4×19 Sweet Dreams

If for whatever reason you don’t want to read the recap, please scroll to the bottom of this post for a special, totally awesome announcement!!!

Hello! Last night was episode 4×19 ‘Sweet Dreams’ and it was a lot happier than last week’s super sad episode. However, to me, it wasn’t the best episode. I thought it was kinda silly at parts. But there were some funny parts, and happy parts. Plus the music wasn’t awful. So overall, I give it a 6.5 out of 10. I guess that after such a powerful episode like ‘Shooting Star’ I was kinda disappointed with ‘Sweet Dreams’. It just wasn’t….enough. Here’s what happened:

It starts off with Finn, in college, studying to be a teacher. He says that even though it’s tough, he really wants to be a teacher so he’ll try his best. The problem is, it’s college and college people love fun. We see Finn in the library and outside when several Harlem Shake flash mobs start. At first Finn is wary of them and tries to avoid them but then he realizes that he’s young and should just have fun. And you know who else is there having fun? Puck. Yes, Finn runs into Puck, who says he’s not technically enrolled but is there having a ball. So the two of them cheer and hug it out. It was so good to see them together again.

Over in New York, Rachel is getting ready for her huge Funny Girl audition. She wants to be ready both mentally and physical because after all, this is the musical that changed her life. We even see a young little Rachel dreamily watching Funny Girl on TV. Rachel is a huge fan and this THE role for her.

With Sue gone, Cheerios is now taken over by Roz Washington. She comes sauntering in the staff room and says to Will and Beiste that the shooting thing was dumb and where she came from, she couldn’t sleep unless she heard at least 2 gun shots. Okay, that’s not cool. I think many people will be offended with Roz’s opinion. I sorta was. Anyhoo, Roz leaves and Beiste asks Will if he’s talked to Finn yet. Will says no and doesn’t seem to eager to do so either. But Beiste says he was to. She says she and her sister fought and now are closer so he should make an effort to say sorry to Finn. THANK YOU, BEISTE. Someone needs to tell Will and he actually listens to her so that’s good.

In a voiceover, Marley says that with Regionals coming up, she wants to do some original songs that she wrote. But everyone in ND is acting really weird, as if they have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Tina is dressing punk/goth again, Sam is pretending he has an Australian twin named Evan Evans and Unique is taking birth control pills to help her be more womanly. Also, due to Brittany’s high SAT scores, a university, MIT, is interested in her. I heard that in the next few episodes Brittany will be gone visiting them so she’ll be out for a bit. And in the finale, one character is to leave forever so maybe it’s Brittany due to Heather’s pregnancy….? Anyways, in a Glee meeting, Will says that the theme for Regionals in Dreams so he has three songs literally involving dreams, to play it safe. But Marley asks if they can do original songs. Right away, Will says no. :S

Well if it isn’t Evan Evans, Sam’s ‘twin’

ND all agree that Will’s setlist sucks though. Blaine holds a secret meeting and says that they have to do something. Again Marley suggests that they do original songs, but no one agrees. But they agree that they need a new setlist so they begin to think up some new ideas.

So Finn and Puck are having the time of their lives at college. They’re at a massive, wet and crazy party. Finn even scams two girls into going shirtless. Then Will comes in. Puck hugs him before running off, but Finn awkwardly greets him. Will asks Finn to come back to McKinley, saying that he won’t become a good teacher by partying like this. But Finn says no. I guess he’s still a bit mad at Will. So Will leaves with one last hug from Puck, who then informs Finn that they got invited to a frat party.

In the next Glee meeting, Blaine announces to Will that they have come up with an alternative setlist. But Will doesn’t accept it. In fact, he goes kinda crazy, yelling at Blaine and Sam and Unique mostly for deliberately going against his word. Will says his songs are final and then he leaves in a huff. But once he’s out in the hall, he looks sad, lost and upset. I guess he’s struggling to make a winning team and needs Finn back.

For Rachel’s audition, she wants to sing a Barbra Streisand song, naturally. But in comes Shelby, who’s back in New York, and says Rachel can’t sing that. Shelby says that Rachel’s song is predictable and to get the role, she needs to sing something original and special, just like her. So to help her, the two of them sing ‘Next To Me’. I think they did a great job with this. They both have such amazing voices and I’m just so glad Shelby is back to help her daughter. 😀

The frat party that Finn and Puck are at is a wild place and it’s even more wilder when Finn on drums and Puck on guitar sing a loud and rocking version of Fight For Your Right (To Party)’ by the Beastie Boys. After the song, two frat dudes come up to them and thank them for saving their party with their music. They even offer them a place in their frat, without any initiation or testing at all. And naturally, Finn and Puck accept. -_- A frat? Really? Finn, stop right now.

Determined to get her songs heard, Marley calls Blaine, Unique and Sam to the stage. She says she felt bad about Mr.Shue yelling at them so she wrote them a song. She hands out the lyrics and with Brad’s help, they sing ‘You Have More Friends Than You Know’. It’s a cute song with a good message, but, and I can’t stress this enough, it’s not Glee’s song. The writer is Mervyn Warren and he obviously gave Glee permission to say that Marley wrote it, but I was seeing so many people say that it’s Glee’s original song, which it’s not. Anyways, my issue with this song is that if Marley wrote it about friends, why is Sam and Blaine singing it and not Jake, Kitty or Ryder? During the song, Mr. Shue is off-stage, watching and listening to the song. At the end, everyone says that the song is great. They push Marley to try again with Mr. Shue because she says she has more, but Marley says he was mad enough and they agree to let it be.

For once, Finn has a moment of quiet at college and then his phone rings. But I was happy with who was calling: Rachel. Finn first says sorry for hitting Brody, but Rachel thanks him instead and says she wishes he stuck around for a visit. Then she expresses her worries for the audition. But Finn says she can do it. He believes in her and says she just needs to make the producers love her right away. That seems to help her so she thanks him and hangs up. I JUST WANT FINCHEL BACK, OKAY?

So Rachel goes to the audition. The person before her was really bad so the producers weren’t in the best of moods. But Rachel struts up and says she’s gonna sing a classic. But not a classic Broadway song, a classic Glee song. Yes, Rachel sings ‘Don’t Stop Believin”. On the stage we also see the other originals (Kurt, Finn, Mercedes, Artie and Tina) donned in the classic red outfits. But they’re just Rachel’s imagination. They even do the same dance from Season 1 and it’s so cute. They’re all grown up now and they’re singing the song that gave them the start. We were all assaulted with Season 1 feels. 🙂 After the song, which Rachel did fab with, the producers say that it was certainly different. Then one producer, who looks very familiar but for the life of me I can’t say where he’s from, said her attitude changed in the song. Rachel said she was thinking of her friends, who gave her the courage to do what she loves, singing. 🙂 I would say that she was a shoe-in for the role, but I also thought Kurt was a shoe-in for NYADA and we all know how that turned out.

Back in Lima, Puck wakes Finn up and hands him a notice. Finn says it’s from his prof, saying he missed a test. Finn isn’t bothered too much. But Puck is. He said that he came to he conclusion that he needs to do something with his life, not waste it with foolish parties. So Puck says he’ll dedicate his time to writing his screenplay and helping Finn be the best teacher ever. Thank goodness Puck has come to senses.

Roz, the new Cheerleading coach, calls in Blaine and Becky, the co-captains. Roz says that she doesn’t think they’re good captains and she also says it’s their fault that Sue left. Roz thinks that Blaine and Becky put a hex on Sue, making her do that. I’m sorry, but that’s just stupid. And this is coming from the girl who thought she had magic powers for like two years of her life :P. So to ensure that Blaine and Becky don’t try any witchcraft on her, she makes them take an oath, swearing that they will “Neeeaaavaaaah” do so. I say it like that because both Blaine and Becky were so upset with Roz that they mocked her black accent and punctuated every few words with an eye roll just to show how ridiculous she is. It was actually quite funny to see. But even though Becky mocked Roz, you could see she was a bit uncomfortable with things. She’s clearly feeling guilty. Blaine notices this and after they’re dismissed from Roz’s office, Blaine asks if she knows something he doesn’t. But Becky tells him to “mind your own gay business, gay Blaine” before she storms off. If there’s one character on Glee that I want off, it’s Roz. She’s weird and half of what she says is irrelevant, mean and confusing. Seriously, Roz, please go away….. But it was funny how she called Blaine ‘Fruity Fonzie’.

On the stage, Will is standing there, remembering the moment when they won Nationals. Pure bliss. Then it’s interrupted by Finn. Finn says that he needs to focus and so he talked to someone at his college and he can get credits for staying at McKinley and helping ND. But Finn has a condition. He says he wants it to be a fair, equal partnership, not coffee runs and such. Will’s condition is that they must move past all the drama and just be a team. Finn agrees and they hug it out. Hooray! (Insert Bryan Ryan voice here)

Now that Finn is back, Will is much nicer to ND. He goes into the choir room and compliments them all. Then he says that the choir room was his home and is also their home. He apologizes for being controlling. He’s much calmer now, due to Finn, who he brings in, earning a round of applause. Then he offers the floor to Marley to share her original songs.

Back in New York, Rachel is anxiously awaiting a phone call concerning her audition. But as the minutes pass and the phone stays silent, she starts losing hope. Kurt, who made her cookies, asks her if she has any regrets about the song she sang. She says no, which is good. Suddenly her phone rings and they both freak. So she answers it, and yes, it was the producers. SHE HAS A CALLBACK FOR FANNY. 🙂 Rachel and Kurt hug and jump up and down. Ahhhh, I was so happy for her.

The last scene is in Lima. It’s ND singing one of Marley’s original songs, ‘Outcast’. This song is actually Glee’s. Like ‘Loser Like Me’, it has a good message and it fun. If all Marley’s songs are like this, I think they have a real shot at Regionals. 😉 This is deffo one of my fave songs of the episode.

So that’s it. Again, Joe and Sugar were missing. Like how hard is it to take 30 seconds and give them a quick story? Just say that Joe went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and Sugar is at a funeral in Texas, IDK. Anyways, the episode its self was okay. There were some laugh out loud moments and the songs were good, particularity ‘DSB’, but the episode its self lacked a bit. I mean, everything in the episode was relevant, I guess, but it just wasn’t the best it could be. What did you think?

Next week is episode 4×20 ‘Lights Out’.

So the episode is named like so because, as you saw, there is a power outage, and NOT a Zombie Apocalypse. But the students seem to enjoy it. WHY IS TINA GETTING SLUSHIED? And Sue is back? As a workout instructor? You know, that’s not a bad job for her. Blaine is in the class, wearing quite and attractive outfit (that was him in the short green shorts and black tank top). Isabelle is back! Yay! I didn’t even know if Kurt still worked at NYADA! And lastly Blaine interrogated Becky. Why does he want Sue back? Wasn’t his goal to get her out? Poor Becky, I wonder if she’ll crack. In this episode, Nightbird (Blaine’s superhero) is back 🙂 Overall, it doesn’t look like the BEST episode ever, but it doesn’t look awful. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Now for the announcement. It’s so important that I’m writing in bold. Okay so remember I told you that Season 5 of Glee was still unconfirmed. The reason for this was because of negotiations between Glee and Fox. But today, only a few hours ago, we found out that not only are we getting a Season 5, but we are ALSO GETTING SEASON 6. This is totally confirmed. Season 5 and Season 6 are a go! Two more years of glorious Glee! That also means two more years of me chatting you up! Yaaaaaay! 😀 Oh, and if you want proof, here:

I AM FREAKING OUT. THIS IS LEGIT. Honestly, this is amazing. Here we were worrying if we’d ever see a Klaine wedding or Tina and them graduating, but now we find out that we get it all AND MORE. I’m like crying here so I’m gonna end off. I love you all, BYEEEE!!!


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