4×22 All Or Nothing

Last night marked the official end to Glee’s fourth Season. And can I just say, it ended with a bang. Seriously, 4×22 ‘All Or Nothing’ was great. Story lines came to a close, there were some appropriate cliffhangers and it had some real emotion. I know that some episodes this season weren’t the best, but this episode was deffo one of the strongest. One of the best, in my opinion. I give ‘All Or Nothing’ an 8 out of 10. So now, read on to find out how Season 4 came to a great end.

It starts with Brittany at MIT. She’s sitting in a neatly decorated room and in come two men, professors at MIT. They say that they were very skeptical of Brittany’s great SAT scores considering she has a 0.2 GPA. So they gave her a test of their own and she failed it (shocker!). But, on the back of the test, Brittany doodled a bunch of numbers. She said they were clogging up her head so she wrote them down. But these numbers aren’t just random, you see. The two profs say that if you read the numbers left to right, you get the largest prime number. If you read them right to left, you get Avogadro’s constant. And if you read the numbers counter-clockwise, you get some other math number (I forget what it was, sorry). So even though Brittany’s pretty dumb, the MIT professors are sure there’s something special with her. They say she’s the smartest person since Einstein. Brittany nods along and pretends she knows what’s going on. Then the MIT guys offer her something. The scene ends before we can hear what it is.

Ryder is back online, chatting it up with Katie. He asks for her real name, but doesn’t get a definite answer. I am really curious to find out who it is.

In the choir room, Will says that it’s close to Regionals time and ND has to get ready. Regionals is now gonna be hosted at their school. Also, they’re competition, aside from the Hoosierdaddies and Frieda, who Will says will be hard to beat, they’ll be facing the Waffletoots. So Will says that ND has to persevere and work hard and use all the tips they’ve gotten to win. They also take a moment to send some happy thoughts to Rachel, who is at her Funny Girl callback.

Sure enough, we see Rachel at the callback. She walks into the room and announces that she’ll be singing ‘To Love You More’ by Celine Dion. Rachel nails the song. I’m glad she didn’t do a Barbra song, either. Also, she cried during it, which is good because that’s what Carmen Tibideaux said NYADA was looking for when it came to Kurt and Rachel’s auditions. After the song, the producers who are running the callbacks, just sit there. They don’t look impressed or even remotely amused. They thank her and she leaves. I hope she gets it. It’s everything she’s dreamed of and she’s sang great audition songs. 🙂 Sadly, this is the last we see of Rachel all episode, and therefore, all Season.

Despite what Burt told him, Blaine still wants to marry Kurt. In the hall, he talks about it to Sam. Sam isn’t okay with the idea either. Like Burt, he thinks they’re too young and not ready. Of course, as Blaine points out, that makes Sam a hypocrite because he ‘married’ Brittany when they thought the apocalypse was coming. Sam says he regrets that. But Blaine doesn’t care for Sam’s opinions at all and just says he wants his best friend’s help. He also asks Sam to be his Best Man. But we don’t see any response. Sam still isn’t pleased. It’s understandable, though.

ND meets again in the choir room. And this time, it’s ALL of ND. Yes, Joe and Sugar are FINALLY back. Hooray. But we don’t get word on why they were mysteriously gone for so long. Also making her return is Brittany. Brittany strides in as Will is reading out their Regionals setlist, which is ‘Hall Of Fame’, ‘I Love It’ and an original by Marley. Brittany asks why her song, ‘My Cup’ isn’t featured. That prompts her and Artie to sing a few lines. Oh man, I’ve forgot how much I’ve missed that song. But Brittany would be just as happy if she got a solo. Or all of them, as she demands. She also demands everyone to be background dancers and for Tina to make her Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar dress. Brittany is really out of hand. She also insults them. What’s with her all of a sudden? So Sam jumps up and tries to stop her. But Brittany isn’t about to listen to him. She pulls out her phone and texts him that she’s breaking up with him. Yes Brittany broke up with Sam from a few inches away via text. Hey, I’m just glad Bram is over. Brittany’s next move is going to Roz Washington’s office and quitting Cheerios by nailing a list of 98 reasons why she wants to do so on the door. Then the puts her uniform in the garbage and sets fire to it. Brittany is acting really weird. She’s rude, aggressive, mean, cocky… WHY?

Again ND meets and this time they’re sitting in a circle. Ryder’s phone goes off, obviously with a new text from the illusive Katie. And that’s when Ryder finally snaps. He stands up and demands to know which one of them is Katie. It’s a ultimatum; either one of them confesses or he quits. So finally, someone does. MARLEY. . At first Ryder doesn’t believe her. She swore to him, right? She says she’s sorry and it was just a joke. Even Jake stands up and tries to defend her as he can tell that Ryder is super mad. With Jake’s supporting this little joke, Ryder is furious and hurt. So he leaves. I do feel for Ryder though. They did swear it wasn’t them and now it’s a lie. But, as I told you last week, Marley is just covering for someone. Duhn-duhn-duhn!

Blaine is still content on marrying Kurt so he takes Tina to the ring store. As Tina is fantasizing about Blaine marrying her, an old lady comes over, informing Blaine that he’s looking at engagement rings. This lady is Jan, played by Patty Duke. Blaine awkwardly explains his situation. Luckily for him, Jan is super supportive. She’s a lesbian she’s been with her partner, Liz, for a long time, but they’re not married yet. She thinks it’s great that Blaine is planning to marry his soulmate at such a young age. At that moment, Sam comes in and says that Blaine is still his bestie and he has great taste so he’s here to help. Jan takes Blaine aside and asks if he has any gay help on this marriage. When Blaine says no, she offers to show him what she and Liz are like. I think it’s so sweet. And I’m glad Sam is there to help. It was also funny because Jan asked if Sam was Kurt. 😛

Will and Sue decide that something is wrong with Brittany so they sit down with her in Will’s office to try to talk with her. But Brittany won’t talk there, so they go on Fondue For Two. But right away, Brittany starts gossiping. They talk about Wemma and how they’re gonna get married soon. They also talk about Sue’s celeb baby daddy. Brittany knows who it is. It’s Michael Bolton. I have no idea who he is so if you don’t, he’s this dude right here…

He’s a rock singer. Anyhoo, Brittany has proof too. She has all these newspaper clippings that prove that the dates all match up. Sue admits it. She said that she went to his concert and ended up saving his life somehow so he owed her a favour. Well then. That solves that. I’m glad we finally know who because that secret has been haunting us since Season 3. I mean, I still hoped it’d be Cooper Anderson, but okay. The main point of this story is that Will and Sue failed to find out why Brittany’s been acting weird.

But Will and Sue aren’t the only ones trying to help Brittany. Desperate times call for desperate measures and so we see Sam on the phone. Who is he calling? Santana. Naturally, Santana isn’t thrilled to hear from him and isn’t sympathetic at all when he says that Bram is over. She also isn’t really concerned by Brittany’s actions. After all, it is Brittany. But Sam says that he’s really worried. So worried that he called Santana for help. I guess Santana knows that he must be serious.

At Breadstix, we finally meet Jan’s girlfriend, Liz, played by Meredith Baxter.

Jan on the left, Liz on the right

They’re having dinner, with Blaine. AND KURT. Eeek! Jan and Liz talk about how they met at a concert and have been together since, minus when they broke up twice. But they got back together. Blaine pointedly looks at Kurt when they say this. Kurt asks how Jan met Blaine, so they make up a story about meeting accidentally in the mall food court. Both Kurt and Blaine seem impressed at the strength of their relationship. I hope they’re taking notes because this is what they should be like. Jan says that Klaine make a cute couple and Kurt awkwardly says that they’re not dating…*cough* yet *cough*. Then Jan asks Liz if she would have married her, if she had asked. When Liz says yes, Jan literally pulls out a ring and proposes right there in Breadstix. Of course, Liz says yes and they kiss. Everyone in Breadstix claps and cheers. As for Klaine, they smile at each other and you can just tell that he’s thinking about his upcoming proposal for Kurt. Sadly, that’s the last we see of Liz and Jan for the episode. I hope they’re back next season. I feel like there should have been more to that scene, though too. I don’t know what, but I feel like there was more filmed but it was cut… :S

In the hall, Marley stops Ryder and again says how sorry she is. She also says that they need him for Regionals so he has to come back. So Ryder asks her why she did it. Why she lied to him and played with his feelings. But before Marley can fake an answer, Unique comes over with sullen look and admits that Marley is covering for her. Yes, UNIQUE IS KATIE (called it!).We see a flashback of Marley and Unique talking in private. In that flashback, Unique says that she never meant for it to go too far, but once it did, she couldn’t turn back. Back in the present, Marley leaves a mad Ryder and sad Unique to talk. Unique admits that she did it all because she liked him and knew that he wouldn’t like her for her. So she made up Katie so he’d talk to her. Unique also says that despite the fact that the name and pictures were fake, the feelings and emotions were real and they still have something real. But Ryder doesn’t think so. He says he’s never talking to her again and then walks off in a huff. Okay, so my two possibilities for Katie was Unique and Kitty. At first I had thought it was Unique because they first started talking in ‘Feud’ when Ryder and Unique were feuding so she was use Katie to teach him a lesson. But then when the feud ended and there were no more signs, I thought it was Kitty. But after I saw that Kitty would have admitted it during the lockdown if it was her. Also, Kitty seemed to like Ryder in ‘Lights Out’ so Unique seemed to be the answer. As much as I feel bad for Unique, I have to say, I’m glad nothing happened with them. I can’t see Ryder and Unique as a couple. Some people do, you know. But I can’t. Also, what Unique did was kinda illegal and it wasn’t right to hold on so long. If she wanted to stop, she could have just stopped and never talked to him as Katie again. I just hope Ryder will be okay.

To help Brittany, or to solve Brittany’s issue, Santana comes back to Lima. She goes on Fondue For Two, probably by Brittany’s request. But just like with Will and Sue, Brittany starts gossiping. Thank goodness Santana puts a stop to it and turns off the camera. She asks Brittany why she’s been acting the way she is. And, as if she needed convincing, Santana says that she still cares for her. So Brittany cracks and tells Santana that she has big, mind-blowing news.

It’s Regionals time! First to perform is the Waffletoots, singing ‘Rainbow Connection’. It’s alright. We all know that they’re just there to fill the slot. They’re hardly a threat. Backstage, ND are sitting and waiting when Ryder comes over, dressed to perform. He says that he’ll sing with them but he’s done a lot of thinking and after Regionals, no matter the outcome, he’s quitting. As much as I’m kinda upset, I think it’s best. He only joined because Finn wanted him to play Danny in Grease. He never really liked singing and he clearly isn’t comfortable around the group anymore. But outside of the plot, we all know he’s going because Blake is done his term from The Glee Project. Speaking of Finn, Glee’s idea of ‘writing him out nicely’ just meant ignoring his entire existence.

The second group to perform is the Hoosierdaddies. Frieda Romero, played by Idol’s runner-up Jessica Sanchez, sings lead in both songs, which are ‘Clarity’ and then ‘Wings’. She’s such a good singer and the Hoosierdaddies had some great dancing. They’re gonna be tough to beat.

The last person to join ND as they wait is Brittany. It’s about time for them to perform so they get in a circle for one last cheer. As they stand in that circle, Brittany says she has some news to share. She admits that she was offered early admittance to MIT. She’s leaving right away and that’s why she was acting like she was. I don’t really see the connection…why was she acting like a jerk if she was sad to go? Then Brittany gets really emotional and starts crying as she says that she was always considered dumb but the only place she never felt dumb was with them in the choir room. Brittany says they’re all like one big family (with Mr. Schue as the father) and she loves them all. She says that Kurt, Mike, Mercedes, Tina, Blaine, Joe, Sugar and Mercedes (she means Unique) are like her sisters and brothers. She says Marley, Jake, Kitty and Ryder are their adopted orphans who they learned to love. Then she mentions people specifically. She says Artie is the nerdy boy next door who she loved. Then she goes to Sam and says he was the boy from the wrong side of the tracks who she loves so much. She hugs him and says she’ll miss him so much. Lastly she goes to Santana, who she hugs tightly. I don’t ship them hardcore, but yes, I miss Brittana. I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a bit at this scene.

Then ND finished their show circle with a cheer and finally, it’s Regionals time. The first song ND sings is ‘Hall Of Fame’. Or, should I say, ‘Hall Of Fame Featuring A Solo Line From Joe!’ That was quite exciting. I think they did great with the song. It’s so catchy and motivational too. Plus it makes sense. They want to be in the singing Hall of Fame, right? After that the girls sing ‘I Love It’, which out of the three songs, is my least fave. Lastly, Marley and Blaine sing Marley’s original song, ‘All Or Nothing’. They both have great voices so it was great to hear them duet. Plus, we never got to hear them duet at Sectionals so I’m glad they got the chance here. The song itself is really good too. I wonder who writes Glee’s original songs because they’re all so good. At the end, we see Santana and Kurt in the audience crying. I’d hope that Kurt was crying because the song made him think that he’d rather have all of Blaine than nothing of him, but they’re probably just crying because they miss performing with ND. Over all, I think ND’s performance was good. Not the best. Their dancing wasn’t the best, but their songs were good and I absolutely LOVED the girls’ dresses. Purple is my favourite colour 😛

We don’t do much waiting for the Regionals results. Right away we find out who placed. In third, and this was a real shocker, the Waffletoots. In second, and there was some doubt in my mind, the Hoosierdaddies. So that means ND won first and are moving on to Nationals, which is in LA. So hopefully Mercedes will be back to watch that since they’re in her area. ND cheer triumphantly and they all start hugging each other. Ryder and Unique even hug quickly before they realize what just happened and they hurry apart. I’m glad we find out who wins, though. Waiting all summer would be hard.

Afterwards, after all the people have left, we see a sad Brittany alone on the stage. She sits down but not for long, because Santana comes over and takes her hand and leads her off the stage. What the point of that scene was, I don’t know. Is this the start of a new Brittana relationship maybe? Here’s hoping.

In the choir room, ND is happily celebrating their win when Emma comes in, followed by a tall man. A priest. Emma announces that she wants to get married now. No planning, no regrets, no reception, just a quick even to make it official. So they quickly set up to make an isle and she walks down it as Sugar sings an off-key version of ‘Here Comes The Bride’. At the ‘altar’ they realize they don’t have vows so they make them up. Emma goes first and says that she loves him and he’s always been there to clean up her messes and wants to be with him forever. Will says that he loves her forever and hopes she never changes. They say their I Do’s and then kiss. Everyone cheers and the last thing we see is Blaine standing next to Kurt and smiling and behind his back, he’s holding a small ring box.

THE FREAKING END. Season 4 is done.

So over all it was a great episode. There were some really funny parts and the music was pretty good for the most part. I’m glad ND won Regionals and I’m really glad we found out about Katie and Sue’s baby daddy. The cliffhangers weren’t too bad. I thought it’d be more dramatic, but I like the simpler ones. Less painful during the wait. As for Klaine, I’m both sad and happy. I just want them to be happy and together again. What did y’all think of the episode? Was it ALL you wanted, OR NOTHING? Hahaha…

Okay let’s talk. Well, I’ll talk and you read then you can leave a comment with your thoughts, okay? 🙂 Wemma wedding. I know we all kinda hoped that Blaine would propose in the episode and I know that many people weren’t happy with Wemma’s sudden marriage, but I liked it. Wemma had been a thing since the first episode (although back then it was awkward romantic tension) and they’ve both been in marriages before. That couple is always getting pushed aside because they’re the old couple. They’re both full-grown adults with jobs and stuff. They were one of the big couples in jeopardy during ‘The Break Up’ but no one really cared. I’ve yet to see someone say that Wemma is their OTP. So I was glad that the last scene of the season was about them. It’s like Glee said “hey, we know that this season hasn’t been the strongest and we know we’ve focused a lot on the new characters, so let’s take a step back and give Will and Emma their happy moment to shine”. And I liked that. I wasn’t upset with it at all. Besides, it’s about time. And it would have been kinda dumb to have another big episode dedicated to it. The one thing I wished would have happened is if Rachel, Finn, Quinn and Puck would have been there. They were the only ones missing and it would have been so nice to have them there for that.

Next topic: Brittany. I love Brittany. She is so funny and despite her dumb moments, she has a huge heart. But sometimes I think Glee made her so dumb that they’ve trapped her in a hole and now, they had to get her out. So they chose to get her our by shipping her off to MIT (the whereabouts of which I still don’t know). But we all know Brittany’s too dumb for MIT. What the heck is she going to do there? I just think that story line was kinda…stupid. When I told my mom about it, she rolled her eyes. But we all know that the reason they rushed into this storyline is because Heather Morris is preggers and will be taking a break from Glee. If you saw the episode, you’d notice that they did a good job hiding her baby bump. I found myself always trying to spot it when Brittany was in a scene. They always filmed her sitting down or with something in the way or from the shoulders up. Glee starts filming late July, I think so I doubt Brittany will be in the first few episodes. I actually don’t know if she’ll ever be back. I’d assume so. She’s a fan favourite. But don’t count on it for the first bit.

One thing that bugged me for some reason, and you’ll all probably laugh, was the fact that the Waffletoots didn’t win. I didn’t want them to win, but I expected better of them. Remember in Season 2 when ND made it to Nationals but after the Finchel kiss didn’t make it to the second cut? Well, the Waffletoots were on that list that made it to the next round. So the fact that they suddenly sucked and didn’t even win Regionals bugged me. IDK…

So ND has made it to Nationals, yes? Well, how are they gonna perform with less than 12 people? With Ryder and Brittany gone, they have 10 unless I counted wrong. And rules state that they need 12. So unless Glee chooses to skip over that little detail, I’m expecting some new characters to join ND. We’ll have to wait and see…

So next season. Season 5. Here’s what I know: nothing. Yeah. I don’t know anything. I don’t know who’ll be back, or how the plots will go, or anything. I don’t know how much of a time difference there will be. We wait all summer but will it only be a few days for Glee? Will it pick up right where it left off? I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. As soon as I know anything, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be sharing it with you. 🙂

So that’s about it. I don’t have a promo to share or anything. So I’m closing off for this. Like last summer, I’ll still be blogging this one (I don’t know if there’s another Glee Project yet; I haven’t heard anything). I’ll find something to say. I have some neat posts coming soon 😉 Anyways, it’s been an honor living through this magical Season 4 and see you again soon, okay? I love you ❤ Buh-bye!



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  1. gr8star51
    May 12, 2013 @ 10:14:39

    I seriously thought they meant Troy Bolton from HSM! Silly me…


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