4×15 Girls (And Boys) On Film

Well, it’s officially March Break for me and what better way to start it than sitting here blogging about last night’s smash episode of Glee? Yes, last night was episode 4×15, returning after the three week hiatus. This episode featured songs from movies, but I’m kinda ashamed to admit I’d only heard of a few of them. The episode also had some shocking revelations and a huge accomplishment for Glee. Overall, the episode wasn’t half bad. It wasn’t the best, in my opinion, and to be honest, some of the songs were less than satisfactory for me. But it had some good moments so I give ‘Girls (And Boys) On Film’ a 7 out of 10. And now, without further ado, here is a very detailed recap of what happened:

It starts off with Will and Emma (yes, Emma) singing ‘All The World’ featuring some weird gravity defying stunts. But then, when the song ends, we see a lonely Will Schuester waking up from a movie-induced dream. Yes, the song was just a dream and Emma is still gone. But it must have inspired him all the same because we see him in ND declaring that this week is movie week, so they must sing only movie songs. On top of that, it’s the Girls vs Boys mashup competition. And the prize is a part in Artie’s new movie. Yes, Artie is apparently making a movie. This is the first we’ve heard of this. As ND playfully argue about who’ll win, Finn talks to Will in the hall. Finn asks if there’s been any news about Emma’s whereabouts. Will says no and believes that he just needs to sit back and give her space. But Finn, who is still feeling guilty, says that Will can’t just sit around and wait. He should take action and find her. Will walks off so Finn takes matters into his own hands. He goes to Sue to see if she has any news, but that is a flop idea because not only does Sue had no idea about Emma, she insults Finn with a slew of creative names. So Finn goes to Artie, who says they’ll just need to look everywhere. But that’s too hard and time-consuming so they must come up with a new plan…. 🙂

In the hall, Blaine and Brittany walk up to Tina, Sam and a few other ND members. Blaine says that he and Brittany were upset that the Girls vs Boys competition prevents them from singing together so to warm up, they suggest a fun group number. After they argue about a song, Blaine suggests ‘Shout’ and that’s exactly what they sing. The song is sung by Blaine and Brittany as leads and the group of them and up singing and dancing all through the school. It’s a fun, happy song. But what really makes this song special is that it’s Glee’s 500th musical number! Glee advertised this a lot as it’s quite a big moment. 500 songs! Assuming that each Glee performance is an average of 3 mins, that’s 1500 minutes of song. That’s 25 hours. Over one whole day of singing and dancing. WOW.

In NYC, it’s snowing so Santana is trapped in her new residence with Rachel, Kurt and Adam. And she is not thrilled. As Adam does funny impressions to make Kurt laugh, Santana gets up and starts being, well, Santana-like. She insults pretty much everyone and even says that Rachel, who was in the bathroom, is getting a bit fatter. Rachel comes out of the bathroom mad, saying that Santana is being mean, makes everyone uncomfortable and should just move out. Kurt tries to calm them down by saying that Santana should be nicer as she is living there free (Really? They’re not making her pay rent? That’s a mistake). Kurt suggests they watch a movie. So Santana suggests three movies, all about pregnancy and birth. It’s like she knows…. Rachel right away refuses them all, understandably. So Kurt suggest Moulin Rouge.

The next thing we see is Blaine, dressed in a tie, on a dark and misty roof. He starts singing ‘Come What May’ from Moulin Rouge. This is THE SONG that Klainers everywhere have been both dreading and waiting excitedly for. At first it’s just Blaine singing. And naturally, it’s beautiful. I’m sure that people were already crying. Then, to make our hearts hurt five million times more, we see some Klaine flashbacks from when they first met on those Dalton stairs, as well as some clips from ‘The First Time’. Yeah, if you weren’t crying before, you probably were now. Those flashbacks were not expected and were very uncalled for. It was TORTURE watching that. TORTURE, I tell you! Then, Kurt comes in the song. They stare at each other and sing before they slow dance for a few moments

Then they break apart and sing again and at the end, they hug and it’s really, really sweet. It’s deffo my fave song of the episode. I just want Klaine back together. Like now. But, as we were all aware, the magic of that performance was all fake because it was just Kurt’s dream. We go back to the real world, where they’re all sitting and watching the movie. Kurt is crying. HMMM I WONDER WHY. Adam notices and asks why, but Kurt says it’s just his contacts (LIES). Rachel and Santana are also no help as Rachel says she didn’t know he wore contacts and Santana full-out asks if it’s because Kurt once said that he and Blaine were going to sing that to each other on their wedding day. But Kurt brushes it all off. So Santana takes advantage of the awkward moment to stand up and announce something. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a wad of cash that belong to Brody. She says she went snooping through the entire apartment (and we see some scenes of her tearing though drawers and under beds) when she came across the cash, totaling $1200. But Rachel and Kurt don’t even focus on the cash. They’re more concerned that Santana went through all their stuff, which she had no permission to do. I agree with them there, that was kinda weird. But Santana’s findings don’t end there. She also pulls out a small black device, which she says is Brody’s pager (I think my dad has one of those!). So Santana comes to the conclusion that Brody is a drug dealer. Right away, Rachel denies it. But why else would be have cash and a pager?

So Artie and Finn’s plan to find Emma is actually quite funny. They, while wearing hilarious ginger wigs, call in Emma’s parents and say that Emma was the leader of the school’s Ginger club and they really want her to come back.

It takes a bit of persuading and full-out lying, but eventually Rose and Rusty give Finn and Artie Emma’s address.

It’s been snowing for 48 hours in NYC now so they decide to keep watching Moulin Rouge. Santana isn’t really up for it and is still trying to prove that Brody is a drug dealer. Rachel calls him to prove that he’s not and that he’s only at a friend’s place. Brody answers the phone and seems casual enough until the end when he says he has to go and hangs up quickly. Santana stands by her theory, as does Rachel. Kurt however, says he agrees with Santana. Hmmm….

Back in Lima, the boys sing their movie mashup first. It’s a mashup of ‘Old Time Rock And Roll’ and ‘Danger Zone’. Blaine, Artie and Joe are dressed as fighter plane pilots and Sam, Ryder and Jake are dressed in white dress shirts, white socks and NO PANTS, like Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business. It’s a fun song and the guys nailed it. It’ll be a hard act for the girls to follow.

But the girls get ready anyways. They’re in the bathroom, wearing pink Madonna dresses and getting ready. Kitty goes up to Marley and says that she’ll start being nice to her because they’re both dating Puckerman boys so they’ll be sister-in-laws eventually (wait, Kitty is still with Puck? UGH). But that must trigger Marley’s guilt and she confides in Kitty that Ryder kissed her. But Kitty isn’t a big help. She simply says that boys can be like diamonds, so she should best collect all that she can. BAD ADVICE. I mean, a typical Kitty answer, but what did Marley really expect asking her? Why did Marley even tell her? She doesn’t really have a good history with Kitty. Anyways, Kitty’s diamond comment leads into the girls’ performance of ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend/Material Girl’. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with their performance at all. It was barely a mashup and compared to the boys’ song, it was weak. In my opinion, there’s no competition here.

In the dance room of NYADA, Kurt is practicing some moves when Adam comes in. Adam firstly thanks him for the shelter during the storm and says it was fun to hang with him. But the real reason Adam is there is to ask Kurt some questions. He asks if he and Blaine used to sing ‘Come What May’. Kurt answers yes but says it feels like forever ago. Adam then asks if he still loves Blaine. Kurt doesn’t answer that one. Which obviously means that he still does. ❤ Next Adam asks if he was just Kurt’s rebound, to which Kurt answers a solid no. Kurt says that he really wants to be over Blaine. I was really, really close to yelling “LIAR!!!” really loud but I controlled myself. Be proud. So Adam takes Kurt’s hand and says that they’re going to go the movies and watch the sappiest movie they can find so it can be ‘their’ movie. No. Just no. I’ve been trying really hard to like Adam and give him the benefit of the doubt because it’s not his fault he got in the way of Klaine and he does have an adorable British accent, but now I can’t. I just want Adam gone and Klaine back on. I want it so much, I’m unknowingly rhyming.

Now that Finn has Emma’s address, he goes to find Will to tell him the news. So Will and ND go to the house. It’s a snowy, rustic-looking cottage place. Will starts to sing ‘In Your Eyes’ and Emma, who is simply lying on the bed, hears it and goes to the window. Will ends up holding up a large boom box and keeps on singing. It’s a sweet song and Will sings it really well. Emma is near tears as she watches. Funny story about the boom box: in the pictures of this scene that were out a few weeks ago, Blaine is spotted holding it. But no one knew it was a boom box then. Everyone thought it was a suitcase because before we knew that ‘CWM’ was just a dream, we all assumed that after Blaine and ND sang for Emma, he could be going to NYC to be with Kurt. We were all quite excited. So to find that our whole theory is all fake is actually quite funny. 😉 After the song, Will says he loves Emma and they need to talk. So they do. Will says that her leaving was devastating. So Emma admits why she ran. She said that she sorta felt like she didn’t know him anymore. She apologizes and so Will suggests that they start from scratch. He suggests a movie date and she agrees. It’s very cute and all that, but what I’m getting at here is that she didn’t run because of Finn’s kiss….?

Rachel is watching TV when Santana comes back. She says that despite a few things, she’s really liking New York. Then she asks where everyone is. Rachel says Kurt and Adam are at NYADA and Brody is in the shower. So Santana decides to talk real. This is the conversation we’ve been waiting for for three weeks. Santana says that during her snooping, she found the pregnancy test. She says that they’re friends (oh really?) and asks why Rachel didn’t tell her. Before Rachel can argue or explain anything, she starts to full-out cry. Uh-oh. Rachel wouldn’t be sobbing if it was negative…. Santana hugs the sobbing Rachel and says that it’ll all be okay. That’s right folks, for the first time in EVER, Santana is being genuinely nice to someone who isn’t Brittany. You know it’s serious when that happens. And the look or worry on Santana’s face is enough to tell us the results of that test. So I guess Rachel is indeed preggers.

Apparently, McKinley has a pottery room. Who knew? Anyways, we know this because Marley goes there to find Jake. Jake admits that all the Valentine’s day things he said he thought of were really all Ryder’s ideas. But he has one idea of his own. He sits Marley down and as they mold a vase or something, Jake sings ‘Unchained Melody’. At first it’s cute, but then Marley’s guilt gets in the way again and she starts to see Ryder there with her, singing. And that’s how Ryder and Jake ended up singing a love song. After the song, Marley can’t take it anymore. She stands up and admits that she knew it was all Ryder’s ideas. Then she says that he kissed her and she let him. Marley starts to cry, but Jake just leaves.

So the results of the Girls vs Boys competition are in. Will announces that they both win. Wait, WHAT? The boys were so obviously better. Artie says it’s okay because he needs them all for his movie. I still think that’s a bunch of stupid. Then Will pulls Finn into the hall. He thanks him for the help and also says that it may have been for the best because now he and Emma are really connecting again. So they’re fine now. Yay! But it’s not fine with Finn. He asks if Emma mentioned him ever. When Will asks why she would, Finn admits that he kissed her. He says sorry and tries to explain it and even says he deserves a good punch. But Will, now with mad and teary eyes, only walks off silently. Yes, Will has every right to be mad, but Emma never told him and her reasons for running didn’t seem to have to do with Finn, so maybe he should just forgive and forget. After all, Emma was going crazy and Finn just wanted to calm her down.

The last scene of the episode is a happy one, which is good because I really wasn’t in the mood for cliffhangers. The last scene was ND singing ‘Footloose’ involving some fancy footwork and silly dancing. 🙂 It was pure happiness and I’m a sucker for those happy ND group songs.

So that’s it. 🙂 It wasn’t too bad at all. My fave part was obvs the Klaine scene. I’ll now talk about Rachel’s pregnancy. If I had to guess, I’d say that somehow, she doesn’t end up giving birth. There have been several sources hinting at it. One sources said something along the lines of ‘she is pregnant, providing you trust home tests’. And I mean, this is RACHEL we’re talking about. I can’t picture her pregnant at all. My guess is that although the test said positive, she won’t end up being pregnant, but it’ll scare her for a few episodes more. And Brody: drug dealer, yes or no? Comment and tell me. There’s also speculation that he’s a prostitute or something. What do y’all think of that?

Next week is episode 4×16 and it’s called ‘Feud’. Take a look at the promo:

So Will and Finn fight. To the tune of old boy bands. Alright then. And Santana confronts Brody. Hmm this could get ugly. And Ryder and Unique feud too? WHYYYY? Sue and Blaine are also feuding because Sue wants Blaine back on Cheerios, which he does in fact join again. As far as promos go, this one isn’t as exciting as it could be, but I’m still curious to see how the Finn/Will fight goes, as well as the Ryder/Unique one and the Santana/Brody one. :S

Don’t close the tab! I’m not done yet! Last night, because of Glee’s 5ooth song, Glee had a little game for us Twitter Gleeks. If we could tweet #Glee5ooth like 50000 times, we’d get a never-before seen Glee song. And naturally, we did it. So here is the song. It’s ‘Dancing On My Own’ by Robyn and it was cut from episode 4×13 ‘Diva’ and it’s a solo from Brittany.

I can’t say it’s my favourite, but I’m glad we got to hear it. 😀

And with that, I am done. That’s all for now so buh-bye!

12 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kay
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 15:12:03

    Great recaP. My favorite performance of the episode was of course “Come What May” – I still love Klaine! Hope they find their way back to each other. The rest of the show was good. Most of the songs I liked. I wonder if Rachel is pregnant but loses it? I wonder if BroDy is a male escorted. Could be drug dealer but I am not sure yet. Until next week…


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 08, 2013 @ 15:19:49

      I hope Klaine finds there way back to each other as well. I’m really missing them. I mean, CWM was adorbs and I’m glad Kurt is thinking of Blaine, but it’d be awesome if he called Blaine or something and told him about it 😛
      Yeah, there was some speculation that Rachel looses the baby, but I feel like that’s a bit too dark for Glee, you know?
      I guess we’ll have to wait and see about it, along with Brody’s secret. :S


  2. Audrey
    Mar 08, 2013 @ 17:30:38

    Okay so I am going to put my friends input it this also. We ( me and my friend) both think Brody is a prostitute and a drug dealer. Rachel is preggers and the daddy is Brody. I want it to be Finn even though that isn’t possible. Unless glee gets it’s facts wrong again. We both were really happy when Santana put down here defensive guard and stopped being so mean to Rachel, and was genuinely helping her 🙂 I don’t think next week will be THAT exiting.


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 08, 2013 @ 17:49:37

      Cool I love people’s Glee opinions!
      So you guys think Brody is both, eh? Hmmm maybe… Watch it be something totally different. Maybe he’s just a rich business man! Lol
      Yeah I want the baby (if it’s real) to be Finn’s too. I think Glee will stretch the drama for a while and say it may be Finn’s too even though it’d be factually wrong.
      I was also really glad that Santana had that moment of niceness. Especially because she was so mean to everyone at first. It shows that Santana has a heart. And when she said that they were friends, I was happy. I want them to be friends. 🙂
      I agree, next week prolly won’t be as exciting. But I like a good feud so we’ll see 😉


  3. Rebecca Ripple
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 14:01:35

    For once, I’m reading the blog post AFTER I’ve already seen the episode. 😀 Yay!

    I’ve got a few comments, by the way:
    “Those flashbacks were not expected and were very uncalled for. It was TORTURE watching that. TORTURE, I tell you!”
    I actually found those flashbacks comforting, although yes, the song was a very sad scene. It was like, I got a fresh dose of Klaine medicine, and yes, I’ll go with the flow about ships, but I think I’ll always be rooting for Klaine deep down. 🙂

    “…Sam, Ryder and Jake are dressed in white dress shirts, white socks and NO PANTS, like Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business.”
    I’ve actually never seen Risky Business. I couldn’t stop giggling like the Sam fangirl that I am that he didn’t have pants on and was singing an old classic, which I first saw on the oldish TV show, The Nanny. LOL!

    i agree with you about the girls’ song. I really truly got bored watching it, despite real efforts to get into it.

    About the promo… i watched it and i was numb for a few seconds. The only people i can remember Will ever being that angry with were Emma’s parents when they visited, and of course, Sue. But Finn? Scary. Really scary. Like OMG, I can’t watch! scary. Let me know how it goes, okay? Lol…

    Till then, ta ta!


    • Rebecca Ripple
      Mar 09, 2013 @ 14:03:18

      Sorry for all the lowercase i’s. My right Shift key is barely working, and I’m not yet used to only using the left one.


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 09, 2013 @ 16:43:38

      Those flashbacks were not comforting! They were sad and hurtful and mean! It’s like ‘hey remember when Klaine was happy and together? Haha well now it’s Kadam, bye’. I love Klaine and always will, but the song mixed with the flashback was not nice to my feelings, especially since it was all a dream. :S

      Omg Sam pantless was great. Especially because you didn’t see it coming. 🙂

      Will’s been mad at Sue more than once and a few times at New Directions and even once at Terri, but yes, the Will/Finn fight will be very interesting. But I think Will’s taking it a bit too far….

      Ta Ta! 🙂


      • Rebecca Ripple
        Mar 10, 2013 @ 00:31:53

        Oh, yeah… From that promo, I’d say Will’s taking this WAY too far. LOL!

        The flashbacks were comforting to me. I’m not trying to tell you how to feel or what to think. I’m just saying I feel differently, and why. What’s wrong with that?

        I can’t believe I completely forgot about Terri! That’s right, he was furious at her about the fake baby in Season 1! I think I’ve got to watch that season again sometime soon… Lol.

      • pottergleefan4
        Mar 10, 2013 @ 08:18:50

        I’m not saying you can’t feel comfort from the flashbacks. There is nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying I didn’t. I’m glad you did though, because that’s probably the preferable emotion 🙂

        Yeah I’ve started watching a few Season 1 episodes lately. It’s so crazy because they all look so young and cute! And they all have no idea what their futures will be like but we do! 😛

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Mar 10, 2013 @ 08:28:34

        Exactly! What’s your favorite S1 episode/ Mine’s Laryngitis. I think it’s the only one I’ve watched in the past two-and-a-half to three years. I just love Burt’s convo with Kurt near the end, and I loved seeing the part about Sean Fretthold. I think that’s his name. I’ll be making sure as soon as I’m done with this post, lol.

        I’m sorry the Come What May scene was so painful for you. I’m also sorry about my late-night/early-morning minirant (lol). I get like that sometimes, but I’m sorry.

      • pottergleefan4
        Mar 10, 2013 @ 08:39:54

        Oooh I’d say my fave Season 1 episode is either ‘Journey To Regionals’ (the music was so good in that episode) or ‘Mattress’. 🙂

        And it’s okay. Lol 😛

      • Rebecca Ripple
        Mar 10, 2013 @ 08:44:10

        Ooh, I remember loving those, too. Especially Journey to Regionals. 😀

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