‘Archie Meets Glee Part 2’ Book Review

Part 1

Yaaaaay! I’ve been waiting for this and looking all over and today I finally got my eager hands on a copy of THIS:

glee archie 2

Part 2 is out and it’s a good thing too! I’ve re-read Part 1 a gazillion times as I waited!

Like Part 1, the characters were so adorable. I literally can’t get over how brilliantly similar to the show the Glee characters are. All their lines are so perfect. Sue’s lines lacked a bit, but Artie’s and Brittany’s were totally on point.

Since Part 1 was more of a scene-setting introduction to the worlds and the characters, Part 2 finally starts going deep into the plot. Half the Glee characters are switched to the Archie world and half the Archie characters are switched to the Glee world and only Dilton knows why. It’s funny to see how each side reacts to the situation. Everyone on the Glee side starts trying to figure out how to fix it. Dilton teams up with his Glee counterpart, Artie, to try to build a transporter and try and stop any ripples in time from occurring. But everyone on the Archie side has decided that since they’re there, they might as well fit in and have some fun in hopes that Dilton will fix it all on his side. So Rachel, Mercedes and Blaine audition for The Archies, the band.

I was glad to see Blaine in some bowties, his trademark look. One thing I also really liked was that at one point they have Jughead going to find food and he ends up following the smell of tater tots. They could have picked any food but they picked Mercedes’ fave! 🙂 That was cute.

Sue was on the cover of Part 1 but we don’t see her until Part 2 when she has a run-in with Jughead and Dilton. Sam was on Part 2’s cover but he wasn’t even in the background.

Overall, it was pretty good. I liked Part 1 better, so far. But Part 2 was still great. Again, if you haven’t read it yet, I implore you to do so because it’s worth it 100%. I think Part 3 is due around the first week of May. 🙂 I’ll deffo be keeping an eye out for that!

P.S. Hey Canadians, the Junos are on tonight? Who’s watching?



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