4×13 Diva

Divas everywhere rejoiced as Glee’s last night’s episode was all about divas and was titled ‘Diva’. The episode featured some great music and costumes and some serious drama. I give episode 4×13 ‘Diva’ a 7.5 out of 10. Here’s what happened:

It starts with a voice over via Kurt. He says that since Rachel’s Winter Showcase victory, she been such a stuck up diva and hanging out with suck ups who worship her. So Kurt plans to knock her down a peg. ūüôā Oh, Kurt. As much as I love the Kurtchel friendship, I’m glad he isn’t scared to keep her in line.

Back in Lima, Emma and Finn are chatting in the staff room. Emma is planning her wedding (isn’t it a little close to the deadline?). Finn says he’s worried about Regionals because the kids just aren’t as driven as his friends were. So Emma suggests a theme of power. Finn agrees and even asks her to come in and help. So Emma does. She and Finn, during Glee, get up and define what a Diva is. The group gets pretty pumped and even start trash talking each other. Right away they break into a song: Beyonc√©’s ‘Diva’ which consists of Blaine, Marley, Kitty, Brittany, Tina and Unique strutting their stuff and proving how much of a Diva they can be. ūüėÄ It’s my least favourite song of the episode, though.

Back in NYC, Kurt finally reaches the last straw and gets mad at Rachel for being so selfish. So he challenges her to a Diva-off, just like in sophomore year. Rachel quickly agrees, thinking that if she can win once, she can do it again. Kurt then admits that he purposely lost (who remembers that? I do!). Rachel is furious, saying that her confidence was built on that win. So Diva-off round 2 is now a go!

Poor Blaine is getting sick. So Tina, in yet another attempt to win his heart, gives him a care package to help him get better. He thanks her, but says this is not the week to be sick as he’s on a mission to prove that guys can be divas too, a line that Blaine says several times this episode. To help prove his point, he sings Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ which is my favourite performance of the episode. Blaine nails it and it deffo shows that he is a diva. I’m a bit sad that they cut out the ‘rocket ship to mars’ part, though.

Emma isn’t the only guest star Finn brings in. He also brings in Santana, who comes with a group of her new Cheerleader pals. She sings ‘Nutbush¬†City Limits’ and at the end, everyone, Brittany especially, claps and cheers. Then Brittany asks why she didn’t tell her she was coming (um, because that’d ruin the surprise?) but Santana asks why she didn’t tell her that she’s dating Sam. Santana is obviously not pleased. Guess who told her? Tina! But what’s worse is that Santana has a new gf. Her name is Elaine and to confirm this, Santana kisses her. Can I just take a step back and wonder what Tina’s motive was? Let’s say Santana convinces Brittany to dump Sam, then what? Sam would be depressed and who would be the first to go comfort him? I’ll tell you who: BLAINE. So technically, Tina isn’t really helping herself get with Blaine.

Kurt and Rachel’s Diva-off will be happening at Midnight Madness, which, as Brody informs Rachel, is an even where people have singing competitions at night and the winner gets bragging rights and popularity while the loser is shamed. Rachel’s two little suck ups say that she’ll easily crush Kurt, who basically cheated his way into NYADA. Rachel tries to stand up a bit for Kurt, but then Kurt comes over and says that they can think whatever they want, he’ll still win.

So Finn is a bit lonely since his breakup with Rachel. He goes to Emma for advice. She says that the only solution is to simply date other people. He seems to be okay with this idea and thanks her for her advice. To show his thanks, she asks him to pick which centrepiece she should use for her wedding. Finn picks the white bouquet over the blue ones. Emma agrees and checks that off her huge list of wedding to-dos. The sad/funny thing is that is the ONLY thing she has checked off. Wow.

Santana calls Sam to the stage so they can talk about Brittany. Sam stays strong, even when Santana says he’s not right for her. So to solve it, like any other problem on Glee, they sing. They sing ‘Make No Mistake, She’s Mine’. It’s a bit of a Broadway song and I’m impressed that Sam keeps up. After the song, Sam says to just let her go, but Santana says “Never.”

In the hall, Tina says in a voice over that she wants to be a diva. Then gives Blaine some vapour rub to help his growing cold. Blaine says she’s sweet, but Tina gets upset because sweet and diva are opposites. So Blaine offers to help her pick at song at his house tonight after school. Blaine, you’re sick. Don’t invite people over! But Tina goes and sees the pictures of him and Kurt around the room (Awwwww!). She asks him if he’s been with a girl. He says that aside from kissing Rachel, he’s not into that, but he does think females are nice. So Blaine shows Tina a playlist of Diva songs. Then he yawns. So she suggests that he lies down. As Tina looks through the songs, she says that she read that divas are always honest. So she is going to be honest. She slowly admits to Blaine that she loves him and even though he’s gay, she still wants a relationship with him. But she gets no reply from him and turns around to see Blaine fast asleep. Aw…. So Tina, who is slowly crying, unbuttons his shirt and applies the vapour rub to his chest. As. He. Sleeps. Then she lies down with him. As much as we can all agree that what Tina did is very, very, very creepy, I’m sure that every single girl is so jealous of Jenna. I also feel kinda bad for her. She is just being honest and Blaine is hot. She’s just lonely and wants to be loved…

It’s time for he Diva-off! Brody explains the rules to the group who turned out to watch then announces the song, which is ‘Bring Him Home’ from Les Miz. Kurt is to go first, but like ‘Defying Gravity’ in Season 1, they combined it. They even used some of the same filming techniques, which I found neat. I still honestly can’t pick who sang it better, though. Who do you think did? In the end, Brody gets the people to pick their side and finally says that the winner, by the closest margin ever is KURT! Both he and Rachel are shocked.

As we saw in the promo, Sue talks to Santana. Sue found out that Santana dropped out of collage¬†after a few months. Woah! We didn’t know that! So Sue offers Santana a job helping the Cheerios similar to how Finn helps ND. Santana considers it because she can afford it with the money her mom gave her at grad and she’d be closer to Brittany.

I don’t even want to know what happened at Blaine’s house when Tina and Blaine woke up, which is good because the next thing we see is Tina in the hall at school. She sees Blaine, who is healed. Blaine is all cheery and fine, but Tina is mad. She says that he’s healed because of her. She says she gave him all of her help. I don’t really get why Tina is mad. She offered to do it all. And now she’s mad that Blaine doesn’t LOVE her? For goodness sakes, I think this is the fifth time I’ve said it, but HE IS GAAAAAAY. So as Tina’s way of getting bakc¬†at Blaine for his lack of appriciation, she sings Madonna’s ‘Hung Up’ on the outside steps. She even wears the same outfit as Madonna did in that video/ I’m kinda proud of Tina for doing that in public. And she nails the song. All the onlookers are loving it. But at the end of the song, she shoots Blaine a few dirty looks and walks off. Blaine has a weird look, but I don’t know if it’s confusion or regret.

Kurt and Adam are still hanging out, as we can see in the hallway at NYADA. They’re talking when Rachel’s two little suck up friends come up and try to suck up to Kurt. But Kurt is smart and tells them off right away. He also forbids them to insult Adam’s Apples ever again. Then Kurt sees Rachel down the hall and goes to talk to her. She is quiet and sad, understandably. He asks her to acconpany him to the open Funny Girl auditions, but Rachel declines and walks away looking crushed. I feel bad for Rachel too, though.

Finn and Emma award Tina a Diva Award for the best diva performance. Tina is excstatic¬†because like Brittany says, “She never wins anything!” In the hall after, Blaine gives her some chocloates¬†to both congratulate her and thank her for all she did when he was sick. I guess he understood what ‘Hung Up’ was about because he says that she’s the most important person at the school and it’s good to be close to her. Tina is obvioiusly¬†pleased with what he says, but I must point out that he never said that he’d date her¬† or anything so I’m not sure why she’s happy. But then Blaine asks her to be his date for Mr. Schue’s wedding. Tina agrees but we all know that Blaine’s date will end up being Kurt. I also heard that Mike and Tina slow dance during the wedding so hopefully she’ll reconcile with him and leave Blaine alone!

Kurt finds a sad Rachel moping at home and tells her that he booked her an audition for Funny Girl. Rachel says she’s not going to do it because if she gets it, she’ll end up being even more of a diva and everyone will hate her even more. But Kurt says that being a diva isn’t always a bad thing and that’s what makes Rachel special. She accepts that answer, hugs him and they make up. Yay.

Remember that little box Emma checked off her to-do list? Well erase that because Emma is in her office freaking out. Literally. She is franitcaly looking at books and flowers and is on the verge of tears. Finn comes in and she explains to her that she needs it all be perfect and her OCD isn’t helping and she isn’t ready at all. She is a mess. So Finn tries to calm her down. By kissing her. Yes, FINN KISSES EMMA. I was literally frozen in shock. My face was like O_O no joke. While Emma is frozen in shock, Finn realizes what he did and quickly leave the office. Wow. In Finn’s defence, he was trying to calm her down, as she was in a rage, and that’s probably what he did to calm Rachel down when she was upset. So I see what his thought process was, even if it was unexpected and very creepy.

Finally there is a Brittana¬†scene. Brittany says that she likes Sam and isn’t breaking up with him. This reminds me of when she was with Artie. She even says that she knows Santana’s ‘girlfriend’ Elaine, isn’t her real gf because Santana bribed her. Wow, classy move. Brittany advises Santana to get out of Lima and go somewhere where she will be loved and appriciated. I guess Santana knows that that’s true so she kisses Brittany and then we see her alone on the stage singing ‘Girl On Fire’. She starts out in Lima but then we see her in New York with a big smile. After the song, we see Santana knock on Kurt and Rachel’s door. Kurt opens the door and lets her in, asking what she’s doing. So Santana tells him “I’m moving in.”

And that’s the end. It was a good episode. The Femma¬†kiss was weird and Tina’s creepyness¬†was, well, creepy, but the music was pretty good. And I’m glad Santana is in NYC because I think it’ll be hilarious seeing her live with Kurt and Rachel. And for you Brittana¬†fans out there, know that even though Santana is in NYC, there is still hope. I think there will be some more intereaction at the wedding.

Speaking of wedding, guess what next week is? Yes, episode 4×14 is called ‘I Do’¬†and it’s all about the wedding. You have no idea how excited I am for this episode. Ona¬† scale of 1 to 100, I’m a 500000000000. Seriously. It promises cuteness for many couples and some neat songs. Here is the promo:

So Will says that they are finally getting married, but it’s still unknown if it actually really 100% happens. There has been some speculation that Emma panics and runs out or something. Then we see Rachel and Finn very close together….like within kissing range ūüėȬ†then Finn tells her his little secret. I’d like to see Rachel’s reaction to that. I’m hoping Finchel¬†gets back together. I ship them, in case you didn’t know. Also, SPOILER ALERT, Rachel catches the bouquet at the wedding.¬†It’s even awkwarder¬†for Finn now because he’s Will’s best man. Yikes. Luckily, Emma doesn’t seem worried, “Get over it”.¬† We see Tina giving someone a death glare (why do I feel like it’s Kurt?) and Quinn and Santan¬†clicking glasses. I’ve also heard that they kiss at one point. Why and to what extent, I don’t know, but that’s the rumour. Then we see Klaine¬†on stage. They’ll be singing ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ by Depeche¬†Mode. What I’m most excited for is Klaine making out in a car BEFORE the wedding. That means before the song too. On¬†a similar¬†note, it’s rumoured that several couples will be getting hotel rooms after the ceremony and you can guess what will come from that. And lastly, in the promo, we see Sue in a wedding dress. It’s still a mystery as to why.

So that’s all. What did you think of the episode and are you excited for next week’s V-Day episode?

P.S. Last night I had like 2 Glee dreams about the wedding, both centered around Kurt and Blaine. In the first one, Cooper Anderson was driving me, Kurt and Blaine to the wedding and I made Blaine sit in next to Kurt in the car and the sexual tension was overwhelming between them. Then we arrive at the wedding and a whole bunch of other Glee couples are there and they’re all happy and cute and so Klaine dances together and it’s all fine and I feel proud because if I hadn’t made them sit together in the car, it wouldn’t have happened. In the second dream, the wedding was taking place in a small Italian house with many floors and Kurt and Blaine’s suits were stored in the basement in a¬†cupboard¬†so when it was ten minutes before the wedding, Kurt went down to change and then Blaine came down and they had an awkward conversation and I don’t know what happens after that because my mother woke me up for school. ūüėõ

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 11:57:38

    http://www.mjsbigblog.com/myphotos/gallery/glee-i-do/414GLEE_Ep414-Sc20_050.jpg There is a sneak peak there and photos!!!!! I think I was too anxious for the wedding episode to remember to watch the diva episode! ūüôā I mean I watched it just not paying attention. ūüėÄ


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 09, 2013 @ 12:01:53

      Yeah, I saw the Sneak Peek literally ten minutes after I posted my ‘Diva’ recap ūüėõ It didn’t spoil or hint at much so I didn’t feel a need to post it immediately. ūüėõ And the pics have been circulating for about a week or so now.
      I am also very excited for ‘I Do’ ūüôā


  2. Rebecca Ripple
    Feb 09, 2013 @ 14:46:28

    I’m re-watching this episode for the second time, lol, and when the girls plus Blaine were singing the song “Diva,” all I could think was, “Leave poor Ryder alone!” LOL! Did you notice that Ryder was the most picked-on guy in that scene?

    Anyway, I loved this episode in general. It wasn’t perfect* but I can easily look past the parts I didn’t like. I thought the Kurtchel friendship in this ep was adorable, and so in-character for both of them.

    One thing I didn’t like was how the episode ended. Seriously, Santana invited herself to live at Kurt and Rachel’s apartment, without even giving them a chance to say no? Is she planning on helping with the rent, at least? Either way, I thought that whole idea was so insanely rude of her. But then again, is that so new to her? Didn’t think so… Lol.

    Okay, last but not least, the Fimma kiss. I literally screamed when I saw it! OMG! Emma is gonna freak out even harder now! Finn, seriously? You could have hugged her… that might have heped a little, but you’re gonna regret kissing her… even if the wedding is successful after all. :O Trust me, dude, I’ve seen the promo and sneak peak videos. LOL!

    * Sam is NOT boring, or stupider than Brittany!! Grr! She got insanely lucky on her SAT score. She shouldn’t blame Sam for getting unlucky with his, especially since she admittedly faked hers, regardless of whether she intentionally cheated or not.


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 09, 2013 @ 14:57:51

      Yeah poor Ryder. But it was funny, all the same.
      Yes, I agree that Santana’s NYC entrance was a bit rude, but come on, it’s Santana! If you ask me, what she did was totally her. I assume she’s gonna help pay rent and I don’t think Kurt or Rachel will mind much as they are all friends. Plus I think it’ll be funny to see them all living together. How will Brody and Santana act together? Hahahaha

      Omg Finn and Emma. I can’t get over it. Before that, they were so fun to watch as they were helping each other and being nice and now it’s like UGH. How will Will react to this? Will he even find out?
      As for Sam, I heard that Brittana dances together at the wedding so hopefully Samcedes does too. ūüėõ


      • Rebecca Ripple
        Feb 11, 2013 @ 12:22:18

        And about the Midnight Madness, I think Rachel was just singing to the crowd, and in this case, it got kinda lame, but I believe Kurt’s heart was in it much more deeply. I got the feeling he was singing for his dad, about Burt’s new battle with cancer. He was crying, and that didn’t look like “Oh, but I’m just acting” tears. I think there was more to it than there was for Rachel. Could that be it?

        I hope Samcedes dances together at the wedding. I really wanted to see them keep it up. But maybe, just maybe…

      • pottergleefan4
        Feb 11, 2013 @ 14:56:01

        Well, Rachel always cries. So yes, it’s not real sadness all the time, but the emotion is real. However, she was over confident going into the battle, so I don’t think that helped. However, Kurt was confident too. I don’t think there was much passion in his performance, but he still won. Like I said, it was pretty even between them for me :S

  3. Audrey
    Feb 11, 2013 @ 19:08:10

    I wonder hoe Lea Michele could cry that much…


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 11, 2013 @ 19:11:19

      She’s a good actress!
      And they use these drops that you put in your eyes that make you look like you’re crying. I don’t know if she used them though.
      FUN FACT: In Season 1, Chris Colfer refused to use the drop things so all tears you see were totally real. I’m not sure if that’s changed in the other seasons, though. If I had to guess, I’d say no, but IDK.


  4. theprodigalkid
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 03:01:55

    Reblogged this on The Prodigal Kid and commented:


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