4×18 Shooting Star

I’m not gonna lie, this post will be very different from the rest. I like to think I’m somewhat clever and witty and get my opinion across by utilizing the caps lock. But for this post, it’s not as appropriate. You see, last night was episode 4×18 called ‘Shooting Star’ and without giving it all away right now, there was a gun shot at school. The episode was sad, crazy, intense, scary, shocking, interesting and, for lack of a better word, bad. But not bad-bad. It was good-bad, if that makes sense. In a way, it was a good episode. The acting was amazing and there were some terrific plot twists. So I’m gonna give the episode an 8 out of 10. I cried. I didn’t cry when Klaine and Finchel broke up, I didn’t cry when they all Graduated last season. I didn’t cry at the end of AVPSY. I didn’t even cry during that dog movie, Marley And Me, to put it in perspective. But last night, wrapped up in my pink Snuggie, I was full-out crying and shaking. That was a first for me. It’s also a bit coincidental that today in English class, my teacher showed us the first half of ‘Bowling For Columbine’, a documentary about guns and that school shooting in Columbine a decade ago. A lot of people weren’t happy with Glee’s choice to do an episode involving a school shooting after the horror in Connecticut in December, but I heard that Glee was planning this before the incident. So, here is what happened in the episode.

First off, I should tell you about the disclaimer. Yes, Glee had a warning before the episode saying that this episode addresses school violence, which was a first. This is Glee, the show that’s covered suicide, car crashes and more. You know it’s bad when.

It starts with New Directions and Will on the stage. Will reads out the names of their Regionals competition and they briefly discuss their plans for Regionals. But Brittany stands up and announces that there’s a huge comet/asteroid/meteor/meteorite (which, may I add, are all different things) headed to earth and they’re all going to die. At first no one believes her because it sounds an awful lot like the story she tried to use at Christmas. But Brittany believes it and says that she’ll be using her last days to talk to her love, Lord Tubbington. I should also add that she’s named the deadly asteroid thing ‘Tubbington-bopp’. After a while, ND starts to believe it and starts worrying about the afterlife. So Will takes their worries and says that the theme of the week is last chances and saying what you have to say while you can still say it.

In the hall, Ryder is talking to Jake. He fills Jake in on Katie, his mystery online flirt. Ryder says that the other day he was in class when he saw Katie walk by! Yes, Katie goes to McKinley! So Jake says that Ryder should do something special when they meet for the first time. Kinda ironic how Jake is suggesting special things, when at Valentines day, it was the other way around.

So Brittany is in her room, telling that adorable fat cat how much she loves him, no matter what. Sam is awkwardly in the room and when Brittany is upset that her cat doesn’t love her back, he suggests that she sings to him. And she should get all of ND to sing too so that way, it doesn’t seem that Brittany likes a cat more than her friends. Brittany loves the idea. The thing is, Sam doesn’t look to happy. Is this the start of a Bram breakup…?

So Ryder finds Katie in the hall. Katie is played by actress Ginny Gardner. They both are thrilled to finally meet each other. Ryder quickly takes her to the choir room and with the help of Brad and the band (BTW, when did Brad come back???) he sings Elton John’s ‘Your Song’. She loves the song, but after asks why he sang it to her. So Ryder says that talking to her online has been great, but he wanted the moment they meet to be better. But Katie says she doesn’t know what he means. Ryder pulls out his phone and shows her all their texts and messages and pictures she’s sent. Here’s the thing: Katie says that’s not her. It’s her picture, but not her words. Plus, here name isn’t Katie; it’s Marissa. Ryder has been catfished. And Ryder is mad. We see him storming up to Jake and Marley and accusing them. But they both deny it. He doesn’t believe them and runs off.

The girl who played Marissa, the fake Katie

On the stage, Sam and Brittany sing ‘More Than Words’ by Extreme to Lord Tubbington, who is there watching. All of ND come out with candles and it’s a nice song. I think it was even better that it wasn’t a love song between Bram.

Coach Beiste is back and she made dinner for Will in the locker room. Her inspiration is Lady And The Tramp. So the two of them sit down and eat and it’s a cool. But then Beiste admits something. She admits that she likes Will. And I mean LIKES. Ouch. But Will politely says he’s with Emma and they’re just friends. I feel bad for her, but let’s be real here; Beiste knows that. She’s been totally supportive of Wemma. I don’t get it. So after Will’s rejection, Beiste runs out…

Ryder gets texts from Katie. The real Katie. She says she’s sorry and for him not to be mad. Ryder requests that they meet so Katie says they’ll meet the next day in front of the choir room. I was glad because I was dying to know who it is.

As it turns out, Brittany was wrong. There is no asteroid/meteor thing coming and what’s more, she was using a Pringles can as a telescope. So the world is saved, as she tells the Astronemy club, who, for whatever reason, had believed her. They all cheer then leave the room. Well, all but Becky. Becky goes up to Brittany and says that she really looks up to her. Then Becky asks Brittany to stay in highschool next year too and be on Cheerios too. But Brittany knows she can’t and says that she must move on, as does Becky. That’s about the first smart thing Brittany’s said in a while.

In the choir room, Will and ND invite Coach Beiste to come hang with them for some fun, casual singing to celebrate the fact that Brittany was wrong. I guess Beiste isn’t that upset at Will. Good. But before any singing happens, they hear a loud gunshot in the school, followed by screams and then another shot. Will and Beiste quickly turn off the lights and tell everyone to get down and hide. But then Sam says that Brittany was in the bathroom and he must go get her. Blaine also says that Tina’s not with them. It’s scary. Will tells them to keep quiet and text everyone to make sure they’re safe. Everyone starts crying. Marley is in hysterics and Kitty uses her potential last moments to admit that she tampered with her clothes during Grease and that she’s sorry. As much as I wish it was in a different situation, I’m glad it was finally admitted. Marley also tries to call her mom. We see her mom hiding in the school kitchens, crying because she can’t access her phone. As for Brittany, we see her standing on a toilet in a bathroom stall, quietly crying to the haunting sound of a single drip, drip, drip of water. The kids in the choir room don’t have water to scare them, they have a darned metronome in the middle of the room, slowly ticking away. The suspense was tremendous. Again Sam says he needs to find Brittany and actually tries to leave the room so Will and Beiste have to physically hold him down and keep him quiet. I don’t even like Bram but I was crying for them. Artie then turns on a camera and starts recording a video because it may be their last chance to say something. Marley, still in tears, admits to the camera that in a box in her room is a bunch of songs that she wrote. Those songs will come in handy as we know that Glee is doing more Original Songs in the next few episodes. As for Ryder, he uses his last moments to try to call the real Katie because even though her real identity is unknown, he still likes her. But there is no answer. I may be wrong because I was a little busy crying as I watched, but I think the phone he was calling was in the room. He ends up hanging up because there was too much noise. We then see Tina. She is safe and was evacuated with a bunch of students, but is begging Figgins to let her back inside to find her friends. Back to Brittany, alone in a stall, we hear someone slowly come into the bathroom and slowly step closer. But luckily, it was just Mr. Schue and when Brittany hears him, she runs out and hugs him. Will takes her and the two other random kids who were in the bathroom too back to the choir room, guided by some SWAT/police man. Finally, after some more crying and waiting and worrying, they get an all-clear. The lights come on and everyone is hugging each other and crying. It was so….ugh I don’t even have the words to tell you. Words can’t describe how I was feeling and how crazy that scene was. It was the most intense thing ever.

The next day, we see Will and Beiste in the staff room, watching from a window as kids entering the school are checked, like at an airport. Sue walks in, being her typical self. She doesn’t seem bothered by the gun at all. Will explains that the gun is either still in the school and will be found, or is never coming back in due to the security measures now in place. He also says that every student will be interrogated. But then Sue says everyone won’t be interrogated. BECAUSE IT WAS HER GUN.

The next thing we see is Sue in Figgins’ office, looking honest and sincere. Sue explains that the gun was simply for protection because in these times, it’s needed. She says she unlocked it to clean it and by accident, it shot, so she dropped it. When she dropped it, it shot again. Figgins points out that there would be evidence still, but Sue says the bullet caps are at the bottom of a lake and there are some posters covering the holes. Sue sincerely apologizes and says that she is scared of the consequences. You know, I am really proud of Sue for admitting this. It takes a big person to do so, especially when so much is on the line. Figgins believes her and doesn’t look mad, but he knows he can’t hide it and Sue accepts that. Sue sadly says that despite all her Cheerios wins and stellar accomplishments, this gun is all she’ll be known for. That is what bugged me the most. Because it’s true. This scene is Sue’s best scene ever. No sassy comebacks, no insults, no acts. Nothing but complete honesty and regret.

In the hall, Tina and Blaine are walking. Both are pretty shaken, understandably. Tina says that she wished she was with them in the choir room because even though they were scared and sad, they’re her family and she wanted to say her final goodbyes. Blaine, who is in tears, hugs her tightly and says that he loves her (not in the Blina couple way) and that she was there, in his heart. We also see Kitty and Marley hugging in the hall too. Yeah, I was in a fresh round of tears at this scene.

As for Ryder, he asks Kitty if it’s her who’s catfishing him, but Kitty says no. Ryder still plans to meet with her outside the choir room.

Will is such a good friend. He takes Beiste to the library and shows her an online dating account he set up for her. He says that she’s such a good friend and was such a big help when they were on lockdown in the choir room the day before. Beiste thanks him and isn’t opposed to the idea, but says that she probably won’t get any replies. But she already has. Will pulls up the name and guess who it is? No seriously, just guess. It was the most perfect person and I was kicking myself for not thinking of it before. Guess? Ken Tanaka. Yeah. The old football coach from Season 1. Oh man, they’d be perfect together! I hope Ken comes back and they go out. That’s be awesome and we know from Season 1 that he’s a nice guy despite his weirdness.

Sam and Brittany meet in the hall and Sam is carrying a large bag. Sam says that during the lockdown, all he was thinking about was her. Brittany says she was thinking about him too. So Sam says that since they got fake married they might as well start a fake family. Sam opens the bag and pulls out a fat cat that he adopted from a shelter. He named it Lady Tubbington and says that he’ll be nicer to Lord Tubbington now too. Yay, two adorable fat kitties on Glee! Then Brittany and Sam say that they love each other and kiss. I still don’t like them together and I’m anxiously awaiting their break up, but I have to admit, they’re cute and after the episode’s events, I’ll let them have that kiss.

So Sue is cleaning out her office when Will comes in. He says that what she did wasn’t like her. So he offers to try to help clear her name. He asks for something she can tell him that he can use to appeal to Figgins. But Sue doesn’t want his help. As he talks, we see flashbacks of Sue in her office talking to Becky. Becky in tears, says that she’s nervous about the future and her safety. Sue says that she needs not worry. But Sue’s words don’t help because then BECKY PULLS OUT A GUN. Sue immediately tries to take it away from her, but Becky says it’s her dad’s and she needs to be safe. Sue tries to calmly take it, but then, by accident, Becky fires it. Then she drops it and the second shot goes. Neither Sue or Becky are hurt and right away Becky cries and apologizes and Sue just hugs her. Back to the present, Sue asks Will to keep an eye on Becky for her. Then Sue leaves. So basically, Sue took the blame for Becky. SUE TOOK THE BLAME FOR BECKY. Honestly, I take back every negative thing I’ve said about Sue. Every time I’ve cursed her name or wanted to slap her, I take it all back. This is by far the kindest, sweetest thing Sue Sylvester has ever done. And the fact that she did it for Becky makes it that much more nicer.

It’s 3:30 and Ryder is waiting for Katie. Sue passes him and wishes him luck. But sadly, Katie never shows. Ryder slowly admits defeat and hurries to the stage, where the members are singing John Mayer’s ‘Say’. During the song, everyone is crying and hugging each other. It’s so freaking cute. Yeah, I cried again. The song is so sad and true and Glee did fantastic with it. I’d also like to point out that Kitty and Artie were sitting very close. In the last episode, ‘Guilty Pleasures’ there was some weird chemistry between them and Kartie was thrown out there. But now, seeing them so close after something so scary, I gotta say, I think they’re a cute couple. Who else thinks Kartie is a good couple?

The last part of the episode is more of Artie’s video that he recorded in the choir room. Sam asks his parents to feed the cat in his locker, Artie, Ryder and I think Jake say that they love their parents, and Unique says tells the world to never stop being special. It’s a cute and sad ending.

So that was the episode. It was really sad. I know my words don’t do it justice as I can’t even begin to describe how sad and scared they all looked, so if you haven’t seen the episode, do it, but make sure you have a box of tissues because if I cried, you WILL cry. I was a bit upset that Joe and Sugar were still missing. This is like three or four episodes that they’ve been gone for without any reason why. I also was a bit upset that we still don’t know who Katie is. I’m glad they addressed it, but I need answers here! And I think a lot of people wanted Blaine to mention Kurt. I did too, a bit. But overall, the acting was fantastic. I am blown away. And I know that it was a touchy subject, but I think Glee did really well with it. It really was a good episode, even though…. And don’t worry, Sue and Becky will both be back. What’ll come from that, I don’t know, but I hope Sue’s name is cleared. One last thing: why the heck was the school even open the next day? There could be a gun inside and classes are going on like normal? Fail.

So next week’s episode is not as sad as this one, which is good. The episode is called ‘Sweet Dreams’ and here is the promo:

OOOOOOH. Okay to start, Tina, what the actual heck are you wearing? That get-up better be for a song or something. And Roz is back, okay. I suppose she was okay. I’d like to know what Sue’s doing, but okay. Aww Finn’s at college and having fun! Good for him. And double good that he’s rooming with Puck. I just hope Puck’s laid back style doesn’t rub off on Finn’s who not just there for fun. I hope. SHELBY’S BACK! I can’t wait! I’m so glad she’s there to help Rachel with her big audition. And yes, her audition song is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. I’m pretty sure that the others that you see there singing with her are kinda just in her imagination, but I could be wrong. I’m so glad they’re doing that though because that’s Glee’s anthem. The song that made us all Gleeks. And to see Rachel using it to continue in her singing career is brilliant. And whether Rachel is talking to Finn on the phone there, I don’t know for sure. I hope so, because I’m missing Finchel. Yeah, it looks like a good, happy episode. Bring it on! BTW, the song Rachel and Shelby are singing there is ‘Next To Me’ by Emeli Sande.

So that’s all for now. What did you think of the episode? If you cried, are crying, or will cry, my heart goes out to you. And if you’re crying for a reason more than the fact that you’re emotionally attached to the characters like me, I send you internet hugs. ❤ ❤ ❤ See you later!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey
    Apr 14, 2013 @ 09:07:04

    I might have cried during this post… 😥 I really need to know who Katie is because she seems dangerous. Before we knew that Becky and Sue and all that with the gun…. I thought this shooting was the next day and the two gun shot “Katie” shot and then would have came into the choir room and sadly hurt the glee club D: I’m too much too happy that didn’t happen. I anxious for the next episode because Shelby. Where I live Wicked the musical is coming to town in May. I get to see it!!!! I doesn’t have Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth- might have spelled that wrong- but yay yay yay. Also Finn does look happy. I really hope that Rachel doesn’t sing the song she sings everywhere. I’m blanking the name but the song she sang at her NYADA audition and season1 sectionals. And yeah.


    • pottergleefan4
      Apr 14, 2013 @ 10:45:21

      Yea, I thought Katie might be the shooter too, but since it’s believed that Katie is someone in ND I don’t think so. I’d still like to know who it is.
      Aw you get to see Wicked? That’s so cool.
      No, Rachel doesn’t sing ‘Don’t Rain On My Parade’. And I’m glad she doesn’t. DSB has much more meaning, emotionally. 🙂


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