4×17 Guilty Pleasures

Greetings Gleeks! I’ve been expecting you! Last night was episode 4×17 ‘Guilty Pleasures’. I was pleasantly surprised because it was actually a great episode. The music was awesome, the plot was good, there were some funny moments. I loved it. ūüôā I give it a 7.5 out of 10. Yeah. There was a few things I was very upset about though, which I shall tell you about the end. ūüôā And now, here we go with the full recap!

It starts with Blaine finding Sam in the hallways and trying to give him some money to help his family. Aw, Blaine is such a good friend. But when Sam asks why Blaine is handing him fifty bucks, Blaine admits that he saw Sam stealing pasta from the cafeteria. So Sam confesses what the pasta is really for. He takes Blaine to a room in a school where there are several portraits of people, all made from pasta. Sam is quite an artist!

That’s good!

They’re quite good. He even did one of Kurt, and Blaine likes it. So Blaine thanks Sam for showing him the art (seriously, how did no one find a bunch of pasta pics in a school room?). Sam, in return, wants to know what Blaine’s guilty pleasure is. So Blaine is like THIS close to admitting that he likes Sam but luckily manages to save it by saying that he likes the band Wham! Then Tina comes in bringing news of Mr. Schue’s sickness and the canceled Glee meeting. After Sam teases Tina for her crush on Blaine (that, to quote, was a “phase”), Tina leaves and Sam and Blaine to take over Glee themselves. ūüôā

So in Glee, Sam and Blaine announce that the theme of the week is Guilty Pleasure songs. But it seems that only the two of them are the only excited ones. So to get the group into it, Sam and Blaine start a fun rendition of Wham!’s ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’. The joke was Blam is singing Wham!¬†The song¬†is fun and¬†funky and we see all of ND on the stage dressed in the bright clothes from that time period. It’s especially¬†awesome because Blaine’s hair is ungelled¬†and adorably¬†wild. Not to mention the fact that Sam and Blaine’s shorts were shorter than the shorts that the girls were¬†wearing. Hahaha¬†but really, it was a great song and it deffo did what they meant it to do, as they were all happy and enjoying the song.

In the hall afterwards, Brittany find Kitty and they chat. Brittany says what we all know: that Kitty is a mean liar. So to help her be nicer, Brittany gets her on Fondue For Two. When on the show, Brittany and Kitty start by laughing and sharing their guilty pleasures. But after a few rounds of sharing, Kitty refuses to admit her biggest one. She whispers it to Brittany, but for all the viewers, they’re left in wonder. Viewers like Tina, who we see eagerly watching the webshow. Hmmm, why is Tina so interested in Kitty’s guilty pleasure?

Over in the big apple, Kurt is in a NYADA¬†class, where they have to¬†act¬†out¬†something embarrassing from their past. But Kurt isn’t worried. He admits that he has a bunch of guilty pleasures like how he likes TV shows with empowering women or how he likes to dress up and dance to something on TV (I didn’t catch what, I was too busy staring at the outfit).

This is the most skin we’ve seen from Chris EVER. Like not even in a photo shoot…

But his biggest guilty pleasure is Bruce, his arm pillow. Hahah. No one knows about Bruce. Not even Blaine, who ‘coincidentally’, has the first beginning letter of Bruce.

So the pressure to admit secrets has gotten to Sam again because he pulls Blaine aside and admits something else to him. Blaine asks if Sam perhaps likes him. But Sam says no and instead, in a hushed whisper, admits that he like the singer Barry Manilow. Now, you may be thinking “what about Taylor Swift? In the promo, Sam likes Taylor?” Yeah, here’s the thing: I don’t know. It changed. I¬† don’t know why, but Sam was set to sing a T-Swizzle song (‘I Knew You Were Trouble’)¬†and everything and now it’s changed. I don’t know why, sorry!

It seems that Tina wasn’t the only one curious about Kitty’s little secret. Marley and Unique were too, and the three¬†of them approach Brittany and Kitty and demand to know what it was. So Brittany whispers it “Spice Girls”. At first there’s an awkward silence, but it’s broken by five screams of joy. It turn out that all the girls love the Spice Girls so they all agree to sing a song for Glee.

Back in NYC, Santana has moved back in with Kurt and Rachel and is even paying rent this time too (good). But as Rachel is in the shower, Santana takes the opportunity¬†to talk to Kurt. Kurt is aware of Brody’s little side job but has a pact with Santana and they both don’t want to tell her. especially not before her Funny Girl audition. Then Rachel comes out of the shower and is a bit mad at Santana, who still brings up Brody. As it turns out, Brody did do what Finn said and left without a word. Rachel is starting to doubt whether Santana is her friend, so to cheer her up and prove it to her, Santana suggest that they prank Kurt. So they decide on the hand-in-warm-water prank (how mature) and as they go to his room to prank him, they see Kurt, snuggled with Bruce the pillow. So Kurt has to explain that he was lonely and it’s comforting. Luckily, Rachel and Kurt understand him. ūüôā

So Sam decides to take his Barry Manilow¬†love to the next level because he gets up in front¬†of ND and sings one of his songs, ‘Copacabana’, which is the happiest death song I’ve ever heard. Everyone in ND dances and sings with him. And after the song, which Sam does a great job, everyone in ND say that they, too, like Barry Manilow. Yaaaay.

On the stage, the girls are planning out which Spice Girl they want to be. After some pointless banter, Tina comes in, looking shocked. She says she just witnessed something awful. She doesn’t say what but the next thing we see is Marley furiously storming down the hall to Jake where she demands to know if it’s true. He asks what she means so she asks if it’s true that he’s going to be singing a Chris Brown song. We don’t see his reply….

Once again, Sam asks Blaine what his guilty pleasure is. Everyone else has confessed so Blaine should too.

The girls are mad at Jake. They all follow him into the choir room¬†saying that not only does Chris Brown suck as an artist, but he sucks as a role model too. They mention how he beat up Rihanna¬†and how rude he is (true, I also really dislike Chris Brown). But Jake says that he agrees with them and all, but he likes Chris’ music. Besides, they’ve sung Britney Spears and Rihanna¬†songs and they’re both not good role models. Valid point, Jake, valid point. But the girls totally disagree and basically, what they say goes.

As a little joke and because they’re all single and lonely, Kurt surprises Rachel and Santana with arm pillows of their own. He even makes Santana’s into a girl. And as much as they both appreciate¬†the gesture, Rachel says she doesn’t need one because she still has Brody. She thinks they’re still dating. So Santana finally cracks. She tells Rachel the truth about Brody and all his little white lies. Rachel doesn’t believe her so she turns to Kurt to back her up. But Kurt knows this is true and wordlessly confirms it for her. And Rachel storms off in tears. Aww, poor Rachel. I do feel bad for her. It seems like everyone around her was lying or hiding something.

So Blaine decides to share his guilty pleasure through song. He sits everyone down in the auditorium while he plays the piano on stage. Fun fact: Darren is actually singing live on the show, as well as playing the piano. Anyways, he sings ‘Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)’. It’s a sad song and it practically screams KURT. It’d be so perfect. But, sadly, we see Blaine look to Sam a few times as he sings. Ew. After the song, which was fabulous, Tina asks him who the song was about. I guess she knew that it was for Sam. But Blaine awkwardly says it’s about Kurt. Oh, we hoped it was. Blaine goes on to say that he loves Phil Collins, the song’s artist, and no longer shall he hide it. So ND all claps for him. The last thing we see is Sam, who has that famous thinking face.

The girls are ready to go so Blaine and Sam introduce them. In comes the girls, dressed as the Spice Girls. They start singing ‘Wannabe’. It’s okay and it’s good to see them all dressed up and in that character’s mode. I was a bit¬†upset that Sugar wasn’t part of it. In fact, she wasn’t in the episode at all. In fact again, she hasn’t been in the past few episodes. In fact again again, neither has Joe. The two of them have been oddly missing.

After the Spice Girls song, Jake gets up and says he’s changed his mind; he’s not doing Chris but he is¬†still doing Brown. Bobby Brown, that is (the one who was married to Whitney Houston). He sings ‘My Prerogative’ and it’s alright. Jake is a good dancer, though. ūüôā But, for anyone who knows who Bobby Brown is, you’d know that he was just as much a winner as Chris Brown is.

In the hall after, we see Tina dressed a creepy maid robot. Marley laughs and explains that she’s Vicki from some show called Small Wonder. Kitty doesn’t know who she is, but when Jake walks by, he does. Then Jake stops and says sorry to the girls for singing the song he did. He said he had no idea what Bobby did. Then Kitty and Tina leave, leaving Jake and Marley. They chat and Marley says that she has two more guilty pleasures. One is any movie with Jessica Simpson in it and the other is Jake. Then they kiss. ‚̧ Yeah, I’m back to team Jarley, I guess.

So Rachel decided to get confirmation. She goes to NYADA¬†where Brody is teaching and talks to him. She full-out¬†confronts him in tears. She asks why he lied and he asks why SHE lied. He says that Finn came and hit him and he knows that she hooked up with him at the wedding. Rachel didn’t know about Finn, though. She should have said something there. And also, if he’s mad that she and Finn hooked up, I thought they were in a ‘modern and open relationship’. Anyways, since they both know that they’re both ‘liars’, they decide to totally break up officially. Then they sing ‘Creep’ by Radiohead. It’s kinda sad because¬†as much as Brody was a liar, he did like her for real. But I’m super glad it’s done because I can’t overlook his lies and the fact that he’s not Finn. I need Finchel again, okay?

Once again, Blaine is at the piano (alone this time)¬†when Sam comes in. Sam tells Blaine that he knows what Blaine is hiding. Sam knows Blaine likes him. But Sam is super cool about it. He says that he’d be offended¬†if he wasn’t. It’s quite flattering, he goes on to say. Blaine says that he doesn’t want to ruin their friendship, but Sam reassures him that nothing will change and he’s cool. Then they hug it out and leave as Sam says that he has one more guilty pleasure song for ND to sing. I am so glad that Bram is still friends. I’m glad Blaine has a non-gay friend. And I’m super glad they didn’t play with Sam’s sexuality. That’d just be dumb.

Rachel arrives back at the place, where Santana and Kurt are watching TV. Rachel says that they had a mature conversation and now they’re totally over. She thanks Santana, their new permanent roommate (YAY!), for not giving up on it and having her best interests¬†in mind. Rachel says she’s happy and ready to move on (or move back to Finn, I hope). Then, to celebrate it, she picks a movie for them to watch, which is a personal fave of mine, Mamma Mia. Then her, Kurt and Santana sing the title song, ‘Mamma Mia’. Halfway through the song, ND, on stage and dressed in funky ABBA¬†outfits,¬† join in singing. I love the song and I love how we have the New Yorkers¬†and the Lima people singing together. One thing that Klainers¬†really loved was that it showed Kurt throwing a hoolahoop and then it showed Blaine catching¬†it as the line “I could never let you go” was sang. I know we’re all just overreacting, but it was cute. Also, in this song, Blaine’s hair was straightened and it was adorable.

See his hair? ‚̧

So that’s all. The episode ended with a great ABBA¬†song! ūüôā Yes, it was a good episode. I liked all the music and the outcome of the whole Blaine/Sam thing. I also liked how we saw Blaine’s hair in three different ways (curly, gelled¬†and straightened). I also liked that Kitty was a bit nicer to everyone (Marley especially), maybe because what Brittany said to her. But here’s what I didn’t like. I didn’t like how the whole Ryder/online Katie girl thing wasn’t mentioned. It wasn’t even acknowledged. Like, it was the big cliffhanger from last week but this week it isn’t there. I was really curious to find out who Katie is for real but now I’m left hanging on¬†(just like a yo-yo…. there’s some Wham! humor for you). Hopefully it’ll be revealed in the next episode.

Too bad that is in three weeks. Yes, we have another icky hiatus that lasts 21 ugly days. But after that, we get episode 4×18 called ‘Shooting Star’. Here is the promo

Now here we go… We see Rachel practicing for her Funny Girl audition (at least, I guess that’s what she’s doing). And awww¬†5 more episodes? So short! And oooh¬†Finn and Puck singing? Oh ma gawsh! Maybe Puck is Finn’s roomie¬†at University of Lima? That’d be totally awesome. Also, if you noticed all those weird costumes, it’s because yes, Glee will be doing *shudder* the Harlem Shake. I’m totally against this. I think that song is the single most stupidest thing since Gangnam¬†Style. And last to note is Beiste¬†(oooh¬†she’s back) eating with Will (who should be dating EMMA!). As far as promos go, this isn’t very interesting, especially since we have to survive the hiatus (by the way, I already set the little calendar thingy on this blog so keep an eye on it). Anyhoo, you may be wondering why the episode¬†is called ‘Shooting Star’. Well, here’s the deal. In this episode, there is a shooting at the school. I know it’s kind of a¬†gruesome¬†topic especially after the shooting in Connecticut a few months back, and there were many¬†fans upset with this choice too. But just note that no one on the show is shot or hurt and Glee does take it seriously. I won’t just be a joke to ND. Also in¬†relation to the name, Brittany thinks there is an asteroid coming to earth soon…

That’s all I know about the episode to come and that concludes this post. Yaaay. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to listen to the new Jim And The Povolos¬†album and watch some Say Yes To The Dress. Hahaha what did you think of the episode and promo? How will you survive the hiatus?


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