‘Swan Song’ Songs

Hahaha try saying that ten times fast!

But yes, the songs are here. I still have no idea why the episode is called ‘Swan Song’ so maybe listening to the songs will help us understand. As I write this, I haven’t heard all the songs. I’m listening to them right now and you should too so here you go:

‘Being Alive’ (from Company) sung by Kurt

‘Being Good Isn’t Good Enough’ (by Barbra Streisand) sung by Rachel

‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ (by Crowded House) sung by New Directions

‘Something Stupid’ (by Frank Sinatra and Nancy Sinatra) sung by Sam and Brittany

‘All That Jazz’ (from Chicago) sung by Cassandra and Rachel

‘Oh Holy Night’ sung by Rachel from Glee: The Christmas Album

So those are the songs.

Kurt’s song is good but not amazing. Anything Kurt sings is obviously magical, but I think my fave Kurt solo song is still ‘Some People’ or ‘Blackbird’. I read that it’s a bit of a last minute song so maybe that’s why it’s not an amazing song.

Rachel’s song is good and it really brings us back to the Rachel we all knew: the annoying girl who sings Barbra and who must be the best. I’m also pretty sure this is my parent’s theme song for when I bring home marks that aren’t bad but aren’t up to par. I swear instead of a lecture, they should just play this really loud at me. 😛

This is the song that ND sings outside as it snows, as we saw in the promo. I think that this is my fave song of the episode. It’s so uplifting. I just hope it’s not a happy song they sing in hopes to make up for the fact that maybe they lose Sectionals….:S

Sam and Brittany’s song sounds, in a word, Mexican. It’s cute and it’s making it really hard not to start shipping them. But I pledge my allegiance to Samcedes.

Rachel and Cassandra team up for a song from Chicago. It’s okay but not amazing. :S

Last is a song from the first Christmas CD that Glee put out. I have no idea why they’re using it now and I also have no idea why Rachel sings it in an non-Christmas episode. I mean, she does a good job with it and all, but it’s kinda two years too late. :S

So that’s all the songs. What say you? 😀


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