4×16 Feud

Last night was Glee’s sixteenth episode of Season 4 called ‘Feud’ because, well, everyone was fighting. There were four major feuds going on and then one more at the end. As for the episode itself, it was alright. The songs were okay and the plots had some weak spots, but there were some funny moments and some big secrets revealed, which was great. So I give episode 4×16 a 6.5 out of 10. Here’s what happened in the episode:

Will may not have shown his anger at first when Finn admitted to kissing Emma, but he sure is now. He’s treating Finn awfully. He gets mad at him when he makes simple mistakes and gets mad at him even when he did nothing wrong. And finally, Finn cracks. I’m glad, no one should put up with that. So Blaine, Artie and Tina sit Will and Finn down and change things up a bit by assigning their teachers a song assignment. They must sing songs between feuding artists and that’ll help them sort out their problems. I’d be all for it but I think that the two of them need to sit down and talk it out as well.

The big question of Rachel’s bun in the oven is finally answered: SHE IS NOT PREGNANT. This is doctor confirmed. Rachel is happy and tells Santana, who accompanied her to the doctor. But Santana isn’t ready to let this go. She says that this should be a huge wake up call for Rachel. I have to agree with Santana here. Rachel should think about her life and what it could have become.

Another secret is also revealed when we see Brody in that fancy hotel again. He’s talking with another dude. But after that, he sees a pretty girl and they start to dance as Brody sings ‘How To Be A Heartbreaker’. It’s a duet with Rachel, but she’s not there with him and his customer. So it’s clear now, Brody isn’t a drug dealer, he’s an escort (prostitute). Yeah, we kinda guessed that. I just want him gone. He’s a lying dirtbag. After the song, Brody and this random girl go up to one of the hotel rooms…

Sue and Blaine are also going to be feuding. You see, Sue wants Blaine back on the Cheerios. She even has a contract that states that Blaine must participate and rejoin and stuff. It’s signed but Blaine never signed it. He doesn’t want to join. Tina is willing, though. While Blaine and Sue were arguing, Tina was sitting there the whole time! It was funny. But Sue doesn’t want Tina. She wants Blaine.

Ryder has a new pal. He’s been chatting with a girl online named Katie. I don’t need to say how sketchy this may be. Anyways, Ryder and Katie are really hitting it off. Casually, Katie asks if anything interesting happened at school. And apparently, there was. We see Ryder in the hall when he is approached by Unique. She tells him off for getting in between Marley and Jake. But when Ryder says it’s not his business, Unique says she’s a ‘her’, a “proud black woman”. But Ryder doesn’t agree. He says Unique is a guy. Uh-oh. And that, my friends, is why Ryder and Unique are feuding. My opinion is that yes, Unique’s style may be confusing to Ryder, but it’s not up to him who she is. I’m siding with Unique here, even though I still sorta dislike her (no offence to people who like her).

While Will is up for the feud sing-off, Finn isn’t. He says that they just need to talk and be honest. So Will says that Finn isn’t above the ND kids because he basically is one. Ouch. Will also says that Finn is a failure and the only reason he’s here at McKinley is because Will took pity on him. So Finn better bring his best feud song because Will is ready to take him down.

Once again, Santana tries to convince Rachel that Brody isn’t who she thinks he is. We see her creeping his stuff while he’s in the shower, but doesn’t come up with anything shocking. Rachel still thinks that she’s wrong. Brody had fed Rachel some lie about getting a job as a waiter and was embarrassed about it, but Santana insists that her “mexican third eye is never wrong”.

The war between Blaine and Sue is officially ON. Sue has pulled many dirty tricks on Blaine, which very loudly yells at her about in her office. For one, she gifted him with hair gel which turned out to be cement and now he has a hard head. Also, because she can forge his signature, she bought a bunch of stuff under his parents’ name. And lastly, Sue got an airplane banner, similar to the one that Darren Criss’ fans got him for his birthday, that read ‘BLAINE IS ON THE BOTTOM’ and we see all of ND gathering to watch it go by. Blaine is fed up. So Sue has a challenge for him. A sing-off. Sue must be quite confident in her singing abilities if she’s willing to up against BLAINE. Because it’s feud week, Sue suggests the famous Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey feud from this Season of American Idol. Sue says she’ll sing as Nicki. Blaine agrees and the feud has begun.

In the hall, Jake and Marley talk. It seems that since Jake walked out last episode, they haven’t talked since. But they finally do. Marley apologizes, says that she loves Jake and says that she would never leave him. He seems to accept this because they smile at each other (awwww). But Marley then says that she won’t end her friendship with Ryder. She needs to be nice and forgiving. Jake isn’t keen on that idea, but Marley reassures him that she won’t cheat and that he need to have trust in her. Then they kiss (awwwww again) and it’s safe to say that Jarley is back!

Ryder and Unique’s feud continues with a mashup of ‘The Bitch Is Back’ sung by Ryder and ‘Dress You Up’ sung by Unique. It’s catchy and upbeat and the funniest part was when Unique hands out little plastic tiaras to everyone in ND. After the song, Unique says she’ll forgive Ryder if he says that she’s a girl. But Ryder says that he is still confused and a mad Unique walks out. Jake has a last word, saying that it wasn’t Ryder’s best move. I agree. Like, even if he didn’t think she was a girl, couldn’t he just say it? Just lie? It’s not his place to judge anyways. Oh, Ryder. I’m so disappointed in you.

Sue is ready to be Nicki Minaj. She and Becky dress up like Nicki, practice Nicki’s over exaggerated emotions and even yell at Tina. I don’t know what the yelling is about. I’m not a Nicki fan, in fact I really, really despise her, so I’m not too sure why she was yelling at Tina.

Brody is teaching a NYADA dance class (speaking of which, where is Cassandra?) when Santana comes sauntering in. Brody says she’s rude and needs to go, but Santana says she has dirt on him. She advises Brody to move out of Rachel and Kurt’s place. Then she sings Paula Abdul’s ‘Cold Hearted’. It’s not the most exciting of songs, but Santana sings it well and it certainly gets the message across. After the song, Santana tells Brody “Pack your bags.”

Will and Finn’s feud also continues. They picked their songs and are now ready to perform. Will, with the help of Blaine and Jake, sing ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by The Backstreet Boys, and Finn, with the help of Ryder, Artie and Sam, sing NSYNC’s ‘I Want It That Way’. They sing it as a mashup and it’s pretty good. The dancing was also good. At the start, it shows Will and Finn violently fighting, but I think it was just what they wanted to do, not what really happened. I think this because at the end, it also shows them hugging, and that didn’t happen either. Sam suggests that they hug, because they didn’t seem too mad at each other in the song. Finn is all for hugging, but Will says that he can’t. Finn acknowledges that Will’s trust is gone so he sadly leaves the stage.

Santana is fitting in with NYC quite well. She comes back to her new residence excited about a job as a waitress that she just got. But when she gets in, she sees Kurt and Rachel, sitting and waiting for her. They sit her down and have an intervention. They heard about her performance at NYADA and were not happy as they both go to that school. So they ask her to either move out or stop snooping around Brody, as it makes them all uncomfortable. I’m a bit upset with Kurt here. Last episode, he said he agreed with her theories on Brody. He must agree that something is fishy, even if they were wrong about the drugs. But here he is, pushing her to move out. Santana says that she loves the two of them and only wants what’s best for them, which is not Brody. But they point out that Brody was there first. So Santana grabs her stuff (which was magically packed) and leaves. Before she goes, though, she turns and tells them that she’s right about Brody.

Ryder is talking with Katie again. She asks about his feud with Unique. Ryder tells her about it and says he’s still confused when it comes to Unique’s gender. So Katie wisely says that some things don’t need proof. Ryder seems to understand that and says that Katie is smart. Then Katie asks for another shirtless pic. Wait, ANOTHER? Ryder has already sent some? Bad idea, bro. So Ryder sends her his February calendar page. I’m cringing already.

Blaine sings his Mariah part first. He stands up and sings ‘I Still Believe’, which was good but not great. Then Sue gets up during his song, and switches to ‘Super Bass’. She raps (it’s hilarious) and her Cheerios dance around her. But it’s not Sue’s rapping that steals the show; it’s the effects she brings. If anyone has seen the video of Nicki’s ‘Super Bass’, you’d know that halfway though, it gets all glow-in-the-dark and crazy. That’s exactly what Sue does. There are feathers and a stage and a small motorcycle and neon paint. It sure beats Blaine.

After their songs are over, Blaine tries to argue. He says that all her effects were dumb and he was better. But they put it to a vote and Blaine’s only supporter is, of course, Tina. Everyone else votes for Sue. So Blaine, it seems, it back on the Cheerios.

Finn is really leaving. He’s in the little office, packing his things, when Marley comes in. She firstly thanks him for everything he did to help her. Then she asks what his plans are. But Finn doesn’t have one. I feel bad for Finn. He’s just really struggling to find his niche. So Marley asks to speak freely. She says that he needs to grow up and use his fine leadership skills wisely. She says he could be a teacher. But when Finn says he needs a degree for that, Marley tells him to get one. Okay, yes, Finn deffo has leadership potential, but there’s more to teaching than running a Glee club with a bunch of his friends. But Marley’s dare at the end seems to strike a chord with Finn and we see him thinking about it.

In a classroom, Ryder calls Unique, Jake and Marley for a meeting. He calls a truce. He says sorry to Marley for kissing her. Then to Jake, he says that he messed up with their friendship, but if he has another chance, he won’t do it again and won’t let Jake down. Jake seems to accept this apology. Lastly, to Unique, Ryder apologizes to her and says that she is a girl. But Unique is crying at that. She explains that she was walking home one day in her dress when a bunch of girls starting following her and teasing her. She manages to escape, though. Marley right away says that she’ll be start walking home with Unique from now on. Jake and Ryder also agree. But who else comes in and agrees too? Kitty. She says that she’s their friend. In fact, she says that they’re all friends. And with Regionals on its way, they need to be a team. Sam and all the other Seniors will be gone next year so they need to stay strong. It’s a cute scene. The newbies are hated by a lot of people. I mean, we all love the originals and having these new people replace them was a bit of a let down, but I didn’t mind them. And hopefully the haters will change their tune when they see this scene because it’s sweet and powerful. I’d like it a whole lot more, however, if I knew Kitty wasn’t going to me mean to Marley anymore. But there’s no guarantee of that yet either.

Blaine is back on the Cheerios and back in a uniform. Oh yeah! Sue is so happy that she makes Blaine a co-captain with Becky. Becky is so pleased with this that she kisses Blaine. Blaine doesn’t look happy at all, but agrees to do whatever Sue says. But then he leaves and he meets up with Sam in the hall with a smirk. He tells Sam that his plan is working. You see, Blaine plans to take Sue down this year…from the inside. BOOM.

Brody has another customer. We see him go in the dark hotel room and turn on the light, only to find (GUESS WHO?) Santana. Brody is surprised and asks her not to tell Rachel. But Santana isn’t there to talk to him. Someone else is. GUESS WHO? Finn. He comes in looking quite angry. Santana leaves. Finn says that Brody must leave Rachel alone and move out. Brody says he loves her (obviously not enough to tell her the truth) and Finn says that Rachel doesn’t even know him. So they fight. They tackle each other, throw stuff, and Finn gets in a good hit to Brody’s eye. Finn is now pissed off. As he hit Brody again, he says rather angrily “STAY-AWAY-FROM-MY-FUTURE-WIFE”. Yes! I know it’s a bit weird for Finn to say that when he and Rachel aren’t even dating, but I’m just so glad that Finn’s back protecting Rachel and Brody is getting what he deserves. I’m also super happy that it was Santana’s doing. She could have been sour that they kicked her out and left them alone, but she is still helping them! Awwww I’M SO HAPPY!

The last song in the episode is ‘Closer’ by Tegan And Sara. It’s sung by ND with Ryder and Jake on leads. I’m not a huge fan of the song itself, but it’s happy and fun and we see ND really bonding and having fun and being together! It’s great. I love me some ND bonding!

The last scene of the episode is Ryder’s. He’s chatting with Katie again. He thanks her for her help with Unique and his friends. He goes on to say that he really likes Katie, even though they’ve never met. She asks about Marley, and Ryder says that he’s moved on. Then he asks to meet Katie in real life. As he’s waiting for a response, we hear typing in the room. Ryder is in the library, so he isn’t alone. He tries to see someone nearby but doesn’t. As for Katie’s reply, we never get it. The message Ryder gets is notifying him that she is now offline. UH-OH. Who is Katie really? Is she nice? Mean? There’s some speculation that it’s Marley but I think it’s too soon to make any guesses. We’ll have to wait and see.

That’s all. The episode ends there. Like I said, it wasn’t the best, but there were some good moments. My fave moment was when Finn came back and beat up Brody. I know it makes me sound mean and violent, but I just really hate Brody and I really love Finchel. And I’m glad the newbies are all friends. 🙂

Next week’s episode is called ‘Guilty Pleasures’. Here is the promo

OH MY GAWSH. Now that, my dear readers, is a promo. We’ll be learning some guilty pleasures! Sam and Blaine sing ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ which should be great. And what’s not true, Marley? She seems to be talking to Ryder, or so it looks. Does that have anything to do with Katie? OMG maybe Katie is Kitty! Sam likes T-Swizzle and Brittany likes the Spice Girls (cue Spice Girls number by ND girls). And what’s Kurt got there, you ask? It’s a boyfriend pillow. It’s shaped like a person so one can sleep with and hug it. When Rachel and Santana find out, Santana gets one too. Woah, Sam may have FEELINGS for Blaine? Oh, PLEASE no. I’m sorry. Sam is NOT GAY. I can’t deal with that. So all you Blam shippers, stop doing a happy dance because nothing is coming out of that, I tell you now. And it looks like Brody is going. Yay. Hopefully Santana moves back in. I’m glad she’s telling Rachel the truth. She needs to know. And then she needs to reconnect with Finn, who is going to college to be a teacher. He’s not living with Kurt and Rachel because rumour has it that he’ll be getting a college roommate. Hmmmm, who I wonder?

I’m super excited for 4×17 ‘Guilty Pleasures’. It looks exciting, plus there’s an ABBA song so that makes everything awesome. What about you? Are you excited? 😀

Now, this has nothing to do with the episode, but today, March 15th, is Klaine’s 2 year Anniversary. It’s a big day for us Klainers. Even though they’re not together, they’ll always be together in our hearts. So I send a big internet hug to all you Klainers out there who are sobbing and whispering “courage” to help them make it through today. Have faith, my friends. Glee won’t let us down. ❤

Also, today is the anniversary of Carson Phillips death. Carson, as you should know, is the character in Chris Colfer’s Struck By Lightning. Anyways, he died March 15th, so a moment of silence for him….even though he’s a fictional character….

And if that isn’t enough, today is also the day that Starkids everywhere return to Hogwarts ONE LAST TIME as AVPSY (A Very Potter Senior Year) is released on YouTube at 7pm Chicago time. I have two real life Starkid fan friends and they’re coming over we’re all gonna cry together in my basement. I can’t wait. 🙂 Last night I finished re-reading the Harry Potter books and now I’m set. So I also send a huge internet hug to you Starkids. It’s been an honor waiting and fangirling with you. I think we’re going back…..

That’s all for now. Really. I have no more announcements! 🙂 Bye!

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Ripple
    Mar 15, 2013 @ 16:07:28

    “If anyone has seen the video of Nicki’s ‘Super Bass’, you’d know that halfway though, it gets all glow-in-the-dark and crazy. That’s exactly what Sue does. There are feathers and a stage and a small motorcycle and neon paint. It sure beats Blaine.”

    Allow me to respectfully yet thoroughly disagree with this. I thought Sue’s performance was good… for a laugh. I have never seen or heard that song in its original form, but I can’t imagine that Nicki Minaj actually sounded and/or looked anywhere near as out-of-place, awkward or cringe-worthy as Sue did in that scene while she basically drowned out Blaine’s great singing with her awful rapping and, in my opinion, cheated with her props, costumes and special effects. That was NOT a fair competition. I may be biased toward the forces of good (otherwise known as Blaine), but I think Blaine losing that competition with only one person voting for him to win (Not even Sam supported him? What?!?) was the worst thing Glee could have done to that already wrecked scene. And I don’t care very much for Blam’s plan to try to “destroy Sue and the Cherrios! from the inside,” either. You’ve gotta know she’ll make his extracurricular life hell while Blaine tries it. Worth it? No. Just no.

    Okay, Sue has had a couple of good moments over the four years the show’s been going on, particularly in regards to her sister (RIP Jean), but is that so impressive when you look at all the times she’s done the exact opposite? And how many people are going to argue that those moments make up for everything she’s done to everyone she doesn’t care about? live and let live, but of course, she doesn’t know that, does she? I’m sure I’ll be sorry for this later, but right now I just hugely don’t like Sue. At all. Feel free to disagree, that’s what makes discussing and commenting and debating so great, but this is how i feel right now.

    Okay. Rant over. I shall now go hit my head against the wall until I get too dizzy to see straight. Good grief.


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 16, 2013 @ 17:45:42

      Yeah, Sue’s performance was laughable. And obviously Nicki’s real song was better, yes, but Sue did an okay job. Just okay. I totally agree that it wasn’t fair competition. Sue won with effects only, even though her rapping was alright. Blaine’s song wasn’t anything special though. He’s sung way better before. But I think he underestimated how much Sue can do, and when Sue wants something, she usually gets it. Yeah, I was also a bit surprised that Tina was Blaine’s only supporter. Mr. Schue should have said something as well because hs’s the one always saying that you don’t need props to win.
      But I don’t think Blaine’s Cheerio life will be that hard. I mean, many have done it before him and they survived.
      I can’t disagree with your opinion on Sue. I dislike her too. I was sure that her baby (who seems to be missing from the show) would make her a bit nicer, and I have a slight suspicion that that’s what the writers were going to do, but then changed back as an attempt to return to their smash Season 1 roots.


  2. Audrey
    Mar 16, 2013 @ 08:05:01

    Alright. Finn was AWESOME!! ❤ His future wife line was awesome. I'm curious how Ryder hasn't thought that maybe Katie_xoxo is maybe an 80 year old guy. Like honestly… I'm a little sad Rachel isn't pregnant. It would have been interesting to see how that played out with her NYADA and life, so I'm happy she isn't but yet I wish she was. I think Finn going to get a teaching degree might be a little dumb because well Finn barely passed high school. But I won't hate on Finn because I love Fichel 🙂


    • Rebecca Ripple
      Mar 16, 2013 @ 08:37:35

      Agreed. I loved Finn, too, in this episode! 😀


    • pottergleefan4
      Mar 16, 2013 @ 17:54:59

      Yes, Finn was totally awesome! ❤
      I hope, for Ryder's sake, that Katie is who she says she is. I'd hate for it to be some creep. Hopefully it's just some ND member playing a prank or something.
      As for Rachel's pregnancy, I'm glad it was a mistake. I mean, watching her try and balance life, the baby and NYADA would have been okay for an episode or two, but it would have ruined her life in the long run. And she's so talented, it would have been an awful waste.
      Did Finn barely pass high school? I didn't think he was that dumb. There wasn't any possibility of him failing, that I can recall. Do I think that he's one of the dimmer characters? Yes. But I agree that he'll have to work hard to be a teacher. If it works out though, he'd be a good one. And I love Finchel too 🙂


  3. Audrey
    Mar 17, 2013 @ 18:19:35

    Agreed! Finchel is pretty awesome 😛


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