suggests that she thinks of how Friday nights, which was their date nights, are sad and lonely nights now. I guess she did because Santana gets a sad look in her eyes and it stays even when she sings ‘There Are Worse Things I Could Do’. During the song, we see Cassandra singing the song too as she dances with a shirtless Brody. Even Wade, who’s watching the musical from the audience with a jealous look, sings along. At the end of the song, we see Cassandra kiss Brody. Ew, right?

Luckily for heartbroken fans like me, we see one couple take a positive step in the right direction: Mike and Tina. Mike tells Tina she was a great Jan and says that they shouldn’t have broken up. Tina says that she misses him (YAY) but likes who she’s become now that she’s single (BOO). Either way, they hug and agree to talk later (YAY).

Before the last scene in the musical, Ryder sees Marley in the super skin tight Sandy outfit. Marley doesn’t feel totally comfortable in it, but Ryder says she looks great and not to worry. But worry she will, especially when Kitty comes up and says the super tough critic for the Muckracker is here. So in order to calm her, Ryder kisses her, AWWWW. I’m starting to ship them. They’re cute. Too bad Jake is across the room, watching this all go down. And he does not look happy, which is understandable.

So the cast of Grease sings ‘You’re The One That I Want’. It’s a happy, feel-good song and they do great with it. But then for the second verse, instead of Ryder and Marley singing, we see Finn and Rachel. But then we see Rachel in the audience, watching sadly. But fake Rachel and Finn keep dancing and singing and it’s super sad because that was the first duet that Finn and Rachel ever sang on Glee. We even see a flash back from Season 1, which was hard to watch. It hurt my heart. Then we see Kurt in the audience and he sees himself and Blaine dancing on stage with the fake Finchel. So basically, all the happiness that we were all expecting from the promo was all just a freakin’ dream sequence. JUST A DREAM. It was all fake. Klaine and Finchel are not on good terms. My heart is not healed. I’m not okay! After the song, the real Rachel gets up from her seat and runs off in tears. She heads to the bathroom and calls Brody. But guess who answers? Come on, guess. CASSANDRA. And like always, Cassandra is not nice. But you know what’s worse? Do you know why Cassandra even had Brody’s phone? Because after their kiss, they did IT and now Brody was in the shower. OMG. OMG. WHAT? That’s just…NO. Cassandra, who’s not regretting anything, says it’s payback for Rachel telling her she needs to get back in the game. We understand that Cassandra encouraged Rachel to go to Ohio so she’ll miss out on her plan to dance with Brody and so she can swoop in a ruin things. Then she proceeds to insult Rachel and halfway through, Rachel just hangs up in tears. Well, as much as I’m not happy about what Brody and Cassandra did, at least Rachel can’t run back to Brody anymore. :S On her way out of the bathroom, she runs into Finn. Rachel says he did a great job with the musical and Finn says she was her inspiration and even made her smile on purpose. The best part was that Rachel says that as much as the show was good, she has a few notes. It’s such a Rachel thing to say and it shows that even though she’s a ‘new Rachel’, she’s still the same annoying girl who thinks she’s better than everyone. He asks her what she’s been crying about and she says that it’s not him, so he knows it’s about Brody. Then he says that she used to use one of her four crying reasons on him and it was always him who she’d go to when she was upset. But things have changed so Finn and Rachel agree to never speak again. Finn says he doesn’t want to see her or know when she’s in Lima or anything. And Rachel agrees. UM, WHAT? No! They need to talk! They need to get back together! They just NEED to. I need them to! Any more chat is interrupted by Kurt, who comes down the hall. Finn leaves and Rachel says she wants to go back home, which isn’t in Lima anymore. Ouch. Then Blaine comes up and says he need to talk to Kurt. Get your tissues ready, because this is the hard part. Kurt pretty much refuses to talk to Blaine and says that nothing he says will help. Simply put, “Relationships are about trust and I don’t trust you anymore”. That’s a direct quote. Here’s another quote, which Kurt said right after. “Rachel’s right. This isn’t home anymore.” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. No. No. NOOO. Then Kurt leaves and Blaine is left standing sadly in the hallway.

Afterwards, or the next day, IDK, Artie is reading the smash review they got in the Muckracker. After that, Will says he’s leaving (again) and says that he’s sure Finn will be great. Then Will and Finn walk down the hall. Finn hugs Will and when Will tries to give him some last-minute advice, Finn cuts him off and says he can handle it.

The end. Yeap, that was it. Aside from the sadness, it was pretty good. I was a bit upset that the Klaine and Finchel interactions were in the last four minutes of the show. And I’m also upset that Kurt had wanted to go to Lima to talk to Blaine but ended up having a thirty-second heartbreaking convo. To think that last year after the musical, Klaine took an important step in their relationship and now, a year later, they’re broken up. 😩 You know, a lot of people were upset that Glee didn’t cover ‘We Go Together’, which is another popular Grease song, but I understand why. That song is a happy ending song about being together and having a bright future, but on the show, it wasn’t like that. Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Rachel, Brittany, Jake, and a bunch more of them are sad and so singing a song like that would be dumb.

Next week is episode 4×07 ‘Dynamic Duets’. The Warblers are back (yee-haw) and ND gets very ‘heroic’. Take a look:

I dunno what y’all think, but it looks a bit cheesy to me. From the weird cat to the super-hero theme to Finn’s lame costume. But I do love the Warblers. Also, notice that Puck is back again and Kitty is in ND now, I guess. Hmmmmmmm. Also, Artie is so giving away the song; ‘Dark Side’ by Kelly Clarkson, which Blaine sings with the Warblers. 😛

That’s all for now! What did you think of ‘Glease’?

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hiaudrey
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 20:01:47

    well… I do agree that next weeks episode looks cheesy and now the more i watch the rsiler the cat looks like precias- Ceelo’s cat. We already – us awesome fans- found out that Marley is bulemic. maybe next episode we’ll find out she is anerexic.
    I hate casssandra more than i did before now. Now im jsut all amd and feel bad for Rachel she always gets sad and when she really does she never deserves it!!! Sadness 😩 đŸ˜„


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 16, 2012 @ 22:34:40

      I feel bad for Marley. She’s going through a lot and Kitty being a meanie isn’t helping. :S But why is Marley listening to Kitty anyways? Everyone knows she hates her.
      Cassandra is crazy. And Rachel doesn’t deserve it at all. What has she ever done to her? Nothing.


  2. Kay
    Nov 16, 2012 @ 20:08:24

    I really enjoyed the episode. The music was very good and everyone did a great job. Of course, my favorite part was “Beauty School Dropout” because, well, Blaine is my favorite character (and Darren Criss is smokin’). I was sad too that Kurt and Blaine didn’t get to talk very long and it was super sad that Kurt cut him off like that. But I understand how he feels because Blaine did cheat and now Kurt doesn’t trust him anymore. But I know that in episode 8 Kurt calls Blaine and it is supposed to be a hopeful phone conversation (according to a spoiler I read) so hopefully he will have had a change of heart. Also, Blaine is supposed to spend Christmas in NY with Kurt (and Burt will be there as well) so I’m hoping that this will be a good sign that they will at least be friends again. Next week’s episode sounds good. I hope Blaine does not re-join the Warblers but I know he is supposed to sing with them. The dream sequence during “You’re the one that I want” was supposed to be Rachel’s fantasy as she was sitting in the audience. I thought it was pretty good seeing all the couples singing and dancing (Brittana, Finchel, Klaine, Tike). Anyway, thanks for the recap. You do a really good job describing everything. Have a good weekend.


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 16, 2012 @ 22:50:12

      Blaine’s song was great. Sad at parts, but great.
      I was upset at the Klaine convo. Kurt didn’t even let Blaine speak. I hope that they’ll get a chance to really talk and explain whether via phone or face to face. Nothing can happen unless they both try and talk.
      We’re all hoping for a Klaine Christmas, but I’m getting my hopes up too high just yet. You never know what we’ll find out closer to the date. :S
      It’s a fact that Blaine does not re-join the Warblers because he’s in the Sectionals episode, ‘Thanksgiving’. I just wanna see those hot blazer-donned boys do their dreamy a cappella songs. And with Blaine singing with them, it’s like Season 2 nostalgia! 😀
      I liked seeing all the couples dancing in Rachel’s dream sequence thingy (even though it made me super sad) because it reminded us all that there is hope. 😛
      You have a good weekend too! ❀


  3. Johnquisha-Samcedes-Jarley/jakey
    Nov 18, 2012 @ 01:26:09

    i watched the episode and i totally agree with you. I cannot believe cassandra. she is a pain and i cant believe she is a teacher, but i love the actress 🙂 love hate. i love brody, man is cute…. no one like him 🙂 thanks for talking about marlyder, i ship them 100% and around the world. i love ryder is so cute and so sweet. part of me is sad about jake because he was marly kiss ryder but another part of my just say they are GOURGOUS 🙂 i could not believe brody would do that to rachel, i thought that he liked her? that was a total lie…. dont trust hot dancers 😩 its was hard to look at rachel and finn are never getting back together (just thought of talyor swift right there) 😩 i was upset with kurt and blaine because of kurts reaction to see blaine. when i was watching “beauty school dropout” everything from glee looked like the movie. not only frenchie but the dancers costumes and teen angel (blaine) amazing writing… we thank you 🙂 LET THE GLEEK FORCE BE WITH YOU 🙂


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 18, 2012 @ 08:42:57

      Cassandra is worse than Sue, if you ask me. Sue would never do something like THAT. Okay so I understand that Rachel kinda blew off Brody, but you’d think he has more sence to not do something stupid. I mean, it’s not like they were dating…. I’d like to hear Brody’s side of it.
      I think Marley and Ryder’s ship name should be ‘Myder’ or something IDK. But they are super cute. I like them for sure, more than Jarley.
      No. Finchel will speak again. Come on, they are Glee’s most iconic couple….Plus, Adam Shankman said they filmed a Finchel scene for the Christmas episode. 😛
      Klaine….don’t get me started on Klaine. When the episode was on, that was the first my father had heard about their breakup so he’s spent the last few days calling Blaine a ‘dirtbag’ and making me sad.
      Beauty School Dropout was gorgeous and so legit. ❀
      Thank youuu!


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