‘Feud’ Songs

Hey y’all! The ‘Feud’ songs are here from this week’s episode, which is 4×16. Take a listen because some of them are pretty interesting! 😀 All the songs are about feuds and all the mash-ups are between real artists who had real feuds.

‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’ sung by Brody and Rachel

‘Closer’ sung by Jake and Ryder

‘I Still Believe/Super Bass’ sung by Blaine and Sue

‘Cold Hearted’ sung by Santana

‘The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up’ sung by Ryder and Unique

‘Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way’ sung by Will and Finn

So those are the songs. What do you think? I must admit, I think they’re not very awesome. I mean, usually there are one or two songs that I absolutely love and listen to on repeat until I’m sick of it, but out of this bunch of songs, there isn’t.

Brody and Rachel sing a duet, but there is barely any Rachel and a whole lotta Brody. This song is by Marina And The Diamonds. I saw them live two summers ago because they opened for Katy Perry on her California Dreams tour. I didn’t really care for their songs, though… Anyways, I just hope this song means Rachel and Brody are finally heading for splitsville.

Jake and Ryder sing a popular song on the radio now by Tegan And Sara. If you ask me, I think that song is catchy, but I’ve heard it way too much so I’m a bit sick of it. But they do a good job with it and maybe it means they’re sorting out their problems about Marley.

The next feud going on is between Sue and Blaine. They sing a mashup of songs by Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carrey. This amuses me deeply because I’m an avid American Idol watcher and I think it’s amusing that Glee is poking fun of the drama on that show. But as far as mash-ups go, this is barely considered one. In a mashup, the songs must be mashed together, but this song isn’t really together until the end; the start is just a song change. However, I think Sue rapping is quite hilarious. It’s actually Jane rapping, as you can see here. That’s cool.

Santana gets a solo (yay) and I’m guessing, just by the lyrics, that she’s singing to Rachel about Brody and his secret and warning her to end it. I hope it’s true because we can all agree that Santana’s new niceness to Rachel is amazing.

Ryder and Unique also have a song and they’re feuding too. I have no idea why. I do know that Ryder will have a new love interest, but the twist is that it’s all via online. How that’ll turn out, I don’t know but I wonder if or how it’ll involve Unique. Anyways, their song is interesting and out of all the mash-ups in this episode, it’s the best. I must add that a lot of people were kind of upset that Blaine didn’t sing ‘Dress You Up’ because Darren sang it for the 2012 Fashion Night Out video and it was awesome. But Ryder and Unique did a good job with it.

Last is the much awaited Finn and Will feud. Their song is pretty neat. It’s good to hear Finn’s voice because we haven’t heard him sing since ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ in ‘Swan Song’. I gotta admit though that Finn’s song, ‘I Want It That Way’ is permanently ruined for me thanks to the Potter Puppet Pal’s version of Weird Al Yankovitch’s ‘I Bought It On Ebay’. 😛 Anyways, Will and Finn do a good job with the songs. I heard that in this episode, Finn goes to NYC after and has a fight/talk with Brody, but Rachel doesn’t know. Hmmm….

So those are all the songs. Like I said, I wasn’t thrilled with the songs, but hopefully the episode makes up for that. That’s all for now! TTYL.


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