Say ‘I Do’ To These Videos!

With a title like ‘I Do’ punny titles are easy. Hahahah ‘punny’…Get it?

Well, Tuesday is kinda funny in the sense that it used to be Glee day and we all used to love it. Now it’s kinda lame because Monday is First Listen Monday, Wednesday is the day before the episode and also when some videos may be released, Thursday is obviously Glee day and Friday is the day that bloggers like me re-live the glory of the episode as we blog about it. And then weekends are just plain awesome to begin with. And that leaves Tuesday. There’s no reason for Gleeks to enjoy Tuesday anymore. But this Tuesday, however, there is! Yes, not one, not two, but THREE cool videos have been released. Two are clips and one is a song. Yaaaay. Take a look and remember, as Hoops and Yoyo say, “We love you, Tuesday!”

Finchel clip

“Although I will admit you do look very cute right now” OMG my Finchel heart has come alive again! And we know they interact more when they sing ‘We’ve Got Tonite’ and ‘hangout’ in a hotel room. Ryan Murphy a while back said “Pillow talk”. But we can see that Diva Rachel is still there….who needs a spray tan in the winter? And Finn is feeling guilty…uh-oh. I really want to see Will’s reaction to it (provided he finds out, of course).

Jake and Ryder clip

I’m glad that even though Ryder liked Marley he is still helping out Jake with her. And don’t ask because I have no idea who Mrs. Sanchez is. And lastly, Puck is looking so fashionable in his little fedora and scarf. I don’t think it’s his style, but he works it.

‘You’re All I Need To Get By’ Full Video

They are so cute. That’s basically all I have to say here. They’re cute. Well, I do have to say that at 1:07 Jake sings “Like an eagle protects his nest” and on the whiteboard near Ryder is some facts on The Bald Eagle. I don’t know why, but that amused me.

This isn’t related to the videos, but it’s fact that another couples that goes all the way in the hotel room is Quinn and Santana….yup…

I’ve had ‘Baby Got Back’ stuck in my head all day. Just thought you should know.

So those are all the videos I have. Unless something really shocking is released tomorrow, I won’t be blogging until Friday with my recap of ‘I Do’ so here’s hoping you all have a very Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. 😀


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