4×10 Glee, Actually

Merry Christmas, peeps! Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s not really Christmas yet. But on Glee last night, it was! Yes, last night was the sweet and holiday-filled episode of Glee, 4×10 ‘Glee, Actually’. It was actually (see what I did there?) a good episode. In most episodes, I want to slap some sense in to a few characters but last night, I didn’t ever want to because it was just so happy and fun and fulled with holiday cheer. So I give ‘Glee, Actually’ a 7.5 out of 10. It was cute, funny, surprising and here’s what happened…

It starts with Sue’s Journal. If you saw the sneak peek video a few days ago, that’s it. It was basically just Sue telling us that the episode of Glee would be like the movie Love, Actually in the sense that each scene was a different storyline. You’ll see what I mean.

Then we see Artie, furiously shoving a mess of papers into his locker. But that’s not the alarming part. He’s got scratches on his hand and on his face. Finn sees and asks what happened and Artie says the ramp wasn’t salted so he slipped and fell. So Finn takes him to the nurse where Artie grumbles about how if he could walk, it wouldn’t be an issue. We’ve never seen Artie show any angst about being in the wheelchair so I think this made it more realistic. Finn helps him onto the bed thing in the nurse’s office and Artie falls into a restless sleep. And he has a dream. In his dream, which pays homage to the other Christmas movie this episode was based on, It’s A Wonderful Life, he wakes up in a black and white world and can actually walk. He stands up, all confused and walks into the hall to find school in session. Artie then sees his friends. He sees Tina, dressed like a goth again. Artie takes to her but she acts as if he’s a random person and stutters away. Yes, Tina stutterers again. Artie is super confused now, but it’ll all be explained by a very magical person: Rory. Yes, Rory is back. I may or may not have screamed even though I knew he’d be back. Rory says that this is what the world would be like if he never got in his car accident and could always walk. Becky is preggers because no one showed her any kindness like Artie had in his life. All the Glee guys were mean jocks again and were beating up poor Kurt, who apparently never graduated because he was too scared to come to school. But when Artie asks about Blaine, Kurt said he had no idea who he was and quietly walks off. So Artie moves on to find Mr. Schue in the choir room trying to learn Spanish, but he’s too drunk to make any progress. Terri comes in (yay she’s back too!) and says she need Will’s paycheck, which he hands over. Artie asks where Emma Pillsbury is and Terri says she’s in Hawaii with her hubby Ken Tanaka (OMG remember him?). Terri also has a fake baby with her but tells Artie that Will is too drunk to notice. Wow. So Artie goes to the library and finds Rachel, quietly putting away books. She, too, has no idea who Artie is and when he tries to take her hand, she screams and so Artie runs off, super scared. On the stage, Rory tells him that everyone is different because there was no Glee all because Artie could walk. Rory says that Artie was Glee’s glue. So Artie decides to make everyone remember. He calls them to the choir room, which is Sue’s craft room. He sings an upbeat version of ‘Feliz Navidad’ in an attempt to make them all remember who they were.

But at the end, all the happens is Finn informs him how gay that performance was…”That was….so gay!” So Artie runs into the hall and sees a wheelchair. Rory appears and says it’s Quinn’s. She was texting and driving and got herself into a wheelchair, but since Artie wasn’t there to help her, she ended up dying. So Artie gives up and sits back in the chair. He wakes up from his dream and colour returns to our TVs. Now Artie has a new perspective on life and tells Finn that his wheelchair helped shape who he is and is a part of him. 🙂 How sweet! The one thing I found was wrong with this was that Rachel wasn’t singing. Without Glee, she worked as a quiet librarian person, but even before Artie and them all were in Glee, Rachel was in the Glee club that was run by Sandy. And she has been singing since she was little. So it’s kinda hard to believe that without Artie, she never sang again…. But I liked seeing Rory again. I’ve missed his accent. On a semi-related note, Damian Mcguinty, who plays him, released an EP this week. Just so you know.

In New York, Rachel is leaving for a cruise with her dads and is all packed to go. Kurt on the other hand, is saving his money for NYADA so is staying in NYC alone this holiday season. But then they hear a knock on the door and Father Of The Year, Burt Hummel shows up. And he brought a tree, which they didn’t have. Burt tells Rachel that the tree was Kurt’s mother’s tradition and after she died, they almost forgot to do it and when Burt had remembered and got a tree, it was the first time Kurt had smiled since the death. AW. That’s so sweet. Before Rachel leaves, Burt gives her a gift, an apple ornament, which Rachel hangs on the tree. Then Burt and Kurt go out for food. They sit in a little cafe thing and then it gets serious. Burt says he has prostate cancer. OMG. That’s serious and I would know because my grandfather had it. Kurt starts freaking out but Burt says he’s okay and they caught it early so it’s likely that he’ll be fine. The Kurt says he always wants Burt to be there. I was near tears. It was so sad. They go back to Kurt’s place and Kurt starts getting frantic again, asking if he wants food or drink or something. But Burt calms him down and they start talking about happy traditions they have. Like when Burt watches basketball and Kurt not-so-secretly reads Vogue. Or how they exchange one gift on Christmas Eve, which they proceed to do. Kurt gives Burt a NYADA cap and shirt, which Burt loves. Then Burt says his gift too Kurt is too big to wrap so he must go pick it up at a certain address. So Kurt goes and the address turns out to be an ice rink. And the gift is Blaine. Blaine skates up and surprises Kurt and explains that Burt called him up, told him everything (including the cancer, I assume) and flew him out to NYC for Christmas. I was just overjoyed. Burt got Kurt Blaine for Christmas. How adorbs. Kurt is happy so see Blaine, but looks a bit awkward, which is understandable. Blaine says that he wants to continue their tradition of singing Christmas duets. So Kurt puts on his skates and they sing a super cute version of ‘White Christmas’. It’s just so perfect. And during the song, we see Burt watching them. I think he is trying to get Blaine and Kurt back together on the off-chance that maybe his cancer gets worse and so then Kurt won’t have no one. After they skate, the bell tolls, signalling that it’s midnight and also Christmas Day. Blaine tells Kurt that even if they’re not together, they will always be there for each other. By now I was about to explode from cuteness overload. I was quite literally screaming into a pillow. Then Kurt and Blaine hug.


Back in Lima, Jake is still getting teased by the jocks. And when they start scrapping, Puck (yes, Puck!) jumps in and stops it. Then Puck says that Jake is not okay, even though Jake says he is. So after Puck telling him that he’s now a screenwriter, he invites her little half-bro to spend the holidays in LA. So they drive there…on Puck’s motorcycle. In LA, Puck takes him to a movie set, where he got a pass and they run around and sing ‘Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah’. They even get tattoos of the star of David. After that, they relax in a huge, luxurious house that Puck tells Jake he owns because LA has been totally working out for him. And just when Jake was getting super impressed, the house’s real owners come home. Puck is just their pool boy and the real owners came back from vaycay early. As they leave, Puck finally admits to Jake that LA sucks, he’s lonely and he’s not doing very well and he wanted to impress him, but it was all a lie. So the bros decided to head back to Lima. Puck suggests that Jake and his mom get dinner with him and his mom because Puck’s sister will be hanging with her Christian friends. I’m only mentioning this because I’m glad Glee remembers he has a sister. We only saw her for five seconds in Season 1 so I was sure they’d ignore this fact, but they didn’t! Anyways, they end up getting dinner. Puck, Jake, Puck’s mom and Jake’s mom eat at Breadstix. At first it was tense because after all, both mothers had history with Puck and Jake’s deadbeat of a father. But before it gets mean, Puck and Jake stop it and say that they all can agree their father was a loser and now they have this cool family, which they should enjoy. So they toast to that.

As we all know, the world is supposed to end on December 21st, the date of the Mayan Apocalypse. No one believes that. Well, no one but Brittany. She blew all her savings and bought expensive gifts for her friends in ND. At first they’re confused but Brittany explains she’s simply making the most of her last few days. Then Sam comes and tells her that he, too, is a believer. And he’s done all these calculations to prove it. So they decide that in their last few days, they’re gonna be honest with everyone. And they call all their ND pals to the library where they start saying their deepest thoughts. But no one wants to sit and be insulted, to they all leave, leaving Sam and Brittany by themselves. So Sam decides to sing ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and a whole bunch of Cheerios dance and join in. After the song, which was funky and upbeat, Sam gets down on one knee and proposes to Brittany, who says yes. They get married in the locker room at school and the wedding is officiated by Coach Beiste, who says she got a license to do apocalyptic marriages online. So Sam and Brittany say their vows, which, if I actually liked them as a couple, I’d think were cute. Then they kiss. Four days later, we see them in Brittany’s room, which is stocked with junk food. Sam turns on his laptop and sees that it’s December 22nd. They survived (wow, shocker!). And they realize they are also now married.

In the school staff room, Beiste is organizing the staff Secret Santa and Sue draws a name. She gets Millie Rose, who is Marley’s mom. We then see Sue giving Becky an array of gifts and both Sue and Becky get upset. Becky is upset because she’s not getting any good gifts and Sue is upset because she has no idea what to get Millie. So Sue walks down to the kitchen where she hears and sees Marley and her mom talking about the holidays. Millie says they’re not getting any gifts and no tree and all their saved money is going to a therapist so Marley can get help for ger eating disorder. I’m glad Marley accepts her issue and is willing to get help because so far, no one has mentioned how serious Marley’s problem is. They’ve all just been blaming her for their Sectionals loss. Anyways, Millie says if Marley wants to get her a gift, she should sing. So Marley does. She sings a gorgeous version of ‘The First Noel’ and her mother says that it’s the best gift ever. This whole time, Sue’s been watching and sees the error in her ways. She and Becky take Sue’s super expensive tree she cut down and sell it to a fancy toothpick maker and use the money to get some gifts. We see Millie and Marley in their house and they notice that someone broke in, left a huge Christmas tree, many great gifts, and lots of money. They’re happily surprised and Sue and Becky, who are watching through the window, look proud. Oh, Sue, you do have a heart!

So this is where all the story lines come together. Puck and Jake bond over the fact that their moms are now friends. Puck then says he’s gonna move back to Lima. Afterall, he can be a screenwriter anywhere. Jake is thrilled. I’m glad because Puck and Jake are so awesome together and maybe now we’ll see more of Puck. Across the restaurant, we see Beiste telling Brittany and Sam that she never got a wedding licence. Brittany admits that she feels empty now that she’s still alive. So Beiste, in hopes to raise their spirits, pretends to get a phone alert and says that the Mayans have a new Apocalypse, which is on September 27, 2014. And Bram believes it. In NYC, Blaine, Burt and Kurt watch basketball. And after twenty seconds of sitting down, Kurt reaches for his Vogue magazine. The best part? Blaine and Burt had a bet on how long it would take Kurt to pick it up. Burt won. It was just so cute and happy. Then Burt asks Blaine about plans after Grad and Blaine says he’s considering NYADA. Kurt says that’d be cool. I think it’d be super cute if they both went to NYADA. Mille walks into Sue’s office and thanks her for the gifts. She bribed Becky to tell her. And when she tries to give Sue back come money, Sue refuses it and says she knows the money will be used well. Then Millie takes Sue to the auditorium where Marley and ND can thank Sue in the best way they know how: singing. They sing ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. Jake and Puck sing at Breadstix, as does Bram. Klaine sings in NYC as they set the table for dinner and Blaine is staring at Kurt with love filled eyes. After ND end the song, which was great, Sue is smiling, which is rare, and then ND yell “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”.

The end. Yes, it was a good episode filled with happiness and holiday cheer. And great music, because like Buddy The Elf says, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is signing loud for all to hear.” It was also good for Artie to get a bigger role and be known as the glue of ND because in a way, it’s cute. And naturally, I’m glad that Klaine are talking. I mean, I so want them to be in love again, but I guess friends is better than nothing.

Glee doesn’t come back until January 24th but we did get a promo for the next episode, 4×11 called ‘Sadie Hawkins’. Here it is:

Sadie Hawkins! I’m both excited and nervous. And we see Kurt at NYADA with some sword fighters…..cool. And a shirtless Sam, which is ALWAYS welcomed on my TV. Always. And a shirtless Brody. Even though I dislike him, his abs are also welcome on my TV anytime. And Rachel! How could you! What happened to the Rachel who, in Season 1, said she’d do anything to be a star except for animal abuse and nudity? Is the topless scene for Spring Awakening, perhaps? Hahahaha who gets that joke? Anyone?

So that’s all for now. I’ll prolly be posting throughout the holiday season, but not as often. But check in when you can and have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

P.S. Notice for all the Starkid fans: AVPSY script and album in like three hours!!!! I’m DEAD.

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 10:17:59

    I was about halfway through the article (which has been awesome as always!) when I found something I couldn’t make heads or tales of… Yes, I missed this ep too. I feel so awkward… But anyway, about the confusing part, here it is:
    “The he says that Jake is not okay. So after telling him that he’s a screenwriter…”

    I hate to point this out in a public comment, but I don’t know how else to contact you about it. Maybe a word or two is/are missing? Why isn’t Jake okay? And who’s a screenwriter? I doubt it’s Jake, but that’s how it sounds to me.

    One other thing:

    “…because Puck’s sister will be hanging with her Christian friends. I’m only mentioning this because I’m glad Glee remembers she has a sister.”

    ‘She’ who? Are we still talking about Puck? I’m wondering if this mistake could be like what I do sometimes, mixing up pronouns when I’m not concentrating hard enough. Again, I’d rather have told you about these things more privately, but I don’t know how. Feel free to delete my comment after you’ve read it.

    Those two aside, thank you for posting this! I can’t wait to see the episode for myself ASAP! ❤


    • pottergleefan4
      Dec 16, 2012 @ 11:42:35

      Thanks for pointing that out! I write my posts and scan over them for mistakes before posting but I’m usually so lazy that I miss stuff so seriosuly thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it already. 😛
      I’m normally such a grammer Nazi but even Nazis need a break XD


      • Rebecca Ripple
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 11:53:37

        Whew! I’m so glad; I was worried it would be embarrassing or sound bossy or something… 🙂 Thanks for replying.

        By the way, did this:
        “After that, they relax in a huge, luxurious house that Puck tells Jake he owns because LA has been totally working out for him. And just when Jake was getting super impressed, the house’s real owners come home.”
        …remind you of Will meeting April for the first time since their school days in Season 1? I dunno if that was how it looked in the show, but it sure sounds similar. Hahee!

      • pottergleefan4
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 11:59:09

        Yes it does! 😀 The difference is Puck was kinda embarassed and felt bad but April didn’t care and was too drunk to be embarassed.

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 12:07:07

        Ohh, I getcha. Poor Puck… 😦

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 11:57:40

        And OMG, first the heart problems, now cancer? Poor Burt! That is so sad… I really hope he makes it… I don’t want another Funeral episode! EVER!

      • pottergleefan4
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 12:01:28

        I KNOW! Burt has been nothing but loving and supportive and the best father of life and Glee decides to just throw sickness at him. LIKE REALLY? Poor Kurt. Even I would cry at Burt’s funeral. However, if you ask me, I don’t think Glee would ever kill off Burt. They’d get sooooo much hate for that.

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 12:06:07

        To be perfectly honest, I’m starting to doubt whether RIB and the rest of the Glee creators care how much hate they get anymore… but I hope you’re right.

      • pottergleefan4
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 12:08:58

        Probably not. They know that we’ll still watch no matter what. But they’d cross a line if they go killing off people. Break ups can change but death can’t.

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Dec 16, 2012 @ 12:19:24

        Scary thought… 😦 *still crying off and on about the Newtown, CT tragedy*

  2. Kay
    Dec 16, 2012 @ 14:31:35

    I liked the episode, but personally my favorite part was the NYC scenes. They were very special and I wish half the episode could have focused on Klaine and Burt but I guess that is asking for too much. I was sad to hear Burt’s news also, but hopefully they did catch it early and it is curable and he will be around for a long time. I just love Burt. I lost my mom last year to cancer and so I know how devastating it is (my dad died 14 years ago of heart attack) so I felt bad for Kurt. But anyway, I hope he will be OK. I enjoyed “White Christmas” and the ice skating – so neat to see Kurt and Blaine together again, even if it was for a short time. Glad Burt brought Blaine to NY to spend time with them. The rest if the episode was OK but I don’t believe in that Mayan Apocolpyse stuff – only God knows when the world is going to end – so I didn’t really care for that. Anyway, it was a good episode but I think I liked season 3 Christmas episode better. Oh well, it was a new
    Glee so I was happy about that. Now we have to wait til Jan 17 for Sadie Hawkins episode. Long time til then! Thanks for the recap.


    • pottergleefan4
      Dec 16, 2012 @ 15:03:49

      If Glee had one episode all about Klaine and Burt, that would be the highest rated episode ever. And probably the best. But alas…that’s just a fantasy.
      I’m so sorry about your mom. That must be rough. ❤
      Klaine is destined to be together so I'll put up with the awkward friendship for now.
      I don't believe that Apocolypse stuff either…I have stuff to read and watch next year so I kinda need life for that.
      I liked this year's Christmas episode better than Season 3's. I wasn't a fan of Season 3's very much.
      I heard that Glee comes back on January 24th….which means it's an ever longer time!


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    Jan 18, 2013 @ 05:47:15

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    • pottergleefan4
      Jan 18, 2013 @ 07:57:28

      Um wow I’m probably not the best person to ask but okay. Sometimes I plan what I’m going to write before I do it. Sometimes even a day before. I also try and get in ‘the zone’ when I write. I find that when I’m ‘the zone’ I end up liking what I write better. I don’t consciously clear my head. I just focus on the topic that I’m writing about. That way, I can still think of what to write.
      Hope that helps! 🙂 Thanks!


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