Movie Songs From ‘Girls (And Boys) On Film’

I’m gonna be honest with you; the only reason I got up this morning was to listen to ‘Come What May’. Klainers everywhere have been waiting for this for ages. And of course, the other songs too. So here they are. This episode, ‘Girls (and Boys) On Film’, has a lot of movie songs so take a listen… 😀

‘Come What May’ sung by Kurt and Blaine

‘Footloose’ sung by Joe, Sam and Artie

‘Shout’ sung by Brittany and Blaine

‘Unchained Melody’ sung by Ryder and Jake

‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl’ sung by Marley and Unique

‘Old Time Rock And Roll/Danger Zone’ sung by Blaine and Sam

‘In Your Eyes’ sung by Will and Unique

‘All The World’ sung by Will and Emma

So the Klaine duet is pure magic. It’s so adorable and I’ve been listening to it on repeat, which is really making me sad. If only it wasn’t a dream….. at least we can pretend it’s real….it’s real in OUR world….. But apparently they took out some of the lyrics from the original song. I don’t know why and maybe the iTunes version will be full, but the version above is all that we have for now.

The song that Joe, Sam and Artie sing is widely known, due to the popularity of the movie, by the same name. Also, last year I think, there was a new movie remake of Footloose, but I didn’t really like it…. Anyways, Joe, Sam and Artie sing it well and the quick scene we see in the promo of them singing this on the stage looks fun.

Next is Glee’s 500th song! Yaaaaay. That’s quite an achievement, if you think about it. Blaine and Brittany take leads on this and it’s very upbeat and fun. It’s also super catchy. I had the five seconds of it from the promo stuck in head for days.

Jake and Ryder sing a duet. I wonder if it’s about Marley….. It’s not really a fighting song….in fact it’s sorta a romance song… Plot Twist: Jake and Ryder are gay for each other and Marley is perpetually single. LOL

Marley and Unique team up, once again, for a mashup. But I must say, I’m not a huge fan of it.

Sam and Blaine sing a mashup as well. I like theirs much better. It’s fun and cheery and Blam are such a good pair (musically).

Will and Unique also sing together, though Unique doesn’t come until the end. Will has such a nice voice, but I can’t say I’m rushing to download this song. Hopefully this is the song he’s singing to Emma when they’re all outside her window and hopefully it leads to Emma and Will’s reunion.

Lastly is Emma and Will’s duet, which was released last week and you can watch it here.

All in all, I wasn’t really impressed with the songs this week. They’re catchy, but I haven’t fallen in love with any except ‘Come What May’. That’s the only song I do love. And that’s mostly because of the singers and the lyrics, more than the song itself. Anyways, I’m still super excited for this episode. These have been three very long weeks and I’m glad we’re done.

Also, because Idol is 2 and a half hours, Glee is half an hour later this week. So don’t freak out when Glee isn’t on at the normal time. It’ll come. 🙂

So that’s all for now.

P.S. Here is the sneak peek 🙂 YES.

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