4×08 Thanksgiving

Last night was Glee’s Thanksgiving episode, which was a week late. But I’ll forgive that because as a Canadian, it was kinda a month late for me! The episode was great. It was funny, surprising, cute and more. I laughed like 20 times in the first ten minutes, which is unusual for Glee. Not to mention that the grads were back and it was Sectionals! So overall, I give ‘Thanksgiving’ a 7.5 out of 10. Here’s what happened…

It starts with us seeing the one person who has been MIA since Season 3 ended: Quinn. She starts singing right away on the stage. And soon enough, the other grads (minus Kurt and Rachel) come out and sing ‘Homeward Bound/Home’. They did a great job with it, I think. It was also really sweet to see them smile at each other as they sing. After the song,Quinn announces that they’re home for the holidays, like they agreed and Puck starts a group hug. Leave it to Puck to be the hug-starter, like in ‘New York’. BTW, his mohawk is gone!

In a voice over, Marley says how excited she is for Sectionals. We see her trying on her dress for her mother, who looks happy. Then she says that she hasn’t lost much weight, which she isn’t thrilled about. Not to mention that she’s worried about her role in Sectionals. She doesn’t want to let everyone down. She needs to be the best.

So the grads go out to dinner at Breadstix. It’s good to see them getting along and sharing stories about their new grad life. Quinn has been succeeding and enjoying life at Yale. Then they mention how they miss Kurt and Rachel. Finn doesn’t seemed bothered by it, though. Then he changes the subject by asking them for a favour. The favour ends up being mentoring. Finn pairs the newbies with the grads so they can learn from the “legends”. So Puck is with Jake, Quinn is with Kitty (a good match, if you ask me. And Kitty is super happy and such a suck-up), Santana with Marley, Mercedes with Wade and Mike with Ryder. Then Finn talks about Sectionals a bit. Turns out they need a dancer, to which Sam volunteers by standing up and showing off his body rolls from his days as White Chocolate. Oh, Sam. You know, Sam isn’t a bad dancer though. One thing I liked was that Santana was back to Santana’s ways.  We got several sassy comments (most directed to Finn). It was funny.

Jake and Ryder are still pals, which is good. And even though we never saw it, Jake and Marley did indeed go on a date. And Jake tells Ryder. He even says that he’ll end it if Ryder will be mad at him. I’m surprised that Jake values his new friendship with Ryder more than Marley, who he’s liked since the beginning of the year. But it is sweet. Maybe I underestimated Jake. I never really like him because he’s a ‘bad boy’ but maybe he’s not. He’s been showing real heart. But Ryder says he doesn’t have to stop it. I guess he understands that Jake really likes Marley.

Over in New York, Rachel and Kurt are walking. They decided that they’re not going to Lima for Thanksgiving even though Kurt kinda wants to. But they agree to make the most of their new boy-free life in New York. In fact, Kurt has even re-applied for NYADA. The two of them even decide to have a quiet Thanksgiving dinner, and make it the best ever. As much as I love them both, I feel that sometimes Rachel pressures Kurt into things. If Rachel wasn’t there, Kurt would be back in Lima for the holiday. But Rachel kinda makes him stay.

So Mike helps out ND by running a dance class for the guys. Jake seems to be struggling but Ryder stands out. He really wanted this, so that’s good. So Finn announces him lead male dancer.

The ND girls (and Wade) also get tips from Quinn, Brittany and Santana, or as they’re called, The Unholy Trinity. Quinn says that they knew each other so well that they could read each other like a book. They were three different people, as one dynamic trio. And to prove, they sing ‘Come See About Me’. Quinn takes lead and the song’s dance moves are similar to their first song, ‘Say A Little Prayer’. They do a good job. It’s good to see them together too and getting along.

After the song, in the hall, Kitty says that she idolizes Quinn. Like a die-hard fan. I think it’s sweet but a bit creepy. And that coming from a huge fangirl. Quinn asks about Marley, who didn’t look too well during the song. Kitty puts on her fake angel wings and says that Marley is a sweet girl who has been dating Jake, who has been apparently pressuring her. Lies.

Then we see Jake and Marley chatting in the hall. Jake tells her that he’s being nice to Ryder, which is why he’s not dancing male lead with Brittany at Sectionals. I think she is pleased about. Then she leaves, saying that she need to prepare for Sectionals so she won’t let anyone down.

Brody is back. And he’s teaching the dance class in place of Cassandra. Rachel is thrilled. NOT! In fact, she is mad at him and until he talks to her, she says nothing. But they end up chatting and Brody says that he’s sorry but since he and Rachel weren’t really an item, it shouldn’t make a difference to her. And so after he promises to never to it again, she forgives him (WHAT? HOW CAN SHE?) and they start talking about the holiday. Brody offers to come over and cook for her and Kurt and she agrees. What, can Kurt not cook anymore?

So as Puck and Jake talk in the hall about guy rules, Quinn comes over and demands that Jake stays away from Marley, who needs to be at her best for Sectionals. As much as we have to respect Quinn for looking out for Marley, it’s kinda harsh for her to assume that Jake is like his bro just because they have the same last name. And even though Jake protests, Quinn refuses to hear it and walks away. Okay so this has nothing to do with it really, but PUCK WAS WEARING A SCARF. Want proof?

The only guys I’ve seen wear a scarf on Glee was Kurt and Blaine, both of whom are gay. But it’s Puck, and he can rock pretty much anything (anyone remember his dress in ‘Props’?). So Puck’s scarf: hot or not? Tell me!

You know who else is back? Isabelle. Kurt talks to her at work one day. They chat about Thanksgiving and when Isabelle mentions she has no plans, Kurt invites her to their little party (Rachel, Brody and him were gonna be a party?) and she agrees and even says she’ll bring some friends. Then they start talking about Blaine. Isabelle seems to know all about him. But Kurt says that he and Blaine are done and even though Blaine offers his apologies quite regularly, he’s done. He even sent him a text confirming this. I can’t believe Kurt is that ready to end it. Does he not remember the last two years which have been amazing? Why, Kurt, WHYYY? But then Isabelle says that maybe he should forgive him or he may regret it. THANK YOU, ISABELLE. Kurt obviously values her opinion so maybe he will. He doesn’t reject the idea!

So Quinn gives Kitty some tips for Sectionals, which include winking at the judges. And as she leaves, Santana comes in. Santana says that she dislikes Kitty, but Quinn disagrees. I guess since she’s rarely worshiped, she can’t see through Kitty’s act. Santana also says she found laxatives in Marley’s bag (the stuff that makes you puke easier so she can stay thin) and she knows Kitty gave them to her. Quinn simply says that Santana is just jealous. Quinn goes on to say that she has a new boyfriend. The kicker? He’s a 35 year-old prof at Yale who smokes. Santana and Quinn then trade insults before Quinn slaps Santana, who replies with an equally as vicious slap. As Brittany comes in, Quinn leaves. Can I just say that I am very, very upset with Quinn. I never really liked her in Glee until she started hanging with Joe. And that, may I add, was never addressed at all. But now she’s dating some guy who is twice her age? Please, Quinn, NO.

Ryder is practicing his ‘Gangnam Style’ dance by listening to the song and reading the lyrics. Jake come and helps him a bit by giving his some tips. He even shows him how. Ryder is impressed with Jake’s moves. Jake says he took ballet. But when Ryder offers him the dance lead so they can win, Jake refuses but offers to help him. They start by watching the video on the Warblers’ laptop, which they have claimed as their own. They have a sticker to prove it.


So Brody cooks a turkey and gets Rachel to help. Yeah, they flirt as they butter a dead bird that they’ve named Tommy. I feel bad for Kurt. Then they start reminiscing about their first Sectionals, which leads to Marley giving herself a pep-talk in the bathroom. Yes, it’s Sectionals time. And Unique is back too. She is ready to perform, despite what his/her parents think. They rush into the choir room to do a show-circle, led by Joe, who prays. Then they all cheer as Sectionals begin. First up are the Warblers. They sing ‘Whistle’ first, with Hunter on lead. It’s good but not as good as their next song, ‘Live While We’re Young’, which has Sebastian on lead. Overall, the Warblers were great. Their dance moves were great and in sync and the songs were sung well. And I guess ND agrees with me because Marley looks like she’ll cry.

At the ‘party’, Rachel and Kurt talk quietly. Rachel looks a bit sad and they can both agree that they miss Lima just a bit. Then Brody serves the turkey, but just as he does, there’s a knock on the door and a bunch of randoms come in. They’re all Isabelle’s pals and most of them look like drag queens. Then Isabelle calls Kurt and that leads into ‘Let’s Have A Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time’. And that was weird. Kurt, Rachel, Isabelle and the randoms are all dancing to the CRAZIEST songs I have ever heard in my life. What on earth were the writers thinking?

Will is back! He takes a seat in the audience to watch Sectionals. The current group to perform is a bunch of randoms who look like they got their inspiration from Breaking Amish. They sing a random hillbilly song and we all know they’re just there to be a filler group. Sam even sees him and tells ND, which encourages them to do their best. But just as they’re getting ready to go on, Blaine’s phone rings. It’s Kurt. So naturally, he picks up. Blaine starts to apologize again, but Kurt cuts him off and says that he’s trying to forgive him. And even though he’s still mad at him, he misses him and that he’s still his best friend, which Blaine agrees with. So Kurt says that at Christmas they need to really talk and then maybe ice skate. Blaine wasn’t expecting that but is relieved either way. So Kurt wishes him luck at Sectionals. Then Blaine says he loves him, and Kurt says he loves him too. I’ll repeat that incase you missed it: KURT STILL LOVES BLAINE! ❤ Ahhhh I was so happy yet so sad. Because both Blaine and Kurt were crying and it was sad. But AHHHHH! When Kurt hangs up and goes back inside, he is hugged by Isabelle.

Marley, meanwhile, is near tears. She’s not feeling well (no kidding!), is nervous and even when Jake tries to calm her, she still cries. So Ryder decides to gives Jake the dance. They have to win. So Jake takes it and then it’s ND’s turn to perform. They start with ‘Gangnam Style’ sung by Tina. Their dancing is good and even Sam gets a little five second dance solo, which is good. At the end of the song, amongst the confetti and before they start the second song, Marley passes out on stage. OMG. So they all rush to her aid. And the episode ends.

So now we have to wait a week to find out if they win Sectionals or not. And what happens to Marley. But overall, it was a good episode. 😀 One thing, however, that I wasn’t happy about was the Sectionals competition. Glee changes around who ND faces when it fits them. Season 1 was the deaf group and the Jane Adams girl group. Season 2 had the Warblers and those old folks. Season 3 had TroubleTones and the Unitards (Harmony’s group). Now in Season 4, it’s the Warblers again and some Amish-looking group. I’m pretty sure that these things are decided based on location. And last time I checked, a school does not grow legs and get closer to another school. Just saying. I hope Quinn is back again.

Next week’s episode is called ‘Swan Song’ but I don’t know why. Here’s the promo:

It looks like Kitty’s little trick is revealed. And woah, disqualification? Woah. But I doubt they’ll be disqualified. And Finn and Sue fighting again? Hmmm. Singing in the snow? Fun. AND WOAH, SAM AND BRITTANY KISSING? No. No. NO. I ship Samcedes (what’s up with them?) and I kinda liked Brittana and now they’re kissing? WHY? And Kurt singing at NYADA? AHHHH! And lastly, no Sue, ND is not finished. Never!

So that’s all for now! What’re your thoughts? Excited for next week, 4×09? I am!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kay
    Dec 01, 2012 @ 00:07:25

    I liked this episode. I thought it was very good. Of course my favorite part of the episode was the phone call between Kurt and Blaine. I thought it was a very sweet phone call, and Darren and Chris did a really good job with the scene. Looking forward to the Christmas episode to see them together again. Any scene with those two guys together is worth it to me.

    The Warblers did a good job with “Whistle” but I thought the song was a little inappropriate for a high school competition (listen to the words and you will know what I mean – very suggestive). “Live While We’re Young” was good too. I wonder if they will win? The Mennonite group were good but the Warblers did better. “Gangnam Style” was good but since Marley collapsed at the end, I’m not sure if the New Directions will be able to go on after that. Blaine and Marley were supposed to sing a duet, so we will have to see who will sing with Blaine now (if they are even allowed to continue). So sad. Kitty should get in trouble for suggesting that Marley has a weight problem. Just look in a mirror, Marley. You are not fat AT ALL.

    Kurt is going to audition for NYADA for the winter quarter so that is why he will be performing, Wonder if he will get in this time? All in all, I thought this episode was very good except for the “Let’s Have a KiKi”/”Turkey Lurkey Time” mashup – that was just all kinds of weird IMO. Thanks for the recap. You do a really good job. Have a great weekend.


    • pottergleefan4
      Dec 01, 2012 @ 19:47:51

      The Klaine phone call was amazing.
      The Warblers were amazing. But I totes agree with you about ‘Whistle’.
      I wonder if we’ll see the rest of Sectionals next episode so we may see a duet with Blaine and someone else (if Marley can’t sing it).
      I’d like to slap Kitty. She’s meaner than Santana or Quinn ever were because they didn’t try to kill anyone. I’d also like to knock some sense into Marley for believeing what Kitty says anyways.
      I ca’t wait for Kurt re-try for NYADA. In the promo, he looks surprised when Carmen calls him but that may be from another scene that is edited together in the promo. The Kiki song was very weird. I can’t get over it. How is that even a song? Who wrote that? WHY?
      Thanks 🙂


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