4×12 Naked

The episode may have been called ‘Naked’ but I watched it wrapped up in my Snuggie. Like a boss! Hahaha, yes last night was episode 4×12 called ‘Naked’ because it dealt with many characters and their half-naked bods. It was actually one of the funnier episodes, and the music was all fabulous. So I give ‘Naked’ a 7.5 out of 10. Here is what went down:

It starts out with Hunter, being recorded as he left a building. Reporters all around him asked him about the cheating and he ends up attacking one. Wow, Hunter. Wow. This mishap was being reported by TV reporter Rod Remington. I’ve kinda missed Rod.

So yes, the Warblers are out and that means ND is in! Yay! Finn congratulates the group and thanks Sam and Blaine for their work. But with all the happiness, there is naturally a downfall; they need over 300 bucks for a bus to Regionals. So Tina gets up and suggests the Men Of McKinley High Calendar. But by ‘Men Of McKinley’ she really means ‘The Six Guys In Glee Club’. Finn says that it’s a good idea and all the guys seem excited about it. Well, all but one: Artie.

Brittany’s hit web show Fondue For Two makes a return when she interviews Marley. Marley seems awfully uncomfortable and they start talking about my fave cat, Lord Tubbington, who is still so adorbs. But then Brittany changes the topic to Jake and Marley’s obvious love for him. Brittany says that Marley should be honest with him and tell him. I, however, don’t think Brittany should be pressuring Marley.

The SAT scores are in! As a Canadian, I know very little about this testing, but I do know it’s important. Figgins sits Brittany and Sam down in his office and says that one of them has the highest score and the other has the lowest. And oddly enough, Brittany has the highest. She is super happy and is sure that she’ll be succeeding in life. Sam, however, is sad and deflated. It doesn’t help that Brittany is going on and on about which neat Universities she plans to attend. Poor Sam. I understand that he has Dyslexia and whatnot, but we never assumed that he was so dumb that he got the lowest mark in the whole school.

Aside from attending NYADA, Rachel is also doing auditions. Her most recent audition was for a student film. She gets the role and is super excited….until the director and writer informs Rachel that she’ll need to do a topless scene. This is a big deal. Rachel says she’s confident and ready. But then, Old Rachel appears (in her mind obvs). Old Rachel says that she’s not ready and she shouldn’t do this. So to try and find common ground between Old Rachel and New Rachel, they sing ‘Torn’.

The song was great and Glee did a super job with it, but it was also super sad. I mean, I love Rachel and I am all for character growth, but seeing what Rachel has become, it’s really sad. We fell in love with the loser girl with knee socks and headbands. She was special and different from most main characters of shows because she refused to conform to the flow. And now we get a short-shorts clad girl with a diva attitude and a loss of identity. It’s sad. Hopefully the writers get a clue and change her back! I miss the old Rachel. But in the end, even the Old Rachel can’t convince New Rachel to stick to her morals. Rachel accepts the role. Remember in Season 1 episode 1×12 ‘Mattress’ when Rachel said, and I quote, “Aside from nudity and the exploitation of animals, I’ll pretty much do anything to break into the business”. I guess that changed.

Tina still isn’t over Blaine because she asks him to accompany her to the mall. He agrees but before either of them can say more, Sam walks in, sporting snowboots and swim trunks. That’s it. Blaine and Tina rush over and confront him because after all, it is January. But Sam, who is obviously trying to boost his confidence after his failed SAT marks, says that Blaine is just a hater and should lay off. Tina, naturally, comes to his rescue by complimenting Blaine’s butt. Oh, Tina. You’re such a fangirl. Then Sam says that Blaine should come to his course. In preparation for their upcoming photo shoot, he’s gonna help the other guys look as fabulous as he does. So Blaine attends. It’s basically all the Glee guys working out with the help of Cheerios (why are they there?). Sam gives the guys some….great pointers. He obviously takes this very seriously. So during their rigorous workout and spray-tans, the Glee guys and the random Cheerios sing ‘Centerfold/Hot In Herre’. We also see them singing this in the choir room for the Glee club. The only guy not singing or working out is Artie, who still looks upset about everything. After the song, which was very catchy, Finn says that it was great. I honestly liked the song more than I should because we got to see the guys shirtless, for the most part. It was great!

But Artie isn’t the only one against the calendar idea. Guess who else is? SUE. In the staff room, she corners Finn and says the idea is awful and wrong and disturbing. But Finn, who has learned to stand up for himself, calls Sue a hypocrite. He says he heard that she once posed for Penthouse (I have no idea what that is and I’m too scared to Google it, but I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘grownup magazine’). Sue denies these rumors right away.

Over in New York, our beloved Kurt is simply enjoying a bowl of cereal when a totally naked Brody walks over, sits himself down and grabs a bowl. I guess he did move in and I guess Kurt is okay with it. Well, up until now. He complains to Rachel, with Brody sitting right there. But Brody insists that he’s showing his support for Rachel. Rachel informs Kurt all about her role and what it entails. Kurt says it’s a dumb idea. He says she needs to be serious and doing that is the opposite. Kurt, like Trent the Warbler last episode, speaks the mind of the fandom. But Rachel says she’s grown up and is doing it even if Kurt is against it.

Back in Lima, Marley calls Jake to the stage. She’s been doing some work for Regionals so she can make up for her acts at Sectionals. One song she came across is ‘A Thousand Years’, made famous by a Twilight movie, and so they begin to sing it. It’s super romantic and cute and they do great with it. At the end, they even kiss! But after that, Marley gets awkward and hurries away.

Finn, who is determined to win against Sue, asks Artie to find her pics from Penthouse. Artie agrees right away, enticed by the idea of looking through many issues to find it. But then Artie tells Finn that he doesn’t want to pose for the calendar. He says that he hates his body, mostly because of his wheelchair. Finn says he doesn’t have to do it and it’s actually really brave of him to speak up. Finn has really become more mature this season. πŸ™‚

In the locker room, Jake and Ryder are working out and being pals when Kitty and Tina come in and inform them which months they’ll be taking in the calendar. Jake has June and October and Ryder has July and February. After the girls leave, the two guys’ convo gets onto Marley, which is obviously a sensitive spot for them both. But Ryder is supportive and Jake confides that he’s afraid that she may say IT (IT being ‘I Love You’). Ryder says Jake should say IT first if he feels it too, but Jake is scared. Awwww. So to solve his problem, Jake sings. He sings Ne-Yo’s song ‘Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself)’ in the choir room to Marley, who cries a bit. After the song though, Ryder prompts him to say the three words, but Jake chickens out.

So Kurt was so upset with Rachel’s choice that he called in some backups. When Rachel returns to their place, she finds two people there: Quinn and Santana. They’re there for an intervention. They both advise that Rachel doesn’t do the topless scene and insist that they have her best interests at heart. They say that it’ll follow her forever and to prove, Rachel Googles Santana’s name to find that her sex tape is still popular. Rachel thinks about it, but shows no intentions of changing her mind.

The calendar is really happening. Tina and the girls are taking some pics but Sam is acting like a total diva. So Blaine talks to him. Sam says that it’s hard being him. He has to watch what he eats, work out a lot and it’s tiring. So Blaine suggests taking a break and relaxing. To be honest, I was having a hard time focusing on this scene because both Blaine and Sam were shirtless, only Blaine was wearing a white robe.

Remember, when Santana tricked Sebastian into admitting what was in the slushie by recording him? Well, Finn must have taken a leaf out of her book! He walks up to Sue and hands her a large magazine sized envelope, containing her Penthouse pics. Sue finally admits that they’re real. But once she opens the envelope, she finds just an ordinary cheerleading mag. Finn tricked her and recorded her whole confession on his phone. It may not have been as clever as an underboob, but it was in the breast pocket of his shirt! πŸ˜€ Sue looks mad.

As much as Blaine still is crushing on Sam, he still is being a good friend. He calls Sam to Ms. Pillsbury’s office, where Emma explains to him that there are a bunch of collages that don’t need SAT scores to get in. And he can even do a re-write, if he insists. All he has to do to get into these collages with a possible scholarship is write an essay about himself. πŸ™‚ See Sam? Your body isn’t going to be your only saving grace!

So Rachel has decided to go ahead with the film. She’s in the middle of filming, but when it comes to the part where she “drops the robe”, she freezes up. So she makes the whole camera crew take their shirts off too, so she’s more comfortable. The problem with that is that the crew is made up of fat men. But even on the next take, she still freezes up. It seems that Rachel isn’t ready after all. And that’s exactly what she tells the director/writer lady. She’s not ready. So she leaves, feeling proud of herself and joins Santana and Quinn on a stage where they sing ‘Love Song’. They do great with the song and it’s really upbeat and just plain wonderful. It’s good to hear Quinn and Santana’s voices again! This was one of my fave songs of the episode. After the song, Santana says she’s not in a hurry to leave NYC…hmm can someone say “foreshadowing?”

Sam is still struggling, as he tries to write an essay. But once again, it’s Blaine to the rescue. He shows Sam a video he made where a bunch of ND members, old and new say nice things about Sam. We got to see Mercedes and Santana and Finn and Brittany all say great things about how he’s so nice and kind and funny and helped his family when they were poor. It was a cute video but my fave part was when Santana burst into a thrilling rendition of ‘Trouty Mouth’! After the video, Sam, who is in tears, hugs and thanks Blaine. I think Blaine enjoyed that hug a bit too much though.

In the hall, Sam, feeling newly confident, tells Artie that he wants him to pose, as they still have two empty months. Artie says he doesn’t feel comfortable and doesn’t want to be the only one with real clothes on. But Sam says he won’t be.

We see the new shots and then we see all the calendar pages. And because I totally believe in sharing, here they are!

Men of McKinley Calendar Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar January Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar February Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar March Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar April Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar May Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos

Men of McKinley Calendar June Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar July Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar August Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar September Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar October Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar November Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos Men of McKinley Calendar December Glee   Men of McKinley Calendar   Photos

Aren’t those just fab? πŸ˜‰ They’re also a hit because we see many girls lined up to get them signed by the guys. Not such losers, now, eh? We also see Finn and Sue off to the side and Sue says that Finn has been a good opponent. Uh-oh, does she have something awful planned? Then we see Marley in line, but Jake hands her a copy that he specifically signed for her. What does it say, you ask? It says “I Love You -Jake” Marley says “I love you back” and they kiss. As much as what Jake did was sweet, I think he did that just so he wouldn’t have to physically say it. He kinda took the easy way out. And BTW, what Marley said back was lame. Next we see Becky getting Artie to sign her calendar. Does she still like him or….? The last scene of the episode was ND singing ‘This Is The New Year’ which is also my fave song of the episode. It’s fun and upbeat and cute and we see Lord Tubbington. I liked it and it ended the episode on a happy note, not a cliffhanger. πŸ˜€

Yes, that was the end of the episode. It was a good episode and it had some real funny parts. I do still want to slap Rachel and I hope that she’s had some awakening and will change back a bit because we can all agree that the Old Rachel was best!

If you thought Sam was a diva in this episode, wait until you see the next episode! It’s called ‘Diva’! Here is the promo:

As far as Glee promos go, this one is kinda lame. However, I am interested to see them all as divas. And when Brody says “it’s a blood sport” then the caption thingy said “two will enter, one will win” did anyone else think of Hunger Games? Just me? Okay…. And what is Santana hiding? At first I thought that it was that maybe she’s going to NYC, but her mom gave her permission for that so we’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

Today, the lovely Ryan Murphy released a song from next week’s episode. The song is BeyoncΓ©’s ‘Diva’. But the video is funny, especially Emma’s part at the beginning. And Darren’s hair…OMG ❀


So that’s all!

P.S. I forgot to tell you last post, but recently the script for ‘The First Time’ was released because $40 000 was raised or something. Someone put a PDF of it online so I downloaded it and read it. There were some interesting things cut out like a mashup of ‘You Spin Me Round’ and ‘Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?’ sung by Kurt and Blaine at Scandals along with a sweet convo between Kurt and Finn. It makes me wonder that’s been cut out of other episodes….

7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. myinteriormovielogue
    Feb 02, 2013 @ 08:15:07

    I liked this episode,especially because of the Santana and Quinn intervention and i love the bromance between Blaine and Sam, but i really can’t stand Marley.She behaves like the victim of every situation all the time, i think they should give her less space.It’s like she kinda wanna be a sort of Rachel but she’s a lame version of her! What do you think? P.S. love your glee recaps πŸ™‚


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 02, 2013 @ 08:40:29

      Yes, I liked seeing Santana and Quinn and I also like Blam’s bromance…but only as a bromance.
      I’m kinda on the fence about Marley. In the first few episodes I really liked her but when she let herself be controlled by Kitty, my respect went down. I do agree with what you said about her being the victim all the time. But I guess the difference between her and Rachel in Season 1 and 2 is that Rachel was confident and strong and Marley isn’t. But yes, in the grand scheme of things, she is in a way like a lame version of Rachel. I hope that changes.
      Thanks so much! ❀


  2. Rebecca Ripple
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 17:15:23

    I reeeally wish there were a more discrete way to bring this up than posting a public comment on your awemomeness blog, but I’ve noticed something about your episode synopsis posts. Though there are a few exceptions, from what I’ve read, you seem to rate almost every episode 7.0, 7.5 or 8.0. Maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons, if you get me?

    Listen: you are awesome. You’re blog is awesome. This episode-rating pattern I’m mentioning is SMALL. So while I hope you don’t totally disregard this comment (you’re too nice to do that, anyway!), I also hope you will feel free to continue the way you feel is right. It’s YOUR blog. πŸ™‚ You do it right! I’m just making a suggestion. πŸ˜€


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 05, 2013 @ 17:28:42

      I have thought about that, actually. I totally agree how most of them are in the 7’s and there were only a few in the 6’s (‘The Spanish Teacher’ was one).
      My issue is that none of the episodes have wowed me. And I mean seriously wowed. Two of my fave episodes are ‘Furt’ and ‘Original Song’, but I didn’t have a blog then. I prolly would have given them something higher than the norm.
      I’ve also thought about changing it all together, but then it’d bug me that all the other episode recaps aren’t going by the same scale and I wouldn’t want to go through them all and change them all….
      I mean, maybe I will, later. Somedays I just get bored and have a desire to change something so maybe I will go through it all and change the rating scales. But for now, I think it’ll stay the same.
      But thanks for the feedback! I honestly love it! It’s given me something to think about and I totally trust your judgement! πŸ™‚ Thanks!


      • Rebecca Ripple
        Feb 05, 2013 @ 17:44:48

        I see what you mean, but maybe it wouldn’t have to be that complicated. You could say, like, “Overall, the episode was [insert adjective here].” And I personally wouldn’t mind a bit if the old rating system didn’t match the new. Change can be a good thing.

        Maybe I’m going a bit off-topic, but I have a point: as a Glee / Harry Potter fanfic writer, I’ve found that editing past chapters once they’ve been online for a while isn’t usually the best way to go. It’s kinda like rewriting a history textbook, not just to add the updated stuff, but to change the people’s view of the past. Blogs are sorta like a personal history book, I think. Showing signs of change is showing progress. Y’know? Anyway, that’s how I see it. πŸ™‚

      • pottergleefan4
        Feb 05, 2013 @ 17:56:09

        Hmmm yeah you’re right. Maybe I’ll keep it the way it is for the rest of Season 4 and change it for Season 5. πŸ˜›

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Feb 05, 2013 @ 18:03:19

        Fine by me. πŸ™‚ Thanks for taking my suggestion into account. πŸ˜€

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