4×07 Dynamic Duets

Happy belated Thanksgiving to all my American readers. I know some of you had family plans and missed out on Glee. I sympathize so I hope this post helps you catch up. ❤

If  you’re a fan of Glee and a fan of superheroes, then last night’s episode was the one for you. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of superheroes. I mean, Avengers was good and Spiderman was cool (mostly because of Andrew Garfield ;D) but other than that, I could care less. I mean, in grade 7 we had to do a project on a superhero and I chose Link from the Legend Of Zelda games because I’m just that cool. Anyways, Glee was okay. Not the best and some parts were just cheesy if you ask me. But the music was good and it had some cool plots so I’m not as disappointed as I thought I would be. I give ‘Dynamic Duets’ a 7 out of 10. Also, if you’re a Starkid fan (like me) than you may have been upset that Glee did a superhero episode and didn’t sing ‘Dynamic Duet’ from Holy Musical B@man. I mean, it would have been so perfect! But alas….. Anyways, here’s what happened.

It starts out with a meeting of the Secret Superhero Services or something (I forget the name, sorry), an after school club, which is led by Blaine. All the members are in costume and have cool names. New members come (Artie, Becky and Brittany) and they are admitted into the club by Blaine. Then, from two seats away, Tina texts Blaine about Kurt, but before they can have a serious convo, Tina’s assistant come in and says there’s a problem so they all dramatically run down the hallway to the choir room. I know this is an awful thing to say, but if they’re trying to avoid being bullied, this isn’t really helping the situation. Anyways, when they get to the choir room, they see that their Nationals trophy has been stolen and a laptop has been left. Blaine presses play and a message begins. They see a Warbler (with a blurred out face) holding their trophy and saying that they will beat them at Sectionals. Uh-oh!

In the hall, Jake talks to Marley, who says she’s not really into the whole costume thing. And just as he asks her out on Friday, Ryder comes over and basically says he has a date with Marley and Jake has lost his chance. Then Ryder insults him and they get into a fight. While Marley awkwardly begs them to stop, it’s actually stopped by ‘Asian Persuasion’ (Tina) and ‘Queen Bee’ (Becky) and then Finn.

In choir room, Finn tries to teach his first lesson to ND and their new members, Kitty and Ryder (Tina isn’t too happy that Kitty is there. I guess they all dislike her). And right away he fails when he can’t even find the whiteboard marker. But he tries to keep calm and says his idea for Sectionals is foreign stuff. So they’re all to dress up like people from around the world and sing in different languages. But that idea is rejected right away. Which is understandable, because that idea did suck. Blaine gets up and decides that he’ll do something productive so he goes to get back their Nationals trophy. So Finn, who is rather discouraged, talks to The Beiste Master a.k.a Coach Beiste, who says that he needs to relax and be a hero. Finn also tries coffee, which he spits out right away. I’m not a coffee drinker for that reason.

So Blaine goes back to Dalton….back to the start. Oh, jeeze, why did I say that? He runs into Sebastian. I’d like to interrupt this blog to say that Sebastian is looking HOT. I’m glad he’s back. But when Blaine accuses him of leaving the message, Sebastian says he’s been nice (which apparently sucks BTW) like he said last year so it wasn’t him. But he leads him to the person who did. In some room, sitting in a spinny chair with a creepy cat on his lap, is new Warbler Hunter (played by Nolan Gerrard Funk).

Darn, he’s good-looking too. But he’s like a new Sebastian because he is not friendly. But he is straight. Hunter says he has a scholarship to Dalton and is the new Warbler leader and will surely lead the Warblers to victory. But he needs one thing: Blaine. He says he won’t give back the trophy (which they locked up) until Blaine re-joins the Warblers. All the other Warblers come in and they make Blaine put on a blazer. He does and then there’s like a creepy close up of the cat and the fire explodes or something…. Then for old times’ sake, Blaine and the Warblers sing. At first Blaine is reluctant, but eventually sings a brilliant version of ‘Dark Side’, which is kinda accurate because it’s talking about Blaine’s dark side, which is the part of him that cheated on Kurt, so the song is kinda sad too. Man, I love me some Warblers. Those preppy blazers and dreamy voices…..yes. After the song, Blaine takes of the blazer to give it back, but Hunter says he can keep it. :S

With Beiste’s advice in mind (oh man I sound like the voiceover guy from Say Yes To The Dress) Finn dresses up as The Mighty Treble Clef; a cute but sad attempt. He says that if they want to win, they have to work together. He pairs Kitty and Marley up to sing, as well as Jake and Ryder. In the hall, Kitty gives Marley the song that she wants to do and tells her she’ll be dressing up as ‘Femme Fatal’. Also across the hall, Jake and Ryder talk and come to the agreement that they dislike each other. So they put aside their differences and sing ‘Superman’ dressed up like Clark Kent but halfway through the song they rip off their suits and are wearing a spandex superhero costume. They both have MS on their chests. At first I thought it stood for ‘Marley’s Superman’ but then I learned it stood for ‘Mega Stud’. As they sing, they both try to get the attention of Marley. But they end up fighting. Finn tries to stop it and eventually does. He takes them to the auditorium and tells them that they need to be a team. So Finn says they need to tell each other their weaknesses so they can bond.

Blaine, who really needs a friend, goes to Finn afterwards and says he sang with the Warblers. Finn is shocked but Blaine then goes on about how he’s been lost and sad without Kurt and the Warblers embraced him. Like none of ND have done, if I may add. Finn tries to say that they all love him, but Blaine says the Warblers were his birthright and will be his destiny. Then he leaves. As much as I love the Warblers, I think that Blaine shouldn’t go. He won’t solve anything there. Plus transferring will be a huge hassle.

Marley goes up to Kitty and says that she’s not comfortable with dressing up in a tight outfit and singing. So Kitty puts on the fake friend act and asks if she’s still “using the fingers” and Marley says she is. I’m disappointed with Marley. I figured she’d stop after what Ryder told her last episode. But no. So Kitty says that she need to keep it up and then they’ll both try on their costumes and if Marley looks fat, she’ll tell her and they’ll scrap the whole idea. Marley agrees. I mean, Kitty is being so ‘nice’ that it’s hard not to.

In the boys locker room/exercise room, Jake hands Ryder a sheet of paper that contains Jake’s weakness. Ryder says that if he wants to be a man (again, more Starkid HMB references), he needs to say it out loud. And Jake does. He says that he’s half black and half white so he never fits in and other students have even been teasing him a bit. But when Jake asks Ryder to say what his weakness is, Ryder kinda refuses. Jake chases after him and so finally Ryder says that he made Jake speak his weakness because he can’t read the note.

Kitty puts on a super tight black suit and cat ears…hmm that looks a lot like a certain female superhero. Marley comes out on a bathroom stall in a flowery tight outfit and says she’s ‘Wall Flower’. She also says she feels fat, but Kitty says she looks great and her new not-lame name is ‘Woman Fierce’. So they sing ‘Waiting For A Hero’ in the choir room. It’s good and upbeat and Marley and Kitty’s voices go well together. When the song ends, Brittany asks where Blaine is and Finn tells them that Blaine has left and will be going back to Dalton. And you know who looks upset? Sam.

Jake decides that Ryder’s weakness is serious so he tells Finn. And so Finn brings Ryder so get help. They meet with some specialist lady at the school who looks a lot like Tina Fey. She tests Ryder and after a while, tells Ryder that he has dyslexia. So Ryder goes out in the hall in tears where he tells Finn. He says he always knew he was dumb and didn’t want to disappoint anyone like he always thought he was. But Finn says it’s okay and he should thank Jake.

In the caf, Jake is chatting with Marley’s mom. He’s polite and nice and sweet. Then Marley’s mom says Marley talks about him often, to which he says he missed his chance. And just as she tells him that he has time to change, those jocks make fun of her and Jake too. They all gang up on Jake and are ready to beat him to a pulp when Ryder and some ND members come and say that they have Jake’s back. So the jocks leave and Ryder tells Jake that since he had his back, he’ll have his too. It’s Ryder’s way of thanking Jake. How sweet.

We finally see Puck again. He’s in L.A. dressed up as a superhero too (‘The Pucker Man’ hahah) and trying to scam foreign tourists into paying to get a picture with him. We even see that it works too. But then he gets a call from his “half bro with the afro”. Jake asks for advice on Marley and what to do since he and Ryder are kinda pals and he kinda missed his chance with her. But Puck says that since he’s got Puckerman blood in him, he just needs to play nice and Marley will be his in due time. I’m glad to see that Jake and Puck are pals. It’s good to see Puck as a role-model to Jake. Then Puck hangs up because some hobo threw up on Barbra Streisand’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and he must take a pic. Can you image if he showed that picture to Rachel? HAHAH. Just picture her face.

So I guess Blaine was serious about Dalton because we see him cleaning out his locker. The Sam comes up and talks with him. Blaine tells him what he did and we see a flashback. We see Blaine on Eli’s bed in tears. He puts his shirt back on and gets up to leave. Eli is in the background but blurry. He tries to talk to Blaine, but he leaves. I’m not sure if he’ll be back, but Eli was played by Ian Gilligan.

Ugh, he’s also good-looking! Like seriously Glee, how can I hate the people if they’re all so freakin’ hot? After the flashback, Blaine says that he knows know that Kurt was who he was supposed to be with and now he can’t. He messed up and Kurt will never forgive him. But Sam says that that’s no reason to run off to Dalton and he has to stop punishing himself because he’s not a bad guy. So he asks for one day for ND to prove how much they love him and that he’s worth it. Basically, Sam speaks the voice of the fandom. I would have liked to give him a hug for that. Then we see Sam and Blaine singing ‘Heroes’. I think it’s the worst song of the episode, but it’s not bad by any means. For all those people who saw ‘The Perks Of Being A Wallflower’, you may recognize that song as the Tunnel Song. This is off topic, but who saw it and who loved Patrick? ❤ During the song, we see ND starting to paint over graffiti on a wall but end up having a fun looking paint fight and collecting food for a Thanksgiving food drive. After the song, Blaine agrees to stay at McKinley. But first, he and Sam have one last mission. They go back to Dalton and steal back their trophy. Yay!

In the hall, Ryder cancels his date with Marley. He says he has to study then sleep so he can wake up early and go see the dyslexia specialist. Marley is upset but says she understands. I was kinda upset at Marley for not being totally supportive of him as I can’t imagine it’d be an easy thing for him to do. When Ryder leaves, Kitty comes up and tells Marley that it may be because she need to hit the elliptical. How rude. But Marley, feeling oddly confident, says that she’s not waiting around. She turns on her heels and goes to Jake. I was now super upset with Marley. Ryder is doing something great and Marley is being mean. I mean, okay, they’re not going steady or anything, but still. Not impressed.

In the choir room, Blaine and Sam present their Nationals Trophy. And Blaine says sorry to them for almost leaving. I think he should have also said thanks for loving me and keeping me from making another huge mistake. Then ND gives Finn a gift because they believe in him. It’s a fanny-pack containing some markers, a treble clef pin and a doll’s head (from Brittany obvs). Then ND does a group cheer and sing ‘Some Nights’ on the stage. I think Glee did great with this song. One of their better covers for sure. One thing I enjoyed was that Joe got some solo parts. When I had heard the song before the episode I had thought it was either Sam or Ryder or Jake but I was pleasantly surprised that it was Joe. One thing that I noticed about the song was that they wore red shirts and jeans….similiar to the famous outfits from ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ way back in Season 1. Was that a coincidence or did it represent togetherness and teamwork or something? I dunno.

So that’s it. Overall, it was a good episode. It had some LOL funny moments too, which I’ve noticed have been lacking. However, for some unknown reason, Unique was missing for the whole episode. As was Kurt and Rachel. As for the whole superhero theme, I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t LOVE it. What did y’all think? Yay or Nay on the spandex-clad Gleeks?

Next week is the late Thanksgiving episode entitled ‘Thanksgiving’. Observe the promo:

Quinn is back! YAAAY. And she’s not the only grads back in Lima. Puck, Mercedes, Mike and Santana are too. Only Kurt and Rachel are missing out. But they have a little Thanksgiving dinner….and party? And speaking of Rachel, looks like she’s chatting it up with Brody. Uh-oh. And Wemma, yay. And what’s going on with Mercedes and Wade? My guess is that the old storylines of them being siblings are true. But I’m surprised it was never mentioned before. And some good old slaps from Glee’s best slappers, Quinn and Santana. I think those slaps are about Quinn’s mentoring stint with Kitty. :S Hmmmm…. I’m excited for the episode. I think it’ll be fun and surprising and have some good music.

That’s all for now!

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kay
    Nov 24, 2012 @ 08:21:56

    I thought this week’s episode was really good. Yes, parts of it was cheesy but I think it was supposed to be. But, my favorite song of the episode was “Dark Side” because it was sung by Blaine (and the Warblers) – I thought it was really good. But I was glad Blaine did not transfer back to Dalton. They only wanted him to win Sectionals – they were using him to get what they wanted – so I’m glad he did not fall for it. I’m glad Sam was such a good friend to Blaine, and he was able to tell him exactly what happened and how he has been feeling since the whole cheating thing. He’s not a bad person, he just made a mistake (a big mistake that’s for sure) but I am hoping that Kurt will be able to forgive him in time, and that they can rebuild their friendship and start over. I know in next week’s episode, Kurt is supposed to call Blaine and it is supposed to be a good call that will give us hope for them. Have you seen some of the videos on youtube of Blaine and Kurt ice skating – it’s for the Christmas episode which looks really good. Anyway, I thought the superhero theme was really good and it helped the ND become the “team” they need to be in order to hopefully win Sectionals!. Let’s hope so. Anyway, great recap as usual. I did not really care for the “Heroes” song either, it was OK but not as good as “Some Nights.” Until next time…


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 24, 2012 @ 13:46:33

      ‘Dark Side’ was fab. I agree, Blaine belongs at McKinley. I just wish the Warblers weren’t so mean. What happened to the happy, preppy boys we all fell in love with in Season 2?
      Sam needs a highfive. First off, he was the only guy who really tried to help Blaine. Even Finn wasn’t very sympathetic. And we all feel bad for Blaine, but at the same time, he’s kinda right to feel bad. He cheated and that’s not right nor okay.
      I didn’t hear that the upcoming Klaine phonecall was good. I heard it was bad, but I hope I’m wrong.
      Yeah I have seen the videos of them skating. And I can’t wait.
      I think the arrival of the grads will also help them be a team for Sectionals. And let’s be real: they’ll win. They’ll also prolly win Regionals.
      Thanks! ❤


  2. Rebecca Ripple
    Nov 25, 2012 @ 12:37:32

    I’m so sorry I’ve been AWOL from the comments! The truth is, I stopped halfway through 4.04 and never went back to finish watching it. Then I completely missed episodes 5, 6 and 7! I’m so grateful to be a follower of your blog, because it’s told me what I’ve been missing since I started missing Glee. I hope I’ll catch the Thanksgiving ep! Fingers crossed!! I miss my Sammykins!

    Thanks again for the updates and episode synopses. I don’t know what I’d do without ’em! ❤


  3. buchvormkopf
    Nov 28, 2012 @ 17:40:04

    What a great summary! It actually reminded me of everything I forgot in my post about the episode =)
    Two things I need to say:
    1. I’m sooo with you regarding Sebastian! He is soo hot!! But I liked him better when he was mean =)
    2. I noticed the red shirts, too and I think they do mean something like holding together. For me it was the first moment where I didn’t totally hate Kitty …


    • pottergleefan4
      Nov 28, 2012 @ 18:24:08

      Sebastian is super good-looking. But his mean was a bit…cruel. Like almost blinding Blaine? That’s borderline crazy. But we haven’t seen much of him being nice so we’ll se how that turns out.
      Hopefully ND realizes how evil Kitty is. And singing songs can’t change her attitude. :S


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