Promos, Pregnancies And People

The three P’s! Since my last post, there has been a whirlwind of spoilers and now I’ll share! ūüėõ

Pregnancies: So what we know is that Will and Emma are getting married for real on Valentine’s Day. All of ND’s past a present members will be getting a date and coming. The other day, Ryan Murphy, via twitter, said that two couples will be reuniting at Valentine’s Day and one of them¬†may be pregnant. May. So that means it could be anyone, I suppose. There’s the obvious ones like Rachel or Santana but then there’s the possibility of it being anyone from Tina to Quinn to Mercedes. I mean, maybe it’s Sam and Mercedes who get back together? Or Quinn and Puck? The thing with Glee is that we never know until it happens. What we also know regarding the wedding is that Blaine is Kurt’s date. YAY. And, according to the twitter, they also get their mack on, if you catch my drift. Can February 14th come any sooner?

Promo: Yup, there’s a new promo for 4×11 ‘Sadie Hawkins’….

We see some pics from the Sadie Hawkins dance and hear some music, yay.¬†We also meet Adam, the british newbie who is Kurt’s new love interest. He’s probably hotter than he looks, guys. And Sam thinks the Warblers cheated because they’re good dancers? Come on. They were doing flips and stuff back when Blaine was leader. I was hoping for some bribery or something crazy…but whatever. I just want ND back in the competitions. And Santana’s back! Hooray! But she doesn’t look happy….why?

People: If you read the P.S. on my last post, I said I had no idea who the ‘person from Darren’s past was to be’. Then, like two hours after, I found out thanks to an internet leak. There are actually two people, and yes, they are Starkid¬†related!!! The first person is Joey Richter, who is Darren’s bestie. I freaked out when I read that it was him. I love him. The second person is Tessa Netting, who is a ‘honorary¬†Starkid’ as she has never been in a musical with them but are managed by the same person. You may know her from her YouTube¬†videos that are mostly Harry Potter related. I’m not a huge fan of Tessa (no offence, anyone) so I wasn’t as excited for her. The sad thing for fangirls like¬†me is that their¬†roles are so small. They are in the Apples and probably have no lines. If you re-watch the promo and pause at 00:10, you can see them both. Joey is the tall one in the very middle at¬†the back¬†and Tessa is the one in the dress on the left hand side at the front. Yay.

So that’s about it. Did anyone watch the People’s Choice Awards? I did! And Chris Colfer¬†and Lea Michele both won! ‚̧¬†I screamed. But Gleeks¬†lost for TV fan following. And Potterheads¬†lost to Twi-hards¬†for movie fan following. Ew. And Ellen won daytime TV host and Emma Watson won something but I forget. It was a good show.



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