Darren Criss Summer Tour

This is real life. I swear. This is really happening (cue shrill fangirl screaming and flailing). Last week, Darren tweeted saying that he had a special announcement. Then Popwrapped, who is known for raining on everyone’s parade (booooo), spoiled and said that the surprise was a tour. But we all waited to Darren himself to say the word. And that word came today, about three hours ago. His tour, called Listen Up, is coming to sixteen stops from May to June over USA and Canada. Observe:

Sadly, that means that his over-seas fans will be missing out unless they take a trip to North America. But he is working on solo album, which everyone will get access to, once it comes out (the date of which is not known yet). Anyhoo, on his tour, he’ll be singing some Glee songs, some Starkid songs, some songs from his old EP Human, aaaaaaaand some new songs from this upcoming album. Watch this video if you don’t believe me:

Yaaaaaaay! There is only one Canadian stop and luckily for moi, I’m nearby! Hopefully I can get tickets…. Plus, the concert is four days before my birthday. This is my one chance to be in the same kilometer radius as someone from Glee and/or Starkid and there is no way I’m voluntarily missing this!

Tickets go on sale Saturday morning at 10AM Eastern Time. Buuuut if you have Facebook, pre-sale tickets are on sale at 10AM on Thursday. I just gotta get a Facebook account somehow….;)

For more info and ticket links, go to http://darrencriss.snappages.com/

Well, that’s it. I know I’ve been posting a lot lately. It’s just that every time I think I’m out of news, a hurricane of stuff comes and I wanna share it all! ❤

P.S. Can we take a moment to admire how triangular Darren’s eyebrows are in that picture? More pointy than usual, I think. 🙂



11 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Laylan
    Apr 26, 2013 @ 07:36:39

    Your so lucky!!!! IF you go please blog about it,i really want to know how awesome it is going to be. I wish I was going but he needs to come here to the UK 😀 or if i win the lottery soon like in the next few days i will fly over 😛


  2. princessfairyzooboo
    Jun 15, 2013 @ 15:16:05

    His voice makes me melt!!!!! SO GLAD HE JOINED GLEE!!!

    I can confess that I have purchased all his songs on iTunes


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