4×14 I Do

For the second year in a row, Glee landed on Valentine’s Day. And for the sixteenth year in a row, I spent it alone. 😛 But I didn’t mind at all because I got to see all my favourite people on my TV. Last night was episode 4×14 (on Feb 14th, oddly enough!) called ‘I Do’ because it was about Wemma’s wedding. For shippers everywhere of Finchel and Klaine especially, it was a great episode. Not only was the episode super cute and very shocking, it had great music. I enjoyed it and give it an 8.5 out of 10. So here’s what happened on Glee’s third Valentine’s Day episode….

It starts with Finchel at the Lima bean. Finn is acting weird because the guilt of his kiss with Emma is slowly tearing him apart. He admits to Rachel, who calmly says to not tell anyone. As much as I agree that not telling Will would he ideal, it’s clearing killing Finn and he is the best man! Before Rachel gets up to leave, she says that Finn wanted to be an actor and now he must act. But that’s clearly not good enough for him because next he goes to Emma’s office where her OCD is kicking in again. The wedding is drawing near. He says he’s nervous and fears he won’t be able to keep quiet. Emma, who is a bit frazzled and awkward, says to get over it as the wedding is just days away. Their convo is interrupted by Will who comes in happily and kisses Emma. That kiss was just as awkward to watch for me as it was for Finn. Then Will takes Finn to the choir room for a Glee meeting. At the meeting, Will tells ND about the wedding and thanks Finn for talking over Glee when he was gone. Will also asks Finn to sing at the wedding instead of the best man speech. Finn agrees, but doesn’t look excited. Will also asks ND to sing at the wedding reception.

Emma kills two birds with one stone as she cleans Artie’s locker and also informs him about her niece Betty, who is also in a wheelchair and will be at the wedding. Artie seems interesting in the prospect of meeting someone else in a wheelchair. And it’s about time Artie gets a girl as I guess he and Sugar aren’t dating….

In the hall, Marley gives Jake his VDay gift early. It’s homemade cufflinks that he can wear to the wedding. He thanks her and says he has a great gift for her too. But after she leaves, he tells Ryder that he has nothing planned at all. He even went to Puck for help, but that was a fail. Luckily for him, Ryder has some ideas and is willing to share.

Finn calls Rachel for help picking a song. On the stage, he lists his three picks, all which reflect his guilt for the kiss. Rachel says she’ll sing with him and it’ll be okay. But when Finn playfully says their musical chemistry may be too much for her, she admits she can control herself even if he does look cute. ❤ Then they awkwardly avert eye contact and focus on songs.

So phase 1 on Jake’s plan starts in Ryder and Marley’s history class. Ryder is having trouble keeping a secret and luckily is saved when Jake comes in wearing a bright red suit. Ryder plays along and asks what he’s doing, but then unzips his jacket to reveal the same suit as Jake. So Jake, Ryder, Artie and Sam, all in matching suits, dance and sing to Jarley’s duet, ‘You’re All I Need’. It’s cute and fun and very red. At the end, we see Ryder looks kinda sad as he watches Jake and Marley smile to each other. Awww, poor Ryder!

At the wedding, Santana and Quinn sit together. Santana sees Brittany with Sam and claims to hate Valentine’s Day. Quinn joins in and claims her disdain for men in general. I guess her fling with her professor didn’t work out…

Artie spots another wheelchair person and knows it’s Betty, who is played by The Glee Project runner-up Ali Stroker. He introduces himself. But Betty is not amused. She expected someone hot and not…Artie (hey, he is adorable!). Betty claims to be pretty and popular and shall not be seen with a nerdy loser like him. So she wheels away. Harsh.

Phase 2 of Jake’s VDay gift happens when he, Marley and Ryder get in the pews at the wedding. In Marley’s spot is a bouquet of peonies, her favourite. Ryder says it’s because she mentioned it one day and ‘Jake’ remembered. Again, we see Ryder with a slightly sad and sour look.

This next part had me literally screeching in a total devoted fangirl way. Klaine was making out. In the back of a car. How they got to that point we don’t know (though I’d love to). It’s so cute. But, their fun is stopped by Mercedes, opening the door so Blaine’s head almost falls out. She says the wedding is starting and they need to stop being “trashy”. So Kurt and Blaine get out and hurry to organize themselves (and their clothes). Besides, like Kurt goes on to say, “Everybody hooks up at weddings.”

Feel free to watch this for like ten minutes.

We see Emma in some room, in her dress. She doesn’t look excited or emotionally ready at all. Then comes Sue, wearing the same wedding dress. Sue says it’s revenge on Will. Emma then tells Sue that she’s nervous and worried. It’s literally minutes before the wedding. Will is at the altar and smiling at the old faces of ND. He starts singing ‘Getting Married’. Emma sings the song too, which basically enforces the fact that she is in no way ready for this. Towards the end, she gets into a panic and end up getting into a limo and crying as it drives away. Long story short, EMMA LEAVES WILL AT THE ALTAR. But the show must go on, the wedding procession starts and instead of Emma, Sue walks the aisle. She does it in the most classy way possible “Hey, nice to see you…Hiya” she says as she walks. When she gets to Will, she says she’s saving the train wreck as Emma has ditched. Will is shocked. Everyone clears out, leaving Will and Finn. Finn is obviously very upset and knows it’s his fault so he tries to find out if Will knows about the kiss. But Will is oblivious to Finn’s subtle hints says it’s all his fault because he left Emma to plan it all when he was in DC. They’re talk is interrupted by Santana who says everyone is in the reception hall wondering what to do, as it’s all paid for. Will sadly (yes, he’s crying) says since they’re all there, they should go and at least have fun and he’ll go try to find Emma. My issue with this all is that no one stopped her. Why was Emma getting ready by herself? Why didn’t she talk to anyone? Why was Sue the only one there? Usually the bride’s wedding party is helping get her ready so there’s no time foe a bride to run….

So the party goes on. Bram dances together, and Santana sees it, sporting a sour look. So she and Quinn get some alcoholic drinks (with fun fake IDs). As they drink, they say that they’re cool, proud, single girls who aren’t tied down by men or women. They clink glasses and Quinn says that Santana is rocking that dress. Santana takes the compliment, but looks a bit confused as to why Quinn said it.

Phase 3 begins when Jake and Ryder are talking. Ryder gives Jake a necklace to give to Marley. Jake thanks him and is glad that ‘their’ plan is going great. And Ryder is all for it…until Jake mentions what he wants to get out of it later that night, if you know what I mean. That’s when Ryder jumps in, saying that she’s not ready for that. And he’s right. Jake disagrees. He is sure that she is ready and they love each other. Then he gets up and gives Marley the necklace, which she loves and kisses him. One again, Ryder looks upset. It’s so sad because it’s all been his idea and Marley loves it all and Jake gets all the credit. It’s especially sad because Ryder still obviously likes her.

For the first song of the reception, Klaine sings ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’. It’s fun and upbeat and they look like they’re enjoying it. During the song, Finn and Rachel talk. Rachel tells Finn that Emma’s running is not his fault. They go dance. Also chatting is Artie and Betty. Artie asks her to dance and she drops the mean girl attitude and accepts it. We see a montage of Finchel, Bram, Jarley and Artie/Betty dancing (I’ve decided to call Artie/Betty ‘Bertie’ because we can’t use ‘Bartie’ as that was Brittany/Artie).

After the song, before Blaine gets them some punch, Kurt reminds them that they’re still just friends…. oh, really? ‘Friends’ don’t make out in a car… As Blaine leaves, Kurt is approached by a very angry Tina. She was glaring at them during the song. She tells Kurt that he doesn’t treat Blaine right. He keeps leaving him and she’s been there for him. Then she accidentally admits to applying the vapour-rub in his sleep, but realizes her mistake right away and tries to leave. But Kurt gets a bit upset and follows her.

Sue, still in a wedding dress, gets up on stage carrying Emma’s bouquet. She calls all single ladies to get ready to catch it and one of the members of the eager group is Rachel. Finn is at the side smirking to himself, and his smirk grows even more as the bouquet flies through the air and lands right in Rachel’s hands. So Finn corners her after and asks why she was in the group if she’s not single. Rachel says her relationship with Brody is open and not exclusive, so she is technically single. He has a daisy in his hand and as he speaks, he slowly pulls one petal at a time off, playing the ‘she loves me, she loves me not’ game. He says that love is like a flower and needs to care to grow. He says that they are endgame and no matter what, she’ll always be his girlfriend. They are literally a few inches away and I was so hoping they’d kiss, but instead, Rachel says they have to sing their duet and leaves. But she reaches back to pick the last petal off the flower. It was the ‘she loves me’ petal. 😀

They start singing after that. They sing ‘We’ve Got Tonite’. Slow dancing during the song is Bram, Klaine, Jarley and Quintanna, Bertie and even Sue dances with some random man! During the song, Quinn says she’s never danced with a girl, but likes it. She must be drunk.


During the song, Finn and Rachel stare lovingly at each other. ❤ The second half of the song takes place in a hotel where we see Bertie, Quinntana, Klaine, Jarley and Finchel go to a room and sing the other half of the song. I must say that they did a good job giving certain lines to match certain characters and their storylines. Quinn and Santana are obviously drunk as they are giggling the whole time as they go to their room. Fun fact: Klaine’s room is 206 and coincidentally, the episode Kurt and Blaine first meet in is 2×06. Yeah, the fandom had a freak out about that. Also, when Kurt pulled Blaine into the room (yes, PULL) he did it by the tie, the same way Blaine pulled Kurt up to the stage in 3×13 ‘Heart’ at Breadstix. That was cute. After the song, it’s the next morning and we see which couples actually did go all the way. Finchel did. Klaine did. We see Blaine afterwards ask Kurt if they’re back together. Kurt doesn’t give an answer. Blaine seems a bit upset and says that they’ll be together forever. Kurt leaves the room after that and Blaine looks quite please with himself. Also, Quinntana went all the way. What’s more, Quinn enjoyed it and Santana even offers for it to be more than a one time thing. I’m not judgemental or anything, but I have a problem with this. Quinn isn’t gay. And just because she got drunk and Santana was mad about Brittany, they did IT. That’s just stupid, if you ask me. Quinn seriously has a problem with getting drunk because the first time she got preggers and look what happened the second time. Another couple that went all the way was Bertie. They even had a laugh about the fact that neither of them could feel it. So who didn’t? Jarley. Like Ryder said, Marley wasn’t ready. But Jake didn’t pressure her further and they went back downstairs to dance. Rachel leaves before Finn wakes up, but smiles to herself and kisses his head before she does.

Back in NYC, Brody has decorated the apartment because they missed Valentine’s Day. Rachel is surprised when she arrive back, but doesn’t look overjoyed. Brody asks if she saw Finn and she avoids the answer a by saying he’s fine. Rachel asks Brody what he did and he says he watched workout videos the whole time. LIES. We see Brody in a fancy outfit, leaving some fancy room (maybe a hotel or something) and in his hand is a wad of cash. Uh-oh, what’s he up to? Brochel agree to just watch a movie on the couch after that.

Back at McKinley, Tina apologizes to Kurt and Blaine in the hall, saying she was jealous of their chemistry and Kurt says sorry for getting mad at her. To prove that they’re sorry and on good terms, Kurt invites her to accompany them to see a show. But Tina says she doesn’t want to be the third wheel and rejects the offer. Blaine says that he’ll help her find a boyfriend. As they walk arm in arm down the hall, Klaine says that they’re just friends and Tina is a great person. Yay, I’m glad the Blina awkwardness is done with.

Marley goes up to Ryder and hands him a Valentine’s Day card. She thanks him for all he did to help Jake. Yes, Marley knew about their little charade. I’m glad, too. He gets the credit he deserves! Marley says that when he finds a girl and does those things but for real, she’ll be really lucky. But Ryder says what he did just then was for real. And before she can say anything, he kisses her. After that, Marley awkwardly walks off. The thing about that was that it made me sooo confused. I kinda liked Ryder and Marley better than Jake and Marley, but since I was sure Ryder has backed off for good and Jarley was so cute, I had switched allegiances. But now I’m confused again because he still likes her and has proven it throughout the week with all the VDay ideas. AHHHHH whyyyy?

I guess Finn is still feeling guilty because in the staff room, he takes Will’s coffee from him. Will was sadly drowning his feelings in coffee so Finn stops it and sits down. He says that like Will taught them all, he mustn’t give up. Finn offers to help find Emma, who needs Will, and also offers to stay and help lead ND to victory together. Will agrees.

Betty finds Artie in the hall and thanks him again for the great time and even says sorry for being mean to him at first. Artie gets hr number and they laugh as they plan some crazy date in Paris. I don’t know if Betty will be back again or not. I hope so because Ali is a good singer and the few words she got in this episode do her no justice and I really like Betty and Artie together.

From there, ND sings ‘Anything Can Happen’ on the stage. It’s a happy song and all of ND seem to be in good spirits. There are balloons and neat dancing and they even make Mr. Shue smile when he was sadly looking at pics of Emma on his phone.

The last scene of the episode was probably the most shocking. We see Rachel looking frustrated as she flipped through her calendar book then finally getting out of bed AND GETTING A PREGANANCY TEST. Yes, Rachel uses it and here’s the real kicker. WE DON’T KNOW THE RESULTS. The episode ends before we know what the result is. I was shocked. Rachel can’t be pregnant. She can’t. She has a career and dreams and WHYYYY? Not to mention the fact that I don’t know if it would be Finn or Brody’s. If I had to choose one, I’d pick Finn obvs, but I’d still prefer that she wasn’t pregnant!

So that’s it. The episode ends with the question of Rachel being preggers. But aside from that, I like the episode. Of course, as a diehard Finchel and Klaine shipper, I am a bit biased. I mean, this was huge for both couples and I’d like nothing more than for them to be happily together again. However, one issue I did have with the episode is that several characters were missing. We saw Puck once in the church and Mercedes as she sang and got Klaine out of the car, but where was Mike or Kitty or Sugar or Joe or Unique? They were totally missing. Speaking of Joe, I wanted him and Quinn to have a scene. Their story line ended all of a sudden last season and maybe he could have knocked some sence into Quinn this episode. And I also wanted Samcedes to interact, but that didn’t happen either. All in all, it was a good episode that seemed to be written by fangirls. I liked it.

The next episode sadly isn’t next week. It’s in 3 weeks. I’ve already dated it on the calendar thingy on my blog (on the bottom if you’re mobile and to the left if you’re desktop). I can’t wait 3 weeks to see if my favorite female character is pregnant, but I guess I’ll have to. Here is my promo for episode 4×15 ‘Girls (And Boys) On Film’.

AHHHH. The first thing we see is KLAINE. They’re singing ‘Come What May’ from Moulin Rouge. I’ve never seen the movie, but the song is apparnetly super romantic and cute and all Klainers are glad they’re singing it. ❤ And from the looks of it, Rachel may be indeed preggers. But just note that Glee’s promos have a way of making something seem one way in the promo but go a totally opposite way in the actual episode. So don’t start freaking out just yet! And we get some cool songs from movies and the 500th song! OMG that’s so crazy! And lastly we see Emma again, being serenaded by Will and ND. Oh, I hope they get back together, though by now my guess is that’d they’d elope or something. And I wonder if Finn will tell Will? Can three weeks take any longer to arrive???

So that’s it. What are your thoughts?


20 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 06:28:42

    “Can three weeks take any longer to arrive???”

    Yes, it can. 😛 Don’t underestimate the power of three weeks. LOL! But seriously…

    I missed it. Again. So thank you for the synopsis as always. 🙂 Sounds like a great ep. 🙂


  2. gr8star51
    Feb 16, 2013 @ 08:03:45

    ❤ J'adore! Ther is hope for Klaine and Finchel after all! BTW, if Rachel is preggers, which it seems so to me, is the father Brody or Finn?????? 🙂 DRAMA!!!!
    Keep being awesome!


  3. kay
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 18:13:32

    Mike was in the episode. He was at the wedding sitting in a pew and also at the reception – he danced with some girls (not Tina) – can’t remember which girls though – fast dance not slow. I was glad to see Kurt and Blaine together again especially the make out scene. I have a feeling if Rachel is pregnant it may be Brody’s because he moved in with her and Kurt and they have been together before. Whereas she and Finn were together just that night and she took the test a few days later. Looking forward to the new one in three weeks. Thanks for the great recaP.


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 17, 2013 @ 18:27:57

      Mike was there? Woah, I must have blinked during his parts because I didn’t see him at all! I’m a bit upset that he didn’t dance with Tina or anything. Maybe that would have helped her realize that Blaine is a not a good lover for her.
      Yeah, I have a sinking feeling that if she was preggers, it would be Brody’s too (although I hope not). Especially because we know that Brody is a shady liar and I heard that they MAY officially breakup on 4×16…
      Thanks! 🙂


  4. gr8star51
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 08:40:48

    Wait, didn’t Mike slow dance w/ Tina during the Finchel number???? 😛 confused!!!


    • pottergleefan4
      Feb 18, 2013 @ 09:06:57

      Nope! I didn’t see Mike at all and I watched ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ a few times.
      I wish they did though. I mean, in ‘Glease’ they agreed to talk things out and now they’re not even mentioned. I know they’re not a main couple, but when Tina has such a crazy storyline like her crush on Blaine, it’d be nice to see her and Mike talk at the end to show that they’re still an option.
      Maybe the boyfriend Blaine helps her find will be Mike again because they are cute together and they all know it.


  5. Audrey
    Feb 18, 2013 @ 17:28:25

    I’m way too nervous for this episode to air!!!! Me and my friends were arguing when glee would be on 🙂


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  7. Audrey
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 19:54:55

    Yay!! But awww. Because we will (sadly) have a long life time to wait…. 😛


  8. theprodigalkid
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 15:09:01

    I Do is my favorite Season 4 episode!


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