4×11 Sadie Hawkins

It’s back! It’s back! OMG it’s back! Yes, Glee made its triumphant return after a long, cold, winter hiatus. Last night was episode 4×11 ‘Sadie Hawkins’ and as you can guess, it was about a Sadie Hawkins dance. Overall, the episode was okay. It wasn’t the best and the music was s0-so but there were some funny parts and the plot was alright. I give it a 7 out of 10. Either way, here’s what happened:

So Sam believes that the Warblers cheated at Sectionals. In the hall, he rapidly explains to Blaine that Hunter’s head has grown in the past few months and one of the Warblers (Trent) was missing from the Sectionals performance. Blaine doesn’t agree right away, but he’s deffo listening to Sam intently. Afterwards, Sam borrows Blaine’s lipchap. I only say this because Blaine seems a bit flustered when handing it over and if you keep reading, I’ll tell you why. The two of them go into a room where the student council meeting is being held. The student council, by the way, is made up of Blaine, Sam, Tina and Sugar. It’s a bit weird how the ‘losers’ of the school are running it, if you ask me. Anyways, during the meeting, Tina suggests a Sadie Hawkins dance. Tina is in a club called ‘Too Young To Be Bitter’ where sad single ladies meet and discuss the fact that they’re sad single ladies but they mustn’t lose hope. This club’s members are Tina, her assistant, Lauren (Omg she’s back! I don’t know why she left but it wasn’t because she had a better job. She has a reoccurring role on Austin And Ally, which is fine, I guess, but it’s no Glee), Becky, Sugar and a few random others. This club supports the dance idea and Tina gives a quick persuasive speech to Blaine, who eventually agrees.

In New York, Kurt is walking in his new school, NYADA. He says in a voiceover that as much as he loves it, he still hasn’t met a bunch of people and wants some new friends. Apparently Rachel is always busy (with Brody) so they don’t see each other much at school. So Kurt sees an ad on the extracurricular sign-up board for a group called Adam’s Apples. As he wonders out loud what it is, a certain British boy answers him as he walks by. -__-

The guys of ND are now anxiously awaiting a girl to ask them to the dance. It’s a weird position for them to be in, as they usually do the asking.

In the staff room, Beiste is arm wrestling teachers when Finn walks in. Beiste talks to Finn and says that Sadie Hawkins is a great thing for girls because Sadie Hawkins (still no idea who it/she is) is an icon for empowerment. So Finn decides to work with that and calls ND for a meeting in the classroom with the hanging planets (leading to a mature joke from Sam). Finn says that to encourage the girls to ask a guy, he suggests singing. It’s a good idea, I guess. But trouble is coming as we can see Kitty glancing at Jake and Marley noticing that. Uh-oh!

Back at Kurt and Rachel’s loft, Kurt and Rachel talk. Rachel says she really likes Brody and they’ve been really hitting it off. (insert sarcastic ‘yay’ here). He even stayed over last night. Hmmm… Then they start chatting about Kurt’s school life and Kurt says he may join Adam’s Apples. Right away, Rachel say no, She says it’s a useless group and it’s not even cool. As much as I know she’s just looking out for him, I have to be a bit upset at her for not supporting Kurt when he’s clearly lonely.

So the first girl to sing a song to ask a guy is Tina. She sings ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’. At first, all the guys are wondering who she’s singing too. Artie is sure it’s him. But during the song, we see Tina staring at Blaine (and his rear end!) in class or Glee meetings. Soon enough all the guys figure it out and stare oddly at Blaine. But here’s the funny part: Blaine has no idea! Even when Tina moves up so she’s singing right in front of him and staring right at him, Blaine is totally oblivious and smiles along like it’s any old performance. I was laughing so hard because Darren did a perfect job being oblivious. It’s like that guy in the Fallsview Casino commercial where the girl breaks up with him via the singing restaurant waiters and the breaking up song and the guy is happily enjoying the little show. It was brilliant. But after the song ends, which was very good, by the way, Tina straight up asks Blaine to the dance. Finally, Blaine catches on and understands why Artie and Sam were giving him odd looks. But Blaine politely yet awkwardly says no. Poor Tina.

Again Kurt is staring at the Adam’s Apples ad and debating whether to join when the same British boy comes up and talks to him. He introduces himself as Adam (but if you’ve been reading this blog, you may know him as Klaine’s worst enemy) and he is the leader of the group. He heard Kurt’s song at the Winter Showcase and say’s he should totally join. But Kurt is a bit reluctant so the best thing that Adam can do is convince him to come watch them sing. So Adam takes him to the group (please note that there was no handholding, shortcuts or slow-motion running as they travelled). As soon as Adam arrives, the group breaks out into ‘Baby Got Back’, which was mostly creepy despite the fact that it was catchy and they do have good voices. What made it amazing for me is that Joey Richter was there and we got two great views of him.


For those of you who don’t know, Joey is not only Darren Criss’ bestie and a super hot guy (these gifs don’t do him justice), but he is also a member of the gorgeous and talented group that is Team Starkid, who I love very much. Glee is my first love and Starkid is my second. The girl in the third gif with the short hair is Tessa Netting, who is technically an honorary Starkid. Anyways, aside from that, the song was pretty good and Kurt seemed to enjoy himself. He was laughing at the dance moves and song, as were most viewers.

In the hall, Brittany talks to Marley about Jake. Brittany says she knows Marley likes him and she needs to act now if she wants to ask him to the dance. So Marley and Brittany, with the help of the other gals in ND, sing ‘Tell Him’. It’s a funky upbeat song and they do well with it. After the song, Marley asks Jake to the dance before Kitty can do so and Jake says yes. Brittany also asks Sam and he says yes. Just when Ryder was looking a bit depressed, a Cheerio in a neck brace knocks on the window and waves at him. …Okay…..

But Kitty is not pleased. She corners Jake in the hallway and says that he should be going to the dance with her, not Marley. She, very seductively, says that she can offer him more than Marley can and he’d be wise to take her up on this offer. But he makes no resolution.

Tina apologizes to Blaine in the hall. She says that she forgot about his horrible past at a Sadie Hawkins dance and she understands why he declined. But Blaine says that’s not the reason he said no. He has another reason and it’s quite embarrassing so after Tina swears many times not to tell anyone, Blaine admits that he has a crush. On a guy. Who, you may ask? Well remember when Blaine was listening so intently to Sam and got a bit flustered at the fact that Sam’s lips touched his lipchap? Yeah, that’s all because Blaine has a crush on SAM. He’s really upset about this because he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship and he understands that Sam’s straight. But Tina says that he’s just missing Kurt and after all, Sam is crush-worthy. So she suggests that they go to Sadie Hawkins as friends and simply have a great time. Honestly Tina confuses me. In ‘Dynamic Duets’ she was texting Blaine about Kurt and worrying about him. And now she says that Blaine is missing Kurt and liking Sam is okay. But she still likes Blaine and thinks she even has a shot with him. Which she doesn’t.

In the Lima Bean, Puck and Jake talk and Jake mentions how Kitty has been after him. Puck says that if he likes Marley then he should go with Marley. Puck says he got every Cheerio possible but none of them meant anything. So he says to ignore Kitty.

On the streets on busy New York, Kurt and Rachel are walking. Rachel invites Kurt to hang with her and Brody, but Kurt declines. Rachel says Kurt needs to find a guy so they can all go on double dates. Kurt uses this opportunity to mention Adam. We see clips of Adam flirting with Kurt and if I didn’t dislike him, it’d be cute. Rachel says that Kurt should totally go for it and ask him out. Before she runs off to meet with Brody, she says that he should be spontaneous and just do it.

So Puck decides to handle Jake’s Kitty problem himself. He finds her in the hallway and says she must leave Jake “A-L-O-N”. Kitty and Puck exchange some insults and Kitty plainly says that she gets what she wants, no matter the cost. Then she does something no one saw coming. She asks Puck to the dance. And Puck agrees, because he knows Kitty will give him what he wants, if you catch my drift.

Finally it’s time for the dance. Blaine and Tina arrive and Blaine compliments Tina on the gorgeous decor, which is all sparkly and white with hanging snowflakes. But before they could dance or anything, Blaine joins the other guys on the stage for a smooth and classy performance of ‘No Scrubs’. There is some sweet dancing happening in that song. 🙂

Also at the dance, Jake and Marley are dancing and having fun. Well, fun until Marley starts saying how she sees the best in people and that leads her no misjudge them. And even though Jake says she has nothing to worry about with him, she says she’s not sure and she wants him to be totally with her, but she wants to take it slow. Good for Marley for saying that, but at a school dance is not the best time to do so. Before Jake can pledge his allegiance, Marley sees someone she knows and runs off to talk.

Over at the side of the room, members of the Too Young To Be Bitter club are sitting alone in a sad group. Beiste walks over and says that they should ask someone and be brave and have fun. After all, as she says, the worst they can do is say no. So we see Lauren asking Joe, Sugar asking Artie (weren’t they dating?) and, in New York, Kurt asking Adam to get coffee. They all say yes.

Things are going pretty good for Tina. She and Blaine are dancing and having a good time and not worrying about anything. Then Blaine says “Where have you been all my life?” and I, as a loyal Starkid fan, shouted “In a cupboard under some stairs!” I’m sure Joey and Darren had a good laugh about that off camera. Then, just as Blaine and Tina were ALMOST going to KISS, Sam jumps in and pulls Blaine away because there’s an urgent issue. Tina looks utterly crushed. Even my mom went “Awwww….” But you know what? I can only be upset at Tina for so much. By this point, I was upset at Blaine for leading her on. He is GAY and here he is, almost kissing a girl. And don’t even try to rectify this by saying ‘oh well he could be bi’ because that option was ruled out in Season 2 when he kissed Rachel. So as much as I’m mad at Tina for pursuing Blaine, we all admit that he is super good-looking and we should be mad at Blaine for not standing up for him sexuality. Rant over.

We had a song from the boys but now we get a song from the girls. They sing Bruno Mars’ new hit ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ and they to a great job with it. I think it’s my fave song of the episode, but that being said, the songs were less than satisfactory this episode. On a different note, the girls all wore pretty dresses.

So Puck and Kitty, who we’d think would be a totally awkward couple, actually hit it off really well. They were laughing and talking and apparently, Kitty even read Puck’s screen play. She said it’s really good, spelling aside, and he has potential. Then they decide to ditch the dance and have their own fun in the back seat of a car. As they leave, Jake sees. Uh-oh…will he think that Puck encouraged him to be with Marley so he could have Kitty to himself?

Sam has found proof. He and Blaine present the proof to Finn. Sam shows him that all the Warblers have all grown in ways that excercise wouldn’t do. He also shows Finn and video that Joe and Artie took at the Lima Bean of Hunter flipping out in a mad rage. Sam and Blaine believe that the Warblers are on steroids. A little ironic considering the whole Lance Armstrong dilemma going on. Blaine shows Finn the show choir rules that say that any drugs are banned so they think that the Warblers will be out and ND will be back in. But Finn sadly says it’s not enough proof. But that’s not all Blaine and Sam have to show. In comes Trent, the missing Warbler. He says that it’s all true. He joined the Warblers with Blaine and since then, the proper and dignified reputation the Warblers had is gone thanks to Sebastian and Hunter. Honestly, Trent is my new fave Warbler. He speaks my mind. Back in Season 2, the Warblers were organized and dapper and formal. Remember when they were arguing about what colour piping to wear with what jacket and tie? That was about as scandalous as they got. And then it got to almost blinding Blaine with a slushie and now it’s steroids? These are not the blazer clad a capella boys we fell in love with! So Trent says that he refused to do it and quit. He seemed unsure about ruining their rep, but he agreed to testify against them when Finn asked. THANK YOU, TRENT!

In NYC, Rachel and Brody apparently had a dinner date at Rachel’s, but when Brody arrives 45 mins late, Rachel is mad. Really mad. Brody says it’s not his fault and the train was late, but he eventually changes his tune when he sees how upset Rachel is. He says that she is worth a lot and he’ll never be late again because he really likes her. So she forgives him and they slow dance around the room. As much as I am all for any Brochel fight, I do think Rachel is overreacting just a bit. If the train was late then there was nothing he could do. Sure, he should have texted her or something, but honestly, she’s being a bit dramatic.

The music they dance to is Ryder singing ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’. During the song, we see Jake and Marley slow dance and talk. Jake says he’s glad she’s with him and that she’s really special. Then they kiss! Ugh, I still kinda like Ryder and Marley but Jarley is kinda cute too! ❤ We also see Blaine find Tina again and slow dance with her.

At the end of the song, we see Rachel and Brody ending their dance. Then Brody says that to prevent him from being late again, he’ll find an apartment near by. But why do that when you can MOVE IN like Rachel suggests. OH, HECK NO. First off, I love Finchel so I naturally detest this idea and Brody. Secondly, I feel bad for Kurt. He’ll have to be the awkward third wheel for the whole time. And lastly, Rachel making him do this is just plain dumb. So needless to say, I was not pleased. Brody never says yes or no, but I think it’ll be a yes.

So the Too Young To Be Bitter club disbands when they meet again and all decided that they made progress in their love lives. Tina even says she may have found the love of her life. Are you KIDDING me? Blaine is GAAAY. How many time do I have to say it? And what about Mike?

Well, that was the end. Like I said, it wasn’t the best episode. I think a lot of us were upset that there wasn’t more on Blaine’s past experience with Sadie Hawkins dances and Kurt wasn’t there for him. And naturally I am upset because none of my favored couples made progress this episode. But I’m glad it’s back and I’m glad ND has a chance to be back in the competitions. 😀

Next week is episode 4×12 ‘Naked’ Behold the promo:

So Jarley is a thing, Brittany is super smart and Santana and Quinn visit Rachel, who is adamant about a topless scene. Fun. Also, the guys of ND make a hot calendar to raise money for Regionals. Because I know we all want more of that, watch this:

Yeah. Yeah. Where can I get a copy of THAT? And Becca said it was Tina’s idea to make that. Is this another plan to get Blaine?

So that’s all now. What are your thoughts of the episode or the promo or the sneak peek? TELL ME. Until next time, adios!


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