‘All Or Nothing’ Season 4 Finale Songs

Today was the last time we’d get new music all Season. Isn’t that sad? The last New Music Monday until Season 5. Until September. Wow. On the plus side, the music we get for the finale is good. The episode, 4×22 is called ‘All Or Nothing’ because that is one of the songs, a Glee original. 🙂 Anyways, take a listen to the songs.

‘To Love You More’ (by CĂ©line Dion) sung by Rachel

‘All Or Nothing’ (by Glee) sung by Blaine and Marley

‘I Love It’ (by Icona Pop) sung by Kitty, Brittany, Tina and Unique

‘Wings’ (by Little Mix) sung by The Hoosierdaddies

‘Clarity’ (by Zedd [feat. Foxes]) sung by The Hoosierdaddies

‘Hall Of Fame’ (by the Script [feat. Will.I.am]) sung by Artie, Ryder, Joe, Sam and Jake

Rachel’s last solo of the season. This is what she sings for her Funny Girl callback. And she sings it beautifully. I really hope she gets the part because with songs like this, she’d make a great Fanny. The shipper in me is also hoping she’s thinking of Finn (we know he’s not in the episode) when she sings this. 🙂 Anyhoo, this isn’t my fave Rachel solo, but no one can say she didn’t perfect it.

Blaine and Marley get a duet at Regionals. It’s an original song from Glee and I like it. Not my fave, but it’s good. Marley writes it. Singing original songs at competitions have always led to wins (with the exception of Season 2 Nationals but that we because of the Finchel kiss). However, as much as it’s recognized as Blaine singing, it doesn’t really sound exactly like him. But maybe it’s just me….. IDK Also, here’s hoping that when Blaine is singing, he and Kurt are staring at each other. Lovingly. Not like in ‘Beauty School Dropout’ when Kurt was frowning and Blaine looked like a kicked puppy.

The girls also get a song. Well, minus Sugar (although she’s back this episode) and Marley. I can’t say I like this song. The Glee version sounds too much like the original, which isn’t even a great song to begin with. From the songs we have here, it seems like the theme for Regionals is techno or something. :S Anyways, I don’t know if ‘I Love It’ is a Regionals song, but if it is, I don’t know why they’re singing it.

American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez is back as Frieda Romero, the lead singer of ND’s main competition, The Hoosierdaddies (what a dumb name). Their first song is ‘Wings’ by Little Mix, which is an apparently huge British girl band. I’ve never really heard anything about them except that one of the girls is maybe dating someone from One Direction or something I don’t even know or care (sorry not sorry). Anyways, Frieda sings it well, as well as ‘Clarity’. Both these songs are falling into the techo category which is why I think the theme may be techno or something. As much as The Hoosierdaddies are ND’s competition, I kinda wish they had better songs to showcase Jessica’s fabulous voice.

The last song is my fave of the episode. It’s one of ND’s Regional songs and it’s sung by the ND guys, minus Blaine. I think it’s a strong Regionals song. I think that between this and ‘All Or Nothing’ and maybe ‘I Love It’, ND has a great shot at winning. 🙂 Yaaay.

So those are all the songs. Compared to last week, I’d say that these songs are muuuuuch better. Maybe that means the episode will be awesome too! 😀 I’d like a good, strong closing to Season 4. What do you think? Are these songs good? Do you think the episode will be good? Only three more days until the finale. I’m both happy and sad. I’m a mess. Bye!

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