4×21 Wonder-ful

If I’m being totally honest, last night’s episode of Glee, 4×21, called ‘Wonder-ful’ disappointed me. It wasn’t bad, but there was so much hype about it being the episode that Klainers were waiting for since October and the best episode ever. After all, it was the 21st episode. And as much as there were some great moments, not just for Klainers but overall too, I wasn’t thrilled with it. Simply, I got my hopes up so high only to have them mugged and shot in an alley way. I find that I have an awful habit of doing that. Anyways, the episode did have some highlights. The return of old characters was great and there were some neat plot points. I give 4×21 a 7 out of 10. And if you missed it, here’s what happened:

It starts with a phone call from Rachel to Mr. Shue. She tells him about her callback for the role of Fanny. She also says that she got to where she is because of him. She tells him about how she sang ‘Don’t Stop Believin” and how magical it was. Rachel thanks her ex-teacher for everything he’d done for her. That news from Rachel inspired Mr. Shue’s lesson for the week, ‘Wonder-ful’. Will shares some wonderful news with ND such as Brittany touring MIT because she got early acceptance and that Will re-proposed to Emma and after Regionals, they’re getting hitched (more on that later). I’m glad Wemma is still okay, but I would have liked to see them re-date or his most recent proposal. I wonder if we will see this wedding? Tina also has some news. She got into a medical school as her fallback if she doesn’t make it as an actor. So then Will announces that this week they’ll be doing Stevie Wonder music. ND is super excited.

In the hall, Kitty follows Artie. Artie isn’t in the best of moods and Kitty sassing at him isn’t helping. Finally Artie informs Kitty that the other day he got a letter with news that he got into a film school in New York. But he’s not going, as he tells her and that’s final.

Over in New York, Kurt is worried for his father. They get the cancer test results in a few days. So Kurt is packing so he can go over to Lima. Kurt is so nervous that he’s even gotten superstitious and is showing sings of OCD. It’s understandable because as Kurt says in his voice over, that his dad was the one who helped him when his mom died and he can’t image life without him too. He arrives at Lima and heads to McKinley. Kurt sees some ND members in the hall and still in the VO says that he’s glad to see them. It’s kinda weird to be back though. Then he sees Blaine. Blaine doesn’t see him. Kurt says that it’s still a bit weird to see Blaine, but not bad-weird. Besides, he’s not alone on this trip. In comes Mike and Mercedes. Yay! I’m glad they’re back!

With Artie’s acceptance letter in mind, Kitty sings the first Stevie song of the episode, ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’. It’s neat how the song is comparing a person to a letter and Kitty is singing to Artie about his letter. πŸ™‚ Kitty does a good job with it and after the song, she announces to ND that Artie got into the film school. Artie is not pleased. Hey, what ever happened to Artie’s movie that he was making in ‘Girls (And Boys) On Film’? I would have liked to see that. Anyways, Mercedes says that Kitty’s song wasn’t the best. Kitty isn’t happy with this response and says that Mercedes is a failure who came crawling back to McKinley. But Will says that he called Mike and Mercedes back to help them prepare for Regionals. Will also says that Mercedes has a solo album coming out and she’s here in Lima to film a video. That’s so neat! Tina, however, isn’t happy with her old friends’ return. Is she jealous?

Kitty tries to talk to Artie again after that. She doesn’t see anything wrong with what she did in the choir room. So Artie tells her that his mom isn’t cool with him going to that school so therefore, he’s not going. Artie is also worried that his mom won’t be okay alone.

Mike, Mercedes and Klaine go to the Lima Bean for coffee (awwww!). Blaine seized the moments with Kurt by hitting on him a few times. Once they sit down, Kurt goes into nervous OCD mode and starts playing with sugar packets. Mike and Mercedes start discussing Mercedes’ album and video. But once that topic dies, Mercedes asks what’s happening with Kurt and Blaine. Kurt says nothing happening with them. But the question also annoys Kurt more than it should and so Mercedes takes his hand and says that everything will be okay with his father. Blaine takes his other hand and stares at him with those loving eyes. ❀ Klaine hand-holding is always a good thing. Always.

Back at NYADA, Rachel is approached by those two people from ‘Diva’. You know, those two suck ups who tried to befriend Rachel and then Kurt when he won the diva-off. Anyhoo, those two suck ups try to talk her out of going to her callback. They say that her two competitors are way better than her. Then the suck ups also say the callback is on the same day as her dance midterm. If Cassandra July was to find out, Rachel would be in deep trouble. But Rachel doesn’t let the dumb suck ups discourage her. So what do they do? They go tell Cassandra themselves. Wow. I’d like to punch those out two so hard.

On the stage, Mercedes helps ND. She starts by identifying why they lost Sectionals: fear. Okay, um, actually Mercedes, they lost because Marley passed out on stage and they couldn’t finish, not because they were scared…. Either way, Mercedes says they need to overcome this fear. She gets Marley to try doing some vocal runs. To get them all practicing, Mercedes, Marley and Blaine sing ‘Superstition’ and everyone randomly dances around the stage. I like this song and all three of them rock it. I still wish it was just Mercedes and Blaine, though.

Afterwards, Mike and Mercedes stop Jake in the hall. They say that Jake is a triple threat (can sing, dance and is hot) and is ND’s secret weapon. It’d be shame for him to hide it away. Ooooh is Jake gonna have a solo at Regionals or something?

Finally we arrive at the appointment of Burt Hummel. Kurt and Carole are with him. Kurt is very, very anxious and paces around as they wait for the doctor. Kurt is also upset that Burt is wearing a dark shirt because Kurt thinks that by wearing a dark colour, it’ll bring bad news. This bugs Kurt so much that he complains it about it, causing Burt to get a bit mad. Aw, I can’t stand to see them mad at each other as they await such fateful news. Finally the doctor comes in. And guess what? BURT IS CANCER FREE! Yes, he’s totally clear. Burt, Carole and Kurt hug excitedly. After the doctor leaves, Burt is ecstatic that his life isn’t over. He says he has so much to look forward to like Kurt getting married and stuff. They hug again. The only thing missing there is Finn, but alas….

So to celebrate the good news, Kurt invites his dad to the choir room. He says that the last time Kurt sung to him it was because he had the heart attack so now he’s going to sing to celebrate second chances. I don’t know about you but I was thinking that maybe that’s some Klaine foreshadowing there. Kurt sings ‘You Are The Sunshine Of My Life’ which was okay but it was too tame for Kurt, if you ask me. But Burt and ND enjoyed it and that’s what matters.

In an empty dance room, Rachel is rehearsing lines for her callback. But in saunters Cassandra July. Cassandra informs Rachel that she knows about her callback on the midterm day. And because Cassandra is such a pleasant person, she decides to do two things. One: attend the callback just to watch Rachel fail at her first big shot. And two: change her midterm test date to tomorrow morning at 6 am. Oh Cassandra, how I (and Rachel obviously) loath you.

With the pressure from Mike and Mercedes in mind, Jake steps up and sings ‘I Wish’ in the choir room. He also shows off his sick dance skills by dancing perfectly alongside Mike. I think Jake did okay with this song. After the song, they notice that Mercedes isn’t in the room. Where is she, you ask? Well, she’s on the stage, talking on the phone with her producer. It’s not a friendly happy conversation by far. Mike and Kurt approach her and Mercedes explains that when she was doing the photo shoot for her album’s cover, the producer wanted more skin and she wasn’t comfortable with that. So that phone call was the producer saying she either re-does the shoot their way or they’re going to drop her album (and not in the good way). The other option was that they put someone else’s picture on the cover, but Mercedes wasn’t about to let that happen. Kurt and Mike try to comfort her and say it’ll be alright, but Mercedes says she knows that it’ll be like this forever because she’ll never live up to people’s size standards. So she leave in tears to talk with her mom. Awww poor Mercedes. 😦

Artie gets home one day, expecting to find his mom, but that’s not all he finds. Chatting with his mom is Kitty. Artie’s mom is played by Katey Segal.

Katey Segal who plays Nancy Abrams

Kitty had told Artie’s mom about his film school acceptance and knowing they’re gonna talk about it, Kitty leaves. You know, I’m back on team Kartie because that was a nice move on Kitty’s part and I don’t think she did it just to be nice. Artie’s mom, Nancy says that she is totally okay with Artie going to New York for film school. But Artie admits that he doesn’t want to leave her. She has done so much for him since he’s been in a wheelchair and leaving her all of a sudden isn’t right. But Nancy says she wants him to go. She wants him to pursue his dream. So after this convo, I think Artie agrees to go. Can you image if Artie lived with Rachel, Kurt and Santana? That’d be weird. He wouldn’t fit in with them and their antics. So that’s probably not going to happen. But it’d be funny for one episode.

It’s time for Rachel’s crack of dawn dance midterm. She arrives at the dance room with Cassandra but instead of an empty, daunting dance room, there are a bunch of happy dance people. Cassandra says at the best school, they do things in the best way. Instead of having Rachel dance, Cassandra sings ‘Uptight (Everything’s Alright)’ and everyone else dances around. It wasn’t even like real dancing. It was more party dancing. Sporadic limb flailing. Rachel has fun. Cassandra enjoys it too. She’s smiling and laughing as she sings and dances. I honestly don’t get it. I thought she hated Rachel? I don’t know. After the song, Cassandra smiles at Rachel as everyone claps then leaves. Yeah…this whole scene was weird. Does Rachel not have to do a midterm, then? I dunno.

Mercedes has made up her mind. She comes into the choir room and announces to ND that she had a choice to do it the producer’s way or her own way. And after talking with her mom and friends, she chose her way. So she doesn’t have a record deal anymore. But what she does have is a bunch of CDs. She hands one to everyone in ND and says she’ll be selling them at her church and out of the back of her car and on Amazon. I’m glad for her. She can still get her voice out and she doesn’t have for conform or compensate her values to do so. I’m actually really glad that Glee had it this way and that they didn’t advertise the opposite way as the only way to reach fame. To celebrate her great choice, she sings ‘Higher Ground’ which I think is a great song for the situation because she took the higher road.

On the stage, Blaine meets with Burt. Blaine firstly hands Burt a box, containing a cute little rainbow pin. Blaine says Burt can wear it for his gay rights campaign (oh, yeah, he’s still congressman…). As Burt is pinning it on himself, he says that his opinions on gay rights is making him unpopular, but he’s okay with that. And you know who else is okay with that? Blaine. You know why? Because he wants to marry Kurt. And I’m not just saying that. He actually does. He asks Burt for his permission. Legit. He says that Kurt is his soulmate and to get him back, he has to do something bold. :O We all assumed Burt would say yes, right? Well, he didn’t. BURT SAYS NO. Burt asks if Blaine learned anything from Finn and Rachel’s marriage attempt. He says that marriage is a big deal and Blaine isn’t ready. Blaine looks crushed. He wasn’t expecting that answer either. So Burt sits Blaine down and says that once you’re married it’s for real. He isn’t ready for that. But Blaine says that he’s worried that Kurt will move on. So Burt asks if he loves Kurt. Blaine confidently answers yes. So Burt says he shouldn’t worry and everything will workout in the end. Then Burt leaves Blaine looking super sad. Okay, now I must rant. As a huge Klaine shipper, I obviously really want them to get married. But considering that they aren’t even dating again and Kurt hasn’t really shown signs that he wants to, I don’t think it’d be a good idea at the moment. Plus, they’re too young. Just like Finchel, they aren’t ready. If they were to be engaged for a few years, then that’d be better. But I don’t want it to end like Finchel did. So as much as I’m kinda mad at Burt for crushing Blaine’s hopes and dreams, I totally get what he means. Rant over. Thoughts?

Now that Mike and Mercedes’ lessons are over, ND is ready. Mercedes has them shout out what they’ve learned and what they’re gonna do/show at Regionals. Artie wheels up and says they’re gonna bring the passion. He’s so into this that he invites them all to the stage after for a passionate song. πŸ˜›

I guess Rachel sees Cassandra’s little performance as a gift so she gets her a gift too, a real cane from the movie Fame. Rachel thanks her for the song. Cassandra says that the little song and stuff is a NYADA tradition for anyone who gets a shot at the big time. So Rachel thanks her for making her a better dancer in the half a semester. Cassandra says she saw herself in Rachel on that first day and that’s why she made it so hard on her. Wow. I’m so glad Cassandra was there. Nothing like a whole season of hating the mean dance teacher only to find it was all an act to make Rachel better (sarcasm). But seriously, I think that was really cheesy and dumb. But I guess it’s that happy ending thing Glee was trying to do. Rachel then confides that she’s really nervous for the callback and Cassandra smiles and says she’ll get it no problem. Yippee.

Now for the Klaine moment we were all waiting for. That two second clip from the promo was like drugs to us. Blaine and Kurt are all in the hall and Blaine says he has something to ask Kurt, but the question is a bit complicated given their history and relationship status. Naturally, Glee wanted us to think he was going to go against Burt and propose to Kurt anyways. But instead, Blaine asks if Kurt will stick around for Regionals. Kurt smiles and says that he and Mercedes were already going to. They link arms (eeeeek!) and Kurt gleefully says it’s been a great week. Then Blaine says that with Kurt with him, it’s a great life. Awwww, Blaine! You’re so cute. They go to the stage to meet ND and Artie. Then Artie sings ‘For Once In My Life’ with ND dancing and singing backup. Artie gets a solo and nails it! πŸ™‚ Kurt, Mike and Mercedes watch from the seats, then they join in near the end. After the song, which was good, maybe one of the episode’s best, it ends. That was the end of episode 4×21, ‘Wonder-ful’.

Like I said, it wasn’t what I expected. I thought there would be more Klaine. Also, none of the songs really stood out to me. It’s also the second last episode of the Season and I assumed it’d be great. To me, it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I still liked it. I loved seeing Mercedes and Mike back and I’m super pumped to see ND at Regionals. Hopefully next week, the finale, it’ll be one heck of an episode. Also, Joe and Sugar were STILL missing. Still.

Next week. The finale. Season 4 comes to an end with episode 4×22, titled ‘All Or Nothing’. Take a look at the promo. The last pr0mo we’ll get until next Season.

Regionals time! OOOoohhhh! Is ND ready to face it? There they are on stage, singing ‘Hall Of Fame’ by the Script. Sounds good! And Rachel is at her Fanny callback. I gotta say, she looks really young in that clip. Is the Old Rachel coming back? FINALLY we learn who Katie is. Finally. Honestly, I feel like we’re being catfished as we’ve waited for the reveal. You know, I heard that Marley takes the blame for it, even though it’s not her. My guess is either Kitty or Unique. I’m leaning toward Unique, however. A SURPRISE WEDDING? Okay, let’s think. It could be Klaine. That’s what they want us to think. But I’ve seen enough promos to know that it’s not always as it seems. Yes, Blaine pops the cork there, but that could me nothing. It could also be Will and Emma. Will did say they were going to get married after Regionals. But if you watch the clip, they’re still in their Regionals costumes so I doubt it. Plus, Regionals may not actually end this Season. We MAY have to wait until S5 to find out who wins. So I don’t think it’s Wemma. It could also be the lesbian couple that Blaine and Kurt will meet. I mentioned them in this post about Klaine maybe getting married. I don’t know why, but I’ve heard that they aren’t married. It could also be someone totally different. Maybe Sue marries the father of Robin. Who knows? Now, I know in the clip right after, we hear Blaine asking Sam to be his best man. So yes, maybe we’re back to Klaine as the option. But maybe Blaine is just preparing. He does plan on proposing this episode… And finally we have Brittany with two dudes from MIT. So Brittany is the smartest person since Einstein? Okay I have a problem with this too. Not because I’m not happy for Brittany. I am, that’s great. But we spent four years learning that Brittany is the dumbest person ever. I mean, a zero-point-zero average last year, reports written in crayon and the idea that Will.i.am is the president? That isn’t smart! That’s Brittany. That’s the Brittany we love. And now Glee is trying to change her into something special and smart. And I don’t like it.

So what do you think? Did you like the episode? The promo? Tell me so we can discuss it.

And as we wait for the finale, here is a sneak peek, including a bit of Marley’s original song, called ‘All Or Nothing’, like the episode.

I’d really like to see the BTS stuff that Darren was talking about. It seems like that cast would have so much fun off camera. 😦

Oh, and before you go, if you were like me and felt that 4×21 didn’t have enough Klaine, here are two pictures from the finale that are sure to make you squeal.

Blaine ring shopping. The lady is played by Patty Duke and she is half of the lesbian couple I mentioned.


BREADSTIX DATE! And they’re sharing cake. ❀

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Audrey
    May 04, 2013 @ 07:26:29

    Okay, I know this is the wrong episode to leave a comment on about “Shooting Star” But I think that maybe what happened was important.

    So on Thursday there was a guy from Illinois. He was on the most wanted FBI list. -Top 10. And he came into the area we live in. It was during 5th hour and we idmmedianly went into a hard lock-down. No one knew what was going except that maybe it fake or real. The each minute kept ticking by, the more and more real it became.

    Then after 20 minutes we got done with that code red. Everyone didn’t know what happened but our teachers came up to us and said it was real. Either you were crying or shaking at that moment. I was shaking. We were in a soft lockdown down.

    Then we started going 6th hour and as we were walking our principle SPRINTED to the office. That’s when everyone ran to their classroom because they knew what was going to happen. He called another emergency hard lock-down. We sprinted for classrooms and hid for all of 6th hour and half of 7th hour. Then we were still in a hard lock down but we could keep a light on and talk. πŸ˜• Is what I thought.

    Everyone stayed after school. At 4:30 we were able to go home. We all met in the gym and parents picked you up and if you didn’t have a ride then they would ship you on a bus.

    Don’t worry- The guy Is captured and back in Illinois.

    My point after all of this is glee handled that episode VERY UNPROFESSIONALLY.
    There was talking. In ours- even during the safety light being on time NO ONE talked. I mean I realized that was with a gun that wasn’t really a gun and this with with a FBI guy. But kinda the same thing.

    I think glee should know that in a real code red you wouldn’t be allowed to hide in bathroom. It just was really upsetting after this happening to me to know glee did something.

    Sorrry to waste your guy’s time :/


    • pottergleefan4
      May 04, 2013 @ 16:51:29

      Like I’ve mentioned, I’ve had no experience with lockdowns expect for the somewhat unrealistic practices my school has us do once a year. And maybe procedure is different in the states than in Canada.
      As much as I can’t imagine how scary what you went through was, there is some differences between your situation and Glee. For one, it’s TV and TV isn’t always factually correct. I agree that they shouldn’t have been talking and Sam’s outburst was very dangerous, but having 10 minutes of agonizing silence wouldn’t have made for good TV. We have to see AND hear what the characters were feeling. It’s TV after all.
      As for the bathroom thing, at my school we’re advised to go to the nearest classroom so I guess Glee was trying to show that Brittany was wise to stay hidden where she was and not try and go to the choir room or investigate the sounds herself.
      I totally get where you’re coming from. But it’s TV and we can’t rely on it to be realistic all the time. And I’m glad you shared this so people can see what a real life situation is like. Thanks! πŸ™‚


  2. Joy
    May 04, 2013 @ 12:15:54

    I was disappointed too, and a whole show of s. wonder songs? Boring.


  3. Aud
    May 04, 2013 @ 20:28:12

    Your welcome. And I understand.


  4. Laylan
    May 06, 2013 @ 17:20:52

    As a huge Klaine shipper and I am so behind from you with Glee as the Uk sucks like that but I have to agree wirth Burt I don’t think they are ready and I feel that they have just got to a good point since the whole break up and I am worried that if Blaine does pop the question Kurt will say no. So I feel they should wait and see what happens.


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