4×09 Swan Song

First things first. Who saw Cory Monteith on Ellen yesterday? I DID. And he’s so hot and he knows his ship name and it was so cute.

Okay now for what you actually came here for: last night’s episode. It was called ‘Swan Song’ and if I’m being totally honest, I’m still not sure why. Is it some musical theater term that I don’t know? Finn says it once, but I don’t get it. Anyways, it wasn’t an amazing episode. The first half was a bit….boring, but it picked up for the second half. It had some crazy twists and some funny parts and the music was cool. But overall, it wasn’t the best. I give it a 6.5 out of 10. Here’s what happened…

It starts off right where we left off: Marley passing out on stage. ND carries her into the choir room and they try to help her. But she refuses food (really, still?) and is a bit overwhelmed by all the ND members trying to help her. Will comes in and says they better leave her and hurry back out for their second song or they’ll be disqualified. But it’s too late. Sue comes in and says they lost to the Warblers and ND is done. Woah. I mean, I’m all for a little shake up in the plots, but what on earth is ND supposed to do for the rest of the season if they aren’t going to Regionals?

Over in New York, Kurt hears the news from Blaine that they lost and he informs Rachel. Rachel considers calling Finn, but decides against it. Kurt and Rachel start talking about NYADA. Kurt says he re-applied. Then he asks Rachel about NYADA’s Winter Showcase, which, as Kurt proceeds to tell us, is a competition between 10 of NYADA’s best students that are invited. The winners in past years have gone on to great things. As Kurt explains this, we see Carmen writing these pretty invitations and she gives the last one to….RACHEL. Aw, how amazing for her. She looks so shocked and happy.

Now that Glee club is over, Sue has taken over the choir room. Her Cheerios strip it of anything Glee related in order to make room for Sue’s new idea, ‘Sue du Soleil’. If you ask me, that sounds pretty silly and very entertaining. Finn comes in and tries to stop her but it’s Sue; she can’t be stopped. Finn puts his foot down and refuses to let her take their Nationals Trophy. They end up shuffling to see Figgins. And yes, I do mean shuffling. They’re both holding the trophy as they shuffle. But Figgins does not give Finn the answer he wants. He says that there is no room for ND to rehearse. Not even the auditorium. Again, I repeat: April Rhodes Civic Pavillion. Will and Finn try to fight for this, but to no avail. So Sue asks for the keys to the choir room, which Finn reluctantly hands over. And when Sue offers to break the news to ND, Finn says he’ll do it himself.

In her own office, Sue stares at her keys and tells Becky that she still feels empty. And even a bit guilty. She doesn’t know how the members will cope without Glee. But then something CRAZY happens. Like super CRAZY. I screamed because it was so crazy. You know Brad, the piano man? HE SPOKE. Yeah, he comes in Sue’s office and says he’s glad that Glee is over because he hated the kids. They were so demanding and now he’s free. BRAD. WOW. You know, I can’t decided if I’m happy that we finally heard him speak or upset that three years of silence of over. It’s like a legacy that ended.

So Finn and Will have to tell ND the sad news. They’re upset at first and go on to blame Marley. But Will and Finn say that even though they can’t use the choir room, or anywhere else in the school for that matter, they can still sing. In fact, they’re gonna be singing at a Christmas concert or something. Yay and all that, but the Seniors, who won’t have a next year to try again, don’t look happy at all.

In the hall, Brittany is walking when she sees a trail of Cheerios (the cereal, not the cheerleaders) and follows them by eating them one by one. I’m wondering how they’re not crushed. People are stepping over them in the halls, but in a real school, they’d be crushed in ten seconds flat. Hahahah flat….get it? The trail takes her to Sam, who’s waiting in a classroom with the band. He says that he’s always liked her and she replied by saying he’s awesome. Notice how she doesn’t say she liked him back. Sam says that he wants to sing with her so they sing ‘Something Stupid’. It’s cute and they have chemistry, but I still think they should not be a couple. Sam and Mercedes are the best (in my opinion) and Sam saying he’s always liked her is just a slap in the face for fans like me. After the song, Sam tries to kiss her, but Brittany pulls away saying that she likes him and his lips, but she’s afraid the lesbians online will get mad and hurt him. I have no idea how or why or what even. But Brittany ends up leaving, even when Sam says he’s not scared.

At Rachel’s dance class, Cassandra is back to her evil ways. She singles out Rachel and proceeds to say that Rachel is still awful. And when Rachel says she’s improved a lot, Cassandra straight up disagrees and they have a sing/dance off. They sing ‘All That Jazz’ from Chicago. Overall, and it is obvious, Cassandra is a better dancer. That’s why she’s a teacher. But Rachel excels vocally and she says that too. So she decides that for the Winter Showcase, she’ll sing. And Rachel walks out of the class. Can Cassandra just stop being such an (insert rude, inappropriate word here)?

So Kurt goes to see Carmen for feedback on his application. Carmen doesn’t look too thrilled to see him and when he asks, she says his audition (which we don’t see) was great, just like the first, but it was emotionless and boring. You know, she’s right. Kurt’s first audition was fun and happy and not emotional. Where as Rachel’s are always sad and teary. She doesn’t offer him another try and sends him out. Poor Kurt. At least he has Vogue, right?

In a way to deal with the loss of their beloved Glee club, all of ND’s members have joined other teams/clubs. Artie’s on the marching band, Ryder and Jake are on the basketball team, Unique is doing floor hockey, Blaine and Tina are on the Cheerios (they joined willingly) and Joe is in a religious paint ball group “where Jews, Muslims and Christians can get together and shoot each other in peace” or something. We even see a clip and I was laughing so loud. That school really does have a club for everything! But when the next Glee meeting rolls around, Finn is super upset to see that they’ve all moved on and it’s only been two days. Then he says the only rehearsal time he could get was late at night. But no one seems thrilled, except Marley. Tina blames her again and then everyone but Marley and Finn leave with no promise to come to the next meeting. So Finn and Marley are left alone and the lights turn off. Seriously, why do lights always shut off so fast on stages? Who turns them off? This confuses me.

It looks like Brittany has reconsidered Sam because she asks him out. On a date. The downside? It’s at the same time as the next Glee meeting. But Sam says yes and when Brittany says that the the online lesbians will hopefully understand, they kiss. Ugh. Can I just say that maybe the whole online lesbian thing is a shot at the people online who HATE Bram (Brittany and Sam) because they love Brittana and have been sending major hate to Ryan Murphy and Glee. I may be wrong, but at the same time, it would make sence (except that they’re not all lesbians)….

It’s time for the Winter Showcase. It takes place in the Round room with the sound panels all over so there’s no echo. I’ve been in a room like that and they’re cool….but it was at a nuclear power plant so it wasn’t really as fun. Reigning winner Alexandria something (I forgot her last name) does some weird ballet dance thingy first that we don’t really see. Outside the Round room, Rachel is greeted by Brody, who says she’ll be great. Rachel says she’s not nervous and kisses him because, as she says after, she’s going to do things like she’ll never get the chance to again. And that includes sing because Rachel gets up in a pretty white dress and sings ‘Being Good Isn’t Good Enough’. She does amazing with it and the audience agrees because she gets a standing ovation after. Kurt and Brody cheer and Brody yells for an encore so Rachel sings ‘O Holy Night’ from Season 1’s Christmas CD. And again, she does amazing. During ‘O Holy Night’ we see Finn in the choir room, which is Sue’s circus room. Finn packs up the trophies and the pictures and stuff. It’s quite sad. But then we go back to Rachel, who gets another standing ovation. Did anyone notice Ellie from Season 1 of The Glee Project (the short girl) in the crowd? I did right away! Rachel starts crying at the love the crowd gives and she goes over to Kurt and Brody. Carmen gets up and says the most shocking thing of the episode: Kurt can perform. And Kurt freaks out. He’s so unprepared, so nervous and so scared. Rachel tries to calm him and when Kurt suggest singing ‘Being Alive’ Rachel automatically agrees. Then she says that her fave song Kurt ever sang was ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ because he dedicated it to his dad. So Kurt asks who he could dedicate this song to. Rachel says himself. Um, Rachel, that is false. The correct answer is Blaine. Anyhoo, Kurt goes up and sings ‘Being Alive’. And naturally, he does amazing with it. I don’t think he cried enough, though. He only started really crying at the end when everyone gave him a standing ovation. :S

So remember how Rachel and Finn agreed to never speak to each other again? Yeah well that’s over. Rachel calls Finn. At first Finn is a bit upset and thinks she’s only calling to give him her sympathy. But she’s not. Then he asks how her competition thing went. And guess what? SHE WON. Rachel Berry won the Winter Showcase. Take that, Cassandra! Then Rachel says that they should not give up on his dream and not to give up on the Glee club. She reminds him about Glee and all the great things that they’ve got out of it: friendship, music, fun and, of course, romance. Aw! So Finn goes to the late Glee rehearsal and only Marley shows up. She says that she even found a place for ND to sing. I feel bad for Marley. She’s obviously trying to be an extra great teammate to make up for the fact that losing Sectionals was kinda her fault and she feels bad. So Finn takes Rachel’s tips into account and writes an email to all the Glee members saying that Rachel won her competition and she inspired him to keep trying for their goal too. So he asks them all to come to Marley’s new spot to sing and keep bringing a member of ND. We see some of them reading that email. But when the time comes, only Marley and Finn are outside. Yes, Marley’s location was the steps outside at school (where Blaine sang ‘It’s Time’). And just when Marley is ready give up and Finn looks like he’s gonna cry, Finn decides to sing anyways. He and Marley start singing ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, which, for me, is the best song of the episode. And slowly but surely, all of ND comes and joins in. It’s a happy song that’s hiding the message that they lost Sectionals and they have no plans for the year. Yay. But here’s the super news: during the song, we see Kurt in their apartment and he’s got a letter in his hands. Rachel comes in and Kurt says it’s from NYADA. He got in!!!! Kurt Hummel will now be attending NYADA. AAAAH! I mean, we all assumed he’d get in but now it’s legit! The episode ends with ND out in the snow grinning at each other as the song ends.

So that’s it. Like I said, the last half was better and it had some great moments (Finchel talking, Kurt’s acceptance, Blaine in a Cheerios uniform ;)….). And I am still like 60% sure that somehow, ND will make it to Regionals. Maybe the Warblers will step down. My friend thinks that maybe Sue will do something, as she is still feeling guilty. I think she may be right. But it would be incredibly stupid and pointless to have 13 more episodes of ND feeling sad and doing nothing.

Next week is the Christmas episode. Oooh! It’s called ‘Glee, Actually’ and it’s based of Love, Actually and It’s A Wonderful Life, both of which I have yet to see. But here is the promo.

Okay so Mayan Apocalypse? Did anyone else think of Starkid? And Sam proposing to Brittany? Where did he get money to buy that? Is he still poor or not? And EXCUSE ME BURT HUMMEL, YOU’RE THE BEST DAD ALL BUT DID YOU JUST STEAL BLAINE’S MOVE? Not allowed. I’m serious, Blaine better be right behind him too and telling him to do that. Because that is just….mean. And Kurt’s reaction is the exact same too. He’s even wearing the same sort of clothing. DEJA VU, much? How can ND have ‘elaborate productions’ with no place to sing? OMG maybe Sue is being nice again! And Glee never happened? I have to admit, I am SUPER EXCITED. But….why can Artie walk? And OMG Terri is back! I know she’s crazy and all, but I missed her. She was funny. I’m also glad Artie gets a big role in this episode. You know what else I heard that may/may not be real? I heard that when Rory comes back, he’ll be Artie’s dream angel or something. I think that’ll be a hoot. And of course, even though it wasn’t in the promo, all the Klainers are super excited for Kurt and Blaine to go skating and sing and be adorbs.

So that’s what happened and what will come. Any thoughts? 🙂 Who ships Bram?

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. littlemissobsessivesanatomy
    Dec 08, 2012 @ 08:47:02

    i dont think Bram is a good idea..i mean they both are cute but still sam and brittany as a couple …nah!
    sam and quinn looked good though


    • pottergleefan4
      Dec 08, 2012 @ 19:31:22

      I agree. They’re like the cute blonde couple but it’s like they’re just settleing for each other because Santana broke up with Brittany and Mercedes and Sam are over, I guess.
      Sam and Quinn were cute, but their relationship moved too fast. Sam gave her a promise ring after knowing her for like a week and after that Quinn got kinda controlling.
      Sam and Mercedes are it for me. 🙂


  2. Kay
    Dec 08, 2012 @ 11:28:31

    I know New Directions lost at Sectionals, but since it was due to illness and they technically didn’t get to finish their performance, maybe they can try to get a re-do (not sure of the technical name) to try again. Anyway, what do other Glee clubs do when they don’t win at a competition – there season is over as well. Only one winner at those things (or can be a tie sometimes). I just think Sue had Kitty mess with Marley so that the ND would lose so she could take over the Glee club funding and put it into her Cheerios fund which would be illegal so maybe they can file an injunction and get it reversed so they can get their funding back. Sue is a bit*h and should not be allowed to get away with what she does.
    I am glad the ND members finally came to the final rehearsal and will still be together. Blaine looked really cute as a Cheerio, didn’t he?
    I am glad Kurt was finally accepted into NYADA. I liked his song that he sang for the audition. It made me cry.
    I know Kurt and Blaine made plans to spend Christmas together, but I think the surprise is that Burt comes to NY and Blaine does too (when Kurt talked to Blaine on the phone last week he made it sound like he was coming to Ohio for Christmas).
    Either way, I am excited to see next week’s episode. Of course we will have a month long wait for the next episode in January! I hate those long breaks.


    • pottergleefan4
      Dec 08, 2012 @ 19:39:28

      I wish ND could try and have a re-do, but I can’t see that going over well with the Warblers. When a group loses, they’re done with competitions. When ND lost Regionals in Season 1, they simply started summer break early.
      I don’t think Sue was behind Kitty’s work. Kitty just disliked Marley on her own accord. It would make sense if Sue was, but I don’t think so. Sue wouldn’t try to kill someone; that’s a bit too far. But I agree, she is pure evil.
      Blaine is an adorable Cheerio. I wish he wasn’t one, because Sue doesn’t deserve his awesomeness, but he looks good in the uniform.
      Kurt deserved NYADA. That was obvious way back in Season 3. So I too am glad he got in. I’d like to see how he make out in Cassandra’s dance classes and he’s probably an even worse dancer than Rachel
      Can you imagine Blaine and Burt getting in a car and driving from Lima to New York? That would be an awkward drive for both of them. I guess they’d talk about sports or something the whole time.
      I can’t wait for next week’s episode. Klaine and Christmas: two of my favourite things! ❤


  3. Anonymous
    Dec 09, 2012 @ 13:20:43

    Is it possible to kill marley character????? On sectional, why would she be nervous as hell when tina did the singing?????


  4. Aud
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 22:22:02

    Okay. So just gunna say this for fun the Alexandria lady was dressed up as like someone from the black swan. And I’m super sad because next week I can’t watch glee because I have a late practice. Not so happy. This episode i didnt like Bram…. so even more upset about nxt episode.


    • pottergleefan4
      Dec 12, 2012 @ 15:55:28

      Even though I’ve never seen Black Swan, I thought that too when I first saw it so great minds think alike, I guess XD.
      I promise I’ll write up an totally awesome report on Friday so you can catch up becuase I’ve missed Glee before and IT SUCKS.
      And I dislike Bram too. They’re too sudden and forced, almost. :S


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